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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

The BMX In Our Blood Interviews with the BMX community

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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast
Interviews with the real people of BMX

    Episode 105 - Tim Strelecki Part 2

    Episode 105 - Tim Strelecki Part 2

    Part 2 of the Tim Strelecki podcast! I hope you have listened to Part 1 before Part 2 but there is really no wrong direction when listening to Tim Strelecki talk! This entire podcast is amazing but the take away is absolutely toward the end of the interview. Tim mean what he says and we should all pause to ponder what this message may mean to you as a friend of someone that needs an ear to listen or someone have a difficult time with addiction. We all have something. We also have the ability to help ourselves and others. Pick up that phone. Answer that call. You just never know. Thank you Tim and Darcy Strelecki for the hospitality and visit. It may have been the longest and fastest trip for #thebmxinourblood but I have had a hunch for a while that this interview had to happen for so many reasons. I hope you are as grateful as I am that Tim was able to share his story. Send him the love and appreciation he deserves for being as strong as he is. There is only one Tim Strelecki and we are so fortunate to have him with us. Thank you Tim, for everything you are and will always be.

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    Don't forget the Ride For Recovery fundraiser at the Trumbull BMX Track on July 26th, just two weeks away! Can't wait to see how well we can do for this amazing non-profit! You can learn more about them at road2recovery.com
    Podcast announcement created by Todd Breau with the photo by Tedd Nelson. Thanks guys!

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    Episode 104 - Tim Strelecki Part 1

    Episode 104 - Tim Strelecki Part 1

    Part 1 of possibly the most amazing subject I have had the opportunity to interview for #thebmxinourblood This is only Part 1 and I'm so grateful that this happened. I lost count of the National and World Championship #1's that Tim accomplished but it is somewhere around 9. Most racers are fortunate to be in the top 10 once nationally let alone world #1. Listeners may not know but I'm a huge fan of world tour road cycling and happy to fight to get my lycra cycling kit on for a ride so talking with Tim about his transformation into endurance cycling and racing is awesome. One of the highlights of the episode is the Danny Bailey call in. If you don't get choked up you may want to check your pulse or your moral compass. It is nothing short of completely a part of BMX history that will always be remembered. Stay tuned for Part 2 where Tim really dives into substance abuse and transforming himself into a road and cyclocross phenom. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that his sister Jen is married to some guy named Brian Foster. Thank you Jen for the perfect intro.
    As always, thank you Powers Bike Shop, Powers BMX Museum and Powers Pre-owned for supporting the show.
    Also, thank you to Old Bones Therapy for assisting my body in keeping those runs and rides in along with some BMX in between! Check out both companies. They are both passionate about BMX and I thank them for that!
    Lastly, the Road2Recovery Jam is back on!!! Follow my IG handle @gromdad2000 for info on that. I'm looking for auction items and raffle goods as soon as possible, it is only 3 weeks away on July 26th at the Trumbull BMX Track in Connecticut. Any help is appreciated!

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    Episode 103 - Shawn Diprete

    Episode 103 - Shawn Diprete

    Switching things up a bit with Episode 103 and getting back to a BMX racer. There is none better than Shawn Diprete from Massachusetts. Listening to Shawn describe his focus and intensity is pretty amazing. Some pretty important lessons in here for the younger generations as Shawn talks about the importance of staying out of trouble during those important years of development, the teens and early 20's. Shawn doesn't sugar coat the effect of his actions and how they came to be. The amazing part of Shawn's story is that he was able to put that energy into winning BMX titles, the most important being the 2013 USABMX National #1 Cruiser title. That means he had the most points with all age groups combined. There is only one winner each year and in the Northeast he has the only #1 title ever awarded. I loved that Shawn is searching for the fun in riding bikes after 4 decades of competitive BMX racing. He still loves racing but wants to let that competitive focus ease up a bit and learn how to have fun again. I'm pretty sure Jason Carnes' Berm Academy tour was a catalyst for this thought process as they toured around riding DJ and BMX bikes. Until next time, be safe and have fun!
    Big thanks to Powers Bike Shop for the sponsoring the show and Old Bones Therapy for co-sponsoring. Support those that support the podcast, thank you! Podcast graphics by Nagoo Productions, thanks Todd!
    Podcast photo by BMXActionPhotography.com

