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Where Women And Filmmaking Collide

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Where Women And Filmmaking Collide

    Episode 503: Erica Williams Simon - Narrative strategist

    Episode 503: Erica Williams Simon - Narrative strategist

    Erica Williams Simon is an award-winning strategist, author, creative and entrepreneur. As the founder and former Head of Snapchat’s Creator’s Lab, Erica creates conversations that help a diverse, digital native generation tell new stories about “who we are and how we want to live”. Her work incorporates elements of her multi-industry career to surface countercultural wisdom for work, life and social impact.
    Through her company Sage House, a strategic content, experience and consulting firm Erica works with clients like Spotify, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and countless creative partners to bring big ideas to life. She is also host of the popular podcast The Call with Erica. 
    Previously, Simon worked as Senior Editor and Creative Director of Upworthy.com and as a columnist for TIME.com.
    On This Episode:
    Do you think our identity being rooted in what we do prevents us from moving and showing up in spaces that we are needed in?
    We see people on social media and compare not know the process…give us perspective you were the founding Creative Director of Upworthy.com – what does it look like to build // what skills do we need to build especially a media presence?
    Narrative intelligence what is it and why is it important to storytellers in media?
    How can someone gain opportunities to show up in their new space if they are “starting late”. Example you left and went into Snapchat
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    Shivawn Mitchell (host) www.shivawnmitchell.com 
    Erica Williams Simon (guest) https://www.ericawilliams.com/ 

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    Episode 502: Letisha Bereola - Emmy Nominated TV Anchor

    Episode 502: Letisha Bereola - Emmy Nominated TV Anchor

    Letisha Bereola is an Emmy nominated TV News Anchor in Jacksonville, Florida. With 10+ experience in the news industry, Letisha has covered everything from national championships and hurricanes as an MMJ to the anchor seat. Letisha is the host and producer of the podcast AUDACITY: Unlocking the secrets of the Bold where she interviews entrepreneurs, creatives, thought leaders and artists about how they cultivated the audacity to go after their dreams. Her faith in Jesus is the center of her life and helps her show up everyday as a mom of two, wife and news anchor who is determined to use her platform to inspire people to live a life purpose.
    On This Episode We Cover: 
    Finding our voice in a noisy space how do you show up as your authentic self as a storyteller.
    How does your faith define what stories you share?
    How does your faith shows up in your creativity?
    Representation in the media …why News? How did you get started?
    What does it look like for you going after your dreams? 
    What have you learned as wearing the producers hat going into the podcast?
    What do you say to the people who say I don’t want to start because the market is Oversaturated?
    Measuring Success….what does that look like for you and defining what it is?
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    Host: Shivawn Mitchell www.shivawnmitchell.com 
    Guest Latisha Bereola https://www.instagram.com/letishatv/ 

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    Episode 501: Christina Jones - Creative Director & Producer

    Episode 501: Christina Jones - Creative Director & Producer

    Christina Jones is a creative director and producer with a strong background in graphic design & branding, film production and marketing. She has traveled nationally and internationally, collaborating with brands such as Showtime Sports, TOGETHXR and House of Athlete to direct and produce creative content. She's recently founded a brand titled "Creatives Are Essential" which showcases the importance of individuals in creative fields and creates resources for people to grow by developing ideas, collaborating with others and learning to rest.
    On This Episode We Discuss : 
    Why Creatives are Essential 
    How she put herself out there to work with House of Athlete 
    Working with a team 
    What it looks like to produce
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    Episode 500: Avril Speaks - Producer & Director

    Episode 500: Avril Speaks - Producer & Director

    Avril Z. Speaks is a producer, director and film educator based in Los Angeles. She produced the critically-acclaimed feature film Jinn, which won the Special Jury Prize for Writing at SXSW andwas acquired by MGM/Orion Classics for theatrical and VOD release. Since then she has produced several films including Hosea, and African America, which will premiere this year atthe Pan African Film Festival, and the upcoming Dotty & Soul, starring Leslie Uggams, Gary Owens and Margot Bingham. She was an associate producer on the TNT docu-series “AmericanRace,” and has helped produce content for BET, Coca-Cola, Essence, and others.
    What we discussed on this episode? 
    How did you pursue film? What were your actionable steps? 
    Why do you think we don’t see more women in the space of producing and what skills do you need to wear that hat? How do we show up better? 
    Faith and Creativity. I saw that you studied, Theology and Film, why was this important for you to study the two together and how has it shaped your creativity? 
    Is it important for us to apply for producer labs or fellowships? What does this do for our careers? 
    Do you have to move to LA to be successful in film as a producer/or director? 
    What stories are important for you to tell now and why?
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    Avril Speaks 
    Shivawn Mitchell - Host & The Creative Outsiders 

