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Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and an alternative to Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Real Estate Investing.

The Cashflow Academy Show Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and

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Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and an alternative to Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Real Estate Investing.

    Free Market (Episode 133)

    Free Market (Episode 133)

    Discover how free capitalist markets really are. Nicholas Wapshott joins Andy to discuss the ongoing debate about government influence of money creation, debt and banking.
    7:39: Are Free Markets Really Free?
    9:10: What Would A Government-Free Economy Look Like?
    11:50: How Does The U.S. Government Guarantee Banks Don’t Fail?
    13:05: How Did Paul Volker Crush Inflation?
    16:57: The U.S. Economy Is Built On Near-Zero Interest Rates. What Happens When Rates Rise?
    19:20: How Relevant Are Milton Friedman & Paul Samuelson Today?
    22:19: Does The Government Ever Need To Worry About Debt?

    • 27 min
    Money's Midlife Crisis

    Money's Midlife Crisis

    Discover how money is quickly changing under Modern Monetary Theory, low interest rates and income inequality. Zvi Schreiber joins Andy to discuss how money is going out of style, and what skills you’ll need to achieve prosperity.
    4:23: What Is The Future Of Fiat Money?
    8:59: How Is MMT Impacting Money?
    12:35: How Do Low Interest Rates Accelerate Inequality?
    16:31: How Does Money Printing Benefit The Rich?
    19:41: How Do Low Or Negative Interest Rates Change Behavior?
    21:46: Why Is The Demand For Goods & Services Too Low?
    30:11: How Is Crypto A ‘Strange Beast?’

    • 43 min
    The Value Of Index Funds (Episode 131)

    The Value Of Index Funds (Episode 131)

    Discover how the invention of index funds changed forever the way stocks are bought and sold.
    8:56: How Do Index Funds Impact Active Investment?
    15:25: How Do Index Funds Solve The Problem Of Scalability?
    18:57: How Do Investors Determine The Best Index Funds?
    23:17: How Do Fees Impact Index Funds?
    27:31: What Is The Future Of Bitcoin ETFs?
    30:57: How Does Market Cap Add Risk To Index Funds?
    36:10: What Are The Unintended Consequences Of Index Funds?

    • 42 min
    Economic Sins (Episode 130)

    Economic Sins (Episode 130)

    Just like The Seven Deadly Sins, there are Seven Economic Sins that can impede success in business. James Otteson joins Andy to discuss economic sins and how personal decision-making can lead to a prosperous life.
    5:35: What Is The Invisible Hand?
    11:52: How Is Technology Making People More Risk Averse?
    19:29: What Are The Unseen Consequences Of Deadly Economic Sins?
    28:20: How Does Envy Impede Economic Success?
    37:10: How Do You Use Your Best Skills In An Honorable Way?

    • 43 min
    Inside Inflation (Episode 129)

    Inside Inflation (Episode 129)

    Discover why inflation occurs and how you can prepare to live with it. Andy and a team of his best educators take a deep dive into The Fed and monetary policy, and explain in practical terms how you can navigate inflation.  
    2:35: Why Should You Care About Inflation?
    4:26: How Is Current Monetary Policy Unprecedented?
    5:32: Why Are There Negative Interest Rates?
    14:09: How Does Inflation Impact Everybody?
    26:03: How Does The Fed Act Like A Doctor Treating A Sick Patient?
    33:57: Why Is The Fed Tapering?
    36:40: How Is MMT A Threat To Freedom?
    46:46: What Financial Lessons Can We Learn From The Wizard Of Oz?

    • 55 min
    Permanent Con (Episode 128)

    Permanent Con (Episode 128)

    Discover how the financial system encourages fraud and discourages oversight. Jared Bibler joins Andy to discuss his work investigating financial systems dating back to the Great Recession of 2008.
    4:36: What Made Iceland So Corrupt Leading Into The Great Recession?
    14:36: How Do Governments Encourage Financial Corruption?
    17:43: How Has Financial Oversight Changed Since 2008?
    22:06: How Are Central Banks Becoming Weaker?
    26:29: Will Crypto Help Safeguard Fraud In The Financial System?
    34:21: How Can Investors Protect Themselves From Systemic Corruption?
    40:34: How Can Systemic Corruption Be Corrected?

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
198 Ratings

198 Ratings

Mariann!! ,


A podcast full of motivation and great tips for entrepreneurs.

LK_Jensen ,

Gain Some Excellent Perspectives on Inflation!

I just finished Inflation Nation and it really helped me to gain some new perspectives and insights into inflation and what it could mean for us in the short and long-term. It is something that has been on my mind and I love how this topic was covered in this episode! Very helpful. Thank you!


Great Show!

Andy is an unbelievable host with a large wealth of knowledge in the investing industry! The Student Debt Crisis episode that just came out is fantastic. Highly recommend to the active listeners out there!

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