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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

    Helluva Lesson In Family Business From 2nd Gen CEO

    Helluva Lesson In Family Business From 2nd Gen CEO

    There are 5.5 Million 'Family Businesses' in America That Employ About 98 Million People.
    Family Business is a very tricky dynamic says Joe Armentano, CEO of Paraco Gas Corporation, one of the most highly recognizable brands in the propane industry. Joe is about to release his first book, detailing the incredible entrepreneurial journey of Paraco Gas that started with his Dad Pat back in 1968 in Mt Vernon, N.Y.
     “A Helluva Ride" includes the inside stories of his family-owned and operated company which he has overseen over the last 40 years and shares some important lessons learned in business and in life.
    With more than 425 employees, 28 locations, and $150 million in annual revenue, Paraco is the largest independent propane marketer in the Northeast. Over the last 40 years, Joe has overseen Paraco’s tremendous growth, acquiring 53 companies primarily independent propane companies and family businesses. Today, Paraco services over 110,000 residential and commercial customers. Through its barbecue exchange program, Paraco’s cylinders are found in the homes of over one million consumers.
    In our candid and warm conversation Joe Armentano and I discuss growing up in family business, passing the torch to the next generation and about employees who work for family businesses. We also discuss candidly the often painful internal struggles of family business dynamics, like the hard decision about  'who' of the family members should be next in charge to run with that business.
    In this podcast of our entire live radio show we hit on topics like 'are you born an entrepreneur or do you become one?' (hmmm),  and we run through Joe's 'Top Ten Family Business Lessons'.  A very 'real'  been there, done that, list - that will surely benefit anyone involved in a 'Family Business.'
    By the way, Joe Armentano doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur because he didn’t start the business from scratch, his father did. More of a Professional CEO/ Manager than entrepreneur, Joe admits he didn't originally intend to go into the family business. He'd made a commitment to self development and went off to NY's Fordham University (with the intent to be a lawyer) then to NY's Iona College for an MBA in Finance when he was 30.
    Joe feels it's critical for family business members to get work experience outside the company. 
    His own job is to make himself 'replaceable' knowing if something should happen to him the business could and would carry on.
    Enjoy our conversation.  

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    More Older Women Are Dating Younger Men

    More Older Women Are Dating Younger Men

    It's An Official Dating Trend: More Older Women Are Dating Younger Men
    Julie Spira America’s Top Online Dating Expert & Digital Matchmaker says yes it's a trend and it's because women have more independence and economic stability these days and because younger men like an older woman's confidence. 'Confidence' Julie says, is sexy at any age. 
    I love Julie Spira who I met back in college. When I saw she joined the TODAY show on this subject the other day I invited her to join me to talk more about what's going on in the 2021 dating world.
    Julie was involved in the TODAY show segment with special anchor Maria Shriver and three couples with different age gaps talking about inter-age relationships. Julie knows this stuff better than anyone. She's an award-winning dating coach, internationally-known bestselling author and the go-to person in the media for online dating and mobile dating advice. Based in LA she has clients from NY to San Francisco and from London to Sydney. With over two decades of experience, she coaches singles from college-age to the large population of baby-boomers who are looking for a first or second chance at love. Many celebrities too!  
    Through a combination of online dating profiles, mobile dating apps, email etiquette, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Julie helps singles shorten their search to find their dream dates.  
    Oh and Julie said, "October is 'cuffing season"! (Who knew?) A time when even the most commitment phobic men decide they want to be in a committed relationship. She added, this seasons 'cuffing season' is gonna be off the charts because people are looking for meaningful connections after Covid to combat the loneliness they've all felt.
    During Covid, online dating habits changed and the zip code and age range restrictions got tossed out the window, and she says there will be more of that moving forward. "People are working from home and people will move for love", and Julie knows a lot of guys who have moved across the world and across the country for women they love. She says, if you’re online dating don't get hung up on someone having to live in the same county or the right side of the freeway.
    86% of singles Julie polled during Covid said ‘finding a meaningful connection’ was the most important thing, as compared to let's get back to hooking up like we used which only accounted for 3% of respondents.
    Julie shared that the majority of people are really longing for that meaningful connection and a committed relationship and with the holidays around the corner you’re gonna see a lot of activity during 'cuffing season'.
    Her advice for people getting back in the dating game right now?
    -Cast a much wider net. If somebody writes to you and they’re far, so what, nobody stays in the same home forever 
    -Write a new profile whatever you wrote before is old news. Start from scratch get great new photos and post 6-8 photos. You’re only as good as your worst photo she says and don’t over filter them.
    -Keep your profile short and brief. And no more playing the waiting game! If someone writes you write back same day, within the same hour or within the next 4 hour window. 
    -If you like someone when you meet them and it's mutual make a next date right then and there before you leave.
    -Don’t think when you meet it's a 'connection'? Don't initiate a next message because you don’t want to send a rejection letter. But if the other person connects you should politely respond that you didn't feel the connection needed for the long term relationship you're seeking.  
    -And always remember… Hearts are fragile. 
    If you're in the dating pool or involved in online dating you'll enjoy listening to what Julie Spira has to say about it all in our warm conversation here.


