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Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast where host Rebecca Rice teaches photographers and business owners to navigate their business journey and find a life of financial freedom through a thriving, profitable business. As a wife, mom, and business owner, Rebecca knows the trials of trying to do all the things. It may not always be easy, but it CAN be done!

Week after week, Rebecca brings helpful, practical teaching to inspire and equip photographers just like you. She'll cover everything from time management and goal-setting down to the nitty gritty of things like posing, marketing, and personal branding.

If you're ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and on fire for the things you truly love, then you're in the right place!

The Business Journey Podcast Rebecca Rice

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Welcome to the Business Journey Podcast where host Rebecca Rice teaches photographers and business owners to navigate their business journey and find a life of financial freedom through a thriving, profitable business. As a wife, mom, and business owner, Rebecca knows the trials of trying to do all the things. It may not always be easy, but it CAN be done!

Week after week, Rebecca brings helpful, practical teaching to inspire and equip photographers just like you. She'll cover everything from time management and goal-setting down to the nitty gritty of things like posing, marketing, and personal branding.

If you're ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and on fire for the things you truly love, then you're in the right place!

    How To Take Time Off In Your Business

    How To Take Time Off In Your Business

    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TranscriptMore Resources: 3k Mini Sessions BlueprintBefore diving into things today, I also wanted to give you all a gift to help with your photography business! Question: how did your fall season go? If it wasn't exactly what you were hoping for then this is for you. If you've never made $3,000 or more on a single date of minis you need this. I call it my 3k Mini Sessions Blueprint! It has helped so many photographers and it will reassure you that YES, it is possible to run successful minis! Now, that we've taken care of "business" let's talk about how to take time off in your business. Here are some practical things to help you take time off!
    Pick a DateIt starts with your calendar. You obviously can't take time off in a busy season, but you should be intentional about having time away from the hustle. In about a week my staff and I will head to the beach at 30A in Florida to plan out our upcoming year. My integrator and I meet first and go over everything in the business - what worked, what didn't, what needs to change, etc. Then my staff joins us for a staff retreat! Once all the work and planning is finished the remaining month of December is time off. Now, we do check in on things to make sure we're serving our customers/clients, but this is a time to refresh and reset before the new year. This couldn't happen if I wasn't intentional in my planning. And it starts with choosing a date and sticking with it!
    Make a List and Check it TwiceLet's say for the sake of this episode that you are planning to take a week off. First, take out a piece of paper and write down all that happens day to day so you know what needs to be covered. Don't try thinking through how to make this happen just brain dump. In order for you to be "gone" and people not realize you're out. Don't get overwhelmed, just think of how wonderful it would be to have it all done and truly get time off! Maybe your list includes checking your inbox, responding to clients, social media posts, blogging, etc. If this is too much just keep a running list next to you over the course of the next week to write down what you're doing!
    Plan Extra WorkWith a list, you're able to see clearly what needs to be finished/prepped. One of my team members, Bonnie, had a baby this fall which meant we were planning months ahead of time. She writes our blogs for Wisp and Willow and we created a list of blogs that needed to get done before her maternity leave. This involved blogging October, November, December AND January because once she came back we didn't want her scrambling. Bonnie was amazing and is enjoying time with her new babe as we speak! So for a week of vacation it's not nearly as drastic. Let's say during your week off you would normally have a blog post go live and a social media post along with it. Those things can be scheduled! Use something like Plann, Later, Planoly, etc.
    Auto Responder for ExpectationsThere are things that can't get scheduled, like emails. I know not everyone is on team auto responder for emails, but imagine if you did step away for a week and didn't tell anyone. That would be difficult and leave your clients/customers with nothing. An auto responder is basically an email template that sets the expectations for what's going on and when...

