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Stories about businesses, the individuals that made it happen, and lessons learned along the way.

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Stories about businesses, the individuals that made it happen, and lessons learned along the way.

    Leslie Mattson / ALM Surgical Solutions

    Leslie Mattson / ALM Surgical Solutions


    Leslie Mattson's background in running surgical centers led her on the path to entrepreneurship.  She identified a need in her industry and formed ALM Surgical Solutions to fill that need by providing services to people facing the same challenges she did prior to becoming an entrepreneur.
    ALM Surgical Solutions has a proven track record in opening successful centers, and has assisted clients with site selection, licensing, certification, accreditation, etc.  Combining hands-on services with external education resources, ALM Surgical Solutions looks to improve the lives of all service providers working at surgery centers and the experiences of the patients that use the centers' services.
    In this episode, Leslie shared several entrepreneurial tips:  (i) Being frugal is good, but do not be frugal to a fault, (ii) set appropriate boundaries and take care of yourself, (iii) listen and learn from what your clients are telling you, and (iv) build trusting relationships with people like you.
    Learn more about Leslie and ALM Surgical Solutions:

    Website:  ALM Surgical Solutions

    Email: leslie@almss.com
    LinkedIn: Leslie Mattson 

    Facebook: ALM Surgical Solutions

    Instagram: ALM Surgical Solutions

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    Greg Crafter / Produce'd

    Greg Crafter / Produce'd


    Greg Crafter has always had a passion for growing food.  After working for over 20 years in corporate America, he decided to follow this passion and start Produce'd.  Produce'd has developed vertical hydroponic systems to allow customers to easily grow some of their own food in a small space throughout the year.  The company's focus is the development of a more sustainable food system with plant nutrition and food safety.  In addition, Produce'd is passionate about educating youth by providing tours and first-hand exposure to a hydroponic farm.
    In this episode, Greg shares his entrepreneurial tip: Fail early, fail often, and continue learning.
    Learn more about Greg and Produce'd:

    Website: Produce'd
    LinkedIn:  Greg Crafter
    Facebook: Produce'd
    Instagram: Produce'd
    YouTube: Produce'd

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    Pete Kane / Digital Growth ATL

    Pete Kane / Digital Growth ATL


    Pete Kane has always loved marketing.  He has been involved in digital marketing since Facebook's infancy and is a proven digital marketing expert.  His business, Digital Growth ATL, focuses on digital marketing and online reputation management.  Pete understands it can be overwhelming to find customers online, but he also knows those customers are out there and the best ways to reach them.
    In this episode, Pete shares his entrepreneurial tip: FOCUS.  Focus on your business, the 80/20 rule, and on what parts of your business you should be working on versus those you should be outsourcing.
    Pete has generously provided a gift to the first ten listeners that reach out through the link below.  Take advantage of this free production of a review commercial video for your business by visiting: https://digitalgrowthatl.repvids.com/freereviewvideo.
    Learn more about Pete and Digital Growth ATL:

    Website: Digital Growth ATL

    LinkedIn: Pete Kane /   Digital Growth ATL

    Facebook: Digital Growth ATL
    Twitter: Digital Growth ALT
    Instagram:  Pete Kane
    YouTube: Digital Growth ATL

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    Meredith Bell / Performance Support Systems, Inc.

    Meredith Bell / Performance Support Systems, Inc.


    Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982.  In her first business as a consultant and trainer, she conducted hundreds of programs for leaders and the members of their teams to help them communicate and work together more effectively.
    As Co-Founder and President of Performance Support Systems since 1991, Meredith has personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants and coaches.  She understands what is required to build the loyalty and commitment that lead to repeat business and referrals, and has developed tools to help obtain and analyze client feedback and to develop the implementation of skills learned through leadership programs.
    Meredith knows communication is key to all relationships.  She has co-authored a book on this topic: Connect with Your Team – Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills.  In addition, she is the host of a podcast known as Strong for Performance.
    In this episode, Meredith shares her entrepreneurial tips: (i) lighten up and don't take things and yourself so seriously, and (ii) learn to turn adversity into opportunity.
    Learn more about Meredith:

    Website: Strong for Performance; Meredith Bell

    LinkedIn: Meredith Bell

    Facebook: Meredith Bell
    Twitter: Meredith Bell
    Podcast: Strong for Performance
    Book: Connect with Your Team - Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills

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    Erin Croom / Small Bites Adventure Club

    Erin Croom / Small Bites Adventure Club


    Erin Croom is one of the co-founders of Small Bites Adventure Club.  The company's "vision is that every child receives the opportunity to discover, eat and love fruits and vegetables."
    Small Bites Adventure Club provides educational kits (to schools and homes) to help introduce children to fruits and vegetables.  These kits also introduce children to the farmers that grow their food and entry-level recipes to teach children to prepare food.   Each kit has a theme to capture the interest of the children.  Currently, nine out of ten children in the United States do not eat the recommended amount of vegetables, and some children go days without a single vegetable.  Small Bites Adventure Club is working to change that one classroom and one home at a time.
    In this episode, Erin shares two entrepreneurial tips: (i) find a group of mentors, and (ii) find your cohort of people that are in a similar stage of their businesses as you.
    Learn more about Erin and Small Bites Adventure Club:
    Website: Small Bites Adventure Club

    LinkedIn: Erin Croom / Small Bites Adventure Club
    Instagram: Small Bites Adventure Club
    Facebook: Small Bites Adventure Club
    Twitter: Small Bites Adventure Club
    YouTube: Small Bites Adventure Club

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    Joe Perrone / Free Time Expert

    Joe Perrone / Free Time Expert


    Joe Perrone has been the owner of an auto body repair business in Connecticut for over 20 years.  Through his entrepreneurial journey, he has learned that being busy is not a badge of honor, and that not setting aside free time is detrimental to both your business and your health.
    Having experienced firsthand the price for not having free time, Joe has refocused his approach to business and life.  He now places a premium on free time and the benefits derived therefrom.  Having experienced the detriments and rewards of setting aside free time, Joe wants to share how to take control of your time.  As a professional coach, Joe helps his clients transition from being overcommitted to being committed to the right things to become the CEO of their own lives.
    Learn more about Joe and his free time expertise:
    Website: Joe Perrone's Coaching Website

    LinkedIn:  Joe Perrone
    Instagram: Joe Perrone
    Facebook:  Time Freedom Warriors
    YouTube: Joe Perrone

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