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Discussion and digression on science fiction and fantasy with Gary Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan.

The Coode Street Podcast Jonathan Strahan & Gary K. Wolfe

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Discussion and digression on science fiction and fantasy with Gary Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan.

    Episode 628: Sarah Pinsker and Lost Places

    Episode 628: Sarah Pinsker and Lost Places

    Returning after a brief hiatus, Coode Street welcomes the wonderful multiple award-winning Sarah Pinsker, whose new collection Lost Places has just been published by Small Beer Press, and includes the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award-winning “Where Oaken Hearts do Gather.”
    We touch upon her career as both story writer and novelist, the relationship of her music performances to her fiction, the balance between teaching and writing, the challenges for new authors entering the field, and of course the stories in her new book.

    • 54 min
    Episode 627:Kelly Link for the love of a good book

    Episode 627:Kelly Link for the love of a good book

    This week, Jonathan and Gary talk with Kelly Link, whose new collection White Cat, Black Dog is already showing up on bestseller lists. It's her first themed collection, with each of the seven stories linked to a particular fairy tale.
    We also touch upon several writers whose work has been important to Kelly, including Joanna Russ, Peter Straub, M.R, James, Fritz Leiber, Nicola Griffith, and Shirley Jackson, and even chat a bit about being an author who’s also a publisher (with Small Beer Press) and bookseller (with Book Moon), both co-owned and managed with Gavin J. Grant.
    We also discuss a few other things, including her highly anticipated forthcoming novel, The Book of Love.

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Episode 626: Awards season, British criticism and more

    Episode 626: Awards season, British criticism and more

    It’s awards season again (or maybe still), so Jonathan and Gary take a moment to remind everyone of the deadlines for nominating candidates for Hugo, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula Awards, and to discuss briefly a proposal to add a one-time category of “Best Fantasy Novel” to the Hugos at the 2024 Glasgow Worldcon.
    They also chat a bit about the Best Related Work Hugo, and whether or not certain categories might be eliminated. First, however, they touch upon whether the central concerns of mainstream SF were laid down in the interwar era, as Paul Kincaid argues in a new essay. And then Niall Harrison's new collection, All These Worlds: Reviews and Essays.  Finally, we touch upon the question of how important opening paragraphs and titles are when it comes to drawing a reader into a work of fiction.

    • 1 hr
    Episode 625: Kelly Barnhill and the Mind of a Writer

    Episode 625: Kelly Barnhill and the Mind of a Writer

    This week Jonathan and Gary are joined by World Fantasy and Newbery Award winner Kelly Barnhill, whose When Women Were Dragons was one of last year’s outstanding fantasy novels. We talk about her just-published The Crane Husband, which powerfully combines aspects of the classic fairy tale, science fiction, horror, and coming-of-age tale. We touch upon mixing genres, writing while raising a family, making up disposable fairytales, how stories involve both the forebrain and the hindbrain, and reading Terry Pratchett.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Coode Street 624: On short fiction

    Coode Street 624: On short fiction

    We are always casting around for inspiration. After getting ChatGPT to provide a new introduction for the podcast, Gary and Jonathan kick off a discussion about the health of the short fiction field, the scope and variety of short story collections due to be published in 2023, and share some (okay, many) thoughts on the history of short fiction collections in the science fiction field.  
    As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast. We'll see you again in two weeks.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Episode 623: The 2022 Locus Recommended Reading List

    Episode 623: The 2022 Locus Recommended Reading List

    This week, in our more-or-less annual discussion of the Locus Recommended Reading List, we are delighted to be joined by Locus Editor-in-Chief Liza Groen Trombi.
    We talk about the purpose of the list, how it has changed over the years, how books or stories get on the list, and a few thorny questions about how to decide whether a novel is SF or fantasy if it contains substantial elements of both. In addition to mentioning some of our own favourite works of the year, we touch upon the importance of the First Novels list, which might be a harbinger of what’s to come, and how story collections and YA novels have grown in importance over the years.
    As always, our thanks to Liza and we hope you enjoy the episode.

    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

Will_36 ,

Wide and deep perspectives on the field

Love this podcast. I’ve been a SF/F reader for most of my life (and more recently an attempted writer) and have been really enjoying getting a deeper perspective on the field and its history from Jonathan and Gary. They have a lot of good interviews with great guests, but honestly I like the ones with just the two of them talking the best.

malfoxley ,

Great show!

Jonathan and Gary, hosts of the Code Street podcast, highlight all aspects of science fiction, fantasy and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Arconna ,

A Staple in Genre

If you've been following the world of SF/F podcasting, then you'd know that Coode Street is one of the staples of the field. They've done extroardinary work exploring the literature, culture, and people of genre. Gary and Jonathan have an encyclopedia of knowledge between them, and they've put it to good use here.

Give them a listen cause they're just so good.

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