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The show that helps bloggers and writers create STELLAR content and build PROFITABLE businesses. Hosted by Gertrude Nonterah.

The Create & Prosper Sho‪w‬ Gertrude Nonterah

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The show that helps bloggers and writers create STELLAR content and build PROFITABLE businesses. Hosted by Gertrude Nonterah.

    5 lessons from my first $300 per month client

    5 lessons from my first $300 per month client

    In today's episode, I'm sharing how I landed my first recurring social media client who paid me $300 every month and the lessons I learned from being a newbie to the world of online business.
    I wanted to share this because first of all if you are at the beginning of your journey, I want to remind you that we all started at zero.
    Secondly, it's important to realize that while there is indeed A LOT of useless hype on the internet about making money online, it is possible to earn money on your terms.
    In this episode, I touch on:
    How I landed that first $300 per month social media client and how that quickly turned in $1000 per month
    Practical steps on landing your first paying client
    How to use your day job to fund your side hustle
    How to take the advice you hear from internet personalities (myself included) with a grain of salt
    The importance of celebrating your growth on your entrepreneurial journey.
    Links mentioned in this episode:
    20 skills you can learn and turn into a business
    Win At Freelance Writing book
    Try 30 days of Scribd for free and get unlimited eBooks and audiobooks for free.
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    From Registered Nurse to starting a health writing agency with Janine Kelbach

    From Registered Nurse to starting a health writing agency with Janine Kelbach

    In today’s episode, I am interviewing Janine Kelbach BSN, RNC-OB is a registered nurse, owner of health writing agency Write RN LLC and host of The Savvy Scribe Podcast.
    Janine and I connected on LinkedIn and a few months later, she reached out and asked if I would be a part of a team she was recruiting to do some work for her health writing agency. I said yes and it has been great to work as a contractor with Janine.
    In this episode, we talk about:
    How Janine got started with freelance writing
    Why it is important for you to think of your writing business as a BUSINESS and not a hobby from the very beginning
    Janine demonstrates an excellent way to find writing clients
    And then we talk about our favorite tools when it comes to coming up with content for clients
    You will love this episode.
    You can connect with Janine on LinkedIn.
    Thanks for listening!
    Resources mentioned in this episode:

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    Embracing pivots in life and business

    Embracing pivots in life and business

    Are you embracing pivots in your life and business? In today's episode, I am sharing the keys to making and embracing life's pivots.
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    Links I mention in this episode - http://geenonterah.com/resources/

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    7 MUST-READ books for 2021

    7 MUST-READ books for 2021

    Try Scribd free for 60 days and get access to THOUSANDS of eBooks and audiobooks starting RIGHT NOW - https://www.scribd.com/g/5bie4o
    In this episode, I am sharing 7 must-read books for entrepreneurs and what they've done for my business and mindset!
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    How to build a writer website that sells your services

    How to build a writer website that sells your services

    Hey there bosses! In today’s episode we are talking about building a writer website that sells your services.
    Contrary to what you may hear in the internet streets, you don’t need a website when you first get started as a writer.
    I explain more on this in the episode.
    But eventually, you will need a website and having the five elements I share in this episode will be helpful to you when you finally decide to get your website.
    Having your own website once you have your business going will allow you to:
    Look professional.
    Have a place to house links to previously written work (your samples) so you can easily send those to prospective clients.
    You can also use email marketing in conjunction with your website to nurture clients.
    Plus, it is 2021. Having a website is no longer a luxury. You should have one.
    Tools I use for my writer website are:
    (The following are my affiliate links. If you click through and purchase any of these, I will get a small commission at no additional cost to you.)
    Siteground  - I've used Siteground for my Wordpress website hosting needs since 2017 and highly recommend their service.
    Elegant Themes (specifically the Divi Theme)
    Another theme I recommend for websites is Thrive Themes.
    Or you could get a sleek theme from Creative Market.
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    2020 Reflections: The Good, Bad and Not so Great

    2020 Reflections: The Good, Bad and Not so Great

    Looking for tools to help you build your own online business? Check out my curated list of favorite online tools I’ve used to make my first six figures online at geenonterah.com/tools.
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    Hey there bosses and welcome to episode 34 of The Create and Prosper Show.
    In today’s episode I am sharing my thoughts and reflections on how 2020 went as far as my work and business are concerned.
    In this episode, I share:
    My failures – losing two major clients at the onset of the pandemic and even falling off the wagon when it came to this podcast
    The podcast interviews I was on and the doors that opened as a result
    Speaking opportunities that came my way
    Published a number 1 new release book on Amazon
    My work as a community college professor
    New projects I am working on for 2020 and more.
    2020 was definitely not the year many of us planned it to be!
    We went through loss after loss in various ways.
    I don’t want you to listen to this podcast episode and think that because you did not accomplish anything you deem stellar that you are not worthy.
    We are all traveling our lanes and to be honest, getting to the end of this year in one piece is a blessing and accomplishment enough!
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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Mayli_MFA ,

So Helpful for New Freelance Writers!

I love this podcast. Gee is full of infectious energy and provides loads of helpful information, advice, and encouragement for those interested in learning more about freelance writing. I’ve found gold nuggets in each episode and have replayed them to glean more insights! Gee, you are an incredibly valuable voice in the freelance writing/ entrepreneurship industry and I can’t thank you enough! You display true grit, girl!

Latrice Writes ,

Amazing Information

Gee is truly awesome and her advice spot on for those of us who want to make money as a freelance writer. She is so authentic and doesn’t hold anything back.

Keep creating and prospering!

You’re the best.

Felicita@92244 ,

Great Info - Infectious Laugh

Gee is brilliant! Her podcast is jam packed with helpful information. Her lively vibe is so positive and powerful and her laugh is infectious. Definitely worth listening to.

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