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This is a hangout podcast where two friends and their guests talk about the growing stupidity in the world.

The Brand X Podcast John Jamingo and Duece

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This is a hangout podcast where two friends and their guests talk about the growing stupidity in the world.

    Getting The Band Back Together | Episode 123

    Getting The Band Back Together | Episode 123

    Welcome back to the Brand X Podcast—your uncensored dive into discussions that push the envelope and ignite important conversations. In Episode 123, "Getting The Band Back Together," Deuce, Joe, and John open up about the shadowy parts of family histories and how they relate to today’s dialogue on race and reconciliation.
    They delve into the ethics of passion versus technology, societal responsibilities, and the fast-moving advancements in robotics that align with Elon Musk's futuristic predictions.
    Join us as we blend sober reflections with signature Brand X humor, covering everything from the ghosts of past generations to the possibility of humanoid companions. It's a rollercoaster of an episode that you won't want to miss.
    Topics in this episode:
    - The Complexity of Family History and its Link to Racial Justice: We're unpacking the baggage of the past and exploring the impact of generational actions on today's discourse.
    - Elon Musk's Vision and the Role of Robots: We'll be getting into what a future with a billion humanoid robots might mean for us and our moral compass.
    - The Threads of Addiction: From sex robots to video games, we're discussing the nature of pleasure-seeking behaviors and how technology ripples through those primal urges.
     - Political Maneuverings and Social Commentary: Expect a robust debate on current events, from Trump's potential return to office to societal shifts influenced by western population declines.
    The Evolution of Brand X Podcast: Amid reflections and spirited banter, we share plans for future episodes, the valued return of co-hosts, and maintaining the integrity of content without external pressures.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandxpod
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandxpodcast
    Website: https://brandxpodcast.com/
    Voice Message: (856) 477-1935

    • 2 hr 29 min
    Back Then | Episode 122

    Back Then | Episode 122

    In this episode of the Brand X Podcast titled "Back Then" hosts Deuce and John, engage in a wide-ranging discussion covering a diverse array of topics, from political commentary to nostalgic reminiscences.
    The episode features the hosts delving into their opinions on political figures such as Nikki Haley and Kamala, voicing contrasting views on their suitability for public office and past actions.
    The conversation takes a controversial turn as they touch upon theories surrounding Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and express skepticism about COVID-19 and vaccine-related concerns.
    Throughout the episode, they transition seamlessly from political topics to personal anecdotes, engaging in lighthearted banter and reminiscing about past experiences.
    The wide-ranging conversation encompasses diverse subjects, from pop culture references to personal experiences with car mechanics and anecdotes from their respective pasts. From discussing the decline in maintenance standards of various industries to sharing comical stories about recording mishaps and failed car mechanic training, the hosts showcase their capacity for engaging storytelling.
    Furthermore, the hosts express their skepticism regarding electric cars and renewable energy sources, engage in discussions on hunting, and reminisce about past McDonald's products and fast-food chains. The varied nature of topics covered in this episode demonstrates the breadth of interests, experiences, and viewpoints of the hosts.
    Though the episode offers entertainment and humor through casual banter and humorous anecdotes, it also encompasses controversial and heated discussions on political figures, conspiracy theories, and skepticism towards mainstream narratives, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the show.
    The hosts' chemistry and engaging storytelling draw the audience into the diverse range of topics discussed, producing an episode that offers a blend of lighthearted entertainment, controversial political commentary, and personal nostalgia.
    Throughout the episode, the hosts infuse their characteristic wit and humor, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. As they navigate through a plethora of subjects, their ability to seamlessly transition from serious discussions to humorous anecdotes showcases their versatility and ensures that audiences are entertained and engaged throughout.
    From passionate political debates to lighthearted banter, the "Back Then | Episode 122" of the Brand X Podcast presents a thought-provoking and entertaining journey, offering a blend of humor, controversy, and personal reflection.

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    Jamingo Bingo | Episode 121

    Jamingo Bingo | Episode 121

    John Jamingo and Deuce Welcome “The Duchess” and “The Jimmy” to the Podcast Dungeon Studio. The gang dives into a wide array of conversations ranging from gambling experiences in casinos to reminiscing about classic TV shows, sharing personal anecdotes and engaging in light-hearted banter. The podcast episode is filled with humorous exchanges, quirky tangents, and insightful discussions.
    Deuce introduces Jamingo Bingo! A game based on Jamingo's crutch words. The winning card is below, but who won?
    The hosts recount their experiences with gambling, sharing stories of winning big and losing it all, gaining complimentary hotel rooms and meals, and participating in fantasy football leagues. They also delve into casual conversations about topics such as strip poker, presidential elections, TV series, and notable figures like Elon Musk and Buzz Aldrin.
    The episode features lighthearted banter, including discussions about gifts exchanged during the holiday season, and playful disagreements between the hosts. Additionally, they explore topics like paintball games, stock market tips, and memories of their experiences with minivans and Happy Meals.
    The conversation takes unexpected turns, covering diverse subjects such as health food and nicotine, while also touching on topics like mafia presence in Atlantic City during the 1980s and their experiences with working in various casinos.
    Throughout the episode, the hosts display a genuine camaraderie, exchanging jokes and sharing personal stories. Their engaging and playful dynamic creates an entertaining and entertainingly unpredictable podcast episode that leaves the listener feeling like they've eavesdropped on a lively, amusing conversation among good friends.

