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4.8 out of 5
4.2K Ratings

4.2K Ratings

Amercian Dream ,


Continue being a voice Candice. You’re a fantastic role model, and a true American that truly cares about the future of this country. You are especially an inspiration young individuals who are sadly being misled by contaminated liberal ideologies. Love the content!

Mar-zan ,

A perspective worth listening to.

I can only hope that people from all over the United States take the time to listen to your podcast. I have listened to you since you were with Charlie at turning point and I can honestly say It’s encouraging to know how easily you are able to speak your mind without worrying who is going to respond negatively. I love your interviews and the tough conversations you have that people need to hear. I thank you for being a voice for the black community and for everybody else who feels silenced or not heard.. May God continue to Bless you.

Guru of Awesomeness ,

Your a National Hero

Thank you Candace!!! You have finally showed me common sense is starting to take root in the USA. Minorities myself included are waking up to the lies of the Democratic Party. I will no longer believe I am a victim and will not be regulated to being the permanent under class to the left. Complete democratic control in Cali and all we can show for it is massive homelessness.

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