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Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast where host Rebecca Rice teaches photographers and business owners to navigate their business journey and find a life of financial freedom through a thriving, profitable business. As a wife, mom, and business owner, Rebecca knows the trials of trying to do all the things. It may not always be easy, but it CAN be done!

Week after week, Rebecca brings helpful, practical teaching to inspire and equip photographers just like you. She'll cover everything from time management and goal-setting down to the nitty gritty of things like posing, marketing, and personal branding.

If you're ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and on fire for the things you truly love, then you're in the right place!

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Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast where host Rebecca Rice teaches photographers and business owners to navigate their business journey and find a life of financial freedom through a thriving, profitable business. As a wife, mom, and business owner, Rebecca knows the trials of trying to do all the things. It may not always be easy, but it CAN be done!

Week after week, Rebecca brings helpful, practical teaching to inspire and equip photographers just like you. She'll cover everything from time management and goal-setting down to the nitty gritty of things like posing, marketing, and personal branding.

If you're ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and on fire for the things you truly love, then you're in the right place!

    How To Set Boundaries With Difficult Clients

    How To Set Boundaries With Difficult Clients

    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |TranscriptMore Resources: Portrait Contract Template | Free Business & Marketing ClassThis is one of those topics that, although it's not fun, is necessary. Especially as we head into a busy season you need to know how to set boundaries with difficult clients! After being in this industry for years I'll just let you know that if you haven't had a challenging client... they're coming. Which is why this episode will be helpful! I'll share some of my personal experience and give you pointers on how to work with them. But before unpacking that, I have a free class just for you! It's all about how to double your photography revenue this year. We'll touch on some business basics but dive deeper into business marketing! Rather than relying solely on pretty pictures you can drive your business with excellent marketing. Now, onto the "fun" clients...
    Stay Professional and KindIt is so important to deal with clients with kindness. Remember, you're running a business and your conversation or interaction represents the brand/the business. It's very easy to match your client's attitude and energy especially if you don't mind confrontation. Some of you may be people pleasers and negative confrontation is a challenge, but remember kindness goes a long way. Stay professional and give your client a hefty helping of kindness! You have an opportunity to handle situations with grace and I suggest doing it over the phone. You don't want to give clients ammunition so even an email would be beneficial.
    Refer to Your ContractPointing back to your contract gives you a backbone to lean on. And that's why it's crucial to have a legal contract that will hold up. I have one in my shop you can grab and they are there for a reason! A few things I have in my contract that protects me is found in editing. I have it in my contract that I do not remove things that wouldn't be gone on their own within 1-2 weeks. I won't altar someone's body because all bodies are beautiful and deserve to be captured. I also hold the right to including or excluding photos from their gallery. Sometimes the shot is blurry or simply doesn't turn out. I want to include photos that will not only be a good representation of my work but turn out well!
    Give a Yes with a BoundaryThis is one of my favorites because it helps you illuminate the positivity and serve your client but protects you as well. You need to be taken care of which is why we are talking about how to set boundaries with difficult clients! So, give your client a yes but with a realistic boundary. For example, if a client wants something edited that's outside of your normal scope of editing. Maybe they want a car removed but the session was in a city. You can say yes, but only for 3 photos. Don't be a doormat, but serve your clients and try to go above and beyond.
    Avoid Burning BridgesI've had clients in the past that posed challenges and gave opportunity for me to respond by burning the bridge so to speak. But because I chose to be kind or work through it with them I...

