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Sisters, mothers, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees, TV personalities, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs; Nikki and Brie Bella pick up the mics to give you uncensored access to their lives like never before. Welcome to The Bellas Podcast – a show where the Bella Twins welcome special guests, touch on current issues, and open up to share real-life moments and experiences that you won’t see on TV or social media. So pop open a bottle and raise your glass with the Bella Twins every Wednesday.

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Sisters, mothers, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees, TV personalities, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs; Nikki and Brie Bella pick up the mics to give you uncensored access to their lives like never before. Welcome to The Bellas Podcast – a show where the Bella Twins welcome special guests, touch on current issues, and open up to share real-life moments and experiences that you won’t see on TV or social media. So pop open a bottle and raise your glass with the Bella Twins every Wednesday.

    FOMO IRL w/ Jenny Mollen

    FOMO IRL w/ Jenny Mollen

    Nikki & Brie are fresh off a jam-packed weekend with special guest Jenny Mollen!

    The Bellas Open Up with a quick Father’s Day recap, and then they dive into their big weekend in Texas, where they did it ALL! After landing in the Lone Star State. After dinner with Nana in Boerne, they headed up to Dallas to meet the Bella Army and fit as much into their weekend as possible with tea time, amazing dinners, a few beers, awkward photos, and a lost wallet.

    After they made it home, there was one member of the Bella Family that was counting gifts and didn’t appreciate that they didn’t get the most.

    Go Firebirds! On this week’s episode of The Bellas Podcast, there are THREE graduates of Chaparral High School. This information has been verified by Wikipedia, so it’s legit.

    Jenny Mollen, author of “City of Likes,” joins Nikki & Brie to talk about their Scottsdale connection, similar experiences with the same teachers, and favorite restaurants.

    The conversation also includes raising kids that speak German all because of an old boyfriend, the pros and cons of social media for moms, fashion fails, and why the Bachelor & Bachelorette just aren’t as much fun to watch anymore.

    Jenny also closes out the show with some special words for Inspiration & Affirmation that touch on the message of her new book, that we need to accept failure to grow.

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    Happy Hump Day!

    Happy Hump Day!

    As The Bellas open up on this week’s episode and get your engines going, there’s a startling moment of insight that has nothing to do with camels.

    Nikki & Brie are still buzzing from their big weekend as Grand Marshals of the Toyota/SaveMart 350 at Sonoma Raceway in Napa for a unique experience. And it’s absolutely certain that if The Bellas are Grand Marshals at a race, it’s going to be a historic event! It was a busy day at the race track with old friend run-ins and new friends like Kurt Busch, Kyle & Samantha Busch, Michael Waltrip and celebrity spottings like Skeet Ulrich and a lot of NFL players. The Bellas also had a lot of observations on and off the track, including Daniel Suarez’s first win.

    Then Nikki & Brie give their takes on the news of Britney Spears' wedding and her unbelievable guest list.

    Nikki also threw Artem a stunning party for his 40th birthday party that went phenomenally…except for one thing. There was a scheduling miscommunication earlier in the day that led to a major fail. Nikki redeemed herself with some quick thinking, though, and threw a great party for Artem!

    It started out innocent enough, but The Red Flag Game took a dramatic turn that nobody saw coming. The Bellas then tell us how much of a warning sign certain situations are when it comes to dating, annoying behaviors, confidence, being vocal during sex, and much, much more in a very revealing segment. So if you wanted to know a lot more about Nikki’s relationship with Artem or Brie’s relationship with Bryan, this episode is a must-listen for you.

    Nikki & Brie close out this remarkable episode with inspiration & affirmation, highlighting a quote from NASCAR driver Joey Logano which focuses on the people you surround yourself with.

    Follow Nikki & Brie on Instagram for exclusive clips from this episode, and tune into The Bellas Podcast Instagram page every Friday at 12p EST/9a PST for an IG Live with Nikki & Brie!

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    Big Girl Business w/ Bethenny Frankel

    Big Girl Business w/ Bethenny Frankel

    There is something for EVERYONE on this episode of The Bellas Podcast. Bethenny Frankel, author of Business Is Personal, joins Nikki & Brie to talk about business, negotiations, weddings, parenting, and so much more!

    The Bellas kick off the show and Open Up with a lot of energy after a week of feeling under the weather. They’re ready to bring some sunshine to your ears! Nikki & Brie are separated by distance, but not by drama. Nikki is dealing with some teething issues and a restless Matteo. Brie’s dealing with an emotion Birdie who’s suddenly obsessed with bodily functions.

    One of the Bellas has been dealing with Baby Fever, and not everyone is on board with the timing. So what is the ideal age gap between kids for The Bellas? Buddy is a handful for Brie, and Nikki introduced Matteo to a new beverage fixation, and It’s dominating his life. It’s definitely genetic.

    They also discussed trying to balance work life and parenting and what they really appreciate about one another’s parenting styles. With so much going on, Nikki’s also in party-planning mode for Artem’s 40th birthday and working on some last-minute details. Will it all come together as planned?

