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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

The BMX In Our Blood Interviews with the BMX community

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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

    Episode 111 - Jane McCarthy RN

    Episode 111 - Jane McCarthy RN

    Most of what I do in life are spontaneous yet thoughtful moves, this interview with Jane is one of them. I first zoned in on Jane McCarthy's work as an RN during the pandemic when I read a few of her Facebook posts that were, we'll say, written under extreme stress during the late winter/early spring of the rapid onset of Covid. She was accurate in her reasoning and frustrated at the lack of concern. At that time it was more of a light hearted joke relating the virus to Corona beer. Honestly, even those little things contributed to more complacency, in my opinion. I have known Jane and her family for a few years now as we end up at a lot of the same events and their volunteering at mine. Listening to Jane tell her story can be heartbreaking at times. If you are like me in any way you may have been suspect during the early onset of Covid...it only hurts the weak and old, it's no worse than the flu, etc. I feel like an idiot after listening to Jane tell her story of working huge hours and trying to protect her husband and children from her Covid exposure at her job at the hospital. If you take just one thing from this podcast let it be this, if you don't think the threat is real, think about the others in your life. It is far bigger than you. The preventive measures required are the least you can do for your fellow humans in this crazy world we live in. So mask up, clean up and stop the spread...for others, not just you.

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    Episode 110 - Roger Plaskett

    Episode 110 - Roger Plaskett

    This was and is a tough one for all to say the least. Roger Plaskett has been an absolute on going legend in Connecticut BMX. His on the track leadership as well as his amazing NBL National announcing is nothing short of amazing. Roger has unfortunately been given the news that he has an incurable illness and most recently two strokes. Roger is a fighter and is probably pushing his was out of medical care as we speak! In addition to his leadership in BMX in general there are so many things that Roger has done for the sport with our current local track (Foothills BMX)in Torrington, CT for over 27 years as well as Thunder Alley BMX in Bristol, CT as well just to name a few. Please keep Roger and his family in your thoughts. For somewhat obvious reasons I have hammered this podcast out in hope that Roger can hear the love the BMX community has for him. Thank you Tim Brown for the announcing Audio from 1996 and thank you to Todd Breau for once again whipping up the podcast announcement graphics with no notice!
    Lastly, thank you Powers Bike Shop in Richmond, VA for continuing to sponsor The BMX In Our Blood and the hidden support (pun intended) by Old Bones Therapy with huge array of products for joint pain and support.

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    Episode 109 - Ekim King

    Episode 109 - Ekim King

    Everything you have heard about Ekim King, it's true. He is one crazy dude with more talent and passion than most any two of us combined. There isn't much more I can say aside from what you are about to hear. Thank you Ekim and the Catty Woods crew for your years of hard work. A special thanks to Garrett Byrnes for the call in!
    As always, thank you Powers Bike Shop for sponsoring the podcast.

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    Episode 108 - Women's Weekend 2020

    Episode 108 - Women's Weekend 2020

    Women's Weekend, a gathering of women from all over the USA and Canada that love BMX trail riding. I love covering this event because of the super positive vibe that goes on there each year. The veterans of women in BMX riding together with those that may have just started, like the unicycle seat woman in the last interview clip! As I have in the past, I only covered Saturday at Catty Woods. Before I started podcasting I did go to the Sunday at Posh as well, day two of the weekend, and it is just as awesome as Saturday. So another successful year in the books by Taryn Hipp and the women volunteers. It seems that with the continued success and growing numbers Taryn and others will keep this annual event going with no plans of stopping! Put this together with Carley Young's Ride Like A Girl events and the future for women in BMX continues to look bright on the East Coast!

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    Episode 107 - Payton Ridenour

    Episode 107 - Payton Ridenour

    I don't get too nervous for podcasts interviews as often as I used to in the beginning but Payton Ridenour brought that out of me through being such a well spoken 18 year old with just so many accomplishments! Payton tried hard and patiently to explain the progression levels on the path to Elite Women status within the UCI World Cups and USABMX National classes. So interesting and helps explain the challenges that she is progressing through. With such great parents (Karen and Keith Ridenour) Payton has just the support she will need to make her ultimate goal a reality, one of which is earning an Olympic medal. Another big piece of the puzzle to make this happen is through her coach, Arielle (Martin) Verhaaren (@amv15), someone that clearly knows how to make it happen. Enjoy the interview along with the surprise call in from Carley Young (sk8bmxchic)as she delivers her questions and comments to this incredible young lady. As if all of this isn't enough Payton has a children's book coming out, A to Z: BMX Style, possibly by Christmas if all goes well!

    Thank you to @powersbikeshop for continuing to sponsor the show and @oldbonestherapy for keeping this 50 year old man comfortable when riding, running, etc. as well as younger BMX shredders, @joc313 and @russbarone

    Podcast announcement photo by the amazing @tjl_photo and artwork by @nagooarts Thank you both!

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    Episode #106 - Rad Chicks Society

    Episode #106 - Rad Chicks Society

    Rad Chicks Society, possibly the most important movement going on right now for women looking to challenge themselves with an action sport. The leader of this monumental passion project is none other than Nutmeg State resident, Jessica Nason. Jess is so well spoken and dedicated to her project 200%. Mind you, she covers motocross, mountain bikes and BMX for starters. Some of the highlights of the episode surprise call-ins from Nina Buitrago and Joce Camarra and then Jess calling the sweetest Rad Chicklette, Callie Atchison.

    Please support the major efforts of Jessica by purchasing coffee, coffee mugs, shirts and more! Find the store link in the @radchickssociety Instagram profile.

    Thank you again Powers Bike Shop for supporting the podcast!
    Hit them up on @powersbikeshop on IG, Powersbikeshop.com or the old fashion ring a ding at 804-308-1847 for any BMX needs or maybe just a history lesson!

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105 Ratings

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This is such a great podcast

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Old school riders

It would be awesome if you could get Tim fuzzy Hall Matt Behringer and William Prince on

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Great podcasts with interesting riders, stories- Joe knows how to ask and listen!

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