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Sisters, mothers, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees, TV personalities, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs; Nikki and Brie Bella pick up the mics to give you uncensored access to their lives like never before. Welcome to The Bellas Podcast – a show where the Bella Twins welcome special guests, touch on current issues, and open up to share real-life moments and experiences that you won’t see on TV or social media. So pop open a bottle and raise your glass with the Bella Twins every Wednesday.

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Sisters, mothers, WWE Hall of Fame Inductees, TV personalities, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs; Nikki and Brie Bella pick up the mics to give you uncensored access to their lives like never before. Welcome to The Bellas Podcast – a show where the Bella Twins welcome special guests, touch on current issues, and open up to share real-life moments and experiences that you won’t see on TV or social media. So pop open a bottle and raise your glass with the Bella Twins every Wednesday.

    That’s Your Superpower with Tasha Ghouri

    That’s Your Superpower with Tasha Ghouri

    This week The Bellas love Love Island, and they love Dancing With the Stars!

    Nikki & Brie kick off the episode with their hot takes and strong opinions on this week’s Elvis Presley tribute episode of DWTS. They totally disagreed on this week’s elimination, and it’s not the first time they don’t see eye to eye on this week’s show.

    Nikki also highlights some amazing things she found on her vision board from 20 years ago. Some of those dreams came true, but which ones haven’t yet?

    Nikki has been a dedicated Love Island UK fan for years, and it was a dream come true to have Tasha Ghouri on the show. Tasha, the first deaf contestant on Love Island, found her soulmate on the show and won the hearts of viewers around the world. She opens up about her experience on the show, getting out of her comfort zone, lap dances, what really goes on behind the scenes, and taking on new challenges.

    Tasha’s about to move in with her boyfriend Andrew, so she also gets some incredible advice from The Bellas when it comes to cohabitating with someone because Nikki & Brie have had to work through some things over the years.

    Tasha closes out the episode with this week’s Inspiration & Affirmation about being true to yourself and not conforming to what other people want to project on you.

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    DWTS Week 1 Reaction w/ Artem

    DWTS Week 1 Reaction w/ Artem

    Nikki & Brie are in rhythm with what they have to say about the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, and they check in with a special guest that knows a thing or two about winning the Mirror Ball trophy. It was a family affair for the Bellas; Nikki was watching with Matteo, while Brie was watching with Birdie, who had some amazing insights.

    Nikki's *husband*, Artem Chigvintsev, joins The Bellas to talk about his first dance with Heidi D'Amelio, her surprising revelation that she almost quit the show before the first episode, their post-dance reaction, and how this new season on Disney+ feels different than previous seasons. He also gives some insight into his unique approach to the next dance, why he hasn't started choreographing, and we learn why Nikki is really excited about Elvis Week on DWTS.

    While they have him on the show, The Bellas get Artem to join them for an all-new edition of The Elimination Game…but it seems that one of the Bellas didn't read the guidelines for the game (shocker), so maybe we're witnessing some unresolved issues from The Bellas episode of Celebrity Beef on E!. It's safe to say that The Bellas are at their best when they're breaking the rules, though.

    The episode closes out with Artem's contribution to Inspiration & Affirmation with something that he learned from Matthew McConaughey and uses every day.
    Vote for Artem and Heidi on Monday! Text HEIDI to 21523

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    Help, My Toddler’s Kicking My A**!

    Help, My Toddler’s Kicking My A**!

    Nikki & Brie kick off this episode celebrating a big harvest day and starting a new family tradition with Buddy and Matteo for Bonita Bonita. The boys were generally helpful and Nikki continued her love/hate relationship with spiders.

    There’s also big news in the Bellas world, Artem has been paired with Heidi D’Amelio for season 31 of Dancing With the Stars on Disney Plus! Nikki & Brie run through the exciting cast, give some predictions, and explore the possibilities of bringing on Birdie as a field reporter for dazzling recaps of the show as her uncle competes for another mirror ball trophy.

    School life has been great for Nikki & Brie because Matteo and Buddy love going to school, but the past week has been really tough on The Bellas physically because the boys are going through a phase where they throw food and leave bruises on their moms because they’re so combative. We also learn about Birdie’s imaginary friend, Light Bobo and how she reacted to the news that Queen Elizabeth, her dream tea party guest, passed away.

    The Bellas fire up the Bellas Podcast Hotline again and take calls about family, parenting traits, and set the record straight about some misconceptions related to why Bryan, Birdie, and Buddy stayed at home for Nikki’s wedding.

    Nikki & Brie close out the episode with a special Inspiration & Affirmation that pays tribute to the incredible work that all  moms do.

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    Bridal Bella Bliss

    Bridal Bella Bliss

    The Bellas are back from a whirlwind trip to Paris, and Nikki has A LOT to share…about her HUSBAND!

