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This podcast will help you turn your big idea into a thriving business by using your personal brand to build the business of your dreams.

Each week I’ll talk with leaders of all kinds of businesses, exploring how they launched and grew their companies and organizations. Behind every successful business is an epic journey—one that can serve as a roadmap to help you grow.

The Business of YOU is all about frank conversations and unique business wisdom for the entrepreneur. It’s a chance to tune into the story behind the brand and uncover the path of those who walked the road before you.

The Business of You with Rachel Gogos Rachel Gogos

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This podcast will help you turn your big idea into a thriving business by using your personal brand to build the business of your dreams.

Each week I’ll talk with leaders of all kinds of businesses, exploring how they launched and grew their companies and organizations. Behind every successful business is an epic journey—one that can serve as a roadmap to help you grow.

The Business of YOU is all about frank conversations and unique business wisdom for the entrepreneur. It’s a chance to tune into the story behind the brand and uncover the path of those who walked the road before you.

    151 | From 11k to Multi-6 Figures in Just 18 Months with Erin Marcus

    151 | From 11k to Multi-6 Figures in Just 18 Months with Erin Marcus

    The right mindset is crucial to your business success. Just ask our latest podcast guest, Erin Marcus, whose mindset work took her business from $11,000 in revenue to multi-6 figures in just 18 months.
    Erin is the Founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, a business consulting firm that specializes in helping service professionals go from Business Operators to Business Owners. Erin is the chief strategist and thought leader behind not just her own success, but those she has advised throughout her 25-year career.
    After making the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur, Erin has used her experience and MBA education to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. 
    Her accomplishments have earned her several noted awards, including Business of the Year in several different associations, two-time Trailblazer of the Year in her previous franchise system, and Employee of the Year during her corporate tenure.
    The Constraint Theory
    The Constraint Theory emphasizes the importance of finding bottlenecks. For entrepreneurs, Erin says that the biggest bottleneck in your business is often your limiting beliefs about what’s possible. 
    If you came from a corporate background before starting your business, you bring those narratives from your old industry with you. It’s important to unpack those beliefs to uncover your own identity and definition of success. 
    On her own entrepreneurial journey, Erin invested a lot of time and energy into rewiring old beliefs. She attended conferences, worked on her money mindset, and started paying closer attention to her thought patterns–and the more she worked on her mindset, the more success she experienced.
    Hire for Horsepower
    One of the biggest limiting beliefs that Erin sees in her entrepreneur clients is the belief that it’s hard to find the right people to hire, or that hiring a team is an expense they can’t afford.
    In reality, when you hire the right people, they help you earn more revenue faster than you ever could have on your own. Erin says Conquer Your Business never would have reached its current level of success if she hadn’t taken the leap to hire her first VA. If you’re feeling hesitant, remember that you don’t necessarily need to hire full-time employees–you can start with contracted help for just a few hours a week.
    As the founder, it’s tempting to try to do everything yourself, but there’s always a trade-off. In a small business, there’s no room for redundancy; every hire needs to either directly contribute to the business’s revenue or free up your time so that you can focus on money-making activities. Focus on the activities that produce the most results for your business and delegate the rest as much as you’re able.
    Enjoy this episode with founder Erin Marcus…
    “I knew that whatever I wanted, I had to go out and make it happen.”
    “When most people go into their own business, at least one of the reasons is to create some version of freedom.”
    “They’re not buying you, they’re buying the outcome.”
    “The first few years are such a fast-paced journey, you’re not the same person you were when you launched your business.”
    “The thing that’s out there that looks like pressing an easy button, the thing that’s all too often marketed as an easy button, is a marketing tactic…there’s nothing wrong with tactics, but they don’t solve systemic business problems.”
    “Hire for horsepower, not task rabbits.”
    “When you do it correctly, your team doesn’t cost you money. It makes you money.”
    “What are the fewer actions that if I just did them would produce 10x the results? What if you just did those and hired out the rest?”
    “It wasn’t what I was doing that was causing the problem, it was what I was thinking. I couldn’t come up with the right things to do because I couldn’t come up with the right way to think.”
    “Sometimes when things don’t happen, that’s

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    150 | Diversify Your Income Streams to Balance Risk and Reward

