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Pull up a chair in the living room. The dishes are done, and nobody had too many cocktails (yet). Let's talk about life, the Catholic faith, history, and just about anything else. Your host, John B. Manos, interviews guests on topics, has regular show guests, and an occasional news update.

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Pull up a chair in the living room. The dishes are done, and nobody had too many cocktails (yet). Let's talk about life, the Catholic faith, history, and just about anything else. Your host, John B. Manos, interviews guests on topics, has regular show guests, and an occasional news update.

    BFP Miracle of the Sun was an Explicit Message directed at the Enemy

    BFP Miracle of the Sun was an Explicit Message directed at the Enemy

    If you've ever wondered why the Miracle of the Sun was what Our Lady chose for the finale to Fatima, then this podcast is for you -- from the Errors of Russia and the symbols of the enemies of God, she was sending a message, Old Testament style. Even down to the Egyptian and like Moses battling Pharaoh's priests -- the Miracle of the Sun is rich with symbolism.

    00:00 - Like a Horse head left in the bed -- the message is clear

    01:27 - Natural Sun Worship of the Druids was not ceased, but rolled into Freemasonry

    Freemasonry's most virulent offspring - International Communism — moved Pope Pius XI to issue his Encyclical Divini Redemptoris on March 19, 1937.

    It is virtually beyond dispute that, in the words of the present Librarian of Congress, James Billington, "the modern revolutionary tradition…grew out of occult Freemasonry." Billington, in his seminal book on revolution, Fire in The Minds of Men, traces communism from Illuminism through the Masonic lodges, and states that the first apostle of modern communism, Giuseppe Buonarotti (a descendent of the famous genius of art, Sculpture and architecture, formulated his blueprint for a new society of revolutionary republicans in "the Masonic lodges of Geneva." Billington recalls that Thomas Paine, after his return to America from Revolutionary France, wrote An Essay on the Origin of Free Masonry, in which he "insisted that the natural sun worship of the Druids had not been destroyed but merely diverted into Masonry."

    Fisher, Paul A. Their God is the Devil: A Study of Papal Encyclicals and Freemasonry. (1991). p 54- (emphasis added)

    there's more to this that I skipped over in the podcast... this concept of DECHRISTIANIZATION ties into the similar DEHELENIZATION much later in the podcast...

    In his Encyclical, Pius recalled communism's early gestation Period: "Ever since the days when groups of intellectuals" were formed in an arrogant attempt to free civilization from the bonds of morality and religion, Our Predecessors overtly and explicity drew the attention of the world to the consequences of the deChristianization of human society."

    His Holiness was referring to those long series of encyclical an other Papal documents earlier cited in this work which warned of the dangers of the new atheistic philosophers, and particularly their conspiracies hatched against the Church in the lodges Freemasonry.

    cont. Fisher, supra. (emphasis added)

    03:41 - Errors of Russia are Solar Worship cults (and communism is their offspring)

    10:01 - 1916 Solar Cult Grove and Magic Circle Dedicated in United States

    This has been mentioned before for other purposes, but the 68th Convocation of the Order of the Rose Cross... Magic Solar Cult Workings in the US... consecrated a grove -- right when the angel started appearing to the children in Fatima.

    The book can be seen here Fundamental Laws: A Report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order.

    19:31 - Ancient Rites of Osiris - Russian Magi at the occult working in the US

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    BFP – We had the Impression it Was the Holy Father — Two Popes and Curiously Acute Prophecy

    BFP – We had the Impression it Was the Holy Father — Two Popes and Curiously Acute Prophecy

    It is the 90s all over again - but despite the smoke of prophecy-mania afflicting us today, there are some curious prophecies from Anne Catherine Emmerich and commentary by Yves DuPont, as well as some quotes from Masonic sources in 1955 conspire to make strange explanations of the Lutheran Synodality we see making democratic "collegiality" in the Vatican today. But why is the Synod silent on things Catholics are concerned about?

