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‘Casual Convo’ is a Charlotte-based society & culture podcast with two very opinionated friends who know how to laugh, debate & disagree. Listen as we navigate through our ever changing society with objective yet unfiltered lenses.

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‘Casual Convo’ is a Charlotte-based society & culture podcast with two very opinionated friends who know how to laugh, debate & disagree. Listen as we navigate through our ever changing society with objective yet unfiltered lenses.

    Back 2 Africa (feat. K.Q. & Frax)

    Back 2 Africa (feat. K.Q. & Frax)

    For our 12th episode, we're joined by Charlotte artist K.Q. and friend of the show, Frax!

    With us being a Charlotte-based podcast, we wanted to highlight talent in the city  and offer a platform for local artists to express their views and showcase their humanity. This is not an interview -- this is a DOPE conversation.  K.Q. released a new project in January entitled, "Movies" that's available on all Digital streaming platforms! If you enjoy him in this setting, check out his music and follow his IG (@kant_quit).

    We begin our conversation by discussing Drake's influence on Hip-Hop as a whole, as well as the influence of Hip-Hop across the globe. Our dialogue then takes a shift to discuss the importance of self-awareness, cultural pride & how education is so important.


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    Akon for Prezident (feat. Jasmine McCarton)

    Akon for Prezident (feat. Jasmine McCarton)

    For our 11th episode, we speak with Jasmine McCarton, a muralist, graphic designer and passionate artist that lives in and contributes to the city of Charlotte. She also designs our episode cover art!

     We start off with our predictions for where this country is headed in 2020 and beyond (0:58). Bryan & Chelsea recap their conversation with two military veterans (6:26). Akon for President? (10:45). Kanye was right (12:23). Kanye's Ego & Obama (15:45) Taylor Swift & award shows (19:05). Jasmine's music picks (24:15). Chelsea's take on Meg Thee Stallion (28:44). The Drake Effect (39:07) Bryan's lyrical breakdown (48:27). Unpacking the social norms of men & women (52:47) Jasmine on growth (59:33) DaBaby & his recent arrest (1:00:46) Meg Thee Stallion is a superstar (!:05:18) A discussion on Rap's influence on society at large (1:09:34). Drake and his identity (1:16:47). Chelsea on validation & recognition (1:08:16).  Is Kendrick Lamar 'Pop' (01:28:18)?  Is Drake biting (1:38:13)? J. Cole & Migos (1:39:55).

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    2020 Vision

    2020 Vision


    Bryan recaps the Snoop Dogg concert (1:23), Chelsea gives a life update (14:49), Chelsea & Bryan plan to go to Dreamville Fest and reflect on early adulthood (18:25),  Chelsea shares what music she's been listening to (25:54), GoldLink & Mac Miller (28:22), We discuss the recent A$AP Rocky's sex tape and DaBaby's nudes leaking on social media (29:45), Bryan shares insight on his 2020 endeavors (33:03), Bryan shares what music he's been listening to (39:02), Keyshia Cole & O.T. Genesis (40:42),  We discuss Eddie Murphy's return to Saturday Night Live (46:07), Eddie Murphy vs. Bill Cosby (50:34), We discuss the importance of bars (54:07), Bryan is redirecting his energy (56:46), We each share our intentions for 2020 (1:01:03)


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    Hood Luv (featuring A. Moné)

    Hood Luv (featuring A. Moné)

    In our last episode for 2019, we sit down to talk about everything from occupying public spaces as a Black celebrity to how to not be triggering in today's age. 

    Bryan's thirst trap (1:05), Chelsea's Mole Theory (6:42), Corny vs Washed (7:58), Black people drove America's contemporary music (12:29), White musicians never had to 'crossover' (14:20), "Appropriation" is overused (16:11),  Bryan's hot take on all new rappers (17:06), Chelsea's top five rappers (18:44), Bryan's top five rappers (19:57), Bryan makes a phone call (21:24), Lizzo & the Pop vs. Soul Debate (22:53), Do we need award shows for music? (24:17), The Curious Case of Summer Walker (26:39), Bryan's Kendrick Lamar hot take (29:53), The Kanye Conundrum (33:33), Bryan's Thanksgiving fail (38:58), "The Poem" (40:58), Chelsea shares an observation about men (42:36), Chelsea shares her frustrations with Bryan (46:14), Bryan needs Love (53:34), the world needs Love (57:08), 2020 Goals (58:08), Chelsea's pettiness (1:00:32), Bryan's epiphany (1:01:23), Chelsea explains how she'd be as a business owner (1:03:26), Bryan's plan to penetrate internet culture (1:09:11), triggering insecurities (1:15:20) Bryan learns a lesson about being triggering (1:19:30) Chelsea teaches Bryan how to travel (1:25:52), Obama vs. Flint (1:27:14), Chelsea hates debt, credit and America (1:29:20), The crack epidemic vs the opioid crisis (1:31:17), Everyone needs to shut up (1:48:49), Bryan introduces #DissapearDecember (1:50:40), Give people the freedom to be themselves (1:55:59), The power of vulnerability (1:58:14), Pretty Ricky, Chixtape 5 & the need for sex education (2:03:09), Bryan ends the podcast with a bang (2:07:12)

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    The Episode About Nothing

    The Episode About Nothing

    Kanye West (8:28). 

    Popular liquor from the early 2000's vs today (13:02). 

    Chelsea's on/off relationship with Drake (16:11). 

    Our final opinions on how to regard Kanye West going forward (19:04). 

    A PSA to all creatives (24:10). 

    The backlash from Megan Thee Stallion's NPR Tiny Desk performance (27:49). 

    The N-Word (36:42). 

    How Chelsea & Bryan met (42:00). 

    Chelsea's composure (51:15). 

    A healthy debate about laundry (54:50). 

    Chelsea's groupies (58:33). 

    Bryan goes to too many funerals (1:05:28). 

    Music we're currently listening to (1:11:17). 

    Kodak Black is responsible for the prominence of today's female rappers (1:21:26). 

    Should we try to go viral? (1:25:19) 

    We apologize to our listeners (1:31:48). 

    Our upbringing in the church (1:33:16). 

    A brief worship service (1:35:04). 

    The gift of Trump's presidency (1:37:50). 

    Bryan defends Mike Tyson (1:39:00) 

    Bryan shouts out his exes (1:41:00)

    • 1 hr 42 min
    Spread Love, Get Money

    Spread Love, Get Money

    For our seventh episode, we introduce our new 'Spread Love' segment, where we give a shout out to local creatives on the rise in Charlotte. We also discuss Kanye's Sunday Service in Atlanta, how to build a brand in 2019 and we offer unsolicited college advice. Listen, rate, comment and subscribe!

    • 31 min

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

danielle.d ,

Great pod!

Two of my favorite people doing something great! I was laughing within the first 30 seconds of my first episode. Love the pod♥️😁

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