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Where we do anything but

Join us as we sit down and shoot the s***! Just three friends chopping it up about music, pop culture, video games, visual media, and our general lives!

The Breathe Easy Podcast Keyshon Williams

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Where we do anything but

Join us as we sit down and shoot the s***! Just three friends chopping it up about music, pop culture, video games, visual media, and our general lives!

    Episode 4 - Bae and Bean!!

    Episode 4 - Bae and Bean!!

    Today Keyshon welcomes a very special guest to the podcast, his girlfriend Cassidy!! Together they sat down and discussed their relationship and their experiences dating each other.

    First they start off by introducing Cassidy and who she is (1:24), then immediately they recap the story of how they met (6:53), followed by a discussion about the progression of their relationship (9:34).

    Eventually, moving into more structured questions, they reveal the things that have been great about dating each other (26:35), the things that they have struggled with the most (35:42), what love languages they have and how they navigate through them (39:45), and their biggest illusions and misconceptions of dating based on past relationships (44:08).

    Finally they end the pod with some fun topics including the possibilities of them competing on ‘Too Hot To Handle, (50:17), and finishing up with some more reminiscing and quirky stories from their relationship (53:25).

    We thank you so much for listening! We hope you enjoy this pod as much as we enjoyed making it. Breathe Easy my friends :)

    ~ Recorded on 2/2/22 ~

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode 3 - Dababy

    Episode 3 - Dababy

    Alright alright alright! Today the guys started with a Rapid Fire pot pourri of topics (11:45), followed be a recollection of their time at the Sacramento Block party (17:22). After taking a short break they then share a story about the after party they attended on the same night (30:44). Eventually moving on to talk about the events that transpired with Dababy at rolling loud (36:54), Anthony Fantano vs. Isaiah Rashad (48:06), and Rockstar’s GTA Remaster announcement, Dragonquest, & Mario Rabbids Kingdom (57:32).

    Later, introducing a couple new segments, each of the boys advocate for and sell the audience on something they appreciate (67:05), as well as each showing love to something or someone that they feel deserve some extra TLC (76:44). Finally what would the breathe easy pod be without some Kanye talk, this time regarding Donda and it’s rollout (80:37).

    Finally they finish up with some more pot pourri and excitement over their upcoming trip to the outside lands music festival! (93:50)

    As always thank you for listening. We love you guys. Remember to breathe easy!

    ~Recorded on 8/12/21~

    • 1 hr 42 min
    2021 Year End Wrap Up (BONUS EPISODE)

    2021 Year End Wrap Up (BONUS EPISODE)

    For a very special year end pod, the boys got together on Christmas Eve and discussed 2021. Shiv has moved away from Sacramento to Utah, so they start off by catching up on their time apart. Then the official year end bonus pod begins with a discussion of their favorite video games of the year (24:30). Eventually moving into music, they discuss their favorite songs of the year (40:22), their favorite verses of the year (48:55), the best hooks of 2021 (55:27), the most disappointing musical moments of the year (61:00), and finally their favorite albums of the year (78:27).

    Moving on from music the breathe easy boys then recall and recap their favorite personal moments of the year. The personal moments and milestones they encountered in their lives during 2021. Starting with Shiv (81:15), then Keyshon (94:14), and finishing up with Zachary (104:00).

    They then take a trip down pod memory lane and discuss their most fond memories of recording and creating the pod over the past year (109:37). Shiv then brings up his final top 3 discussion by asking his fellow cohosts what their favorite tv shows and movies of the year were (118:07).

    Finally winding down and waving goodbye, the boys finish up with a bit of banter and a farewell to you all into the next year! (135:20).

    Thank you very much for listening guys!! As always remember to breathe easy. We love you guys.

    • 2 hr 25 min
    Episode 2 - EDIT*

    Episode 2 - EDIT*

    We back agaaaiiin! Today the boys chop it up about their recent night of shenanigans at the Owl Club located in Roseville, CA (1:40), America and their opinions of the country (5:50), the Switch Pro announcement, Nintendo as a company, and the Nintendo games they love (22:06), JT, Lil Uzi, and Saint JHN's situation in New York City (45:28), the song of the summer (54:30), and Various Music Industry Rapid Fire News (57:07). Later on Keysh then takes a call from a ~former~ lover and hilarity ensues (62:51), they then analyze the logistics of Squirting at Brunch (72:06), the recent Space Jam movie that was released (76:03), and finally the hater that has been trolling Keyshon's recent music video releases on 4chan (82:20). 

    As always thank you for listening and feel free to skip around, that's why the time stamps are there! Thank you guys, and remember to breathe easy. 

    *Recorded on 7/18/21*

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 1 - Where We Do Anything But

    Episode 1 - Where We Do Anything But

    The first episode is out! Today the boys chop it up about Sacramento (7:50), the origins of their friendships (14:00), Rolling Loud (31:45), COVID, Vaccinations, and their relations to giant social events (45:00), Hobo Johnson (50:25), Kanye West and DONDA (57:30), and what makes each of us interested in someone romantically (71:30). 

    We're just getting started, and we hope you follow us on this journey as we evolve as human beings. 

    • 1 hr 29 min

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3 Ratings

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Great dynamic between the hosts & good banter - feels like you’re hanging out with some friends it’s so good

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