    01:32 - Intro - Reliving the 90s -- Prophecy MANIA!

    02:42 - Fatima - we had THE IMPRESSION it was the Holy Father

    06:09 - Two Popes - Yves DuPont Catholic Prophecy

    Ven. Anne de la Foi. "There will be discord within the Catholic Church. In those days, men will wear women's clothes, and women will put on men's clothes."

    82. M. Porsat (19th century). "There will be confusion among the clergy."

    83. Quoted by Abbe Curicque (19th century). "What caught my attention repeatedly is that a large number of priests will join in the revolution."

    DuPont, Yves, Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement. TAN Books 1973.

    Oba Prophecy. "It will come when the Church authorities issue directives to promote a new cult, when priests are forbidden to celebrate in any other, when the higher positions in the Church are given to perjurers and hypocrites, when only the renegades are admitted to occupy those positions."

    DuPont, Yves, Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement. TAN Books 1973.

    The Two Popes of Anne Catherine Emmerich

    16:18 - DuPont Citing Anne Catherine Emmerich - New Church built on Reason, Pope in Exile, Fake Pope in Office

    May 13, 1820. "I saw also the relationship between the two popes… I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness… Then, the vision seemed to extend on every side. Whole Catholic communities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and deprived of their freedom. I saw many churches close down, great miseries everywhere, wars and bloodshed. A wild and ignorant mob took to violent action. But it did not last long.”


    Sept. 12, 1820. "I saw a strange church being built against every rule… No angels were supervising the building operations. In that church, nothing came from high above… There was only division and chaos. It is probably a church of human creation, following the latest fashion, as well as the new heterodox church of Rome, which seems of the same kind.

    53.4 "I saw again the strange big church that was being built there (in Rome). There was nothing holy in it. I saw this just as I saw a movement led by Ecclesiastics to which contributed angels, saints and other Christians. But there (in the strange big church) all the work was being done mechanically (ie. according to set rules and formulae). Everything was being done according to human reason.

    53.5 "I saw all sorts of people, things, doctrines, and opinions. There was something proud, presumptuous, and violent about it, and they seemed to be very successful. I did not see a single Angel nor a single saint helping in the work. But far away in the background, I saw the seat of a cruel people armed with spears, and I saw a laughing figure which said: 'Do build it as solid as you can; we will pull it to the ground.' "


    Dupont himself interprets the above, and makes these observations:

    From this prophecy, it is clear that the true Church will be faithful to the Pope in exile [B...

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    BFP We Are Being Gamed by the Synod

    BFP We Are Being Gamed by the Synod

    Last episode, we discussed game theory but never got to the point of it.  Now, we discuss that the Vatican had hired McKinsey & Co to "modernize communications".  McKinsey uses game theory to help their clients find the best path to navigate a market and uses consensus management to help companies move from point A to point B through competition and diverse market forces, especially to overcome reasonable criticism.  Well, that's what we see happening in the Synod.  We discuss the USCCB Synod Synthesis and see that we really are being gamed!

    Cover of the USCCB Synod Synthesis with Annotations pointing out the Deliberately Traditional and Non-AmChurch Parish shown

    Chapter Markers:

    00:00 - Start

    00:40 - We're Being Gamed with a McKinsey & Co Word Salad Consensus Management Synod

    03:29 - McKinsey and Company Uses Game Theory to Evaluate Best Options for a Business to Navigate threats and manage progress

    04:25 - Vatican hired McKinsey to MODERNIZE COMMUNICATIONS (think how Woke Shows Treat their audiences)

    05:22 - Modern Communications Disqualify Reasonable Criticism By Ad Hominem (hate speech, etc)

    05:40 - Traditionalists were Disqualified by Tradiones Custodes -- Eliminated all Trad opinions 

    07:28 - The USCCB document - Even the Picture on the Front is Misleading

    08:38 - Modernists Live on Word Salads

    09:11 - Brothers and Sisters?  Shouldn't that be "They/Them"? No - this document is meant for YOU, not them

    10:44 - The Title is a wreck (and already incorrect)

    11:46 - "On behalf of us all"?  Who?  All of them versus little you. (the psychology of Delphi Consensus Management)

    13:29 - "Writing Teams" The whole thing is highly filtered communications

    14:36 - The Psychological Game of BIG NUMBERS and Exagerrated extent imply No Stone Left Unturned

    16:18 - 700,000?  were they even Catholic?  Who participated?

