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Hello, and welcome to The Cold Coffee Club, a podcast brought to you by Houston Moms!

Join us, your hosts, Ashley & Jenny, as we give you a little bit of that mom-to-mom connection, fun, and conversation amidst all the chaos! Each week, we will take a break from doing all the things and explore the wide spectrum of this crazy motherhood role! We’ll interview fun guests, talk about cool grown-up topics, laugh, share and grow together! So go ahead, reheat that coffee and put your feet up! Here we go!

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Hello, and welcome to The Cold Coffee Club, a podcast brought to you by Houston Moms!

Join us, your hosts, Ashley & Jenny, as we give you a little bit of that mom-to-mom connection, fun, and conversation amidst all the chaos! Each week, we will take a break from doing all the things and explore the wide spectrum of this crazy motherhood role! We’ll interview fun guests, talk about cool grown-up topics, laugh, share and grow together! So go ahead, reheat that coffee and put your feet up! Here we go!

    Back-to-School Meal Hacks

    Back-to-School Meal Hacks

    Back to school season can be insanely stressful… for MOMS! Gotta have a plan for everything! If you’re struggling to come up with meal ideas that are quick, convenient and yummy during this hectic time of year, the Cold Coffee Club is happy to help!

    Back to School Meal Hacks:

    -Dewafelbakkers microwavable pancakes are perfect for quick mornings… and the kids can make them all by themselves!

    -Caesar wraps made from the pre-made rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store are a delicious dinner!

    -Pancake on a stick (breakfast corndogs!) are a go-to!

    -Crockpots are lifesavers! A Mississippi Roast Roast makes an incredible meal that you don’t even have to do anything with throughout the day. Just prep and go! Don’t forget your crockpot liner!

    Some other breakfast and dinner meal favorites:

    Breakfast for Dinner
    Breakfast sandwiches
    PB&J Eggo Sandwiches
    Flatbread Pizzas
    Batched meals (chili, spaghetti, sous, red beans and rice) in the freezer
    Grilled Cheese
    Canned Soups
    Homemade Lunchables
    Breakfast bars

    Don’t forget to check out our Kids Eat Free post for dinner on the super cheap!

    Cream & Sugar Recommendations:

    Run to the antique store called August Antiques! It’s off of Heights Blvd that sells old and rare books that will have you enjoying historic books and digging up rare finds. AND they have old yearbooks from the Houston area! How cool!

    Houston Moms House Blend Posts:

    Austin, our endearing neighbor to the west, has so much to offer! If you find yourself in need of a quick trip with the family, check out our guide to Austin, that breaks down where to go, eat and hang up your hat during your visit!

    Houston Moms is sharing all things Back to School! Check out all these latest posts!

    Getting Back-to-School: Houston Area School Calendars for 2022- 2023
    Houston Moms’ Back-to-School Hacks for a Successful School Year
    11 Ways to Ease the Back to School Transition {+ Free Printable}

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    Getting Ready for Back-To-School!

    Getting Ready for Back-To-School!

    Can you believe it’s time to start thinking about sending the kids Back-to-School! We’ve all had our summer fun in this crazy summer heat, but now it's back to business!

    Back to School Tips:

    -Check with your school's PTA/ PTO to see if you can order school supplies directly from your school instead of doing all the shopping yourself. 

    -Get a quick haircut the week before, make a special breakfast on the 1st day and a fun afterschool snack to make the new school year extra special!

    -School can be tough and wearing on a kiddo, so daily affirmations, ESPECIALLY on the 1st day can help. 

    -A quick chat about cell phones at school has been important to Ashley. Times are different than when we went to school, and some kids like making TikTok videos at school, so chatting about phones, safety, etc may be necessary. 

    -Don't miss the Just Between Friends consignment sales all over Houston this fall to grab great deals on clothes for the kids!

    -The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, We Don't Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins, Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, The Day you Begin by Jacqueline Woodson, and Llama Llama Misses Mama are great books to read before the 1st day of school and ease anxieties. 