    Nikki & Brie have been named Grand Marshals of the Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Sonoma Raceway this weekend, which is a lot of fun but comes with the pressure of picking the right outfit for race day. The Bellas also talk about their upcoming A&E Biography: WWE Legends documentary episode and Nikki’s upcoming appearance on Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup series!

    Then the iconic Bethenny Frankel joins Nikki & Brie for a terrific conversation about business, how a straightforward approach works for her, why tracking spending is important, staying authentic while trying to grow, mansplaining, parenting, and the very controversial topic of prenup agreements. Bethenny has a very strong stance on them and speaks from experience when she gives advice to Nikki.

    The episode closes out with Bethenny’s Inspiration & Affirmation, which clearly defines her approach to business.

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    Hydrating Your Soul

    Hydrating Your Soul

    Nikki & Brie are still recovering from a fantastic experience at the 2022 BottleRock Festival in Napa.

    It’s not just a music festival for them. It’s the birthplace of Sister Sunday and a place where The Bellas have seen the hard work they’ve put into Bonita Bonita wines take off.

    Nikki & Brie had a mufti-layered strategy to get the most out of the weekend with maximum music, wine industry networking, taste-testing food from world-class chefs, and good fashion choices.

    On stage, the highlights included Metallica, Pink, Greta Van Fleet, 21 Pilots, and The Black Crowes. Offstage there was a great response to the Bonita Bonita cabana. Nikki & Brie have worked hard to make Bonita Bonita a success, one bottle at a time.

    It was a lot of work to manage their families and get the most out of their festival experience, but recharging the soul with music, sunshine, and wine was worth it.

    Then Nikki & Brie take on some trending topics in a new game Super Fab Vocab. From celebrity weddings to strollers, to aliens, prom, and Mercury Retrograde, The Bellas are never short on opinions.

    Then to wrap up the episode with Inspiration & Affirmation, Nikki chose a quote that connects the present and the future with some dazzling words.

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    Under the Bellas Bus

    Under the Bellas Bus

    The Bellas are headed to BottleRock 2022 with Bonita Bonita, and they’re spreading positive vibes every step of the way.

    They circle it on the calendar every year, and BottleRock is an annual celebration of music, wine, and all things Bellas in the Napa Valley. So to set the mood, Nikki & Brie Open Up with a look back at their hilarious, awkward, and unbelievable experiences at concerts of the years involving The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Crowes, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and many, many more.

    If you’re going to Bottle Rock this year, look for the beautiful Bonita Bonita cabana, take some photos and be sure to tag Nikki, Brie, and Bonita Bonita when you post on Instagram!

    It’s no secret that Nikki & Brie are fiercely competitive, so when they go head to head in any game, expect fireworks, and this week’s game, Under the Bus, did not disappoint. Imagine the frantic energy of Supermarket Sweep mixed with the revealing nature of Never Have I Ever, and that is Under the Bus on the Bellas Podcast. It’s a nail-biter, and it’s an intense game all the way down to the wire. Nikki & Brie reveal a lot about themselves in a way that you’ve never seen, read about, or heard before.

    Then for this week’s cooldown, Nikki & Brie share a special quote from Pink for Inspiration & Affirmation. Pink is closing out BottleRock, and her outspokenness is a vibe The Bellas can definitely rock to.

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    Good Sides & Backsides

    Good Sides & Backsides

    Nikki & Brie are back together after a weekend apart with so much to catch up on.

    The Bellas kick off the show with some big updates on the Bonita Bonita Wine Club and what everyone can expect in the coming months and their goals to make a huge impact with the label.

    Wait, could Nikki Bella be running for President???

    Brie tells Nikki about her weekend dinner with Birdie and Bryan that didn’t quite hit the spot for

    Nikki also gives Brie a complete update on her big work trip to New York City to promote her new USA series with Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, “Barmageddon,” what went into her look for a long day of press, and all the big names that she ran into over the weekend.

    Something’s getting smaller, and Nikki knows exactly what it is. She breaks down her summer workout goals and what’s giving her anxiety in her new house. There’s also a discussion about the complications of bodysuits and how they approach those problems differently.

    Brie reaches into The Bellas Podcast mailbag to answer some questions from the audience about love, resulting in some shocking revelations about emotions, intimacy, and their sex lives. The Bellas also answer questions on the topics of divorce, parenting, heartbreak, mental health,

    Nikki & Brie close out the show with Inspiration & Affirmation with some wise words from Annicken R. Day.

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4.9 out of 5
13.5K Ratings

13.5K Ratings

leahmcantrell ,

I love the bellas!!

This podcast is the first podcast I ever started listening to.. and I can say I’m always entertained! I get soo excited for Wednesdays at work!

hos550 ,

Bella Twins are the Best

Love listening to them . They are both Gorgeous kind cute so fierce they have it all going on. Love how the are with each other .Love the podcast with Bethany as a guest.Just love them when they just talk together with no guest ,Sister Love !

Mgf21 ,

It’s awesome

I really love the Bella’s twin they are my flower westlers Nikki son is so cute

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