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    Episode 102 - Jonny Shirtless Nemecek

    Episode 102 - Jonny Shirtless Nemecek

    As much as we joke around on this episode about the amount of free time Jonny Nemecek has to ride, Jonny is way more than that and I'm sure his friends know that. Now you can learn how hard Jonny works to live his life his way after 50-60 hours of work each week as a multi County licensed Master Electrician. Not so coincidentally enough I was waiting last Saturday for Jonny to get home from work to record his podcast. I always have a list of interviews I would like to do and many of my decisions are based on what I'm feeling at the time. I was feeling like Iearning about the personal life of Jonny and wanted to hear about work, friends, family and future. His situation is far more intense than I expected due to a heavy job in electrical contracting. Yet he still makes the time to ride when most of us wouldn't. And ride at a high level as well! It was really nice to see my BMX daughter Joce Camarra in her new digs at Jonny's house as well and of course Rito! Soon to be a true BMX house with trails included. A great afternoon was had and once again Long Island delivered! Graphics by Todd Breau, thanks Todd. The BMX In Our Blood is sponsored by Powers Bike Shop in Richmond, VA. One of the best BMX only bike shops online and at the physical location. Find Powers at powersbikeshop.com

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    Episode 101 - Stoneybrook Trails

    Episode 101 - Stoneybrook Trails

    I can't think of many better situations to be in than among BMX riders that are so passionate about what they do that I have no chance of reeling them back in! The Stoneybrook Trail crew in Charlton Massachusetts was just like that. What I wanted most out of this podcast was to capture the joy and determination of this fairly new trail scene. So positive and in it for the right reasons. I cut out nearly 113 f-bombs so about half of them are edited out. Hey, when you have people as grateful as this group, you better expect it! Anyhow, great people with amazing hearts. Just what we all need in this strange time we are in. @stoneybrooktrails84 on IG

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    Ep. 100 - FBM Team Reflections

    Ep. 100 - FBM Team Reflections

    Surprise FBM! Episode #100 was dedicated to FBM a month or two ago but not quite the way the recently closed bike manufacturer may have thought. This episode was created by the FBM community in their words based on a basic question, what did FBM mean to you? You will hear some really consistent answers to this questions and as always, great stories. On behalf of your followers and fans, we thank each and everyone of you that held it down to the end of this chapter.
    Steve Crandall, Mike Erb, John Corts and John Lee...you are appreciated beyond what any of us could put into words. This podcast is just one step in showing you how much the team, distributors, shops and friends value what you have done since the early 90's.
    I apologize for the sound quality, various equipment was used so the volume is sometimes affected. Just crank it up when you need to!
    Order of appearance:
    Kaleb Bolton
    Bobby Proctor
    Kelly Baker (thank you Vic Bettencourt for the assist)
    Matt Coplon
    John Tillman (Chunk) (Thanks again Vic and Cara)
    Latane Coghill
    QBP - Jay Schlie
    Jay Schlie - personal thoughts
    Seamus Mckeon
    Dani Lightening Bolt
    Dillon Leeper
    Lukas Halahan
    Nathan Halahan
    Shane Halahan
    Kaci Halahan
    Jen Halahan
    Mike Halahan
    Stew Johnson
    Cara Bettencourt
    Vic Bettencourt
    Declan Murray
    Shane Leeper
    Chad Powers
    Kenny Horton
    Garrett Ginch with the banger to wrap it up!

    Be sure to keep an eye out for JC Metal Works if you are looking for the same FBM builder to fabricate a frame for you now.

    As always, thank you Powers Bike Shop for sponsoring the show, Brian Iarocci for the website assist and Todd Breau for the new podcast announcement while we give the amazingly talented Nuno Oliveira a break to focus on his job at Odyssey/Sunday and his Defgrip website (which is amazing!).

    See you all soon and please stay safe in these tough times.

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103 Ratings

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Great podcasts with interesting riders, stories- Joe knows how to ask and listen!

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