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Let's talk about films.

The CA Telecast Cinephilia Anonymous

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Let's talk about films.

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5.0 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

EOJBakura ,

Needs more episodes

I listened to them all in a week

NiceGuyTy ,

Just a calming experience

I am not a movie guy, I prefer the short and portable videos from YouTube and other such websites. That is why I like this podcast, it talks about the movies I would never watch myself, and has great discussions on the inner meaning. These two smooth voiced duded are too cool for fools.

ThePactron ,


As a 17 year old passionate film fan going into his senior year of high school I was very excited when I found a podcast dedicated to the art of film from two of the creative and hilarious guys at Normalboots. This podcast inspired me in a couple of ways. For one as someone who wants to make filmmaking a career someday it's been awesome to hear two guys much older and wiser then I that still share that hunger to be creative and to keep exploring. The second way the show inspired me was a bit more direct. I had been president of my schools book club all of last year and while I love literature I felt a bit out of place, having only ran for president because no one else did. Film was my real passion. When I stumbled upon your podcast I came to the realization that it had a similar structure to our book club and an idea was sparked in my mind. So this year I've decided to gather all my friends and try and get a film club started at our school. One where we could watch a new film every week and then meet and have an actual discussion about the ideas presented in the film, the cinematic techniques that were used, and the art form in general. Thank you guys so much for inspiring me and possibly making my senior year the best one yet ( if I can get this club off the ground that is!) You guys rock!!!

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