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Hello there! We are The Business Lockdown Podcast, and we are here to provide you with great quality podcasts during this current climate!

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Hello there! We are The Business Lockdown Podcast, and we are here to provide you with great quality podcasts during this current climate!

    ‘Digital Disruption’ - Episode 78 of The Business Lockdown

    ‘Digital Disruption’ - Episode 78 of The Business Lockdown

    Welcome to episode 78 of the Business Lockdown.

    We are once again joined by the incredible Matt Dass of Springfield Solutions and EON Visual Media.

    Matt & James discuss how much the digital landscape has changed due to the pandemic, with Matt giving us some great insight as to how his business’s pivoted at the pandemic right through to the current day and beyond.

    We learn how a successful entrepreneur like Matt divides his time to ensure business development and continual growth. Matt shares his passions for human behaviour and the positive impact that technology and innovation can impact that to ensure that new ways of working can provide great results for an organisation and the people working within it. Change can be hard for many, particularly in large global brands who seem to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to disrupting the norm, Matt and his innovative team have great skills in showing and paving the way for positive business change with some global giants!

    Matt shares insight into how his companies develop innovative packaging products with more flexible young start-up businesses. A by-product of doing so provides an opportunity to showcase these case studies to larger brands, giving opportunity to digitally disrupt various industries across the board. This allows a more interactive consumer experience and means the customer journey is hugely improved and more immersive to bring them up to date with the digital age.

    Hear how Springfield Solutions and EON Visual Media are growing and accelerating over the next 3-6 months. A testament to not only their strength globally, but also their innovative strategy and positive disruptive drive!

    View Matt’s platform’s below:
















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    'Netflix Losers: Handling Failure' - Episode 77 of The Business Lockdown

    'Netflix Losers: Handling Failure' - Episode 77 of The Business Lockdown

    Welcome to episode 77 of the Business Lockdown.

    Today Phil & James are joined by The Round Table panel: Jonathan Leafe, a Business Coach, mentor and marketing expert, Dean Booty, a multiple business owner and host of the Motivated Entrepreneur Podcast and last but by no means least Dean Grimshawe, host of the Work In Progress Podcast, and Warrior Mindset Coach, as we discuss the Netflix series ‘Losers’.

    The series dives into the worlds of golf with Jean Van de Velde, learns of Surya Bonaly’s struggles in the world of figure skating, Pat Ryan shares his story of defeat in the 1985 Canadian Championship that lead to his strategy changing the sport forever. Aliy Zirkle shares her sled dog mushing turmoil, Michael Bentt world boxing champion tells of his knockout loss that helped him find his true passion, Mauro Prosperi shares a gruelling story of endurance running turned into a tale of survival, playground hoops legend Jack Ryan shares his failures in basketball due to lack of discipline and a bad attitude and we learn of the bizarre story of Torquay United’s saviour, in the form of a police dog. 

    Join us as we discuss the ways in which each episode approaches failures and draw upon how each episode portrays the lessons learned from each failing and explore the positives taken from failure, often finding there are more to be found during these times over those of winning. We often find in life that it is after our lowest points there comes a win and these stories, as told by the individuals that experiences failure themselves, share their lessons learned whilst partaking in the sports they love. 

    We draw upon our own experiences with failure and falling short of winning, sharing how this has perhaps carried with us throughout life and the decisions that have been influenced as a result. 

    View our panels platforms below:

    Dean Booty

    Website: www.podcasting.co.uk 

    Twitter: @deano3622

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dean-Booty-103078134692827/

    Business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StorMoreHull/

    Linkedin - /deanbooty

    Dean Grimshaw

    Website: www.deangrimshawe.com

    Twitter: @deangrimshawe   

    Instagram: @dg_workinprogresspodcast  

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deangrimshawefitness 

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deangrimshawe/

    Jonathan Leafe

    Website: www.leafe.co.uk

    LinkedIn: Jonathan Leafe

    Twitter: @Jonathan Leafe

    Reach Phil & James via email: hello@wearepinq.com

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    'Achieving Your Wildest Dreams' - Episode 76 of The Business Lockdown

    'Achieving Your Wildest Dreams' - Episode 76 of The Business Lockdown

    Welcome to episode 76 of the Business Lockdown.  Today we are joined by the incredible James Sinclair, an incredibly passionate entrepreneur who has experienced great successes as a result of years of hard work and dedication to his passions.   James tells us of how his journey into business and the world of entertainment began in his teenage years when he decided to follow his childhood dreams of owning visitor attractions, zoos and theme parks and developed his own entertainments agency. He shares with us how he grew his business empire to allow him to develop higher entry level companies to deplete the competition and fulfil his dreams.  With an incredibly positive and forward-thinking mindset, James shares with us how he has pivoted his businesses throughout the pandemic, hitting barriers and overcoming them with a strategic and logical approach.   It is very clear how much of a high value James places upon the people around him, his approach to the way in which he offers his senior team a large amount of flexibility has fostered an amazing network of talent members who contribute to the success of his empire. Listen as James shares how this system of trust and flexibility has benefitted the companies and his team mutually, so much so that throughout 2020 during the pandemic they turned over a six figure sum, you can watch the documentary on how this was achieved here: https://youtu.be/gqDgsmFJsvg.  For any entrepreneur or business minded people with a drive and determination to succeed through passion and strategy, looking for some high energy inspiration and great actionable tips!   View James’ platforms below:  Website: https://jamessinclair.net/  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JamesSinclairEntrepreneur  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_jamessinclair/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamesjimbosinclair  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamessinclairpartyman/  Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/james-sinclairs-business-broadcast-podcast/id1495894637