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    Mini-Sessions Q&A

    Mini-Sessions Q&A

    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |TranscriptMore Resources: Live Webinar | Posing Workflow | Contract Let's talk about Mini Sessions! I'm doing a Mini Sessions Q & A from a thread in my Facebook group. There were tons of great inquiries so I'm taking the time to go through and answer now!  I'm also hosting a LIVE webinar this coming Thursday (if you're reading this current and up to date) all about MINI SESSIONS! This is a brand new class I've never taught and we'll have a Q&A section at the end for that too! So, if today's podcast hits home you'll definitely want to join. Be sure to register HERE regardless of if you can make it live or not. Thursday, July 13th @ 1:00pm CST. Once you register you'll receive the replay and get all the fresh content. Now, let's jump in!
    What do you do with uncooperative kids?This specific question stated, "If your sessions are 20 minutes and one of your children doesn't cooperate what do you do?" Here's the thing, my mini sessions are 10 minutes and most of my students do 15 minutes. So, when a child is crying the whole session or not wanting to participate you just do your best. If you're booking with a family and the parent knows ahead of time the child will struggle, opt for a full session. So what do you do? Keep snapping, try posing different angles to avoid the crying face, book with them in 6 months from now! Most of the time kids are uncooperative because it's new. I did this with a family and the second session was incredible. We got to celebrate the major growth. I'm also a believer in capturing true memories. The reality is kids cry. They don't always cooperate and that's part of life's memories!
    How do you advertise your minis?This is a loaded question because there is so much that goes into marketing. Join the free class on Thursday to go deeper! I would say good advertising doesn't just post to your business Facebook page or Instagram. You need all the pieces of the puzzle to present a full picture.
    How do you get comfortable with short time slots?Practice, practice, practice! Start at 15 minutes and use a posing workflow. If you're worried about clients feeling like they aren't served well, it's because you need confidence in your delivery. It's important to know you've captured the right shots so you can deliver a full gallery. But how do you get to this place? Practice. Have family and friends over and do 15 minute sessions with them back to back. I use this posing workflow for all my sessions and that's how I've managed to do 10 minutes at a time!
    More Questions?Inside the podcast I talk about bad weather options, refund policies, deposits and more! I highly suggest getting a lawyer approved a...

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    Tips For Doing A Christmas In July Mini-Sessions Promotion

    Tips For Doing A Christmas In July Mini-Sessions Promotion

    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |TranscriptMore Resources: $3k Mini Sessions Blueprint | Portrait Contract | Questionnaire | Email Templates | Client Experience Guide| Dubsado DiscountAll month long we've been talking about our Christmas in July Minis Campaign. Today, I'm so excited to finish this out with tips for ding a Christmas in July Mini Sessions Promotion! It's hard to believe we are at the end of June and our promos will be ready to go live soon. Before wrapping up how to do this promo I have a FREE guide to help you make your first $3k or more on your first set up mini sessions. Count it as a gift for those of you that have followed along and apply it during your actual Christmas Minis! Ready for some big tips?
    Get Started...NOW!I know we're down to the wire, but it's not too late to get started! Ideally you want to kick off this campaign at the beginning of July. I know you technically have a whole month, but you don't want to promote this at the end. Start the first week when this campaign is fresh and no one has been advertised to yet. That also means you need promo shots! If you're doing Red Truck Minis, Tree Farm or Indoor Studio Christmas Minis, talk to your vendor and see if you can get in there with a real family for promos. Make sure they are real families because they advertise so much better. Don't just show the setup. And of course use past sessions if you have them!
    How Long Do You Advertise?I suggest advertising for 2 weeks or until your spots fill. I have an associate team spread out in 9 different cities and in Dallas we open up July 1st. Our goal is to book 3 dates which is the equivalent of 54 sessions. Remember, I have multiple photographers so it's not all one person. We start by opening to our VIP email list, social posts ready to go and fb ads! These are all things we've prepped in June which makes it a lot easier with automated workflows. Once the 2 weeks is up, we switch to advertise Fall minis. We book these from mid-July to the end of August or so. Then we switch back to Christmas Minis!
    Hot Topic QuestionSomething I get asked often is whether or not to take a retainer. We do a 50% retainer at the time of booking and they pay the rest later. This has worked really well. Just be sure you're taking some sort of retainer. Don't let clients book a spot and pay later because they often cancel. And along with that, have your clients fill out a contract. This is vital for your business. If you're using one you just found on the internet and it's...