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    Tips On Selling Prints To Your Clients

    Tips On Selling Prints To Your Clients

    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TranscriptMore Resources: Free Posing ClassI'm excited to jump into today's topic! It's one I don't talk about much, but a lot of you have asked me. I'm sharing tips on selling prints to your clients. Hopefully this answers things for you and you increase your revenue by selling to your clients! I do have a FREE class for you all about POSING! Most of us are in the thick of sessions right now so this class is timely. I'll be walking through the 6 keys to effective family posing. The best part is you'll be able to apply the contents to your very next session! Ready to have some tips for selling prints to your clients?!
    Make Prints AvailableI know this may seem like an obvious tip, but you'd be surprised how many photographers are missing out simply because they don't offer it! Most gallery delivery systems have a shopping cart feature where you can set all this up. Basically the system has an auto fulfillment for prints. So, clients can put photos in the cart and order. The orders are placed with the printing lab and delivered white label to your clients so they don't see who you're printing from! So for starters, open up the shopping cart with your pricing, etc.
    Educate on WhyThis is one of those things that if you don't know, you don't know. We live in a digital age so it's easy for people to just get digitals and that's that. As photographers we should cast vision as to why prints are important! We should paint the picture of the value of prints. There's something special about pulling out an heirloom photo album or having pictures around your home. Having prints gives those in the photo a sense of belonging. However, clients may not think of this off the bat. When you showcase the value of tangible prints your clients are more likely to buy!
    Talk About What You OfferShow what you want to sell. You've got to excite your clients on social media and advertisement for what you're offering - in this case prints! So, if you're wanting to sell wall art then show them wall art on your social platforms. Give them reason to want what you're selling. Another point to think about is to educate them why they shouldn't print them at shutterfly or costco. We know, as photographers, those types of places have terrible quality. You don't get beautiful heirloom pieces from shutterfly. This is why clients should buy prints from you! But, it starts by talking about it in your content.
    Pricing PrintsA good rule of thumb to price your prints is to mark up 3x the amount of wholesale. For example, if something was wholesale at $2 then you would mark it up to $6. The reason for this is in the case that you need to replace a print you will still make a profit. If a print gets messed up, which doesn't happen too often, you would need to make it right. By marking up the wholesale you cover those instances without eating up your revenue.
    Selling prints doesn't have to feel slimy or forced. It should be conversational! Talk about it on your social platforms, educate your clients as to why and at...

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    How I Prep The Week of Mini-Sessions

    How I Prep The Week of Mini-Sessions

    More Resources: Free Minis Class | Client Questionnaire | Email Templates | Dubsado DiscountIt just seemed timely to have an episode like this in the midst of Mini-Session season! Here is a glimpse into how I prep the week of Mini-Sessions. Your prep week doesn't have to be frantic or stressful, but before diving in I do have a FREE class that targets the marketing for mini sessions. Be sure you check that out and let it be a help to you this mini season! Ready to learn how I prep the week of mini-sessions?
    Prep Your GearThe very first thing I do is get my gear ready. I charge all my batteries and clear my SD cards. I always bring two batteries on my mini-sessions day. I usually never need the back up, but I don't want to panic if the battery in my camera has an issue! And a good rule of thumb is don't wait to charge the night before. Get them done early in the week then test it out to make sure it's fully charged. I do this because I had a bad experience and for some reason my batteries didn't charge completely and I was trying to charge in between sessions... not fun! I like to shoot on 32 gig SD cards and I bring two for the day as well.
    Prep the Google CalendarI like adding all my clients' sessions into Google calendar. It helps me stay organized and know who is up next. Something I've been doing with that is including their Client Questionnaire in their event! It's genius because in case I forget details about them or their particular session I can quickly open it inside my Google calendar. I use Dubsado which is awesome for this purpose too. Dubsado actually adds sessions into my calendar and I manually add in the Questionnaire afterward.
    Client QuestionnaireWhen it comes to Mini-Sessions you are limited on the amount of time you have with your clients. So, rather than using up precious minutes with questions like what's your name and tell me about yourself I have a Client Questionnaire! This is another 'how I prep the week of Mini-Sessions' tip. Read through all your client questionnaires. In that I ask very intentional things like if they've ever done a mini session. I ask specifics about their family dynamic, if they have any special needs, etc. The goal is to serve them to the best of my ability so having this information beforehand is so valuable! Not sure on what to ask? You can actually purchase my Questionnaire HERE!
    Final Info EmailAnother thing I do to prep the week of Mini-Sessions is send out my Final Info Email. This gives clients last minute reminders, answers questions about location, etc. I used to send it out manually, but now it's an automated step in my CRM - Dubsado. The purpose is to answer any questions clients might have to avoid the monotonous back and forth communication. They'll know location, where we are meeting, time of session, what to bring to the session and a whole lot more. You can also grab that email...

