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Each week, host Tony Berardo shares his knowledge on health and wellness while interviewing experts in various fields to help spread positivity through the pod-verse!

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Each week, host Tony Berardo shares his knowledge on health and wellness while interviewing experts in various fields to help spread positivity through the pod-verse!

    #140 | Training For Longevity

    #140 | Training For Longevity

    This episode I chat with founder and CEO of BIOFIT PERFORMANCE, which was just recently ranked one the top fitness studios in Oviedo! Kevin Masson and his wife not only started this great facility during the pandemic, they also launched their nutritional line BIOFIT NUTRITION.

    Kevin shared his background and qualifications along with knowledge in cold therapy, training and nutrition. Even if you're not into fitness like we are, Kevin gives us a lot tips on how to live a longer, healthier life.

    Listen wherever you love podcasts and watch on YouTube below. You can also follow Kevin and his company on Instagram @kevmasson or visit www.biofitperformance.com


    • 1 hr 4 min
    #139 | Allow Me To Rant

    #139 | Allow Me To Rant

    Lately things have gone a little squirrelly in my health, specifically with my lungs. It's been hard to stay motivated after I was diagnosed with a tumor in my right lung and after weeks of being hospitalized, tested on and probed, I'm getting a little frustrated.

    We can all agree things haven't been normal in the world last two years and it's quite annoying that WE as humans don't have a lot of control over things. Not only has it been tough but it doesn't seem to be a plan in place to make things better.

    So this episode I decided to rant on the pandemic, obesity in America, future viruses and more. Check out the podcast on all platforms, including YouTube.


    • 39 min
    #138 | Action Star Streaming!

    #138 | Action Star Streaming!

    This episode, I chat with new action star (and good friend), Chris Levine. He's a fan favorite here on the show but to start the new year, I wanted to discuss his new flick, The Handler! We also dip into the differences between where he lives and where I'm at from a pandemic stance, plus we review some new movies like Matrix and Spiderman.

    Lots going on with this show but I bet you'll love it. View The Handler on streaming apps, like Amazon Prime and be sure to check out Chris on Instagram at @onlychrislevine.

    Watch the show on Youtube or listen on all podcast platforms now. If you like it, leave a review.


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    #137 | 2022 Resolutions

    #137 | 2022 Resolutions

    Will this year be better than the last two crazy years we've had? Probably not but I think we should all start thinking to ourselves, let's control what WE can actually control.

    This episode I break down some tips on how to start a resolutions, keep it and more importantly help carry on a more positive outlook in this crazy time we're having.

    Check out the full episode on all platforms including Spotify and YouTube.


    • 20 min
    #136 | Results Are In

    #136 | Results Are In

    Good news, bad news situation but it could be a lot worse. Here, I discuss the results of my recent hospital visit, check out episode 135 for details but I also discuss some other challenges the wife and I faced the last couple days.

    Things will never be easy in life but when you think about it, this LIFE thing is pretty unique and special so of course it's going to be tough. Just keep your head up and do your best.

    Check out the full episode everywhere, including YouTube.


    • 22 min
    #135 | Live From The Hospital

    #135 | Live From The Hospital

    Even thought this might be the lowest production value of any of my episodes, I'm a little scared, so I wanted to get something out here to you guys. Of course, the wife and family are here and supportive, I needed to talk about a few things. What got me here? What does this mean and how can something like this be avoided in the future?

    After weeks dealing with a daily fever and numerous X-rays, the doctors want to perform a Bronchoscopy on me to figure out if this "growth" they're seeing is something serious. Thank you for the kind words, love and prayers - talk soon!


    • 29 min

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4.9 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

311annie311 ,


Tony’s real and direct motivation is perfect!

J Manchester ,

Great Topics

Tony has a lot of great topics and interesting opinions along with great insight to what he is speaking about. Easy to listen to and also has some great guests as well. Highly recommend!

Tesla Brian ,

Informational, funny and entertaining

I enjoy listening to the Bernardo podcast every week. I continue to be inspired by his message and healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!

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