    -The Busy Toddler is an awesome Instagram resource for preparing your young kids for Kindergarten and what they REALLY need to know before the 1st day. 

    Cream & Sugar Recommendations:

    Treats of Mexico... go! NOW! It's in Eado off of Telephone Rd. Try all kinds of Mexican treats, snacks and desserts. It's super popular and is always busy, so it MUST be good. 

    Check out the show, Loot, on Apple TV. It's loosely based on the wife of Jeff Bezos. It's funny and quirky as it explores thew life of a woman who has incredible wealth while she works with those who have significantly less. 

    Houston Moms House Blend Posts:

    Indoor Play Spots for Houston Kids by Shrav C. has been a great resource for play areas to visit while the outside temperatures continue to be insanely offensive! 

    Letting Go: Sending a Child to Summer Camp for the First Time by Emily Feinstein is a great read to help you mentally prepare for sending your kids to camp, daycare, school, wherever. 

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    Hurricane Preparedness with Justin Stapleton

    Hurricane Preparedness with Justin Stapleton

    Did you know we are in the midst of “Hurricane Season” in Houston?

    June 1st through November 30th is prime HURRICANE time!

    Join us as we discuss what we can expect during this wild season of the year for Houstonians, when to be concerned and how to prepare with one of our favorite meteorologists, KPRC 2's Justin Stapleton!

    Justin shares his know-how for making sure that you are prepared for big weather! Some of his tips include:

    -Stock up on quick bite solutions like PB&J, snacks that can last a while, and water
    -Don’t forget about your pets! Have extra dog food on hand during an impending storm
    -Have refills of your prescriptions on hand when you see that Justin in predicting bad weather
    -Generators can be great but even a battery pack to charge your phones can keep you connected
    -Just be prepared with as many essentials as you can to avoid a mad-dash to the store!

    Justin also shared some incredibly useful resources for Houston Moms and kiddos to learn more about weather:

    Hurricane Headquarters
    Hurricane Hunters
    National Hurricane Center

    Don’t forget Justin’s most valuable advice during Hurricane Season: DON’T PANIC!

    Be sure to follow Justin on Instagram, Twitter and, of course, on the Click2Houston site!

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    Diving into Pool Bag Essentials!

    Diving into Pool Bag Essentials!

    What’s in your pool bag?

    Jenny and Ashley share their MUST HAVE pool bag essentials in this episode of the Cold Coffee Club!

    Jenny’s Pool Bag Goodies

    Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick

    Zabert Goggles 3 Pack

    Full change of clothes (Tops, bottoms, underwear, shoes, everything!)


    Beach Towels from Five Below

    Frozen Uncrustables

    Celsius Energy Drinks

    Ashley’s Pool Bag Goodies

    Coppertone Glow Shimmer SPC 30

    Alva Baby Wet/Dry Bags 

    A good Hair Brush

    Waterproof Phone Cover 

    Dollar Tree Beach Toys

    Mio Drink Mix

    “Cream & Sugar” Recommendations

    Seriously, Houston Moms’ Monthly Guide has been a lifesaver this summer for useful boredom busters! Fill your days with Houston FUN!

    Somebody Feed Phil is an awesome show for any curious foodies who want something fun and relaxing to watch. Explore different cultures and their unique cuisines with Phil!

    “House Blend” Posts

    If you’re like Ashley, feeling oblivious about protecting your skin during the summer, head over to Dani’s post, Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Protection and Sunscreen. She truly gives you ALL this information to combat the Texas sun!

    Chris Sizemore brings a Houston gem to light in her post, Enjoy Free Arts Performances All Summer at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Summer is an incredible opportunity to check out some amazing performances… Don’t miss out!

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    Diggin' Deep into Migraines!

    Diggin' Deep into Migraines!

    This one's a doozy! We’re discussing National Headache and Migraine Awareness month.