    17:32 - They were "deeply grateful" -- i.e. you should be grateful and accept this massive effort without critical analysis of it

    18:49 - Forcing you to accept the "Spirit of openness"?

    20:04 - The "argumentative" and scary strawman that YOU are.  They had to ignore you because you are mean and scary.

    20:53 - Up to no good?  When Crooks Feel Safe...

    21:23 - "transformed by listening" -- See, YOU are not transformed because you aren't "open"

    22:14 - Should you be open to Every Faith Journey? Is every faith journey valid?

    23:24 - Hallmark Gives Better and More relevant Platitudes

    Image from the USCCB Report showing a hand with a heart and "support for one another is essential..."

    23:54 - Enhancing "participation" - Everybody gets a trophy, Everyone is special, especially those in error

    25:10 - Obstacles to Communion?  They aren't talking about mortal sin...  they mean orthodox doctrine

    25:48 - Polarization -- like pro-abortion politicians?

    26:09 - Receiving "Eucharist" brings more "solidarity with the poor???"

    27:33 - Suggestions on "Building Communion Around Holy Communion"?  wait, what?

    28:13 - Welcoming means eliminating repentance?  Oh, wait -- it means YOU shut your mouth

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    BFP The Church Mess Today is Deja Vu

    BFP The Church Mess Today is Deja Vu

    Let's sit down and chat about this mess today, and how we've come to the end of the modernist climb and marxist normalization of the Church. The "listening church" of synodality appears to be nothing more than an enactment of Richard McBrien's Catholicism.  How the shock cycle of media today seems to feed the balkanization of Catholics, the use of "defending the pope" as brown shirts, the calumnies used to marginalize Catholics that just want to be left alone, the weaponized petitions, and how it all started.  Voices of the battles of the 80's had better analysis, but today's voices seem to miss a lot.  Much of the harshest things we hear about today were done already by American Bishops decades ago, back then there was recourse to Rome...  but what's different today is Rome isn't listening.  Our Lady told us at Akita...

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    BFP: Liturgical Battlefield: Are You a Victim or Combatant?

    BFP: Liturgical Battlefield: Are You a Victim or Combatant?

    Pope Francis is reported to have said that we should not make a battlefield of the liturgy.  Because he complains of Catholics hanging on to outdated things and old ideas, it is like he is saying that people who want a united and sacred liturgy (traditionalists or trads) disrupt the purpose of liturgy...  who are the real combatants?  why is this deja vu?  and what did Father Hardon say we can do about it?

    • 51 min
    Akita and Fatima: Priests Must Be Nicodemus Today

    Akita and Fatima: Priests Must Be Nicodemus Today

    Jesus hated compromised clergy and look this week at what they did to Him. As promised last time, this episode we discuss the Third Secret of Fatima in light of the situation in the Church today. Good priests and Bishops must tow the party line (or suffer the consequences) while those under kompromat are advanced. It is like the Gospels of Palm Sunday where the people - under the pressure of the compromised clergy of the Scribes and Pharisees go from "Hosanna" to "Crucify Him". Also discussed are how the laity are turned against Vigano and Schneider, who each have legitimate questions, but are pushed to the margins like Nicodemus. The Scribes and Pharisees of then are like the soldiers in the Church today that force good priests and bishops to be quiet or get sent away. Our Lady's remedy as well.

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