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    What To Do When Burnout Impacts Your Creativity with Krista Lynch

    What To Do When Burnout Impacts Your Creativity with Krista Lynch

    Connect with Krista Lynch: Instagram | Website | Free Profit Planning MasterclassI'm excited to have Krista Lynch on the podcast today sharing about what to do when burnout impacts your creativity! She's a wedding and brand photographer but also does business coaching. She has a lot on her plate and knows a thing or two about burnout. Although this topic may not be the most glamorous to talk about, it's something all of us face at some point. So, what do you do when burnout impacts your creativity?
    Accepting the SeasonIt's easy to see it, but accepting it is a whole different thing. Living in a culture where social media constantly reminds us we should be creating more, producing more and not struggling while doing so is tough. The truth is everyone faces seasons of feeling unmotivated and lacking creativity. So understanding it is a normal thing can help you with the next step. Acceptance. Frustrations or that "blah" feeling does not mean you've failed.
    Find the TriggersWhere or what has made you have self doubt? What is it in your life that made you feel like you need to over work? Locating triggers can help you set boundaries and avoid going down ugly rabbit trails. Social media can be a big one like we've talked about earlier. But, pausing and making space for rest is actually productive. Work really can wait for tomorrow because the reality is... work will always be there! A common response to burnout is ejecting yourself from everything. So giving yourself space allows for you to get back to a healthy state of mind.
    Someone Who RelatesAs business owners, expressing this place of burnout to someone who understands the shoes you're in can help a lot! Often we have people in our lives that want to help but hearing "you're doing great" or "you'll be fine" isn't exactly motivating. Finding someone who shares some common ground with you is like finding truth! You can believe what they say. And most of the time they have great tips to get you out of the funk you're currently in!
    Releasing the PressureUsually we end up creating unrealistic timelines and overwhelm ourselves with work. Here's what to do when burnout impacts your creativity - relieve the pressure! You can't function and produce all these great ideas when you're already tending to so many other things. I created this "parking lot" list that I put my great ideas on. At times the items on this sit for months. When you have the capacity you can pull things from the parking lot, but if it becomes too much just park it!
    Brain MappingOnce you feel like you're back in a space to grow and put your hand to things, write down your goals. From there, break down what needs to take place to accomplish it. Break down goals into the smallest steps possible. By doing this you slowly start building confidence because you're checking things off the list. It also helps us pace ourselves so we don't jump into too much too soon. Start by doing one thing at a time, just one task a day. Regulate yourself and see the momentum begin to build again.
    All these will tend to you. So next time you're stuck or overwhelmed you have some tools to know what to do when burnout impacts your creativity!
    What We DiscussedAccepting the Season (6:13)

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    My Photography Client Workflow

