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The Brilliance give you an inside look at the making of their new album. You'll hear about the ideas and thoughts behind each song, discussed in-depth with special guests, after which you can hear the featured song.

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The Brilliance give you an inside look at the making of their new album. You'll hear about the ideas and thoughts behind each song, discussed in-depth with special guests, after which you can hear the featured song.

    Special Presentation Of Undaunted

    Special Presentation Of Undaunted

    Updates on new music from The Brilliance! 
    As well as a special presentation of David Gungor's new podcast called Undaunted: Conversations With Radical Peacemakers. 
    Show Notes: 
    On this special presentation of Undaunted, we hear Part 1 of our interview with Robi Damelin, an Israeli mother who lost her son to a Palestinian sniper. The moment she heard the news, she responded with a line that has since rung out across the world: “You may not kill anyone in the name of my son.”Since, Robi has dedicated her life to the work of nonviolence and reconciliation: she has spoken all over the world, starred in a feature-length documentary, and worked closely with the joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, the Parents Circle - Families Forum, a group of over 600 bereaved families in Israel/Palestine who advocate for reconciliation and an end to the conflict.Subscribe to the Undaunted podcast feed to hear more episodes and the rest of Robi's story. For more information about the PCFF: https://www.theparentscircle.org/en/ & https://parentscirclefriends.org/To rent “One Day After Peace,” the documentary featuring Robi: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/simaonedayafterpeace?autoplay=1To learn more about Telos, visit our website: https://www.telosgroup.org/To become an Undaunted Journeymaker and receive bonus content, an episode transcript, and other perks, visit our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/undauntedpod

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    Tour of the Album

    Tour of the Album

    John guides us on a musical tour of our new Suite, Oh Dreamer available everywhere Friday Nov. 9th. 
    Podcast produced and mixed by John Arndt. 

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    Oh Dreamer Suite

    Oh Dreamer Suite

    This is the story of our new album, Suite No. 1 Oh Dreamer, available everywhere Friday Nov. 9th. As we engage with complex issues, may we see the humanity in the other, in the stranger, or perhaps in the person that happens to be on the opposite side of the aisle.So may this song be a conversation starter. And let it invite you to dream again.
    Produced by John Arndt and David Gungor. Sound design and mix by John Arndt. 
    Special thanks to World Relief, Mark Reddy, Jon Huckins, Global Immersion, Diana Gameros, General Seminary and all of our Patrons!
    This podcast is brought you by our Brilliance Patrons. If you would like to learn more about how to support this podcast through our Patreon, go to our website, thebrilliancemusic.com

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    Episode 07- All Is Not Lost

    Episode 07- All Is Not Lost

    Episode 7 is here! This week we feature the song All Is Not Lost and an interview with Jeremy Courtney from the Preemptive Love Coalition. We discuss Iraq, war, and cycles of violence. May the seeds of peace be scattered, birthing trees whose shade gives us rest. 

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    Episode 06- Will We Ever Rise?

    Episode 06- Will We Ever Rise?

    This week on The Brilliance Podcast we debut the song "Will We Ever Rise?" We hear Leng Lim's story, discuss honoring those you disagree with, learning to see Christ in the other, and the heart of the Incarnation. (Note: This podcast contains some explicit language.)

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    Episode 05- Night Has Passed

    Episode 05- Night Has Passed

    This week on The Brilliance Podcast we debut "Night Has Passed" and discuss the gift of life, being grateful for pain, and how good it is to be wrong. This episode features Lisa Gungor and the story of her beloved daughter Lucie. 

    • 21 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Homiegeorgeman ,

Honestly brilliant.

So much wisdom delivered at such a critical time. This podcast and album both challenges and gives me hope. Thank you guys.

LyricWholeGangster ,

Christ in Christmas

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for episode 6. The story of Leng, his parents and his vision of action vs. semantics fundamentally changed my holiday this year and I felt a peace I haven't found in years. I probably listened to that episode ( that I only barely bumped into via Michaels *bonus episode* via The Liturgists) 6 times, including during a flight after which I was to spend Christmas Eve with an acquaintance whose beliefs GREATLY differ from mine. I was able to focus on intent instead of verbiage and it truly made all the difference. He is my brother in the universe and I was glad to share my evening with him. Thanks so much for this life-changing story, folks. I've since subscribed and I pre-ordered the album. Grace and peace ❤❤

Gbeminiyi O ,

Can't contain myself

Never been this eager for music in my entire life. Sounds like an epic movie already!!

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