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Steve and Sean beak down and discuss each episode of "Columbo", one by one, and in no particular order.

The Columbo Confab Podcast Steve and Sean

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Steve and Sean beak down and discuss each episode of "Columbo", one by one, and in no particular order.

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4.4 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

saltyessentials ,

Well, my wife, she says I'm second best but, uh, she claims there are 80 fellas tied for first.

I've been a Columbo fan since I was a kid, watching the episodes at first run. These guys do a nice job of keeping things light and entertaining, going deep enough into each episode to satisfy someone who knows the episodes well. I'm only a dozen or so episodes into the 'cast, as I'm going first to last, so way behind the current episodes. As for the language, not a detractor for me, and there are other worthy Columbo 'casts out there with the clean language label attached. One thing on the technical side that's a downer: Sean naturally speaks quite a bit louder than Steve (who's quite soft spoken) does. This leads to a lot of turning the volume up to catch what Steve's saying and then getting blasted when Sean chimes in. Dunno if you guys have the ability to level things out in post or not, might be a good idea if you could swing it.

Vegetablemanwhereareyou ,

This show is unlistenable

Great topic but each episode could be 30 compelling minutes if not for the inside jokes and useless banter between Not Steve and Not Sean.

Amateur at best. This podcast is basically a phone conversation between two friends.

Crumpled Brown Bag ,

Funny and Spot on

As a lifelong Columbophile, I enjoy this podcast. The guys really balance comedy with plot dissection and even a bit of legal analysis. I have enjoyed catching up and look forward to the next one. One more thing....it’s a crumpled brown bag full of fun.

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