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This is your source for straight-talking, no fluff business, and high-performance conversations that add real depth and value to the way BOLD leaders live, work and thrive.

Hosted by Tara Newman, this show is here to show you how to optimize your performance as a leader so you can grow a business that is profit rich, efficient, and allows you to build real tangible wealth for you and others.

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This is your source for straight-talking, no fluff business, and high-performance conversations that add real depth and value to the way BOLD leaders live, work and thrive.

Hosted by Tara Newman, this show is here to show you how to optimize your performance as a leader so you can grow a business that is profit rich, efficient, and allows you to build real tangible wealth for you and others.

    An Inside Look at How I Burned Down My Business

    An Inside Look at How I Burned Down My Business

    Last year, I realized I wanted to burn down my business because nothing felt like it was working.
    Can you relate to that?
    On paper, my business was working: revenue and leads were coming in and I was profitable. But the business was feeling heavy and hard.
    So I burned it down.
    Tune in to this week’s episode for the inside track on the burning down process, and to hear about our fully renovated and rebranded program.
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    Goal-setting and performance: What you need to know

    Goal-setting and performance: What you need to know

    How do you feel about setting business goals?
    Do you talk a good goal game but resist actually setting them?
    Does that make you feel deeply frustrated?
    If alarm bells are ringing, I want you to know that goal avoidance is a real thing.
    This week on the podcast I reframe the goal-setting conversation and dig into why you might be goal resistant. Factors such as self-esteem and fear of disappointing yourself come into play.
    Maybe you don’t like feeling tied to one particular goal, or you’re afraid of burnout.
    I want to tell you something...
    You can trust yourself to set goals and achieve them with joy.
    You can learn how to set goals that break down that big goal into smaller milestones.
    At The Bold Profit Academy (formerly The BRAVE Society), we’ve been building goal setting and planning throughout our Q1 curriculum.
    What does that mean for you and your business?
    Generating revenue so you can generate significant income, increase your profits, and start your sales year strong.
    The Bold Profit Academy is open for enrollment.
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    Can Everyone Stop Lying To Themselves About Growth?

    Can Everyone Stop Lying To Themselves About Growth?

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed and run for your wallet to buy a quick business fix?
    You’re not alone.
    There’s an infinite number of messages on the internet around business growth.
    Some that are helpful, affirming, and make you feel seen. 
    Others make you feel like you’re doing it wrong.
    This week, I want to lay down 10 truths about growing your business so you focus on what YOU want to do and not what various marketing messages are telling you.
    I’m sharing my truths because I value transparency.
    Truths such as:
    The best way to grow your business is to do what works for YOU. You will experience fear every day in some form. Your business is not for everyone.  Understanding these truths will increase your confidence and lessen your self-doubt.
    Understanding these truths will allow you to do your most important work in the world in a way that feels energizing and fulfilling.
    By sharing my truths I hope it inspires you to share yours.
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    Will You Make This Commitment To Me?

    Will You Make This Commitment To Me?

    You show up week after week committed to learning and growth and because of that we have a relationship.
    I’d like to ask you to make another commitment.
    A commitment to me.
    I’d like you to COMMIT to making it your number one priority to FEEL good in 2021.
    Why am I asking you to do that?
    Because when you feel good:
    good things happen. your confidence grows stronger. your energy becomes infectious. you attract others to you. Feeling good will change your business and your personal life.
    Nobody wants to be around someone who has bad or toxic energy.
    Listen in to the podcast and hear about feeling good via our Energy, Mindset, and Strategy (EMS) strategy.
    Let the episode be your permission to prioritize your energy doing things that are enjoyable before you even sit down at your desk.
    What activities bring you joy? Have a think and let me know…
    It’s time we rewrite the narrative around productivity.
    Remember: good things happen when you feel good.
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    5 Beliefs to Release in 2021