    My Photography Client Workflow

    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TranscriptMore Resources: Free Posing Class | Dubsado | ShootproofThis is a tricky one for me! If you're a visual learner and want this "drawn" out just let me know! I'm going to be walking you through my photography client workflow. More specifically, the back end of what my clients go through with me for a session! Before getting in too deep I want to remind you of a FREE class I have all about posing. It's called the Keys to Effective Family Posing and inside I unravel elements you need to pose families well! Click the link, learn a ton and head into your next session excited to implement! Now here's my best verbal explanation of my photography client workflow...
    Trello OrganizationThis is one of my top tools I use and it's basically a business management tool. In it I have an entire board for my photography client workflow. Each client gets their own card on the board that has a massive checklist. It includes all the pertinent info for the client (name, email, location, date, time, etc.). Every step of booking, Dubsado workflow, leading up to the session, final payment info, etc! Post processing: editing, uploading, backing up hard drives, etc. When I said everything I meant everything! So that's where I start. Getting all the info and workflow in an organized place.
    DubsadoI use this to send contracts and invoices, additional emails, the questionnaire, the client experience guide and the final info email. So all our clients are housed here because this is where they are served and communicated with. Clients don't see or have any involvement in Trello (that's in house).
    Private Editor & Lightroom Classic CCThe next step is sending all our images to our private editor and we use Lightroom classic cc to edit all our images! We put images in Lightroom and once they're ready to be edited and include smart previews. That's how we send them to our editor. Rather than having to send all the raws we send them the Lightroom catalog that has smart previews. This allows our editor to edit the images without having the files. After editing in Lightroom they send it back and we are able to make final tweaks and crops to the images. After all that we export and it's on to the next...
    ShootproofIt's finally time for delivery! I use Shootproof to deliver galleries. We also upload our final images to Google drive as a virtual back up. You can never be too safe. We don't keep a back up of raw images, however, images aren't deleted until 2 weeks after the gallery has been delivered.
    Was that a lot? Here's a recap: Start with the big checklist in Trello! Next is contracts, forms, invoices in Dubsado. Lastly, deliver the galleries in Shootproof. If you are lost in any way feel free to reach out and ask more about my photography client workflow. And check out the resources mentioned above to help you out!
    What We Discussedp...

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    The Top 5 Tools I Use In My Business

    The Top 5 Tools I Use In My Business

    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | TranscriptMore Resources: Free Posing Class | Dubsado | Shootproof | FlodeskI'm so ready to pull back the curtain and let you in on the top 5 tools I use in my business. If you've been around a while these may not be a surprise, but it's a great refresher! All of these will be linked so you can use them too. I have discount codes for most and others are free! Now, before digging in I do want to mention a FREE class I know you'll benefit from. It's called "Keys to Effective Family Posing" no more awkward and stiff! If you feel like posing is your weakest link, maybe you're not super confident or clients are a bit awkward and stiff... this class is for YOU! In the class I talk through some of my go to poses, things to look for when posing and just some building blocks to creating a natural/comfortable pose. On to the top 5 tools I use in my business...
    TrelloThis is a free online business management tool and it's how I keep EVERYTHING in my business organized. It's an alternative to asana and to me it's much more visual. Trello is incredibly flexible and we literally use it for content management, launches, to-dos, etc! It's similar to Pinterest in that it functions in "boards". Within these beautiful boards you can create checklists! As I began adding team members I needed the workflows and processes to live somewhere other than in my head. (If you've never written out your workflows/processes is vital for future or current outsourcing!)
    DubsadoWe use this as our client relationship management tool. It's our CRM and it is houses our contracts, invoices, any communication between us and the client and workflows! I literally don't know where I would be without it. I've tried plenty of CRMs and this one has the best automations in my opinion. If it weren't for this platform I would lose track of clients which is not ok! I do have a discount for Dubsado that you can access HERE!
    ShootproofOur gallery delivery system here is wonderful. It's user friendly, helps assist our clients and is so pretty! You know I am a big believer in upselling and this platform allows us to do it well! I do have an affiliate link, which sadly doesn't give you a discount. But it does give me a small kickback which just helps with running a business and making this podcast possible! You can start using Shootproof at a small rate and increase as you need to with their packages.
    Google CalendarsI am a huge fan of Google calendars and to be honest we probably use WAY too many! I separate promotional campaigns like Christmas in July because it just makes it easy visually. It also integrates beautifully with Dubsado, so when I book a client with Dubsado I have it synced with Google calendars so it automatically adds it! I use it with my associate team which consists of 18...

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73 Ratings

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Great podcast! Love listening to all the great advice!

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Rebecca is amazing. I love all the advice she shares and it’s been super helpful. The only thing I don’t like is when she goes into her religious beliefs. I understand that she loves her faith but in her most recent episode, it was a bit too much.

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