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    Moving Forward After Profound Loss

    Moving Forward After Profound Loss

    Getting Through Profound Loss Is Not Simple As Many Of You Reading This Likely Know. 
    Susan Sall Warner's son died by suicide 3 years ago and her husband unexpectedly died from cancer 6 months later. (Correction from the '3' months mentioned in the podcast conversation) Very tough losses to move on from.
    Susan graciously agreed to talk with me about the often taboo subject of suicide, about what one is supposed to say to a mother who's endured such a tragedy, about how she endured the double whammy of the unexpected loss of her husband soon after, and how a 'widow -woman- human' who's suffering such pain moves on. 
    Susan says she lives her life by 'going forward, but not moving beyond'.
    Susan started writing about it all and talking about it. About the depth of loneliness, the horrible pain, the empty heart and then the mindset to move forward and rediscover, reinvent and enjoy life to the fullest.
    Her message began to resonate with others who had also suffered the loss of a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling and she felt she was really making an impact and helping others heal with her message... "That with loss - life doesn’t have to end, and it does not need to DEFINE them."
    Susan is now helping others who've suffered profound loss move forward and has become both a motivational speaker and writer on the subject. She's also continuing to do her work as independent College Counselor.
    Susan joined me for a heartfelt conversation on suicide, loss, a mothers pain, a widows pain and more as we closed out September which is Suicide Prevention Month.   

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    'Stupid Things I Won't Do When I Get Old'

    'Stupid Things I Won't Do When I Get Old'

    What Age is Old? Hmmm I'm 'Delusionally Young' So I Don't Really Know How To Answer. What I do know, is people nowadays don’t want to age the way their parents or grandparents did. For the 70 Million Baby Boomers 55+ in U.S. 'old age' always seems to start 'tomorrow.'
    Award Winning NY Times Contributor Steven Petrow agrees this generation does not want to age the way previous generations did and neither does he, so he wrote a whole new blueprint.
    To find out if you're old (lol) and get some great inspiration for your own 'new old age' you should check out Steven's terrific new book called  'Stupid Things I Won't Do When I Get Old' inspired by watching his own parents getting older.
    Getting older is a privilege Steven reminds us, and he reveals how to do it with grace, wisdom, humor and hope. 
    PS On the subject of age...make a note. If you call me 'Miss' vs M'aam you'll always get a bigger tip. Wink.

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    MARVEL-ous Stunt Woman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

    MARVEL-ous Stunt Woman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard is very cool and very talented. A 'stunt woman extraordinaire' you've probably seen her perform her incredible stunt work in movies like Avengers, Black Panther, True Blood and her recent Emmy nominated work in Lovecraft Country!
    Janeshia's currently working on the set of her latest project, a new untitled Marvel Production, but she stopped by to chat right before the Emmy Awards. This  year for the very first time the Academy created an Emmy Award for OUTSTANDING STUNT PERFORMANCE. And although there were other women nominated as part of a stunt team, Janeshia Adams-Ginyard was the only woman to receive an EMMY nomination as an individual, in a field that has been traditionally dominated by men. Go Janeshia! 
    Janeshia's wardrobe closet sure must have a load of range. I doubt you'd suspect what she did for a living if you ran into her wearing the outfit in the first photo which looks like she just came from Church. No doubt you'd have a better clue if you ran into her in the supermarket wearing that warrior outfit which quite frankly I wish I could borrow for the weekend. Would sure take my 'weekend sporty' look to a whole new level.   
    Speaking of sporty, Janeshia said all she wanted to do was sports since she was 9 year old, and shared as life went on it was 'sports' that got her through everything. Her stunt work is an amazing  extension of her love of sport and surely a unique way to utilize  her athletic abilities. 
    Is Janeshia Adams-Ginyard fearless? "I'm a trained a professional not a daredevil" she said. Adding that if she feels any fear or resistance she will just say no to a stunt.
    What's the craziest thing she's done as a stunt woman? Well she's been set on fire three times. And then there was that 'falling over the railing backwards down the stairs' fall that was pretty scary she said. 
    Wow scary stuff for sure falling over a railing backwards down the stairs. Actually sounded to me as she was saying it like a potential senior citizen injury. So I was thinking...wouldn't Janeshia be the perfect gal to teach seniors how to fall properly? She sure would be! She actually loved the idea and agreed seniors could prevent a lot of broken bones by learning how to fall the right way. 
    I assume she'll get right on that idea after her next Marvel Movie. LOL 
    Great gal. You'll enjoy our conversation. 