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    5 Reasons You Should Do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Sessions Promotion

    5 Reasons You Should Do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Sessions Promotion

    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |TranscriptMore Resources: Free Minis ClassDo you have a Christmas in July promotion? Today I'm unfolding the 5 reasons you SHOULD do a 'Christmas in July' Mini Session promo. But before we start the countdown, be sure to grab this FREE class all about mini sessions. As fall mini sessions are around the corner, this will be incredible useful for you. It walks you through the main marketing tips to get you fully booked! Now let's talk about Christmas in July!
    Greater ExposureLet me clarify, I am not suggesting you shoot mini sessions in July! I grew up in Texas and I couldn't imagine going out in the brutal heat for 2-3 hours of mini sessions especially as Christmas! I am talking about doing a promotion to book those minis in October. Each year I do Red Truck Minis and some sort of indoor studio Christmas minis. For my Christmas in July promo I book out my Red Truck Minis that I shoot in October. A big reason I love doing this promo is because my business gets put in front of A LOT of eyes. Red Truck Minis are desirable and capture the attention of clients.
    Get Ahead of DemandFor too long I waited to advertise mini sessions when I started hearing people ask for them. The goal here is to advertise and make Christmas Minis available before your clients request it! You will be the first ones to mention these minis and chances are clients will stick with you because you brought it to them first!
    KickstarterGood marketing takes time and that means at least 6-8 weeks. Doing this in July gives you a major kickstart to the busiest time of the year! Regardless of whether or not your spots are fully booked, you're relieving the pressure by starting early. Once you've done the promo the ground work has already been laid and when Fall comes you will easily book out the rest. You won't be scrambling to get promo shots or workflows ready. You'll be prepped!
    Influx of RevenueJuly is usually a slower month for mini sessions, so having something in this month carries you over to busy season! We collect 50% retainers (which I highly suggest you do) to lock clients in. This is a nice perk to having some sort of income during summer. For some of you that alone is enough!
    Overall EstimateThe last reason I love doing a 'Christmas in July' promotion is you'll have a good expectation for your Fall. For one, you know what to expect from the second half of your booked sessions. But it also gives you a gauge of people's interest. Many clients may see your promotion and decide to book a fall mini with you. They may not be ready to jump to Christmas, however, it gets the ball moving for the next season!
    I hope this encourages you to give it a try! There's a lot of beneficial components that come into play here. Start prepping and get your Christmas in July promo ready!
    What We...

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    1-0-0 Episodes: A Look Back At How It All Began

    1-0-0 Episodes: A Look Back At How It All Began

    Apple Podcasts |Spotify |TranscriptMore Resources: Free $3k BlueprintWe're at episode 100!!! I'm thrilled to be able to look back and share how this began as well as how it evolved along the way. It's going to be fun, but before heading down memory lane I have something ALL about mini sessions for you. My students call me the Queen of Mini Sessions and it truly is the bread and butter of my business. I've learned a lot over the years and put together a blueprint for you to follow! If you've never made $3000 in a single day (2-3 hours) of mini sessions then be sure to grab this! It's called the "$3k Mini Sessions Blueprint" and lays out exactly how to structure a mini sessions day. This will be so helpful for Fall Minis just around the corner! Now, let's go back in time...
    Not a Glamorous StartBack in 2020, we uprooted our family and moved to Nashville, TN! We were living in a townhome waiting for our house to be built and The Business Journey Podcast was birthed. We didn't have a studio, but my husband wanted to make sure it sounded excellent. So, we set up the computer, the microphone and there I was in my closet recording my first episode! I say this because not all starts are glamorous. Maybe you're not starting a podcast, but whatever it is just go for it. It doesn't have to be perfect or look like your long term vision. For me, I had this dream of being able to serve and connect with you in a way that was a lot more personal than just an email. And now, here we are!
    Short and SweetKnowing the audience I have I wanted to be intentional to make episode consumable. Most of you are on the go, busy running a business or in the thick of it with family! That means you've got maybe 15 minutes in the car to listen in. When creating episodes I had to make it short, sweet and to the point. After all, the intention is to serve you with valuable content. Allowing you into my life and equipping you with business related content! This journey has not always been easy, but now 100 deep I am happy to say so worth it!
    What Do You Want to Hear?The goal of this podcast is to talk through topics or things that serve you well. I'd really love to hear from you! So, send me a DM and let me know what you'd like to see in the next 100. Maybe there's a special guest you'd like to hear from or topics for your business you need covered. I want to dive into areas that help you grow and give you insight. I always pepper in more personal subjects that allow you to have eyes into my life and business because I believe we grow from one another! Your voice is incredibly valuable to me so send an email with feedback or shoot me a DM. I take your suggestions to my team so we can coordinate and serve you better.
    There's lots more inside the podcast, but I want to finish by saying THANK YOU! You truly are the reason we've gone this far and I'm proud of what we've been able to do in just 100

