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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

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Nobody sees the glass of Cabernet half full like Debbie. She is fresh air with a magnetic flare. Debbie was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio and Television. Risk it or Regret it!

    Hollywood’s ‘Go To’ Ghostwriter Can Also Write YOUR Memoir

    Hollywood’s ‘Go To’ Ghostwriter Can Also Write YOUR Memoir

    Loren Stephens found her way to LA from NY in a career and life transition. While there away from her Mom, she convinced her mother, ‘a grand dame’ to let her write her write her memoir. In doing so, she was sparked to launch a business writing other people’s memoirs.
    Loren who is now “Hollywood’s Go-To Ghostwriter” founded two companies. ‘Bright Star Memoirs’ geared toward helping entertainment and sports figures tell their life stories.
    And ‘Write Wisdom’, to provide support and guidance for ‘anyone’ interested in writing their life story.
    Every life is unique, but not everyone has the self-confidence or skill to tell their story without help. Not even celebrities.
    Her latest celeb book out is a dazzling Hollywood memoir with Jeff Margolis who produced television’s most memorable variety series and specials over the past fifty years—from iconic variety shows of the 1970s to 8 Oscars!
    “We’re Live in 5”, is the ultimate behind-the-scenes tour says Loren, with a foreword by Billy Crystal. It’s a tell-it-as-it-is with all the glamour you expect, along with a deeply revealing human portrait of working with larger-than-life personalities at television’s most dizzying and demanding heights. It’s also a great insider education for anyone aspiring to be an entertianment producer.
    Loren Stephens own personal essays and short stories have been published in numerous literary journals and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times; the Chicago Tribune and more.
    A New York native, Loren’s love for the theater, film and writing is what really led her to Los Angeles. As an executive producer, she received an Emmy nomination for the PBS documentary, Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist, narrated by Burt Lancaster. Her debut historical novel, ‘All Sorrows Can Be Borne’, was originally published in 2021 by Rarebird.
    Loren is a member of Greenlight Women, a dynamic and diverse community of women over forty in media and entertainment. She also serves as a National Commissioner of the Anti-Defamation League.
    Enjoy this podcast of our warm insightful conversation on The Debbie Nigro Show.

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    Let’s Stop Our Negative Self-Talk

    Let’s Stop Our Negative Self-Talk

     Misty LaBoy Knows a Thing or Two About Negative Self-Talk.
     A health and beauty industry leader for over 20 years (in the top 2% of multiple billion-dollar health and beauty organizations) her career success did nothing for a long while to offset her personal struggle with weight and self-image.
    Even after successfully losing 60 pounds, she had to work on her internal feelings to maintain her weight loss. She believes lifestyle changes, including mindset changes, are more effective than diets.
     Misty believes it so much she made a business out of it!
     Misty Laboy who has produced countless live events and trainings brings a wealth of knowledge to help people dealing with rejection, doubt, people pleasing, etc. by teaching them how transform to think look and feel their best. She joined me on my radio show to some tips to help you get rid of your own negative self-talk.  
     Misty emphasizes that negative self-talk is a significant challenge for many people and that individuals have the power to be either their own critic or cheerleader. It’s a matter of choosing to think differently since negative thoughts are typically not beneficial.
     I personally always like to talk about what I call our “higher brain" vs our "lower brain". Our lower brain seems to be a troublemaker, even when our higher brain knows better. LOL
     Misty suggests that self-awareness is crucial in recognizing and changing automatic negative thoughts. She recommends reframing negative thoughts to combat them. For example, changing "I hate my fat stomach" to "I'm working on leaning out my stomach" can make a significant difference.
     Social media, says Misty, often has a negative impact on self-image, especially among women, especially when they start comparing themselves to the unrealistic highlight reels of others online.
     But Misty does loves social media that sends the right messaging. She’s an avid podcast listener and liked my upbeat messaging so much when she found me on Spotify that she reached out to be on my show and share her knowledge. I’m glad she did.
     Misty’s Course and Coaching:
     Misty offers a 12-week course focused on self-love and self-worth, addressing core issues and including one-on-one sessions tailored to individual needs. Misty feels comfortable discussing a wide range of subjects from self-love to alternative lifestyles and has diverse expertise and interests.
     For example, she mentioned she is in a polyamorous relationship, and has both a husband and a boyfriend, and they are teaching a seminar on the topic. That will have to be a whole other show!
     Enjoy the podcast of our live conversation on The Debbie Nigro Show on WGCH Radio.

