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The BLK+GRN podcast features interviews with black women artisans by host Dr. Kristian H. a public health professor and a natural lifestyle enthusiast. Each week she will discuss the importance of happiness, love, and self-care. Dr. Kristian strives to provide each listener with encouragement and vital information for black women from black women in the wellness space. If you want to learn more about an artisan visit us at blkgrn.com and don't forget to buy black and live green.

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The BLK+GRN podcast features interviews with black women artisans by host Dr. Kristian H. a public health professor and a natural lifestyle enthusiast. Each week she will discuss the importance of happiness, love, and self-care. Dr. Kristian strives to provide each listener with encouragement and vital information for black women from black women in the wellness space. If you want to learn more about an artisan visit us at blkgrn.com and don't forget to buy black and live green.

    Episode 23: Kreyol - Yve-Car Momperousse

    Episode 23: Kreyol - Yve-Car Momperousse

    Yve-Car is the CEO and cofounder of Kreyol Essence and was driven by her vision to stimulate economic activity in Haiti. In this podcast episode, Yve takes on the role of interviewing Dr. Kristian Henderson, founder of BLK+GRN, and sparks an impactful conversation on what it means to walk in your passion. Despite a tragic life-threatening car accident in 2019 that left Kristian in a coma, her recovery journey did not force her to abandon BLK+GRN. Instead, it became the chapter in her story that highlighted all things possible when you stay true to what you want to do. 

    Black women make up the majority of the health industry. However, despite the mandates made by the National Institutes of Health to enhance the inclusion of ethnic groups, Black women continue to be underrepresented. While carrying on her grandmother's legacy, who fought for civil rights, Kristian continues to fight for Black women in a space that makes health and wellness accessible. 
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
    Soon the US will have rules regulations on the toxins used in products as many other countries  BLK+GRN puts into perspective how when Black women lead, we all succeed No founder, cofounder or maker of a business is 100% sure in moving forward; It’s all about giving yourself grace and space  
    Check Out These Highlights:
    Kristian talks about her recovery process after her life-threatening car accident (2:29) Where Kristian’s clarity and love for the black community stems from (10:50) Kristian’s next step towards providing wellness for Black women (13:46) Using money as a tool to push your mission (33:15)  
    “it comes down to my core. I think it's in me. I think I was born with it. I was born with the spirit that fights for equality for Black women.” “I think there will be a day when all marketplaces are looking for Black and Brown people to put on the shelf.” “When people are purchasing products from BLK+GRN, they're supporting black women entrepreneurs. They're supporting people. They're supporting stories.”

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    Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb

    Episode 22: Kushae - Kimba & Dr. Barb

    All too familiar with the big corporations that sell unsafe and far from caring products, OB-GYN Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant Kimba came together to offer women pH-balanced, chemical-free, and natural-based alternatives for feminine care that are sensitive to women’s sensitivities. 
    While feminine hygiene is a proper way in life to reduce exposure to unpleasant infections and skin irritations, many women aren’t aware of the conventional and high-chemical products sold by cosmetic companies. Where many other organizations are focused on their product wealth, Dr. Barb and Kimba created a safe place to prioritize women’s health through Kushae, the only doctor-formulated feminine hygiene system.
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to miss:
    Women who used Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder are filing lawsuits for its traces of asbestos which is linked to ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. The vaginal area has a pH of 3.5 and the best way to protect it is by keeping it balanced to prevent the bad bacteria from exposing you more infections.  Although commonly recommended for its mild formulas, Dove contains parabens and with a pH level of 7 which can disturb your natural pH. Check Out These Highlights
    Information about the twelve ingredients that have been identified by the National Institutes of Health as having very clinically relevant or scientific links to dangerous outcomes for women (21:13) Kimba goes into detail on how the natural ingredients used in Kushae’s products you can find in your garden (22:42) Tips on ways to keep your pH balanced (27:52) Quotes
    “You always hear about, unfortunately, black women and the things that plague us the most. And part of it being we're taking care of everybody else but ourselves.” “People really need to advocate specifically because black women are still desperately treated when it comes to health care, regardless of income.    “We were adamant about making sure that our brand stayed true to our mission, which was all-natural care for down there.”

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    Episode 21: Koya Webb

    Episode 21: Koya Webb

    Many people beginning their self-care journey struggle with finding the time or don't know where to start. To break down that barrier, Koya teaches us how to reclaim our time to optimize our well-being through the practice of breathwork, gratitude, breaking bad habits, and dealing with our "human emotions.
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
    The two main emotions that drive our actions and reactions are fear and love Having plants in your house helps detox and purify your whole home. All the elements we have in our universe work together to balance us out energetically. Check Out These Highlights:
    What it looks like when you're functioning in the darkness (17:23) Koya shares ways to strengthen your spiritual connection (9:42) Strategies to help escape fear-based emotions (22:44) Quotes:
    “As long as you have your breath in your body, you're able to dissolve stress and you're able to balance out your energies.”  “I started the yoga teacher training because I feel like the spiritual part was being left out, like rituals and routines and products that can really nurture our own health.” “We don't have the choice over what happens to us, but we do have the choice on how we deal with what happens to us and how we beat ourselves up or shame ourselves or make ourselves wrong.”

