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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

    Is Anybody Normal? Let's Talk!

    Is Anybody Normal? Let's Talk!

    Everybody Needs Somebody To Talk To. But In Case You Haven’t Caught On Not Everybody You Talk To Actually Listens or Cares.
    Whenever there is anything that interferes with your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, it's important to talk about it. Even better if you can talk about it to someone who can actually give you sage advice.
    Yesterday I was standing in line behind a man sharing his problems with a woman behind the cash register at the gas station. I couldn’t believe how much crazy personal stuff he was telling her. She gave him change but no advice. I honestly felt bad for the guy. He'd left before I paid or I probably would have gntly mentioned  BetterHelp.com the world largest therapy platform. 
    I discovered BetterHelp while researching the top podcast advertisers. I was blown away they were #1 and I had never heard of them? So I researched the company more. They’re making professional therapy affordable, and convenient so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime and anywhere. Online therapy was growing even before the world went haywire now it's really growing full speed.
    I'm a huge proponent of talking about mental health. Thank goodness it's no longer a taboo subject. There's so much more knowledge now than there was before. I watched so many people suffer that didn’t have to Including myself along life's twisting paths and It bums me out a little that the world took this long to make mental wellness a priority. But we can only look forward, so I contacted BetterHelp to introduce myself. I told them I'd love to share their message and asked if they would sponsor my show and good work. And they did! Very cool. I'm proud to support them as well, because I know people need help and need to know where to find it.
    Joining me today to help you better understand how BetterHelp Online therapy works is Haesue Jo, their Clinical Support Lead. She's also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of experience providing individual and family therapy in community mental health, school settings, and day treatment facilities working at BetterHelp. Her current clinical focus includes working with individuals with a variety of presenting problems, including anxiety, relationship and family issues, trauma, community violence, gender identity, and depression. 
    One of the first questtions I asked Haesue was "Is Anybody Normal?" Tune into this 2 part podcast conversation where we discuss:  How "Being Normal Is Overrated" LOL;  how to get started with online therapy and get matched with the right therapist; and how BetterHelp is very affordable. 
    'Very Affordable 'agrees Haesue Jo, is a key deciding factor for a lot of people when they're deciding what's worth they investment. 

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    ’Bridal Boot Camp' Anybody?

    ’Bridal Boot Camp' Anybody?

    ’Bridal Boot Camp'. Yes there is such a thing. Conceptually it's been going on without a formal title for decades. It's when a woman says 'yes' then hustles to fit in the dress. LOL
    Half kidding here. Women know this drill. Important occasions like weddings for example, for the average woman, typically require some 'lead time' self care investment in order to show up at your best. Exercise, better eating habits, etc. 
    And we're not just talking Brides here if a wedding is involved. Everybody involved tries to get in better shape for the big day!  Don't even get me started with how serious a game this is for the MOBs (Mothers Of The Brides) LOL. Then there's the Mother of The Groom (or of the other Bride), the  Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts, and Friends... especially those IN the wedding party.  
    So how much lead time does a woman need to get in shape for her big day? The answer is revealed in this podcast conversation with wweet smart and fit Vanessa Laise, the new 'Fitness Manager' at my favorite women's gym Healthy Fit For Women in Mamroneck NY.
    Vaneesa joined me to talk 'Bridal Boot Camp' and more.

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    Is PEMF The Fountain Of Youth?

    Is PEMF The Fountain Of Youth?

    'Charge' YOUR Cells Like A Cell Phone?
    Our cells are like batteries and honestly who knew they could lose their charge? I just got a PEMF education and now I will educate you.
    PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Must be something to that ol' saying "Gotta re-charge my batteries eh? Seems disease injury, fatigue, and depression, just to name a few are marked by a lowering of our voltage.
    David Block brought the technology to my attention. David was an attorney for 35 years (as well as having gotten his securities licenses). He had an accident and was in constant pain having tried everything to get better. PEMF technology saved him from pain when nothing else worked and after his first few sessions using PEMF he was pain free. He became so passionate about what PEMF had done for him, he quit practicing law and switched his career to work the company PULSE PEMF. He joins me in a conversation here to share how PEMF technology changed his life and how it might change yours.
    Is PEMF The Fountain Of Youth?
    David explains that virtually everything in the body responds to the infusion of electromagnetic energy and it is a fountain of youth and then some. ( If you saw David in person you'd think he had 'work done' because he looks way younger than 65 - but nope he says its just PEMF) 
    David says PEMF is used by the well, unwell and the high performer, biohackers....anyone seeking to boost the body's natural healing and recovery systems. The machine is available for sale to wellness practictioners, for sale to teh consumer for home use, or you can pay for individual sessions with a PEMF practitioner like with David who's located in Stamford, CT. 
    A PEMF machine looks like a big computer tower that is connected to a full body bed or a chair pad on which you lie or sit to charge the human body's 75 trillion cells with electromagnetic energy. You keep your clothes on.
    Our bodies need extra energy for repair which is where David says PEMF comes in. He calls it  the modern day outgrowth of the pioneering work over one hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla.
    So, if you're fighting a disease or injury, fatigue, or depression this may be of interest.  David also mentions that the 'technology' has been recognized by the FDA for wound healing, bone density issues and depression and 'may' help other conditions. But he says, thethinking is that if this energy can address those unrelated issues, doesn't it makes sense  that it may be successful in addressing myriad other issues as well?
    Food for thought especially for those who've been struggling and thought they'd tried everything to help them heal and feel better. If you want to know more contact David Block. Heres his website. 

