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A hilarious and nostalgic journey through all the Judy Blume books, hosted by Jody Worthington and Alison Michael. With Scotch-fueled dramatic readings and deep dives into '70s and '80s nostalgia, boobs, boners, and bullies, this show ain't for kids. Join them every week as they delve into a few more chapters from a favorite Judy novel!

The Blume Saloon: A Judy Blume Book Podcast The Blume Saloon

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A hilarious and nostalgic journey through all the Judy Blume books, hosted by Jody Worthington and Alison Michael. With Scotch-fueled dramatic readings and deep dives into '70s and '80s nostalgia, boobs, boners, and bullies, this show ain't for kids. Join them every week as they delve into a few more chapters from a favorite Judy novel!

    Odds and Ends #15: JALAWT Wrap-Up

    Odds and Ends #15: JALAWT Wrap-Up

    Jody and Alison tie up some loose ends and wave goodbye to Judy Blume's cherished 1987 YA novel, "Just as Long as We're Together." Jody presents Special Reports on witchcraft, purple, and Operation Babylift. Alison reads some questionable book reviews, and the gals take a quiz to find out what type of witches they are! Spoiler: Alison is a Sea Witch and Jody is an Air Witch. Tune in to hear chat about Sky Dancers, rollerblading misadventures, some incredible fanfic dramatic readings (thank you Dara!) and Blume Head Deanna's dispatch on 1987 hip-hop, college rock, and metal!

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    124. Just-A-Boy

    124. Just-A-Boy

    It's the final episode of "Just as Long as We're Together" by Judy Blume (1987)! There's a KILLER FLU (how timely) going around and everyone's got it, except our Hershey Bar. Steph has a cute chat with friend-zone Peter Klaff, a heart-to-heart with mom, a literal run-in with Jeremy Dragon, and a beautiful lake walk with old pal Rachel. Alison learns Gena is preggers and plans her escape to Paris. Al and Jody chat about friendship quadrangles, conflict aversion, hot boys in choir, and Selling Sunset. And on to some important things:

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    123. Tastes Like Chicken

    123. Tastes Like Chicken

    We're nearing the end of "Just as Long as We're Together" with chapters 38-39 of this YA classic! Steph turns thirteen, has a blast at the Groundhog Day Dance, gets her first kiss, and her first period all on the SAME DAY! Dad ditches Iris and announces his East Coast return, the moms try to get their daughters back together, and Bruce turns out to be a true Renaissance Brother with some decoupage skillz. Jody and Alison talk about the incredible Authors Guild virtual gala honoring Judy Blume and Margaret Atwood, imaginary friends named Pinkfoot, nocturnal bee activities, and read listener-submitted middle school dance stories. And as usual, there are plenty of scene reenactments and insightful commentary on friendship, family relationships, and Victorian nightgowns.

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    122. Leech on a Weeny

    122. Leech on a Weeny

    Special guest Katy joins Alison and Jody in the Cocoon to discuss chapters 36-37 of "Just as Long as We're Together" by Judy Blume! They explore socially responsible plungers, shopping personalities, and the INCREDIBLE "Dickionary" seven-year-old Katy co-authored in 1987. Ever heard of a run-and-hump? In the novel, Steph, Rachel, and Alison shop at stores with amazing names and have a run-in with Amber Ackbourne. There's an epic dressing room fight scene you don't wanna miss. Join the gals for dramatic reenactments, insightful witchcraft commentary, and a tres-relatable Blume Head letter about 4th grade mean girls. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @theblumesaloonpodcast for DICKIONARY PHOTOS!

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    121. Put Mom on the Phone!

    121. Put Mom on the Phone!

    Jody and Alison get a little wacky this week, reading chapters 33-35 of Judy Blume's 1987 novel, "Just as Long as We're Together". Alison presents a thoughtfully-researched Boner Report and Jody reads divorce advice from "Letters to Judy." Mom gets WILD lightning bolt earrings for her very first fling, Dad finally apologizes to Steph, Marcella and Jeremy Dragon are caught Frenching at the movies, and Rachel tries to get Steph to read Gone With the Wind. Why won't those two just COMMUNICATE?! Your hosts chat quarantine hairdos, movie theatre heathens, and middle school soap operas. Thank you so very much to our new Patron, Grace Wenk! 

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    120. Blume Heads for Peace

    120. Blume Heads for Peace

    Chapters 30-32 of Judy Blume's 1987 YA novel about friendship and separated parents, "Just as Long as We're Together" with your hosts Alison and Jody! Danamy breaks up but gets back together again one day later, Bruce wins second place in the Kids for Peace poster contest, Steph writes a fabulous essay on losing her optimism, and Rachel gets hit on by new boy Max. Jody and Al don double-headphones and chat about boner etymology, tall boys, and new puppies! Dramatic readings, deep thoughts, and '80s reminiscing abound.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
83 Ratings

83 Ratings

Vonlonewolf ,

Helping this lifelong Blumehead survive quarantine!

I started listening to The Blume Saloon late last year, so I had a lot of catching up to do by the time quarantine came around. I’ve been trying to pace myself because I will be so sad when I finish all of the episodes!!! I have been trapped on the east coast, far away from all of my amazing besties on the west coast. Jody and Alison remind me so much of my friends and their silly conversations and impromptu singing are SO MUCH like our friend hangouts. My husband and I have also gotten into tracking down the versions (cover art) of the the Judy Blume books I read over and over again as a kid. That’s a new hobby, right? Thank you, Blume Saloon for making me feel a little less lonely and homesick!!!

MaureenGonzales25 ,

Feels like a hug!

This podcast is a balm. The hosts are smart and silly and every episode feels like curling up with your best girl friends at the most fun sleepover. It's deepened my appreciation for Judy Blume and listening to it now, when my buds are far away simultaneously hurts and heals my heart.
Love and other indoor sports!

It's Me! Mandy! ,

So much fun!

I love hanging out with Allison and Jody! I would listen to them explain the bizarre lives of Australian surfing girls of the 70s forever.

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