    150 | Diversify Your Income Streams to Balance Risk and Reward

    Diversifying income streams is crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring financial stability, but it's important to establish a strong foundation with one core offer before strategically expanding.
    At The brandiD, Rachel Gogos initially focused on personal branding but later broadened their services to include website development and theme creation. This diversification allowed them to serve a wider audience and enabled brandiD clients to monetize their personal brands right from the start.
    All entrepreneurs have to balance between risk and reward. Operating from a place of confidence rather than desperation involves carefully managing income streams to ensure sustainability and growth.
    Prioritizing income streams strategically is key, and having a reliable source of income during the early stages of launching a passion project will help you find financial stability.
    “You never want to put all your eggs in one basket.”
    “However, when you are starting as an entrepreneur, you do just want to have one particular income stream, you want to figure out that offer and really refine it and nail it and figure out how to market it and not add any other offers until until you have really gotten that one grounded and, and working in your favor.” 
    “In the consulting world, they say it's feast or famine, you're either super busy or not busy enough. So having some diverse income streams outside of your business can just help ease your mind and help you weather those famine times.”
    “Until you really launch your offer to the market, you don't really know how they're gonna react from it.” 
    “You want to test on your actual audience and then just refine, refine”
    “I thought it was really important from day one to have a way to monetize your personal brand.”
    “Become known for the one thing that you're great at, and then use that notoriety to launch other things.”
    “When you're desperate for business, people can sense that energetically. And you don't want to be searching for business on sales calls when you're feeling that way. You have to really be in a space where you feel abundant and confident in selling your services.”
    Links mentioned in this episode:
    Episode 135 | Personal Branding Tips You Need to Know in 2024 with William Arruda: https://thebrandid.com/podcast/135-personal-branding-tips-you-need-to-know-in-2024-with-william-arruda/

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    149 | From Oklahoma to the Island of Sardinia, Creating Your Dream Life with Hayley Hunter Hines

    149 | From Oklahoma to the Island of Sardinia, Creating Your Dream Life with Hayley Hunter Hines

    Faith and business are more powerful together. That was Hayley Hunter Hines's realization when she left behind her successful corporate career to begin a journey of faith-based entrepreneurship. 
    As the creator of the House of Sparkle, Hayley is a spiritual advisor and business strategist for visionary leaders around the world. She is the director of the Soul Sparkle Sanctuary, a leadership development program for women, and the founder of the Soul Sparkle Society, a luxury travel membership experience.
    Hayley is a conduit of unconditional love and grace and is committed to leading a revolution of spiritual teachers and leaders who serve from the depths of their souls. Her vision is to help Soul Centered CEOs make millions and create a global impact.
    Mixing Business Strategy with Spirituality 
    Before starting her business, Hayley worked as a senior-level executive leading strategy and new product development in the corporate wellness industry. She combines her 20+ years of business experience with spirituality to bring the head and heart together.
    In her daily routine, that means leaving time for stillness: prayer, meditation, breathwork, and movement. Her spiritual practice comes first every morning to help her prepare for the rest of the day. 
    She spends plenty of time outdoors exploring nature and limits her call schedule to create as much white space on her calendar as possible. She creates an annual plan for the business but also leaves room for divine downloads.
    Creating Your Life and Business by Design
    Hayley has been intentional about designing a business that serves her life. In her corporate career, she checked all the boxes but still felt unfulfilled. Her business was born out of a desire to create a life she loved–starting with travel.
    Hayley is based in Sardinia, Italy, and hosts luxury retreats around the world. She starts the retreat planning process by finding the perfect location and then simply extends the invitation to her audience. 
    While some businesses use retreats as sales opportunities for other offers, Hayley views her events as transformative experiences in and of themselves. The first few people who sign up are enough to cover the expenses, which makes her events both transformational and highly profitable. 
    Listen to how she does it in this episode with faith-based founder Hayley Hunter Hines…
    “There’s a definite competitive advantage when you utilize the full expression of a human.”
    “When you see that you can do anything and anything is possible, it’s phenomenal what comes through.”
    “That’s how my life happens. It’s divine appointment and intuition, and I just follow the call.”
    “To me, life is in the day-to-day.”
    “So many women come to our events because, for such a long time, they’ve wanted to do that. They’ve longed in their bones and bellies to travel to these fabulous places, but they haven’t given themselves to do it. That to me is the foundation of a soul sparkling life: giving yourself permission to do extraordinary things, whatever that means for you.”
    Links mentioned in this episode:
    Soul Sparkle Living website: http://soulsparkleliving.com 
    Free meditation giveaway: https://soulsparkleliving.com/soul-sparkle-self-love-opt-in-page 
    Connect with Hayley on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=784697192&ref=xav_ig_profile_web 

