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Lead Your Clients. Scale Your Business.

    #033: How to Lead Clients

    #033: How to Lead Clients

    For the first time ever, we’re launching a course designed to help you lead your clients to incredible results. We call it Legendary Client Leaders™ and we’re sharing the 5 documents (and a few bonus ones too) that script the exact ways you need to lead clients so they take responsibility, show up feeling empowered, and so YOU feel like the expert leader you know you could be.

    Learn more, and get an exclusive discount for the first 10 clients: https://legendaryclientleaders.com/10

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    #032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

    #032: Redefining Health with Belldon Colme

    Belldon Colme is a metabolic cellular biologist, best-selling author, speaker and coach who focuses on balancing body chemistry to help clients reclaim youthful energy, lose weight and achieve optimal wellness goals. Belldon is the founder of the wildly successful Nutritional Fitness™ program. 

    He's proud to reveal that more than 92% of his private clients keep the weight off for the long term -- and that success rate has set a new standard in the weight loss industry. As a metabolism expert and the author of No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth Behind Weight Loss, Your Body, and Wellness, Belldon has landed more than 60 media interviews, including spotlights on CBS, ABC and NBC.

    Belldon began studying the world of cell biology and metabolism after struggling with obesity and suffering a heart attack at 38-years-old. Since then, Belldon has lost more than 105 pounds, kept the weight off, and successfully reversed heart disease. Today, he speaks nationally about his simple biochemistry-focused approach and the incredible ways it can change your life. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, you can count on Belldon to transform complicated chemistry concepts into memorable and powerful action steps.

    As a very special offer to our Client Whisperer™ Show listeners, Belldon is giving away his Immunity Jumpstart program completely free of charge through April 25th, 2020. 

    Visit: iwantnf.com/immune and use the coupon code: immunesystem.

    You can connect with Belldon on...

    His Website: https://iwantnf.com

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    #031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

    #031: Managing Risk with Dan Nicholson

    Besides being a remarkable resource on business & financial strategy, Dan is offering a free resource to help business owners and employers maximize the funds they can get from the US Federal Government’s stimulus and relief programs. Dan is kind enough to give this resource away for free to our audience. Go to https://cfeclass.com/helpful to access these complimentary resources.

    Dan was always that cliche kid growing up scheming on business ideas and then went in the exact opposite of direction entrepreneurship.

    He did a fellowship at the Board that writes the accounting standards in the US. He then worked for a Warren Buffet backed company getting ready to go public. He also worked with the current CFO of Roku. 

    Finally, he found his way back to entrepreneurship and helps business owners achieve financial uncertainty by, as he calls it, "Rigging the Game."

    You can connect with Dan on...

    His Website: cfeclass.comHis Podcast, Rigging The Game Facebook

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    #030: “I Need To Leave Because of this Coronavirus Stuff”

    #030: “I Need To Leave Because of this Coronavirus Stuff”

    What do you say when your client says “I need to leave (or pause) because of this coronavirus stuff.”

    This has been an incredibly challenging time for so many people worldwide. And it has never been more important for leaders (and especially client leaders) to step up and lead.

    In this episode we share how Tony, The Client Whisperer™ himself has delt with this and coached dozens of clients and friends how to as well. 

    Production for this episode is made possible by The Client Success System® For more information on the client fulfillment audits and to speak to one of our consultants, go to http://ClientSuccessCall.com

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    #029: “I Don’t Have Time”

    #029: “I Don’t Have Time”

    What do you say when a client says “I Didn’t Have Time”?

    In this What To Say Wednesday, we explore what it really means when clients “don’t have time.” Spoiler alert, it is almost never because of time.

    When clients aren’t working on their homework, it is always because of one of 3 things. 

    They don’t believe it will help.

    They didn’t fully understand what they needed to do.

    They are struggling to get out of their own way.

    It could be that they didn’t have time, but that would still mean that they are just struggling to make the time in their life. Or it could be an excuse for a deeper reason. Here are the questions to ask so you can determine what your client needs to keep going.

    Do you have a client question that stumps you? 

    Is there a client query that stops you dead in your tracks? 

    Do you encounter a client conundrum that has you scratching your head for an answer?

    If you answered yes, then ask us your question and we just might feature you on a future episode of What to Say Wednesday. Click here and fill out the form on the sidebar.

    Production for this episode is made possible by The Client Success System® For more information on the client fulfillment audits and to speak to one of our consultants, go to http://ClientSuccessCall.com

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    #028: Effectiveness Before Efficiency

    #028: Effectiveness Before Efficiency

    There are lots of systems consultants who can help you get efficient. We have some good friends we recommend for this all the time.

    Renowned business consultant, Peter Drucker once said: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently what should not be done at all.”

    If your program isn’t effective at creating value for clients it doesn’t matter how efficient you are. 

    This is the problem with most systems. Most people systematize what they’ve always done. Or they systematize what they think should be done. Rather than starting first with effectiveness. 

    In this episode of The Client Whisperer™ Show, Tony digs into the questions smart leaders ask themselves when they’re thinking of systematizing anything.

    What absolutely has to happen for your client to get results?

    Where do they run into friction in your process and need support?

    How can they get over those issues so they can continue to get results?

    Production for this episode is made possible by The Client Success System® For more information on the client fulfillment audits and to speak to one of our consultants, go to http://ClientSuccessCall.com

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Real Estate Journeys Podcast ,

Well played

I’m looking forward to consuming this podcast while in quarantine. Tony seems very knowledgeable in both wisdom and life with actionable tips I can act on.

CBB928 ,

Fresh and new :)

I found Tony's podcast to be refreshing and new in the podcast space. He truly gets into working with clients, gives you practical ways to make an impact, and how to handle those things that might stop us with working with others.

sscb990 ,

Innovative Business Strategies

I found these podcasts to be insightful and Tony definitely thinks outside of the box.

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