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    Episode 409 : Shannan E. Johnson - Script Consultant

    Episode 409 : Shannan E. Johnson - Script Consultant

    SHANNAN E. JOHNSON is the ultimate accountability partner. After grad school she became a junior creative executive at NBCUniversal at the Syfy Channel. I was there for the rebrand. Remember Sci Fi? Yeah, not really. Anywho, it was her job to help writers and producers take their ideas from pitch to production. She co-exec'd on Alphas, Being Human, Haven, Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, and more Syfy dramedies. This is how she honed my skill in all stages of the screenwriting process. She started her own script consulting company, The Professional Pen. Her clients include emerging screenwriters to established actors, directors, showrunners and producers. She's judged screenplay competitions and sat on festival panels, consulted on a plethora of scripts, and garnered several editing credits. 
    Our Host for this Episode is Brittany White a modern-day visionary. Using a unique brand of faith, funny and down to earth realness, Brittany aspires to show women that you can have it all without sacrificing your faith, family or career.
    On This Episode We Cover: 
    Your career path defines versatility…you’ve worked in education, tv/film and as an actress/singer/dancer. How did you decide it was time for a career switch and were you ever fearful of taking the leap from one career path to another?
    What exactly is a script consultant and what type of services do you offer to writers?
    Why is it important as a writer to invest in these types of services?
    Let's get social 
    IG: @theprofessionalpen
    IG: @thecreativeoutsiders 

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    Episode 408 : Myah Lipscomb - Cinematographer + Director + Editor + Writer

    Episode 408 : Myah Lipscomb - Cinematographer + Director + Editor + Writer

    Myah Naomi Lipscomb was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Adelphi, Maryland as the only child of Sylvester and Chandra Lipscomb. She was taught at the early age of three to be an individual and it eventually became apart of her identity to whole-heartedly and unapologetically be herself.  After graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt high school in Greenbelt, Maryland, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Tennessee State University.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science/ Pre-Veterinary Medicine.  After working as a veterinary assistant for a year and half, she realized that her passion lied elsewhere and that life was too short not to fulfill her dreams. She has always had a strong creative side that she’s expressed through dance, writing, acting, videography, and editing. In December of 2014, she took a leap of faith toward her passion and decided to pursue a career in television and film. She attended Lipscomb University and graduated with her Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in Film & Creative Media in December 2017.
    Myah’s passion for television and film comes from the desire to create content that positively represents people of color, especially women of color, in a respectable manner. She is the creator of an award winning scripted television comedy series, #WeirdMYAH, and is currently in the process of getting it picked up by a television network or streaming platform. She currently works as a freelance director, cinematographer, and editor for individuals, artists, musicians, events, businesses, and local television stations.
    Podcast Guest Host: Brittany White is a modern-day visionary. Using a unique brand of faith, funny and down to earth realness, Brittany aspires to show women that you can have it all without sacrificing your faith, family or career.
    Nicknamed “Every girl’s best friend”, Brittany’s humor and realness has allowed her to connect to women all over the country through an active and engaging social media presence. She understands that social media can be used as a source to bring women together and uses it to inspire and encourage women around the world. 
    The vision of Brittany J. White Inc. is to spread the love of Christ through both her media company “Pretty Funny Ent.” and her non-profit organization “The Leah Project Inc.”
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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Jellybean994 ,

Real and necessary conversations!

This podcast is everything. It really brought to light the gap that exists with women of color in the film industry. It also addresses a lot of things that we all may be thinking but to afraid to ask or say. I love when Shivawn said as creatives sometimes our minds can be all over the place. Knowing that I was not alone in this feeling gave me a chance to breathe and give myself a break. The guests are a wealth of knowledge and just great resources and insight on what it is like to be a woman of color in the film industry. I laugh, learn, and critical think while listening to this podcast as an aspiring screenwriter and producer.

Keep them coming!

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