    It’s taking some getting used to, but there are some new words in Nikki’s vocabulary and some newish bling on her ring finger. This episode kicks off with Nikki sharing a lot about the wedding night she didn’t want to end, the joy that she and Artem have after exchanging vows, and the excitement about sharing this important chapter of their love story with the Bella Army on the upcoming E! show “Nikki Bella Says I Do.”

    Nikki & Brie have a special connection to Paris, and after spending ten days there, it felt like home. The fashion, the restaurants, the friends and family that traveled to celebrate with them, sightseeing and taking in some history and art along the way. Matteo made the trip and instantly connected with Paris, just like his mama. Brie might also have to figure out how to get Birdie to Paris soon because her little fashionista had major FOMO missing out on seeing all of the trends and styles happening all over France.

    Nikki also goes into detail about her wedding ring and how much input she had on the setting. Brie’s also noticed that her new brother-in-law is beaming too and that he’s captivated by the new jewelry on his ring hand too.

    Eventually, real life comes calling, and that means school supplies, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and maybe a minivan in Nikki’s future now that she’s married!

    While they were away, The Bellas had a lot of messages on the podcast hotline, so Nikki & Brie answered questions about bladder control and C-Sections, comparing milestones of Birdie, Buddy, and Matteo.

    Nikki closes out this episode with an Inspiration & Affirmation about soulmates, explaining the path to marriage and all of the tests along the way and sacrifices to put family first.

    • 58 min
    Live, Laugh, Pee

    Live, Laugh, Pee

    Class is in session, and the Bellas are getting schooled.
    Nikki & Brie kick things off with a quick home room catch-up, then class starts.
    Brie’s first-grade daughter returns to the Bellas Podcast to go head to head against Nikki, and it’s Birdie versus Dodo in “Are You Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old.” The pop quiz covers dinosaurs, rainbows, planets, vocabulary words, and more.
    The next subject on the schedule is Potty Training!

    No strangers to bathroom humor, Nikki & Brie welcome Allison Jandu, The Potty Training Consultant. Allison is a mom, author, and expert on potty training support for every occasion.
    The Bellas are on a mission to get their boys ready for school and deal with some new situations as they establish some bathroom independence.
    Allison gives great tips on foods, routines, rewards, learning moments, her own experiences in the potty world, and what she’s learned from years of helping thousands of parents work with their kids to reduce accidents and increase autonomy.
    The Bellas and Allison close out the episode with an Inspiration & Affirmation that deals with comparisons, something that’s tricky when you’re working with kids to get them to use a toilet regularly.

    • 40 min
    Stay Wild with Atticus Poetry

    Stay Wild with Atticus Poetry

    Nikki & Brie are very excited to welcome this week’s special guest, the mysterious poet Atticus.

    Brie kicks the episode off by telling the unexpected way she discovered his work, sharing that connection to his work and Nikki’s deep love of poetry that started as a child in the pages of Winnie the Pooh and Where the Sidewalk Ends, leading her to write her own poetry.

    He’s the creative force responsible for song lyrics, tattoos, inspiring Instagram posts, and New York Times best-sellers; he is Atticus. From an unknown location, the enigmatic poet joins The Bellas to talk about his upcoming book of poems, LVOE, his connection to Paris, what inspires him, how wine shapes his words, getting engaged in a wildly romantic way, the reward for embracing vulnerability, and how a famous actor from Hollywood gave him the nudge he needed to share his gift with the world.
    Atticus cherishes his ability to experience life without being recognized, leading to an interesting conversation about fame, recognition, privacy, and how that influences his work. This conversion leads to a strong vibe with a lot of creative ideas flying around involving wine, travel, poems, and Bellas!

    • 36 min

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4.9 out of 5
13.6K Ratings

13.6K Ratings

Jasmine #massachusettsgirl ,


A little constructive criticism here. 1st off I love you both, since the diva days. But I must say, after listening since day one there’s been a shift lately that makes me sad. I feel that it’s always Nicole talking and sharing so much and Bri is just kinda there 😔 like even when she goes to talk Nicole always has to intervene and it’s been really sticking out to me the more I TRY to listen. It was always my go to but now I play it and stop cause I’m just like woah. It’s just not tugging at me the way it once did. I try to think ok maybe Bri is just not in it anymore, Nicole is a story teller so maybe she’s just taking the reins. Idk but no me gusta 🫠 I need more of you Bri!!!

hos550 ,

Bella Twins are the Best

Love listening to them . They are both Gorgeous kind cute so fierce they have it all going on. Love how the are with each other .Just love them when they just talk together with no guest ,Sister Love !

LaTina R2 ,

Twin love & laughter!

I love the twins they are so much fun to watch and now listen to I play it in my car on the way to work & just laugh!! My daughter, Taya loved watching the twins on WWE she really wants to follow in their footsteps with girl power!! She also had me buy your dolls a few years back!! I am mom of two and I remember my babies I love how the twins share their stories with the kiddos it’s hilarious I know exactly what they mean & yes us Mom’s wear many hats!!
We love you girls💕 Tina & Taya

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