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    Discovered A New Place To Take Some Fun Shots

    Discovered A New Place To Take Some Fun Shots

    My gal pal Lisa who lives far from me had missed me during Covid. She texted me to come join her for some networking fun at a place called Pinstripes in Norwalk, CT. Her gal pal Sherry who I love, had taken over the Director Of Sales position there.
    I'd never heard of Pinstripes. Sounded to me like it might be a baseball joint or sports venue. I love my pal Lisa and she told me to bring my other half Dave, and Dave and I said what the heck and went for a change of pace. I'm so glad we did. We had so much fun and were so impressed with the place (not a baseball joint) I thought some of you might want to check it out.
    'Pinstripes' Bocce Bowling and Bistro entertainment venues started in Chicago and they're expanding around the country. They're all about best in class food and experiential entertainment.  Norwalk, CT is their 13th location. 5 more locations are opening in N.J. and Florida. Founder and CEO Dale Schwartz was just quoted in Forbes as saying the plan is open 100 more over the next 10-15 years.
    The Pinstripes  we went to was up on the rooftop of the brand new Norwalk, CT mall I'd heard so much about but never seen. Needless to say Malls are now betting on 'experiences' more than shows to draw a crowd.
    Whoever decorated Pinstripes needs to come to my house and decorate for me. Such a cool vibe. 'Pinstripes' in this case refers to the kind you might see in 'classy Italian suits'. So it's no surprise the place is classy and the Italian American food is made from scratch. Great food and wine and drinks, but family friendly too. Love the choice of high and low tables and comfortable bars to dine at. You can also be served at the bowling lanes while sitting in comfortable leather couches. And there are 3 cool Bocce courts inside and one outside and the outdoor area also has a fire pit.
    Let's talk about Bowling.
    I love it. I was once a kick ass bowler but it's been 8 years since I bowled, mostly because the last time I did I snapped a body part. My then date (Dave) had to lend me his late mothers cane still in his trunk to get me out of the alley. I miss bowling and heard my own advice in my head, “Risk It or Regret It!" so I stirred up some good commotion by being first to say let's bowl! Before you knew it everybody had bowling shoes on whether they were good or not, and we all had a ball. Bowling is great for camaraderie. Pinstripes encourages local businesses to use the place for that purpose. The Norwalk location has 23 luxury lanes with full service so that's a nice way to business bond.
    Now let's talk Bocce. 
    Did you know Bocce is the 3rd most participated sport in the world? Way back my typically low key Italian Grandma Garfield surprised everybody when she made the local newspapers as a contender for the Annual Sambuca Romana Bocce Tournament. I found the ripped clipping. (1981I think) Grandma didn't play any sports so we had no idea she was a Bocce babe. That's the thing about Bocce. Anybody of any age or ability can play it, and anybody can be good at it. It’s a marquee sport in the Special Olympics. Bocce as a Special Olympics sport provides social contact.
    Don't’ know how to play bocce? No problem. Pinstripes puts out instructions and the staff will also explain how to play. The balls by the way are light, not heavy like bowling balls.
    Pinstripes In Norwalk, CT is a 27,000 square foot full service Italian American bistro restaurant with lots of space for the current #1 participation sport in the world …social distancing.
    They do weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bar mitvahs and catering and they have a roof top patio. The bowling lanes can be semi private or private for any occasion including corporate team building.
    You'd think from this conversation with Pinstripes Sherry Wyatt that I hadn't been anywhere exciting in a year.  I loved the fun of re-connecting with my friend and loved the whole fun experience and wanted to share it.
    “People are missing not just dining but

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