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Exploring non-dogmatic spirituality, homegrown philosophy, interesting cultural artifacts, and things in general that are conducive to dying content.

The Best Way to Die nerodha

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Exploring non-dogmatic spirituality, homegrown philosophy, interesting cultural artifacts, and things in general that are conducive to dying content.

    Getting unstuck from the tool

    Getting unstuck from the tool

    Spiritual practices like Buddhism are useful, up to a point - until its time to kill the Buddha.

    • 17 min
    Recognizing narratives

    Recognizing narratives

    The influence of narratives on human perception of life.

    • 24 min
    Contentment vs. motivation

    Contentment vs. motivation

    An exploration of the ability to reside in the peace of being, and the skill of achieving life milestones, and whether the two are opposites on a spectrum or mutually coexistent.

    • 40 min


    You are whole. You’re not a bunch of disparate, scattered, crazy pieces. You’re one perfect unity. Always, inherently, no matter what.

    Through every life experience, you remain this perfect whole. No matter the appearance that experience takes, you remain a perfect whole.

    The difference in life between peace, contentment, and joy on the one hand; and suffering, confusion, and pain on the other hand, lies in where you place your locus of identity, in whether or not you’re aware of the perfect unity that you already are.

    Living life through this understanding is to consciously reside in a seamless field of loving knowingness.

    When coming at life from this felt truth, one naturally and joyfully extends love, understanding, and compassion toward others. One’s natural reaction upon witnessing the suffering that comes from not knowing oneself is to extend loving arms in hopes of rectifying the disconnection.

    Love desires more love. Pain desires more pain. True mystics welcome others to join them in the loving embrace of truth. Those who spread pain do so as a natural reaction to their own pain borne of confusion.

    Every life holds within it the potential to align with truth and reside in love. This journey can be one of a single step or a thousand miles. It can be a permanent destination, a site of pilgrimage, or a distant memory. But the door eternally remains open for all.

    • 33 min

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4.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

nerodha ,

Is this ethical?

Writing a review to my own podcast seems borderline ethical here, but I'm - admittedly conveniently - justifying it by thinking of it as reviewing the experience of making it itself, not the end product (which I definitely wouldn't give a 4).

In terms of how much I'm enjoying doing this so far, I'd do a five-star rating, but I guess that crosses my questionable threshold for what's acceptable and what's not in terms of reviewing your own podcast, so I'll stick with a four.

Doing a podcast on spirituality and then writing a blog post for each episode feels like a fun combination of skills. I enjoy writing, but it's a solitary, often painstaking process, and being able to talk naturally and freely the way I would with a friend engages a different set of faculties that I think are more enjoyable in the moment and after the fact.

So anyway, I'm glad to be doing this and hope that someday it provides some value to someone out there.

Now let's see if Apple even let's this fly once I submit it...

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