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Welcome to the Concordia Publishing House Podcast where we consider everything in the light of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hosted by Elizabeth Pittman.

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Welcome to the Concordia Publishing House Podcast where we consider everything in the light of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hosted by Elizabeth Pittman.

    Newest Concordia Commentary - Isaiah 13 - 27 | Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe

    Newest Concordia Commentary - Isaiah 13 - 27 | Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe

    In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe joins host Elizabeth Pittman to discuss his work on the newest volume in the Concordia Commentary series, Isaiah 13 – 27 - Concordia Commentary. 
    The next volume in the series will be available on November 30 and is available for pre-order now. Get your copy at cph.org/isaiah-13-37-concordia-commentary. 
    Plus, subscribe to the Concordia Commentary series on CPH’s website by visiting cph.org/commentary. 

     Show Notes
    Chapters 13 to 27 of the book of Isaiah are often overlooked, yet they are invaluable. These chapters play an integral part in our understanding of God's plan for all of his people.
    Listen to this episode as author Dr. Paul Raabe explores his time writing the newest edition in the Concordia Commentary series that covers Isaiah chapters 13 to 27. Dr. Raabe will provide insight into the message found in this text, the impact of studying Isaiah on his own faith, and encouragement for lay people who may be interested in diving into this Old Testament book of the Bible. 
    -        What was it like spending so much of your professional life studying Isaiah?
    -        When you’re translating from Hebrew to English, how difficult is it to capture the nuance of the poetry found in Isaiah?
    -        Tell us about the message of the book of Isaiah as a whole. 
    -        Are the judgments found in these chapters of Isaiah only meant for unbelievers or do they also apply to Christians? How do we look at that today?
    -        Tell us about the Gospel message found in Isaiah. Do we see that message come through in these prophecies?
    -        Have you found studying Isaiah over the years has had an impact on your personal faith?
    -        You’ve taught about Isaiah in a variety of contexts. How have you approached teaching Isaiah in all these contexts?
    -        What ways have you found to be effective to encourage your students to spend time in the Word?
    -        For those of us who are not trained in Hebrew, what is your encouragement for the average lay people who may pick up this volume of Concordia Commentary?

     About the Guest
    Dr. Paul Raabe is a professor emeritus at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, retiring in 2018 after 35 years as professor of Exegetical Theology. Dr. Raabe’s areas of interest and expertise include the Hebrew Prophets and poetry, Old Testament theology, and biblical theology. He has also served on The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Commission on Theology and has co-edited a previous piece for Concordia Publishing House, The Press of the Text, a Festschrift in honor of Concordia Seminary Professor Dr. James W. Voelz. Dr. Raabe received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, Nebraska, a Master of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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    Faith That Shines in the Culture | Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa

    Faith That Shines in the Culture | Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa

    In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, host Elizabeth Pittman is joined by Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa to talk about his next book, Faith That Shines in the Culture. In his upcoming book, Al shows readers how we can reflect the light of Christ to the world around us. 
    Pre-order Al’s newest book on CPH’s website by visiting cph.org/faith-that-shines-in-the-culture. 
    Show Notes
    Being part of society as a Christian means living out your faith in the church, the government, and the family. At the same time, every individual is called by God to do something in the world, known as your vocation. Both your vocation and living in The Three Estates are beautiful and rich parts of being a Lutheran. 
    In his upcoming book, Al Espinosa examines both of these theological concepts to help you see how to take up God's greatest call: showcasing God's light through you and into the world. During the episode, Al talks about how Christians can learn how to express Christ's light in each portion of their life as they go about their daily routine. He also discusses how this new book fits in with his two previous Faith That… books with CPH and what listeners should expect from the work.
    How does your new book fit into your previous writing?What is vocation? What does vocation look like?What are the Three Estates?What advice do you have for church members to help underscore how important it is for every member of the local congregation to be active and involved?About the Guest
    Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa is a graduate of Concordia University Irvine (BA) and Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana (MDiv). He received an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University and a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Birmingham (England) in 2009. Dr. Espinosa is the senior pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Irvine, California, and a member of the Board for National Mission of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In addition to writing the faith-and-culture trilogy, he has served as an author for The Lutheran Difference, a study notes team member for The Lutheran Study Bible, and a contributor to the Biblical Response series. 

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    Lutheran Women in Mission | Eden Keefe

    Lutheran Women in Mission | Eden Keefe

    Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML) President Eden Keefe joins host Elizabeth Pittman on this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast to discuss being a woman in mission and a woman who serves Christ.
    Find out more about LWML at lwml.org.
    Show Notes
    In this episode, Eden sits down to discuss her new role as president, what she is looking forward to for the upcoming biennium, and how listeners can get involved in LWML as a young woman looking to serve Christ and the church. 
    Eden also shares some of her favorite memories of LWML after having served and been involved in the organization for many years. She provides advice for those looking to get involved in ministry and gives her insight into how LWML continues to faithfully serve the LCMS.     