    00:00 Extra boards for Jimmy and Diane unused.
    11:37 Son's constant chewing prompts offer of snacks.
    16:51 Illness led to ordering and consuming Jack.
    19:24 Fond memories of Johnny Carson and Jackie Gleason.
    24:43 Amazing Don; ties to Deuce from school.
    32:06 Rod Serling produced an eerie and spooky Night Gallery.
    33:47 An Explosive season finale leaves the main character's fate uncertain.
    38:33 Mafia members played softball in South Philly.
    44:51 In 2006, playing poker in Atlantic City.
    52:15 Trump's election opened my eyes to reality.
    54:39 Approach gently; the Obama movie's working for you.
    01:00:41 Oath, affirmation, and the promise of abundance.
    01:06:56 Rumors about Elon Musk and Project Omega.
    01:13:50 Jerry thinks he's an imaginary character.
    01:20:16 Paintballing with Joe, John, and cousin in the ravine.
    01:24:34 Failed shot leads to successful strategy vindication.
    01:29:09 Chrysler introduced innovative Stow and Go seating.
    01:32:48 Backup would have played better, the coach lacks strategy.
    01:41:16 Found funny item to share with John.
    01:47:09 Left player in, distracted, couldn't change. Bench weak.
    01:54:42 Anticipating his return, ready to discuss podcasting.
    01:55:18 Lisa dominating in Boomer Bunkers Fantasy Football.

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Penis Flytrap | Episode 120

    Penis Flytrap | Episode 120

    Episode 120 of the Brand X Podcast titled "Penis Flytrap," hosts Deuce and John tackle a wide range of topics and engage in their usual banter. The episode kicks off with John discussing his recent vision improvement, which allows him to see the chat while hosting the show. They then delve into a lost episode with audio issues before touching on the challenges of creating daily content and the overreach of social media platforms.
    The hosts share their views on the Elon Musk controversy, discuss the ethics of paid shoutouts, and crack jokes about being capitalists. They mention a listener who is drunk and talk about the various podcasts they are involved in.
    The conversation takes a turn towards embarrassing bathroom mishaps, with John sharing a funny incident involving clogging someone's toilet during a visit. They go on to discuss hearing problems and how loud noises in their youth have affected them.
    The hosts then shift gears to discuss a controversial joke from a comedian's Netflix special, debating its offensiveness and the role of comedy in addressing sensitive subjects. They touch on political issues in Hungary and Eastern Europe and express skepticism about the recent US election.
    The episode covers a wide array of topics, including serial killers, self-checkout systems, plumbing problems, and even Jerry Seinfeld's opinion of Bobcat Goldthwait. The hosts also explore topics like canceled comedians, objective news sources, and the state of the country.
    The episode ends with a discussion about the importance of finding humor in absurdity and the need for thought-provoking comedy. They recommend other independent podcasts and express concern about the dangers of being canceled.
    Overall, "Penis Flytrap" offers a mix of humor, poignant moments, and thought-provoking discussions. The hosts' chemistry and quick wit make for an entertaining and engaging episode.