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    'Ensuring Business Survival in a Changing World' - Episode 75 of The Business Lockdown

    'Ensuring Business Survival in a Changing World' - Episode 75 of The Business Lockdown

    Today we are joined by Greg Merrilees, founder and director of Studio 1 Design, based in Australia. 

    Our topic for this month is ‘How to Survive 2021: Opportunity in an Uncertain World’. Greg has so much value to share based on this, from disclosing how he has continued to ensure business longevity by being proactive with reaching out to his clients when the pandemic hit ensuring they were pivoting in the right way, discussing the various different types of focus and how that effects strategy plans. 

    Greg shares with us his formula for growth and how he is approaching his overall business strategy for the year ahead, giving some highly effective actionable tips as to how to break that down. When working with clients or indeed in your own business, remaining in a strategy focused arena can be tough! Greg shares his tips on how to keep yourself or your clients on your toes and remaining proactive in developing your growth strategy. 

    There is always room for growth and areas that you can identify to work on when you take a deep dive into your current strategies, Greg has some incredible suggestions as to how you can alter strategic plans to work for you in the current environment and beyond. Listen out for Greg’s great examples of some large businesses that have pivoted multiple times and have succeeded hugely!

    Finally, if you’re currently reviewing your website and looking to take it to the next level, Greg gifts us with some crystal-clear actionable changes you can quickly make to ensure you have your website full optimised to convert. 

    View Greg’s Platforms below:








    Read Gregs blog on ‘How Your Small Business Can Thrive In a Changing World:


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    'Uncovering The Path of The Podcast' - Episode 74 of The Business Lockdown

    'Uncovering The Path of The Podcast' - Episode 74 of The Business Lockdown

    Welcome to episode 74 of the Business Lockdown.

    This week’s guest is Michelle Shenton of Lion Heart Yoga in Hull. Michelle, like many has been on the battle front with her business for the last 10 months like many, fighting to ensure survival. 

    Focusing on our topic for February of ‘How to Survive 2021: Opportunity in an Uncertain World’ when Michelle approached James through a mutual friend for help with a video for social advertising, it was soon realised that there was a better way to ensure continual growth for Michelle. She shared the results of her dedication into breath work in recent months, having been contacted by the NHS to produce training and presentations within the field. It became abundantly clear that this former police officer turned Yogi has a strong unique niche to attract an audience for a podcast. 

    James discusses with Michelle the path that initial conversation has taken her down and how she is now preparing to grow her business as a result of her hard work. Hearing how Michelle worked on perfecting her skillset and network around breath work throughout lockdown and hear how James helps her to shape and mould the next pathway her business will take by delving into a brand new super niche area of expertise, learning how the path of the podcast can really help you reach new heights with a specific niche and target audience.

    Take a listen to hear how often avenues less commonly considered can be explored to bring new life and invigorating energy to your business, especially in times of struggle when the future may seem a concern. Often to turn things around we can find that stepping out of our comfort zones is where the magic happens.

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    'Health, Wellness & Fitness: The Experts Review.' - Episode 73 of The Business Lockdown

    'Health, Wellness & Fitness: The Experts Review.' - Episode 73 of The Business Lockdown

    Welcome to episode 73 of the Business Lockdown. This special bonus episode brings together some incredible minds in the world of health, wellness and fitness. 

    Joining us we have David Mankel of Mankel over Matter, a personal trainer and mental wellness advocate, Gemma Gibson of Honu Health Coaching, focusing on habit change and removing chemicals from our diets. Gemma has over 20 years-experience in the fitness industry. Jack Burton, of Fit24 and the brand new Fit24 Coolhands gym both in Hull City centre and Michelle Vodden, of Retox Retreat – Yoga & Mindfulness and business owner at The Mumpreneur Movement. 

    Our group discuss their proudest moments in their fields, share how 2021 is shaping up for them so far and their plans going forward as well as imparting some great actionable tips you can implement to help you remain consistent when making positive changes in your life, plus so much more.

    This special episode wonderfully rounds up our collective endeavours to start the year on a positive note and gives us many tips to carry forward into February and beyond.

    View our guests platforms below:

    David Mankel:

    Visit David’s Website at www.mankelovermatter.com.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mankelovermatter

    Instagram: mankelovermatter

    Email: info@mankelovermatter.com

    Gemma Gibson:

    Website: https://www.honuhealthcoaching.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Honu-Health-Coaching-110507430308314

    Instagram: @honuhealthcoaching

    Email: honuhealth@outlook.com 

    Jack Burton:









    Fit24 Hull

    Michelle Vodden:










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