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Host Tony Berardo as he shares his knowledge on Sales, Health, Fitness & Positive Attitude. Each week, he'll challenge ideas on social interaction & interview experts from different fields.

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Host Tony Berardo as he shares his knowledge on Sales, Health, Fitness & Positive Attitude. Each week, he'll challenge ideas on social interaction & interview experts from different fields.

    #74 | No Laughing Matter

    #74 | No Laughing Matter

    Check out the full YouTube video below so you can see the posts/videos I'm references in this episode.


    Even though I'm not directly impacted by racism each day, I strongly believe we can't make change without helping each other. If your teammate falls down, you pick them up and walk them off the court.

    On this deep episode, I discuss the challenges our country is facing but it's important during this time each of stay objective. Not one person knows all the facts, in fact there's only one thing we know for sure, we're all human. We are on Team Human and it's time we act accordingly it's about time we act it.

    I reference numerous videos and subjects that experts discuss which you can see everything on my YouTube video by CLICKING HERE but if I stated wrong info, please send me a DM on Instagram and Twitter as I'd like to learn the correct information. Stay safe friends.

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    #73 | We’re Growing Up

    #73 | We’re Growing Up

    This is more of a sarcastic title as I chat with an old friend Bobby Hicks. We absolutely haven't grown up haha, but we're getting there. I was lucky enough to be a guest on Bobby’s Instagram LIVE last week and it was so good, I decided to share it with all as a podcast.

    On this episode, we chat about everything from film, podcasting, to working out and even my long battle with Crohn's. I think you'll enjoy this as much as we liked talking about. Can’t wait to have him on the podcast again, what do you guys think?

    Bobby has been a true inspiration when it comes to film making, lighting and photography, so if you want to learn some new tips or could use a professional like him, check out his company Fellow Flim Productions and visit his instagram at www.instagram.com/thisfellow to learn more.

    Watch the IGTV video we did LIVE by see his Instagram handle, @thisfellow. Or watch the YouTube video below of our conversation over the phone...


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    #72 | Going Local

    #72 | Going Local

    This episode, I chat with friend and Orlando Restaurant Owner, Zach Scray. Zach has been in the restaurant/bar industry for over 10 years him and his team are thinking of innovative ways to drive traffic and stay relevant during this weird time in our society.

    We discuss the effects of going to local business during this pandemic and how important it could be for our community.

    If you're in the Central Florida area, support Zach and his local businesses, you won't be disappointed with the great food and service his spots offer:

    GNARLEY BARLEY - Orlando, FL (IG: @gnarly_barley407)

    GBs BOTTLE SHOP - Orlando, FL (IG: @gbbottleshop)

    CONRAD'S SHANTY - Orlando, FL (IG: @conrads_shanty)

    Check out the full episode on www.theberardo.com/goinglocal or watch the full Zoom video below...


    In the beginning of this episode we talk about the first (of two) drunken podcasts we did together about a year ago, during Gasparilla. Oh how we've grown up since then, sorta. Warning: I was a rookie podcaster in those past episodes so go easy on me in the comments. CLICK HERE to listen.

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    #71 | Vegan Habits

    #71 | Vegan Habits

    On this episode, I chat with a fellow vegan Nick Haubner about why he decided to switch to a plant based diet as well as his experience from a spiritual perspective with this lifestyle, I really enjoyed this episode and if you're not vegan, I think you'll get some good value out of this.

    If you'd like to learn more about Nick's journey, you can follow him on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    This episode was recorded entirely on Zoom Meetings but you can check out the full episode at www.theberardo.com/veganhabits or see the video on YouTube below...


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    #70 | Staying Fit

    #70 | Staying Fit

    During quarantine, I'm sure it was hard for all of us to get motivated to work and maybe even stay active. So I wanted to use this opportunity to chat with someone that has no problem maintaining his healthy lifestyle, Tony Thomas. Tony has a background is sports science and medicine in South Florida with tons of knowledge on health and fitness. We chat about all the things you can do at home to stay active without even using weights plus we talk about eating healthier during this lockdown.

    You can follow Tony Thomas on Instagram at www.instagram.com/tonythomassports and be sure to check out his company Beat The Gym to see how you can get to your fitness goals!

    This episode is available where you listen to podcasts. find out which app to use by visiting www.theberardo.com/thepodcast.

    You can also see the full Zoom interview with Tony by clicking below...


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    #69 | Festival Q&A

    #69 | Festival Q&A

    I wanted to set up a #Zoom Meeting/Podcast to discuss the current state and future of the Music Festival world. As this is part of my work life, I used it as an opportunity to chat with Nick Abate, the CEO of Stage Left Entertainment and producer of festival such as Orlando Vacation and Rebel Rock in Orlando.

    We go live on Facebook to chat about his upcoming 2020 schedule, take questions from guests and discuss where he sees music festival going in the future.

    You can follow Nick's company Stage Left Entertainment on Facebook to see some upcoming events, click HERE.Visit www.theberardo.com/festivalqanda, or you can checkout the full video below...


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4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

J Manchester ,

Great Topics

Tony has a lot of great topics and interesting opinions along with great insight to what he is speaking about. Easy to listen to and also has some great guests as well. Highly recommend!

Tesla Brian ,

Informational, funny and entertaining

I enjoy listening to the Bernardo podcast every week. I continue to be inspired by his message and healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!

MonsterFL ,

Legit podcast!

Very easy to follow and understand throughout the entire podcast. Very well spoken and speaks of topics that are very interesting and informative to my lifestyle. Kudos brother! Keep them coming!

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