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Interviews and conversations with the founders & CEOs of the most promising startups competing for a piece of the $100+ billion sports betting industry

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Interviews and conversations with the founders & CEOs of the most promising startups competing for a piece of the $100+ billion sports betting industry

    Ep. 41 - Rob Klages & Kevin Kamto, AthleteX

    Ep. 41 - Rob Klages & Kevin Kamto, AthleteX

    Ep. 41 introduces you to Rob Klages and Kevin Kamto from AthleteX.

    Hear them discuss:

    Some of the core ideological concepts behind crypto and blockchain technology 

    Their philosophical principles of transparency, openness, and fairness, and why only blockchain technology could enable those within the AthleteX platform

    Why "tokenized fantasy sports was always an intuitive idea", and how a hackathon initially gave them the opportunity to explore it

    The challenges of UX in web3, and what needs to be done to widen the appeal of crypto to the mass market

    "Hunkering down and building" during the bear market, and why they are confident that crypto prices will rebound


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    ➡️ AthleteX website

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    ➡️ AthleteX on Twitter

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    Ep. 40 - Nik Bonaddio, BigBrain Games

    Ep. 40 - Nik Bonaddio, BigBrain Games

    Ep. 40 is guest hosted by Lloyd Danzig from Sharp Alpha Advisors, who introduces you to Nik Bonaddio, founder and CEO of BigBrain.

    Hear Nik discuss:

    Appearing as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, winning $100,000, and quitting his job the next day to pursue his first startup

    Launching Numberfire as Moneyball for fantasy sports, and scaling it to $2m in revenue before exiting to Fanduel in 2015

    His experience working as Fanduel’s Chief Product Officer, and why after 4+ years he “wanted to kind of get back to the craziness of startups”

    Why it was “kind of obvious” to him that the DFS model could be applied to the brain games category, which was the catalyst for BigBrain

    His strategy to build a cap table with both betting industry investors and industry-agnostic VC firms including First Round Capital, BoxGroup, Ludlow, and Golden Ventures

    His long-term plan to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates, and why his first move as owner will be to reduce ticket and concession prices


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    Episode Guest:

    ➡️  BigBrain in the app store

    ➡️  BigBrain website

    ➡️  Nik Bonaddio on Linkedin


    Episode Host:

    ➡️  Sharp Alpha Advisors website

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    Ep. 39 - Rob Pizzola, The Hammer Betting Network

    Ep. 39 - Rob Pizzola, The Hammer Betting Network

    Ep. 39 introduces you to Rob Pizzola, co-founder of The Hammer Betting Network, which is the industry leader in providing trusted sports betting content.

    Hear him discuss:

    His journey as a longtime betting content creator, and one of “the OG’s of Gambling Twitter”

    The grind of betting professionally at scale over several years, and why he “would give up sports betting in a second” if he could

    Why he believes in being price sensitive when betting on sports, and how that belief led him to become co-owner of Bet Stamp

    The problem he has with betting content creators that misrepresent themselves, and how he is bringing transparency to all content published on thehammer.bet

    How he was able to onboard dozens of top creators to build the network in only a few weeks, and how he plans to scale content creation on the platform

    His advice for people who aspire to become sports betting content creators


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    ➡️  Hammer Betting Network website

    ➡️  Hammer Betting Network on Twitter

    ➡️  Rob Pizzola on Twitter

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    Ep. 38 - Michael Zavagno, TopProp Fantasy

    Ep. 38 - Michael Zavagno, TopProp Fantasy

    Ep. 38 introduces you to Michael Zavagno, co-founder and CEO of TopProp Fantasy, which is the next generation of daily fantasy sports.

    Hear him discuss:

    Why he believes that TopProp’s head-to-head fantasy contests will “bring that competitiveness” back to fantasy sports

    The learnings from launching last NFL season as a web-only product, and how that helped shape the recently-launched TopProp mobile app

    The importance of intuitive UX, and how the app’s swipe-based mechanic has helped TopProp attract a younger demographic than the industry average

    What he’s hearing from investors as he raises a $1.5m round, which is currently half subscribed

    Which NFL player he thinks will win the MVP title this season


    Learn more:

    ➡️ Michael Zavagno on Linkedin

    ➡️ TopProp Fantasy website

    ➡️ TopProp Fantasy on Twitter


    (Host note: this episode had some minor audio issues that unfortunately couldn't be improved. It's still 100% worth listening to, but we wanted to acknowledge that it might sound slightly different than usual. We'll do better! 🙌)

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    Ep. 37 - Kenneth Giles, SimBull

    Ep. 37 - Kenneth Giles, SimBull

    Ep. 37 introduces you to Kenneth Giles, co-founder and CEO of SimBull, which is the stock market for sports.

    Hear him discuss:

    Leaving his “very stable nine to five job” as an actuary and why he decided to follow in his family’s path of entrepreneurship

    How he came up with the concept of a sports stock market, which he believes can grow into a standalone category alongside betting and fantasy

    Taking a contrarian approach by focusing on longer-term markets at a time when microbetting is attracting a large amount of attention and investment

    His experience going through the Techstars Sports Accelerator, and how “it makes you think about all aspects of your business”

    How he views the fundraising environment as SimBull finalizes plans to raise a $1.5m seed round this fall


    Learn more:

    ➡️ SimBull website

    ➡️ SimBull Twitter

    ➡️ SimBull in Apple app store

    ➡️ Kenneth Giles on Linkedin

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    Ep. 36 - Ross Fruin, GridRival

    Ep. 36 - Ross Fruin, GridRival

    Ep. 36 introduces you to Ross Fruin, co-founder and CEO of GridRival, which is the home screen for race fans.

    Hear him discuss:

    How GridRival acquired 22,000 users within the first 5 days after launching, and how product virality helped it scale it to over 180,000 users in the first year

    GridRival’s progression from season-long fantasy into DFS, and what he’s thinking about as the next step in his long-term plan

    The challenges of the quickly changing data landscape within motorsports, and why he thinks it’s possible that data collection “may be a problem we end up solving internally”

    Being dismissed by investors as a niche operator before successfully raising $3m from investors who saw the motorsports audience as on that could drive venture-scale returns

    How he built an all-star advisory board at GridRival, and his advice for other entrepreneurs on what they should consider when looking for advisors


    Learn more:

    ➡️ GridRival website

    ➡️ Ross Fruin on Linkedin

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