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Welcome to the CEO Edge podcast , with your host Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO and Founder of MacKay CEO Forums. Our vision is to populate the world with better leaders. In this podcast we interview successful CEOs and trusted advisors on topics of interest to CEOs today.

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Welcome to the CEO Edge podcast , with your host Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO and Founder of MacKay CEO Forums. Our vision is to populate the world with better leaders. In this podcast we interview successful CEOs and trusted advisors on topics of interest to CEOs today.

    10 Extra Things CEOs are Doing To Avoid COVID-19

    10 Extra Things CEOs are Doing To Avoid COVID-19

    Kevin Brady is Chairman and Founder of Advica Health, one of Canada’s leaders in preventative and supportive healthcare for busy CEOs, Executives and their organizations. Advica Health is also a very valuable Innovator Partner with MacKay CEO Forums.
    Kevin’s vast experience includes holding senior management positions within one of Canada’s largest insurance companies as well as starting his own employee benefits company, while leading these organizations, he saw a need to help companies and employees with health solutions and therefore founded Advica Health.
    Kevin shares his expertise in the area of health and wellness through volunteering and giving back to his community. He has served on many boards including Board Chair for both the YMCA and his local hospital, where he is currently leading a Capital Campaign to raise $60 million for the hospital. He is also a sought after speaker on the topic of how companies can improve their profits through employee health and wellness.
    Kevin has been recognized as Citizen of the Year in 2007 and Philanthropist of the Year in 2010 for his philanthropic work in his city. He has also received the esteemed Queen’s Jubilee Medal that is awarded by the Queen of England in recognition for being an outstanding community member.
    Advica Health

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    What CEOs Need to Know about Leading Virtual Meetings

    What CEOs Need to Know about Leading Virtual Meetings

    Mike Milburn is President of 3D datacomm, which provides virtual business solutions for private, public, governmental and educational facilities across Atlantic Canada.
    Mike has been involved in the communications industry for almost 30 years. Starting with NBtel in the late 1980’s, Mike was an Installation and Repair technician as well as a Trainer for new management hires at the NBtel training center.
    At the age of 24 he sold his start-up cabling company to a competitor and went on to manage Atlantic Canada for Lucent Technologies. In the late 1990’s, Mike managed a National Telecom sales team that focused on supplying Telecom equipment to incumbent Telephone Companies and Cable companies across Canada.
    In 2004, Mike became an owner in 3D datacomm which started as a small communication integrator with 6 employees. Today, 3D datacomm has over 30 employees and five offices. He holds the Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD) designation from BISCI, is a Smart Board-Certified Master Trainer in both Education and Enterprise and is currently working on his CTS designation from Infocomm.
    Mike is very passionate about the ever-changing technology industry and participates in many industry advisory councils.
    3D datacomm

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    Business & Technology Impacts due to COVID-19

    Business & Technology Impacts due to COVID-19

    Eric Sugar is the President of ProServe IT, one of Canada’s leading full stack technology providers to organizations across Canada and a valuable Innovator Partner with MacKay CEO Forums. ProServe IT is recognized as the winner of Microsoft’s 2018 Global Partner for Social Impact Award and as one of Canada’s Best Small & Medium Employers for 2018.
    Eric acquired significant experience by working his way up from Principal Consultant to Director of Projects, then VP of Sales & Marketing before becoming President. Working at ProServeIT was a natural fit with Eric’s passion for teaching businesses how they can leverage technology to enable growth and added value.
    Aside from doing strategic planning for ProServeIT’s future growth and direction and speaking at worldwide technology conferences, Eric also helps customers to explore and set strategic directions for implementing and optimizing technology within their organizations.

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    Reinvent Yourself

    Reinvent Yourself

    Rick Denley's extensive background in transformational sales growth strategies, execution and team building has driven needed change in small to large organizations, including creating winning sales processes, with a focus on consultative and relationship based selling.
    A people-focused sales leader, Rick has led the Canadian division of multi-national organizations such as Matsushita Group in Japan, Schneider in France, Emerson in the USA, and Phoenix Contact in Germany. In each of these organizations, he has created new revenue streams while realizing the company's growth internally through its people.
    In 2017 Rick left the corporate world to continue his passion for leading individuals and organizations to realize their growth potential in an advisory capacity. He re-invented his career to become a highly sought-after advisor, coach and mentor, a keynote speaker and facilitator with his consulting practice, Peak Performance Leadership.
    Peak Performance Leadership

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    Why CEOs Should Care about Customer Experience

    Why CEOs Should Care about Customer Experience

    Shannon Ballard is Vice President of Customer Innovation at Jan Kelley, a Canadian owned award-winning creative digital agency. With 20 years of experience in brand development and customer experience strategy, Shannon Ballard is an award winning marketer, with a proven track record for helping organizations position, develop and differentiate brands to inspire employees and drive growth.
    Shannon is a sought-out speaker on the topic of internal culture as she was a key contributor to Jan Kelley's internal transformation which led them to win the Waterstone Most Admired culture award in 2018.
    Shannon draws from a unique background of professional sports, hospitality and commercial real estate and has worked with some of Canada's biggest brands
    Jan Kelley

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    What CEOs Need to Know about Suicide

    What CEOs Need to Know about Suicide

    As the President of JV Driver Group of Companies, Bill has been at the forefront of growing JV Driver from a two-person operation on Vancouver Island to a large, multi-national corporation offering construction services and engineered products in all sectors.
    JV Driver's core values are Take Care of Each Other, Be Innovative, Build Great Things and Have Fun. Along with its core values, JV Driver is driven by a mission to Think Different, Build Better for its people and clients; this mission was spear-headed by Erika Elkington.
    Bill won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Prairie Region in 2010 and JV Driver also received the Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures 2010 award. JV Driver is consistently recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies.
    As the Executive Director of the Erika Legacy Foundation, Chris Maksylewicz leads the fight to reduce the risks of suicide and mental health so that our communities and the people within them can become the best version of themselves.
    The Erika Legacy Foundation is a public, Canadian foundation, started in 2016 by the family of Erika Nicole Elkington. The Foundation;s main function is to raise funds and provide financial support to Canadian programs for suicide prevention, thru its three pillars: scientific research; inspiration; and action.
    The Erika Legacy Foundation

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