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    Business of OFF Broadway Back ON Fire

    Business of OFF Broadway Back ON Fire

    The ‘Business’ Of Off Broadway Is Back ON Fire. So is Cody Lassen. His Cody Lassen & Associates has grossed over $786M with a recoupment rate of 46.7%, which is more than 2X the industry average.
    If you know anything about theater you know that's HOT. So is Cody’s production Company with 20 Tony Awards, 3 Olivier Awards, 15 Outer Critics Circle Awards, 9 NY Times Critics Picks, 14 Drama Desk Awards, and 2 Grammy Awards.
    Cody who’s known for his innovation and instincts, joined me to talk about his hilarious new show ‘Hyprov’ and how it came about.
    Sounds Too Funny! ‘Comedy Improv Under Hypnosis’. Starring 'World Famous Hypnotist' Asad Mecci who approached Cody Lassen with the idea, and comedy improv legend Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway). Also Starring (DRUMROLL PLEASE) Hypnotized Audience Members! Ta Da! 
    It’s apparently now a proven recipe for belly laughs as evidenced by the successful one night shows held all around the country before deciding to give it a longer run in NYC.
    HYPROV opens at The Daryl Roth Theater in NYC  for a limited 12 week run beginning August 11th. 
    I can’t wait to see it. Who doesn’t need more belly laughs? 

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    ‘My Shark Guy’ Met ‘My CBD Guy’?

    ‘My Shark Guy’ Met ‘My CBD Guy’?

    My shark guy Dr. Gregory Skomal (left) is as famous as the Great White Sharks he tags for The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.
    I call him 'my shark guy' because for years he's made sure to be on my radio show every year during 'Shark Week' to share his latest shark science findings, and because we always have a lot of fun on the air together.
    Dr. Gregory Skomal's the star of many Shark Week shows, and you’ve also probably seen him all over the news recently reporting on the increase of shark sightings and shark attacks near the shores on the East Coast. (Relaxing eh?)
    So happens the day Good Morning America jumped on board a boat with him for a shark story live from Ryders Cove, on the Cape of Massachusetts  - my CBD guy was right there. Yes I have a "CBD guy" too. LOL.
    Primabee CBD Founder Paul Borde (right). I'm helping him expand his best in class CBD products into unique locations.  Paul happens to live right where this news story was being shot so he ended up going down and speaking with both Dr. Greg Skomal and the  ABC News Meteoroligust Ginger Zee. They were preparing to go out on Greg's boat.
    Paul knows Gregs's 'my shark guy' so he mentioned to Greg they had me in common. Greg thanked Paul for brinigng  up my name and reminding him to give me a call  and let my audience know what's really going on with the sharks out there.
    So he called and it was a very enlightening conversation about the reasons behnd the increase in shark activity.  Enjoy the podcast of our chat with the latest inside Shark Scoop.
    BTW: regarding the awesome GMA video segment they shot that day,  all i want to say is that ABC Ginger Zee is a better woman than me for going shark tagging.

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    Humble Lobster Roll Queen On A Roll

    Humble Lobster Roll Queen On A Roll

    Andrea Anthony, President Of Lobster Roll Enterprises, is a warm fun talented unpretentious mover groover.
    She was a memorable guest on my show a few years ago so when I caught “The Lobster Roll Queen Of The Hamptons” feature written by Todd Shapiro in this weeks Dans Papers, I had to invite her back.
    Since last we spoke, Andrea and her team made it through the pandemic, are still running strong with the original iconic LUNCH AKA Lobster Roll in Amagansett NY and have opened a second LUNCH AKA Lobster Roll in Southampton NY.
    Andrea and The Lobster Roll crew are also rolling out Lobster Roll Kits so you can enjoy a taste of Summer all year long in your own kitchen. Watch for their upcoming launch on Goldbelly too.
    Andrea Anthony, an accomplished restaurateur, is as big on hospitality as she is on great food and is also very clear ‘you’re only as successful as the team you surround yourself with”.
    She gives a load of credit to many others involved for making LUNCH / The Lobster Roll  an unforgettable Hamptons Long Island, NY experience since 1965. And she's thrilled about her new expansion partner, Irwin D. Simon, who she says is not only brilliant but  'a great guy' and... 'good people'.  
    By the way The Lobster Roll Restaurants are hiring in case you or anyone you know are interested. It's a year round operation. I found what Andrea said in the article about hiring people really interesting. “It is easier to train nice people than it is to train people to be nice... It’s all about hospitality at The Lobster Roll and that is why my love for hospitality is my driving force,” she continues. “This is a feeling that we try to emanate to our staff .”
    The Lobster Roll is also a Brand:
    “We are a lifestyle brand,” Anthony adds. “When we train our employees here, we explain to our staff that when people come in, they are taking a break from reality. The people that come to our establishment come for great food, good times, and an escape for a bit. We all associate summer time with vacation and with fun, so it’s a great brand to embrace.”

    I’d work for Andrea Anthony in a second.
    She’s ...good people.  
    Enjoy our conversation but beware, this conversation may cause a craving for a Lobster Roll. LOL.

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