    5 Beliefs to Release in 2021

    Hey Bold Leader,
    I’m really loving the new energy of 2021.
    I’m excited to be starting a new year.
    In this week’s episode, I want to share five beliefs for you to release in 2021.
    Beliefs you don’t want to carry through the rest of the year. Beliefs such as your value being tied to time, and more equals more.
    And my personal favorite that I struggled with for quite a while: It's possible for them, but not for me.
    These are beliefs that limit your capacity for growth.
    This is really a conversation about mindset.
    Listen in and hear about:
    Defining mindset concretely Creativity, courage, and consistency Pervasive and persistent beliefs Sporadic beliefs We all have a set of beliefs. They’re often with you for a reason, to protect you in some way. It's your job to identify why you have a belief.
    Be curious and inquisitive about your beliefs and use a journal to jot them down and track them.
    To release a belief, start by setting the intention that you want to release it.
    Intentions are powerful.
    By setting that intention and having it in your awareness, you can cue the belief to dissipate.
    Which beliefs are you going to release this year?
    I’d love to know.
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    Why You Need to Talk About Fear Every Day

    Why You Need to Talk About Fear Every Day

    I know so many of you want to achieve big things, do your most fulfilling work, and make a significant financial contribution to your life and the world.
    You’re equal parts eager and frustrated that it’s not happening quick enough.
    If you want to speed things up, look no further than your fears.
    When you set yourself goals, it’s natural for fear to show up.
    In fact, if you set a goal and don’t feel fear, let that be a litmus test that perhaps you picked the wrong goal.
    But many people don’t realize that the thing standing between where they are and where they want to go is fear.
    Fear of the unknown.
    Fear of uncertainty.
    Fear of failure.
    This week’s episode digs into fear and why you need to talk about fear every day.
    You aren’t a shameful embarrassment of a business owner because you’re afraid.
    You are HUMAN.
    What you need is a daily process to navigate your fears.
    It can be as simple as listing your fears. 
    By journaling your fears, you’ll gain insight and be able to take the next best steps.
    Let your fear guide you.
    Full transcript at https://theboldleadershiprevolution.com/why-you-need-to-talk-about-fear-every-day/

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
62 Ratings

62 Ratings

danaitb ,

Real business advice with a balanced approach

Tara is the real deal! She gives such tangible and solid business advice each and every episode. She is also a incredibly gifted at balancing the hard work and challenges of business ownership with the reminder that you don’t win by hurting yourself through toxic hustle in the process. I come back to some of the episodes time and time again in different seasons of business and it’s just so good. Thank you, Tara for all you do!!

Veronica Perretti ,

Real, tried + true business wisdom

Tara shares business and money wisdom from her own learned experience and it shows. Every single episode I have a tangible take away that I can actually put to use in my life and business. She blends results oriented action taking with energy work. It helps me create a holisitic container in which to reflect on my work.

Rowiidow ,

Invaluable Content for Bold Business Leaders

Tara has a unique quality to not only identify, analyze and synthesize complex business issues, but also offer bite size steps to move business leaders to their next level of growth. Her podcast topics are timely and relevant, often I feel like she is listening in on my internal conversations when I see the topic for the weekly episodes. I always feel better after I have listened to her podcast and know that I am not alone in my entrepreneurial endeavor.

Her no nonsense approach is refreshing to all the “fluff” and recycled information that gets broadcasted. Tara uses her business experience and analytical skills to dig deep into challenges and uses her intellect to formulate a way forward. She often approaches topics with grace and vulnerability as she recognizes her own challenges in running her business. Tara allows her Bold leaders to own their strengths and blind spots without shame.

During COVID and the unprecedented challenges that business owners are experiencing, I look for Tara’s invaluable insight. She doesn’t offer a “quick fix” or “get rich” schemes, instead she uses the data and best practices to offer habits and process to systemically raise each Bold business leaders business acumen. The Bold Leadership Revolution is part of my weekly education. I highly recommend Tara and the Bold Leadership Revolution podcast to anyone interested in raising their business leadership to the next level!

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