    • 2 hr
    John and Deuce Talk Politics | Episode 119

    John and Deuce Talk Politics | Episode 119

    In this episode titled "John and Deuce Talk Politics" on the Brand X Podcast, hosts Deuce and John Jamingo delve into various political topics and share their opinions and observations. They discuss their presence on Discord, a platform they describe as a Facebook-like space without censorship, and encourage listeners to join their Discord server by using the invite link in the show notes. They also mention their availability on Twitter and through email.
    Throughout the episode, the hosts express their criticism of a certain individual for not taking a particular action, suggesting that this inaction has led to the current situation regarding the COVID jab. They argue that if an alternative treatment for the issue had been available, emergency use authorization for the jab wouldn't have been granted. They imply that the person they are discussing backed down and started promoting the jab instead, cautioning that negative consequences associated with the jab could be used against them.
    The hosts believe that there are hidden motivations behind the push to administer the jab to as many people as possible and share their distrust of Democrats and Communists. They also speculate about the physical capabilities of the current president, referencing incidents in Vietnam where he struggled with using a microphone and appeared disoriented on stage.
    Deuce, who sometimes avoids political discussions, joins in this episode, showing an interest in talking about politics. The episode is split into two parts, with the first part focusing on politics and Republican candidates while the second episode covers different topics. The hosts emphasize their reliance on hard data to make decisions and discuss the challenges of having 50 states with varying approaches to the COVID situation. They commend Governor DeSantis for choosing a similar approach to that of Sweden.
    They address criticisms directed at Donald Trump, acknowledging his mistakes but disagreeing with some of the backlash he received. The hosts recount a situation where someone was forcefully removed and fired for not upholding the Constitution, and they reference discussions by Megan Kelly, Glenn Beck, and Alan Dershowitz about Joe Biden and ongoing impeachment proceedings.
    Amidst their political discussions, the hosts express their desire for a long and happy life for themselves, their children, and others. They mention Tim Scott and suggest that he should openly admit his homosexuality, asking to speak to his girlfriend in Canada. They praise Donald Trump for his accomplishments and assert that he was tricked into fast-tracking the COVID jab, suggesting that he could have promoted alternative treatments instead.
    In an unexpected tangent, the hosts share an anecdote about a situation involving eating a banana that did not belong to them, highlighting the importance of not taking what isn't theirs. They also delve into topics like the opening of the country's borders and the perception that the Democratic Party historically needs a permanent underdog, particularly the black population.
    Ultimately, while critical of certain individuals and political parties, the hosts acknowledge that mistakes can be made by anyone. They express frustration with biased discussions, desire more open debates, and question the media's coverage of COVID deaths, arguing for a broader perspective on causes of mortality during this time.

    • 36 min
    Spinning the Hits | Episode 120

    Spinning the Hits | Episode 120

    We hope this email finds you well and ready for another exciting installment of the Brand X Podcast. In this episode, titled "Spinning The Hits," our hosts Deuce and John Jamingo dive into a plethora of fascinating topics that are sure to keep you entertained. First up, we have a special treat for you!
    First up, John talked about his run in with failed Radio host Eric Zane. Eric Zane begged John to do an episode together, John agreed and Zane's audience was so offended. So offended, That Eric Zane cut all ties like the coward he is.
    As we venture into the episode, Deuce and John explore the evolving music industry. They discuss the limited number of modern artists who can fill large concert venues, such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kanye West. They reminisce about their own experiences growing up when many artists had the power to pack stadiums. They even touch on the legendary "dinosaur bands" like Aerosmith and The Who, who can still draw massive crowds. Plus, they talk about Metallica and Kiss's farewell tours, making it a conversation you won't want to miss.
    Switching gears, our hosts bring their unique perspectives to the world of dating. Deuce shares his own experience with dating after divorce, particularly in the realm of online dating. If you're looking for some first-date advice, Deuce suggests skipping the usual dinner routine and opting for a casual atmosphere like a bar or coffee shop. Discover why he believes this can set the stage for a more enjoyable and relaxed experience.
    In the midst of all the music and dating discussions, Deuce and John don't shy away from current events. They express their concerns about Congress and its handling of a bribery allegation against Joe Biden. With an impeachment inquiry finally initiated, they discuss the potential consequences and the panic surrounding this political development. As always, our hosts take a trip down memory lane. Remember MTV? They discuss how MTV revolutionized the music industry and changed consumer behavior. Before MTV, kids were spending their money on video games like Space Invaders, Space Wars, Gallica, and Defender. But with the introduction of MTV, the focus shifted back to buying albums, cassettes, and CDs. It's a fascinating exploration of the impact of music videos on popular culture.
    But wait, there's more! Deuce shares some intriguing anecdotes from his past, including encounters at the Philadelphia Electric Company and a Monday Night Football game. He reflects on how times have changed and how his comments would be received differently today.
    The Brand X Podcast team isn't afraid to tackle controversial topics either. They question the accuracy of sales data for digital downloads and whether bots are inflating the numbers. They ponder the differences between digital downloads and physical records, reminiscing about the days when record companies had exact sales figures. And let's not forget the captivating stories about car salesmen, race grifters, and the pressure of producing content for our beloved podcast.
    It's a jam-packed episode you won't want to miss! Remember, if you want to stay up to date with all things Brand X Podcast, be sure to subscribe and never miss an episode. We'll keep you posted on social media, so make sure to follow us there too. Until next time, keep spinning the hits and tuning in for the latest from Deuce and John Jamingo on the Brand X Podcast!
    Show Links https://twitter.com/brandxpod https://brandxpodcast.com/ https://discord.gg/nYwz8e8Wwr

    • 2 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Rhymeswithnothin ,

Favorite podcast

Even tho I drive a green Kia soul I am smart enough to know this is the best podcast around.

BoomeR_BoB ,

He’s no BoomerBob but…

Deuce flexes his unfair advantages to spite Bob in every episode. Deuce is far more informed, way more accomplished in life and a much better speaker than Bob is but… Bob does those parodies.
If you’re from south Jersey and like to hear a phone call recorded and released as a podcast, this is a must-listen.

BrooklynD313 ,

John and Deuce

Love this show! John is the kind of podcaster that I aspire to be. Deuce is just awesome.

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