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Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and an alternative to Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Real Estate Investing.

The Cashflow Academy Show Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and

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Andy Tanner | Stock Investing | Insights from a Rich Dad Poor Dad coach and an alternative to Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and Real Estate Investing.

    No Recession...Yet

    No Recession...Yet

    Discover the opportunities and risks in our global economy. Richard Duncan joins Andy to discuss how the U.S. has avoided a recession, and why liquidity is your best indicator for stock risks.
    8:53: How Did COVID Change Economic Fundamentals?
    26:21: What Is The Lesson From SVB’s Collapse?
    33:17: What Is Thru Truth About Current Inflation?
    36:11: Why Should We Expect A Recession?
    41:38: How Is Liquidity Our Best Indicator Of The Stock Market’s Future?
    48:41: How Will The Housing Market Dip?

    • 57 min
    It's The Economy, Stupid

    It's The Economy, Stupid

    Financial literacy becomes more vital in our current age of misinformation, digital currencies and political extremism. Economist Howard Yaruss joins Andy to discuss how to stay economically “fit” at all levels of financial literacy.
    4:14: How Does Financial Literacy Make-or-Break A Nation?
    7:10: Why Don’t Schools Teach Financial Education?
    16:47: How Is Crypto Currency Flawed?
    21:25: How Is Creating Value The Goal Of Capitalism?
    28:54: How Does Economic Illiteracy Allow Bad Policy?
    35:52: How Should National Debt Concern Us?

    • 55 min
    The Fourth Turning

    The Fourth Turning

    Discover how the current economic and institutional crises will likely play out, and how you can prepare for increased uncertainty. Historian Neil Howe joins Andy to discuss how demographic cycles may offer insight to where we’re heading.
    7:01: How Does Generational History Inform Today’s Upheaval?
    12:15: How Does Demography Predict The Future?
    16:33: How Has “The Fourth Turning” Arrived?
    31:00: How Are Economics About To Change?
    36:10: How Will The Government Inevitably Control More Of Our Economy?
    49:22: How Will Individualism Recede And Community Grow After “The Fourth Turning?”

    • 56 min
    Top-Gun Trading

    Top-Gun Trading

    Discover how to train your mind to make the best trades under pressure. Hasard Lee, awarded the Air Force’s top F-16 combat instructor, joins Andy to discuss how to achieve clear thinking when making difficult financial decisions.
    7:47: What Is Clear Thinking?
    12:01: How Do People Outsource Their Thinking?
    17:32: How Is Decision-Making Improved Through Debriefing?
    22:15: How Does Stress Impact Decision Making?
    26:41: How Can Awareness Of Power Laws Improve Decision Making?
    34:15: How Can Stress Become Calming?

    • 43 min
    Hands On Economics

    Hands On Economics

    Discover how to leverage the inflation and money policy crises. Joseph Gulesserian joins Andy with an in-depth look at strategies to protect and grow wealth in these tumultuous times.
    4:34: How Has The Fed Backed Itself Into A Corner?
    10:10: How Does The U.S. Monetary Policy Become Unsustainable?
    16:15: How Is MMT Increasing Risk To Our Economy?
    23:29: How Are Employment Numbers Remaining So Strong?
    27:51: How Will AI Impact The Economy?
    31:23: How Do Governments Create Dependency?
    34:41: What Is The Future Of Banks?
    41:45: How Do Investors Combat Inflation?
    48:11: How Secure Is The U.S. Dollar?

    • 58 min
    Chaos Trading

    Chaos Trading

    Discover how traders leverage chaos events to make massive profits. We live in an age where boom-and-bust cycles may be more acute, and traders are identifying these cycles with colorful names like Black Swann and Dragon King. Scott Patterson joins Andy with his research into this new era of trading.
    4:31: Are Black Swann Events Real?
    7:20: How Can Traders Incorporate Black Swann Events Into Their Trading?
    11:46: How Is Nassim Taleb An Important Investor?
    14:50: What Is Dragon King Theory?
    20:41: Are Chaos Traders Smart Or Lucky?
    27:51: How Do Traders Predict “Down” & Predict “Up?”
    32:56: Are Markets Finding More “Catastrophes?”

    • 41 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
209 Ratings

209 Ratings

Jc123987456 ,

Book free market cure

Andy, I have been listening to The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure by John Allison, I believe your listeners would enjoy an interview with John if available. Thanks for all you do!

Update: thanks Andy for the recent interviews, very informative and entertaining

Mariann!! ,


A podcast full of motivation and great tips for entrepreneurs.

Sophcorn ,

Episode 139 - Not Enough Gold

The guest’s opinion (and yours) that the world economy is, and once was (I.e. “cause of the Great Depression”) constrained by the amount of gold is, at best, first order thinking….gold never was, nor will ever be, a constraint on an economy’s growth…there is plenty of gold to run an unlimited size economy…it’s just a matter of PRICE!! Disappointed you didn’t pick this up…anyone whose read Rickards would know this…

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