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    148 | Make it Easy for Decision-Makers to See Your Awesome-ness with a Polished Media Kit or One Sheet

    148 | Make it Easy for Decision-Makers to See Your Awesome-ness with a Polished Media Kit or One Sheet

    Creating a polished media kit or one sheet is essential for maximizing opportunities to showcase and share your expertise.
    These marketing materials should be concise, scannable, and tailored to different target audiences - think journalists, podcasters, bloggers, influencers, and potential business partners or investors.
    The key components are: a brief biography, compelling testimonials, key statistics, contact information, and content themes. It's also crucial to include high-quality photos and professionally designed layouts to leave a lasting positive impression.
    Remember to regularly update these materials to reflect any changes in your statistics, testimonials, or expertise, to ensure that you’re always putting your best foot forward.
    “In the one sheet, we like to always include a little bit of a biography on the person that it's about and testimonials about the person.”
    “It's always good to include some key stats about them and their following.”
    “The best person to contact to hire this person or schedule an interview for them is also really important to the one sheet.”
    “In the media kit, we actually include the one sheet. But you could put an extended bio in there and include more about the founder's story. Adding press releases around the company or the individual is also really helpful.”
    “Also having an FAQ section is great.” 
    “If they're being positioned as the speaker, you want to include, and you can also put this on the one sheet, by the way, content themes or titles of presentations that they might give.” 
    “The goal of the kit is to make it very easy for a journalist or someone who is hiring a speaker to gather a lot of information around the person that they're evaluating and make a decision to hire them.” 
    “For people who are positioning themselves, It's also really nice to have a speaker's reel on your website, and that could be an accompaniment to the media kit.” 
    “Photos are super important. I have gotten media one sheet, you know, pitches to our own show where the photo of the person being pitched is just a horrible resolution or just an unflattering photo, or you can tell it's a really old photo also. And I would say that is the biggest turnoff. “
    “Scannable content is huge because people don't have a lot of time to make these decisions and, and they want to be able to make them quickly.”
    “The other important thing is why would I, or whoever you're pitching to, why would I want to have them on? What questions can they answer? 
    “Spend money on getting it professionally designed and laid out. If you have a website, make sure it has a cohesive look and feel to your website or say your LinkedIn background, these are small details, but I think they matter.”
    “I think they really make a difference to how you're showcasing yourself."

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    147 | How Priest, Nicholas Louh is Putting his Church and Message on the Map through Building a Brand

    147 | How Priest, Nicholas Louh is Putting his Church and Message on the Map through Building a Brand

    Few people embody the balance between business and faith as well as Reverend Dr. Nicholas Louh.
    Father Nick is the Senior Priest of St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church. He’s known locally and nationally as a devoted pastor, motivational speaker, and passionate advocate for interfaith dialogue and social justice. He has a heart for providing practical means to help people bridge their faith into everyday life. 
    Father Nick travels the country leading retreats on understanding and living out God's purpose. He is the co-host of a live weekly call-in radio show with his wife, Dr. Roxanne Louh, called Live With The Louhs, and also shares daily inspirational radio messages on 92.5 FM.
    Marrying Your Faith with Your Business Goals
    Father Nick advises entrepreneurs to stay humble. Know that everything you have comes from God–your gifts, talents, and money. When you receive blessings in your business, view it as an opportunity to give back to your community. Be a helper, not a hoarder.
    Although it’s important to be conscious of the bottom line, don’t lose sight of what truly matters–the purpose behind your work and the people you’re serving.
    Father Nick recommends that faith-based entrepreneurs have a mission statement. Write down your core values and how they show up in your business. Create a work culture that demonstrates those values, and model the behavior you want to see in your team. Remember that people pay more attention to how you act than what you say, so set an example by showing your employees what those values mean.
    How to Build a Brand as a Person of Faith
    Although Father Nick didn’t set out to build a personal brand for himself, it’s been a natural byproduct of his passion for the work. He and his wife Dr. Roxanne have helped many people apply what they call “practical Christianity”, combining their expertise in faith and psychology. 
    Father Nick’s online presence has helped his church reach wider audiences. They receive inquiries from people across the country who have heard Father Nick speak on video or podcasts. All of this furthers their church’s mission to share the teachings of Christ.
    Enjoy this episode with Reverend Dr. Nicholas Louh…
    “The real brand for us is Christ.”
    “We never want to shine the light on us, it’s always about Christ.”
    “We’re simply using the gifts God has given us for his glory.”
    “I’m not looking for you to change the world but if you can simply change your little world…if everyone changes their little world, then ultimately we do change the world.”
    “The culture of the business is centered around using the gifts that we’re given to make a difference.”
    “The American dream shouldn’t be about consumption, it should be about compassion.”
    “What would God tell you to start doing that you’re not doing? And what would he tell you to stop doing that you are doing?”
    Links mentioned in this episode:
    Visit the Louhs’ website: https://thelouhs.com/ 
    Connect with Father Nick through his church: https://stjohnthedivine.com/staff/rev-dr-nicholas-g-louh/ 
    Connect with the Louhs on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelouhs/ 