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    A Day In The Life - What My Schedule Really Looks Like

    A Day In The Life - What My Schedule Really Looks Like

    More Resources: Free $3k Blueprint I felt it would be helpful for other business owners and photographers to hear what my schedule really looks like! I want to pull you in behind the curtain to see how I go about a typical business day. But, before jumping into those details I do have a FREE blueprint to help you successfully navigate a day of minis. If you've never made $3000 on a single day of minis then you definitely need to grab this guide! Now, I was at the Graceful Gathering conference speaking when a photographer asked me about the structure of my business day. I'm very strategic in what that looks like and there's been an evolution throughout the years. I started part time, moved to full time with kids then to adding team members. So, what's worked best for me...
    Focused Work HoursI am not the best at multi-tasking. I'm a mom of 2 little ones and I also enjoy my work. With that being said, I currently have my kids in a hybrid homeschool. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday my kids are at school or with Mimi and I can solely work on my business. My work day starts at 8:00am and kick it off with meetings on Tuesday. I will say my business has grown and I have a staff team. So when I'm not "in the office" they are still getting work done. It's incredible, and yes, it is possible! Next, I hone in on projects like culling sessions or tasks from team call. I stop working my work days at noon. And fun fact, I take a nap EVERY day. It fits perfectly into my afternoon right before I need to pick up kids!
    Intentional Use of TimeSince I only work about 10-12 hours a week I have to utilize my time efficiently. I use filters to place priority on things. For instance, if it requires my face - YouTube, Instagram stories, etc. If it uses my voice - podcasts, interviews, etc. Or just showing up in communities on Facebook and lastly things like strategy or launches fall on my plate. Everything else I pass on to other team members. That's why I have a team under me to be able to accomplish everything while still being able to have a work week that looks like this. Now, I still have slack and voxer on my phone so my team can reach me throughout the week. But I strive to stay in my zone of genius while serving my family and business well. This took years of trial and error, but I finally feel like I've figured out what works for me.
    Next StepsIf you're a solo-preneur this can be hard to imagine. But I hope this episode at least encouraged you that it is possible! Feel free to DM with any questions because I would love to help you get to your dream. If you want to work towards a lifestyle like this, I encourage you to start with just one team member. Find one thing you can outsource. Inbox, editing, etc! My first team member was hired as an outside contractor and I paid them $30/hr for 10 hours a week. Because I got 10 extra hours in my month I was able to book more sessions and bring in more income! So, start somewhere and begin taking those steps to creating your dream work life. There's so much more in the podcast so be sure to give it a listen and get yourself in the place you want to be!
    What We Covered:Focused Work Hours (5:04)
    Intentional Use of Time (9:17)
    Next Steps (17:56)

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4.9 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

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Great podcast! Love listening to all the great advice!

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One of my new fav podcasts!

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Easy listen with lots of tips

Rebecca is amazing. I love all the advice she shares and it’s been super helpful. The only thing I don’t like is when she goes into her religious beliefs. I understand that she loves her faith but in her most recent episode, it was a bit too much.

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