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    Episode 20 - Dinobi: Augie and Sylvia

    Episode 20 - Dinobi: Augie and Sylvia

    Mom-preneur Sylvia Emuwa and her husband Augie, founders of Dinobi, were driven to create a gentle enough product to combat their family of six reoccurring skin irritations. With no response from the detergent companies to determine the ingredients used, they decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a safe detergent that's greener, cleaner, and gentle enough for people to use every day.
    Many toxic chemicals in our homes are found in products that claim to protect us, such as detergents. While they leave our clothes looking spotless and smelling fresh, the detergents we use contain many known toxins that have adverse side effects on our health. Sylvia created Dinobi as a safer alternative to modern detergents that protect people from being exposed to harmful chemicals in their clothing and sheets absorbed into their bodies.
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:
    The chemicals in laundry detergents leave a residue that absorbs into your clothing and skin. Many people are burdened with skin irritations from laundry detergent without knowing the ingredients that are causing them. Buying green laundry detergent is safer for your children’s and family’s health.  Check Out These Highlights:
    The inspiration behind Dinobi (5:12) Sylvia discusses her concerns on the lack of transparency in ingredients within laundry detergent (19:28)  Augie expresses the importance of being mindful of the products we buy (23:19) Quotes: 
    “I turned the detergent bottle around, and I immediately noticed that they only put the ingredients that were in the plastic, not the ingredients that were in the product itself.” -Augie  “It's important to be educated and not just passively consume.” – Augie  “When you pick up the phone and you're trying to ask somebody what is in this and they never get back to you. That's the problem.” -Sylvia  “It is important to really know what it is you're using because a lot of those things do cause issues, physical issues.” -Sylvia

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    Episode 19-Teni Adewumi

    Episode 19-Teni Adewumi

    Teni Adewumi has spent the last six years advocating for and educating black women on the hidden dangers found in the ingredients of personal care products. Using her background in industrial hygiene, health sciences, and as a PhD candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles, Teni is at the grassroots level working to find better solutions to limit the negative health impact of cosmetic products predominantly used by women of color.
    A lot of women aren’t aware of the toxic ingredients that lurk in their favorite products and that they are negatively impacting their health. So, Teni’s mission is clear — to protect all black women, especially those who work in salons with harsh chemicals and women of reproductive age who may be greatly affected by hormone-disrupting ingredients found in most of their products.
    Quote from interviewee for call out box: “We’re in a very interesting time right now where researchers are really starting to ask questions on the impact of these products on black women.” —Teni Adewumi
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: Black people are usually underrepresented in the environmental health space. That needs to change. Black women’s products often have the most harmful ingredients, so we should be mindful about the products we use. Black women have huge purchasing power — we have the power to change the current system and what’s allowed in products. Check Out These Highlights: Teni discusses common hormone-disrupting chemicals found in black products (9:51) Tips on what ingredients to watch out for (23:59) The outcomes of being exposed to toxic ingredients over time (28:31) Quotes: “We are this economic driving force, and we can shift the market when it comes to products marketed to us.” “Black women have huge purchasing power.” We came all the way from Madam C.J. Walker. The innovation, the purchasing power, and the sheer will of black women is just amazing.”  
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    Episode 18 - CurlMix - Kim Lewis

    Episode 18 - CurlMix - Kim Lewis

    There will likely come a time when the only person who believes in the true worth of your business is you. That’s what happened to entrepreneur Kim Lewis. Kim and her husband, Tim, owners of the natural hair care product line, CurlMix, knew their company’s worth going into the popular business reality TV show, “Shark Tank.” So when they were offered a fraction of what they knew their business was worth, they declined the offer.
    That singular move spoke volumes to the power of taking a chance on yourself, believing in your worth and being hopeful in what’s to come. And what came next for them — and what continues to come — is valued way more than what they were originally offered. Kim shares her insights on entrepreneurship, finances, and how she balances it all.
    Quote from interviewee for call-out box:  
    “As long as you’re experiencing, you're technically not failing. The real failure is not starting.” —Kim Lewis
    Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: Listening to your customers’ desires and following purchasing trends will do wonders for your business. When others underestimate you, it’s important for you to trust your value of yourself and your business. Do the hard work that no one wants to do and you’ll watch your business flourish. Check Out These Highlights: Kim discusses how she made the transition to full-time employment in her own business. (3:09) The power of knowing your customers. (5:46) Kim talks about venture capital and raising money. (23:33) Balancing parenting and entrepreneurship. (30:40) Quotes: “I’m black. I have to already be winning before someone is going to ride my train (and invest in me.)” “It’s best to raise money when you don’t need it.”  
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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

AC19! ,

A great podcast!

I absolutely love this podcast. It great to hear from the women behind the brands I support. I feel motivated and encouraged after every episode.

Gleaux Queen ,

So Glad to Have Found the Podcast!!

I already knew about the brand and online retail store for black owned natural products!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 So glad to have found the podcast. Like frfr!! Just gave me amazing ideas 💯💯

Leen from the South ,

Walks the talk

Dr. Kristian H - she walks the talk. She inspired me to lose 50 pounds and I’ve been following her for years. Good person, great mentor for all.

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