    Do you know the difference between a headache and a migraine? If you’ve ever experienced one of each, you definitely know the difference!

    Join us as we dig deep with Dr. Desiree Bobino-Thomas, an incredible Kelsey-Seybold neurologist, about differentiating between two very different kinds of headaches and how they can affect mothers.

    “Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:

    Jenny is a huge fan of Top Gun: Maverick! If you’re in the mood for a good time and a solid dose of nostalgia, this flick is just for you!

    Be sure to keep an eye on your local movie theaters for cheap movie days for the kiddos this summer! Beat the heat in a cool movie theater watching family-friendly films!

    Houston Moms “House Blend” Posts:

    Kimberly Smith wrote a post that reminds just the adventure is right in our neck of the woods. Head over to Texas Hill Country for an incredible time away, exploring the terrain of our state.

    To go to Aldi is to know and love it! Mary Barnes wrote a post we all need during these uber-expensive times! She breaks down how to effectively use this untraditional store to meet your family’s needs and keep a little money in your pocket!

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    The CCC goes LIVE!

    The CCC goes LIVE!

    The Cold Coffee Club went LIVE!!!

    And we were giving away a Britax Click-Tight car seat!

    Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for our unedited chat that almost didn’t happen! (Y’all, all the technical difficulties came out of the woodworks as we prepped for this fun day!)

    “Cream and Sugar” Recommendations:

    Jenny checked out Splashway Water Park in Sheridan, TX. Not only is there a ton of fun there for all ages, but you can bring your own food! That’s a huge selling point for mamas on a budget!

    Ashley is so pumped to take her boys to Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures to enjoy “wet, dry and aerial fun!” We look forward to sliding down fun slides and making a splash, but also giving ziplining a shot and visiting turtles and baby alligators.

    There are tons of splash pads all over Houston that provide free fun for your kids! Nottingham Park, Discovery Green, Kemah, Lents Family Park East are just a few of our favorites!

    The Houston Food Fest has been postponed until November 12.

    Pundt Park is the perfect “Beach Day” destination without actually going to the beach!

    Feeding the kiddos during the summer can be so insanely exhausting! How are they always hungry? What do they want? What quick options do we have? Jenny and Ashley explore quick lunch options (sandwiches, trays, quesadillas, fruit, etc) but they also explore a few quick recipes.

    Pulled Pork Sandwiches
    Grilled Chicken Apple Sausage (Adells)
    Chicken thighs with sweet potatoes
    Chicken Caesar Wraps
    Kielbasa, peppers, potatoes and onion skillet
    Mango-Peach Salsa Pork Tenderloin
    BLT Salad

    And Jenny loves providing her kids with a schedule for each day so there is still a sense of structure and she isn’t bombarded with constant “What are we gonna do today?”

    Houston Moms “House Blend” Post:

    We are so thankful for the insights of our editor, Elizabeth Baker, who wrote an incredible post with an important message. The Burden of Summer: What not all Moms can make it Magical reminds us that there are many restrictions that burden moms as they try to create summer magic.

    We can’t all do it all! And that’s ok. Breathe, moms. Your kids will be fine and enjoy the summer break without huge family vacations or sleep-away camps. They will be fine!

    We are wrapping up our regular season, but we will still be posting new episodes every other week as we head into Season 3 of The Cold Coffee Club!

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

TexasJenny ,

Great Hosts!

Short, Sweet, and they are funny! Feel like I’m talking to friends

Maya Acosta- Health Lifestyle ,

Fun Conversations for Moms

Ashley and Jenny have created a fun platform for moms of all ages and backgrounds. I love that they are in Houston since I am nearby in Dallas. They talk about all things related to being moms including current topics such as the recent baby formula shortage. I enjoy hearing about activities for the children such as visiting the rode, enjoying a day at the museum or even celebrating the diverse foods found in Houston. Great job ladies!

ooh lah 43566 ,

Texan moms unite!

I love bonding through this podcast! As a Dallas mom, I love this relatable podcast!

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