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    146 | The Bottom Line About Reinventing Or Repositioning Your Business

    146 | The Bottom Line About Reinventing Or Repositioning Your Business

    In business, it's crucial to adapt and evolve, which includes periodically reassessing and potentially repositioning your business to better serve your changing audience or your own professional growth. 
    This often involves updating your website, refining your offers, and adjusting your marketing strategies. 
    Ultimately, a forward-looking approach, with a focus on building the new rather than clinging to outdated strategies, will ensure you channel your energy into growth and innovation. 
    Is now the perfect time to reinvent or reposition your business?
    “People get tired of what they do too, right? They get burned out. And they also may want to shift or reposition themselves or kind of reinvent themselves for a number of reasons. One could be burnout. One could be they want to work with a different clientele. One could be redefining your target audience again, kind of gets back to: What do you wanna offer and who do you wanna work with and how do you wanna work with them?”
    “Let's say you were a coach that was working one-on-one with people, and you're a little burned out of the one-on-one work. And you wanna do more, the one to many and scale your business in that way.  Now, that is a subtle positioning change, but the way your offer needs to be restructured is what needs to change significantly. And then you also have to position that new offer in different ways through marketing techniques.”
    “You have to look at a few factors [when transitioning]. One is your income. How can your income stay consistent while you're making this shift and transitioning?  Another factor to consider is if you have a team that works with you. How do you keep that team employed if they fit into your longer term plan as you're shifting? So, making sure that you have enough existing work coming in to support the team as you're starting to make a shift. So it could be more of a gradual shift and more of a long term shift. And then another factor to consider is how do you transition your existing target audience and the people you're working with to the new.”
    “With our own business, we redo our own website, anywhere from three to four years. We do kind of a massive redo with our website. And we change the copy and we change the look and feel. 
    “We are constantly up-leveling our own offers, our own image, you know, refining what we offer because our clients are also getting bigger and more sophisticated, and demand more, right?”
    “The more we can reveal about ourselves that helps communicate our personality and helps communicate our reputation and helps communicate our intent in our values, the more we are kind of opening the kimono and revealing to people who we are so we can improve that know-like-trust factor and they feel comfortable getting into a business relationship with us.”
    “People can feel soul, right? AI doesn't have soul. That's what I always say, but people can feel true soul. It's maybe more ethereal again, maybe more subliminal, but people can sense it.”
    Links mentioned in this episode:
    Episode 140 | What You Need to Know about Crafting Your Offer: https://thebrandid.com/podcast/140-what-you-need-to-know-about-crafting-your-offer

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5.0 out of 5
66 Ratings

66 Ratings

World-Citizen11 ,

Fun podcast with actionable insights…

I love listening to Rachel..she has an easy way of making guests feel comfortable. This is a conversational podcast with insights you can use immediately. I was also delighted to be on this podcast. It was a lot of fun to chat with Rachel.

Saima Rathor ,

Amazing Host!

We had a great interview with Rachel. She is very engaging and authentic. She took the time to get to know us before the interview and her questions reflected that. She was easy to talk to and very supportive. And we learned a great deal from her as well!

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Awesome Host!

Rachel brings out the best in her guests! Her questions are so insightful. A fantastic podcast to grow your brand and yourself in the world of work!

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