    Questions Covered
    ·        What is LWML Sunday? How can it be celebrated in the congregation? 
    ·        Tell us about this year’s theme.
    ·        What were some of the highlights from this summer’s convention for you?
    ·        What excites you about the coming biennium? How can people support the LWML mission grants?
    ·        How can listeners support their local LWML? If they don’t have an active chapter, how can they get connected?
    ·        What tools have you found helpful for your personal devotions?
    ·        How did you get involved with Visual Faith Ministry?
    ·        What is the best encouragement you've received in your service in the Church?
    ·        Who is your favorite woman in the Bible?
    ·        What would you tell very young girls about what it means to be a woman in mission?
    ·        How can our listeners pray for you and the LWML?
    About the Guest
    Eden Keefe is president of LWML and was elected to this position at the LWML National Convention in 2023. She has also served as LWML Vice President of Christian Life from 2013-2017, as Leader Development Committee Chairman, and as a member of the Christian Resources Editors. Eden worked on the LWML Official Publications Staff as Christian Living Editor and has served LWML at the district level in the Kansas district as well as the LWML Carolinas District Recording Secretary.

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    Battle of the Soul | Rev. Dr. Michael Fieberkorn

    Battle of the Soul | Rev. Dr. Michael Fieberkorn

    On this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Pastor Mike Fieberkorn speaks with host Elizabeth Pittman about his new book, Battle of the Soul: Luther Reforms Vice and Virtue. 
    Battle of the Soul will be available on October 31, 2023. Pre-order your copy by visiting cph.org/battle-of-the-soul-luther-reforms-vice-and-virtue.

    Show Notes
    Envy, greed, gluttony, lust, anger, sloth, and pride are all vices and manifestations of our unbelief. Pastor Fieberkorn joins Elizabeth Pittman to explain how our daily living of the Ten Commandments helps kill our unbelief.
    Listen as Pastor Fieberkorn reflects on how he came to write about the ideas of vice and virtue, what he defines as believers’ daily battle, how Martin Luther reformed thinking about these everyday struggles, and more.   

     Questions Covered
    ·         What is the battle of the soul?
    ·         How did you first notice the ideas of vice and virtue in Luther? Were you surprised to see how often Luther used these ideas?
    ·         How does repeated engagement in sinful thinking turn into a habitual vice that becomes our way of looking at the world? How might it affect our neighbors?
    ·         How can naming our vices help us diagnose something that might be becoming an idol in our lives?
    ·         What does Christian virtue look like according to Luther?
    ·         Luther matches up vices and virtues with the 10 Commandments. Give a couple examples of this.
    ·         Why must we actively work to kill our vices/slay the old man?
    ·         Why is it’s so important to remember our Baptism each day and the comfort that gives?
    ·         At the back of the book, there are prayers for the reader to use in their daily lives. Can you talk about how readers might use those and why they’re helpful? How do these types of prayers help us grow in our prayer life and strengthen us for battle?
    About the Guest
    Rev. Dr. Michael Todd Fieberkornhas served as a Lutheran pastor at Zion in St. Charles, Missouri, since 2019. He is a second-career pastor who served active duty in the Air Force for six years and currently serves in the Air Force Reserves. Pastor Fieberkorn and his wife, Angela, have three children.

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    Peace Came to Earth | Rev. Daniel Paavola

    Peace Came to Earth | Rev. Daniel Paavola

    Rev. Dan Paavola joins host Elizabeth Pittman on this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast. The duo discusses the upcoming 2023 Advent and Christmas daily devotions authored by Dan, Peace Came to Earth. Dan will talk about the different ways that Jesus brings us peace from God and remind us of the true reason of the Christmas season. 
    Get a copy of the devotions on cph.org at cph.org/peace-came-to-earth-daily-devotions-for-advent-and-christmas.

    Show Notes:
    In today’s world, Christmastime is often busy, hectic, and stressful but that’s not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about a manger and hay, stables and shepherds, and a swaddled baby called the Prince of Peace. 
    In this episode Dan provides insight into his new daily devotions Peace Came to Earth, where readers will take a step back and celebrate the peace and simplicity of Christmas. He talks about the metaphor of the star used in the Advent series, other imagery used to paint the story of Jesus, how we find lasting peace, and how God shows us the lasting peace only He can provide. 
    About the Guest
    Rev. Daniel E. Paavola is a professor and pastor with the gifts of storytelling, motorcycle riding, and Model T restoring. He is a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin and served twelve years as pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Butternut, Wisconsin.

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    Martin Luther on Mental Health | Dr. Steve Saunders

    Martin Luther on Mental Health | Dr. Steve Saunders

    Dr. Steve Saunders joins Elizabeth Pittman on this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast to talk about his new book Martin Luther on Mental Health: Practical Advice for Christians Today.

    Show Notes:                       
    Mental health issues are widely discussed today, but these issues aren't new. 500 years ago, Martin Luther was sharing advice to people who were wrestling with similar mental health challenges that many of us face today. 
    In this episode, Dr. Saunders explains how he came across the teachings on mental health from Martin Luther and what inspired him to put this into his new book. Listen to the full episode to hear what Dr. Saunders has to say about what Martin Luther taught 500 years ago and how it applies to our lives today, how we should interpret what the Bible says about mental health, why it’s important for Christians to understand mental health issues, and more.
     Questions Covered
    Why is this book important for Lutherans today?How did writing this book come about?How would you define mental health problems? How are they different from more serious mental illnesses? Why is it important to know the difference? Why is it so hard for people to talk about mental health issues? Why is it important for Christians to know how to have conversations with people experiencing mental health problems?After writing this book, what is the biggest piece of advice you would give to Christians dealing with friends and family with mental health problems?
    About the Guest
    Dr. Stephen Saunders is a clinical psychologist and psychology professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University, and his research interests include mental health services and mental health treatment. Dr. Saunders lives with his wife, Ruth, and has three children.

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