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The affable ranting and raging economist everybody loves.

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The affable ranting and raging economist everybody loves.

    Older Brother Podcast 68

    Older Brother Podcast 68

    Cappy and Chad discuss things and stuff. Tax season almost over for Cappy and the book is off to a new publisher.

    • 1 hr 41 min
    The Clarey Podcast 314 - The "Cappy's Ex Got Fat" Episode

    The Clarey Podcast 314 - The "Cappy's Ex Got Fat" Episode

    Cappy and DT talk about:
    Salvaging your childhood as an adult.
    Cappy starting to drive like a Boomer in his truck.
    Socialists are just not accomplished people.
    Cappy's ex got fat.

    • 3 hr 21 min
    Older Brother Podcast 67 - The "Advice to 23 Year Old Women" Episode

    Older Brother Podcast 67 - The "Advice to 23 Year Old Women" Episode

    Cappy and Chad talk about:
    Idiots on planes.
    Idiots in work out rooms.
    Idiots in First Class.
    Idiots driving Cappy to drink.
    A 23 year old woman wants to get married and have kids.

    • 3 hr 3 min
    Clarey Podcast Black Mountain Hike Special

    Clarey Podcast Black Mountain Hike Special

    Cappy hikes down a Black Mountain and talks about economics, why he may not publish his book, nazi park rangers, "California," "stay on the trails," taking a break, and more.
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    • 48 min
    The Clarey Podcast 313 - The "DMV" Episode

    The Clarey Podcast 313 - The "DMV" Episode

    Cappy's visit to the DMV.
    "Life coaches, Journalists, and Content Creators"
    "My husband called me fat. WHAT SHOULD I DO????"
    Washington State Forcing Publicly Traded Companies to have Diverse Boards.
    Dumpster baby becomes Millionaire.

    • 2 hr 48 min
    The Older Brother Podcast #66 Adj

    The Older Brother Podcast #66 Adj

    Cappy and Chad do a quick podcast with TJ Martinell about things and stuff. Cappy in bad mood. Writing make Cappy and angry man.

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

TheBillBillBill ,

Entertaining and educational

(This block text is for Chad) I had been listening and watching Aaron’s YouTube videos for years and always found them to be entertaining. He and I are about the same age and so hearing his thoughts and frequent rants was like hearing my own conversations with my closest friends. Lately I’ve had a lot of down time during the work day as I mostly work on my own and can be flexible with my schedule. I subscribed to the podcast for those times I do have to commute or interact with the public. It’s good to be reminded that there are other sane people in the world, despite almost never meeting them. So glad I started listening to the podcast because the quality is even better than some of the earlier YouTube videos I’d seen. The interview with Rollo Tomasi was great. I can’t recommend strongly enough that young men listen to Clarey’s advice and seek his counsel. Each episode contains a nugget of wisdom that has me think “If only I’d known that 20 years ago...” One of these days I’ll get around to reading his books.

Scrface87 ,

Oh Cappy my Cappy

I have to say that Clarey has become fundamental in my growth as a man and an intellectual. His books, which you should all buy, have not entertained me but make me a better man. He never pull any punches and is brutally honest. There's very few men I call friends or mentors, Aaron Clarey is both. Listen and grow some...more.

Heresolong ,

Enjoyable, for a while

I've been listening to Aaron for over six years. Slowly listening a little less frequently as it seems I've heard all his opinions. He is still entertaining, and by the way, don't skip the advertising. Aaron goes off on tangents during advertising that is just as funny as his normal topics.

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