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    Terry Torok Works With Influencers & A List Artists Who Have 'Causes'

    Terry Torok Works With Influencers & A List Artists Who Have 'Causes'

    Once a week I cover trends and trending topics on my radio show. On this show I cover "fluting" as a hot 2024 design trend and "grounding shoes," as a current meta trend. Oh and how 98% of influencers are making less than 100K not millions as you might have been led to believe.
    Yet these days everybody and their mother and grandmother too, wants to be an influencer, which would be fine if everybody had a good cause they were trying to influence. 
    Terry Torok who joined me in the studio this week has a company called 'Creative Intelligence Agency' and represents rising Influencers & A-List Artists with Causes. People like George Clooney, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Jamie Fox, Kevin Bacon, and Deepak Chopra. His focus is on creating films and projects of positive impact. 
    Terry has worked in Entertainment Media for 30 years, including brand sponsorships for the Super Bowl 1/2-time show, 4 Olympics and 3 World Cups. He was also one of the original pioneers of Esports, creating the first world competitions, tours, TV series and the first Esports arenas in Times Square. Terry is also the Executive Producer at Live from Earth Entertainment.
    Terry and Deepak Chopra just collaborated on a new game called 'Graticube'. They’ve gamified a way to more meaningful conversations for people interested in connecting deeper with others. 
    Graticube is a game that aligns with my own personal mission to inspire more authentic connections and conversation between perfect strangers, best friends, family, and co-workers. It's the same reason I wrote a book called "How To Talk To Strangers Advice from a Professional Stranger Talker" that just debuted on Amazon.
    The Graticube game involves dice and cards that prompt players to share stories and foster deeper connections during gameplay.
     Terry and I discussed the importance of establishing trust for meaningful  interactions and we talked about how social media platforms like LinkedIn often lack genuine conversation, even though you’d assume a platform for connecting in business would see a higher rate of returned messages after you’ve reached out to someone.
     Fortunately, Terry and I are the kind of people who respond! LOL We originally met on LinkedIn, and established the trust and connection which led to this warm and wonderful in-person catch up. 
     Enjoy this podcast of our live inspiring conversation on The Debbie Nigro Show .

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    Let's Get You Self Published! If I Did It So Can You!

    Let's Get You Self Published! If I Did It So Can You!

    I wrote a ‘little’ book and just recently got it up for sale on Amazon. I even recorded it myself as an audio book for Audible which syncs the book on Amazon.
    It's called:
     "How To Talk To Strangers Advice from a Professional Stranger Talker"
     (And I'm a roll with 5 star reviews! Good reviews mean everything to an author)
     I could not have done it without the help of Donna Kozik, a book coach gal pal out in San Diego,CA  who I've been featuring for years on my radio show because I love her style and how she shows people how to get a book done.
     Meanwhile even though it sounded doable, and even though I do know how to write - Donna knows that I tried for a few years but kept not getting it done. I kept backing off. Why? I don't know. I didn't think what I wrote was good enough. I didn't think it was compelling enough. I had imposter syndrome. Then came the pandemic and the totally wrong timing for the topic. And of course, then there were the never ending barrage of life distractions. Finally, with Donna's help and unwavering encouragement, I did it! Whew! Feels Good! 
     I knew nothing about the process of publishing an ebook or soft cover book, but Donna helped me get it into the right format, helped me with the proofreading, helped me get the cover art done, educated me about Kindle and how to upload it on Amazon and was always available for my zillion email questions.
     I had no idea how to set the right price (learned an eBook sweet spot price is $2.99), or the importance of getting reviews, or how to navigate Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing system for the first time. 
     I’m just deciding how I am going to market the book now that the audio I recorded separately with fabulous Al Hemberger at The Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, N.Y., was approved by Audible. (Who knew they reserve the right to set the price based on the length of the audio?) That was another thing that took way longer than I had anticipated but, finally got that done too! Whew! Personal accomplishment! 
     I’m hoping my new ‘little’ book will be as Donna calls it "My Big Business Card".
     Utilizing a Book as a Business Tool
     Donna Kozik book coach extraordinaire, says, a book IS a "Big Business Card" and there are various ways to leverage it for building credibility, obtaining speaking engagements, and promoting one's expertise.
     'Short books' she says are the way to go, especially in today's information-saturated world. A short book can be easily read and can still carry a powerful message, making it a good option for authors and readers alike.
     My book, "How To Talk To Strangers Advice from a Professional Stranger Talker" is 62 pages, and the audio book is 47 minutes. It’s a little book with a big message. You’ll get my point, get some laughs and get some tips in under an hour.
     I'd love my book to lead to some speaking engagements about teaching people how to connect and communicate better in person. I really do think I have some sage knowledge to share in a fun way. I will now be looking to share it with some event planners, etc. who might be looking for someone like me to speak about this.
     Encouragement for Aspiring Authors
     I invited Donna Kozik back to join me on my radio show so we could discuss the self-publishing process now that I’ve been through it, so we could share information with those of you who might have a book in you too!
     Donna says many potential authors face the same challenges as I mentioned I had above, and that procrastination or life events should not discourage them. She said, once a book is published, people do not focus on how long it took. (Did I mention I started this book idea 5 years ago? LOL)
     Besides her great advice for listeners who may want to write a book, Donna offers a step-by-step approach to getting started, including making the decision, taking action, creating a structure. Her program "Write a Book in a Weekend," her group coaching, an

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    "EvolveMe" : Helps Gals In Midlife Frustrated Trying To Figure Out Their Next Career Chapter

    "EvolveMe" : Helps Gals In Midlife Frustrated Trying To Figure Out Their Next Career Chapter

    Women in midlife who still need or want to work often find themsleves stuck in limbo and confusion trying to figure our their next career move.
    Enter ..."EvolveMe". A fabulous options to help you relaunch, pivot or level up your career whether you're in your 40s. 50s, 60s or beyond. 
    Founders Judy Schoenberg and Linda Lautenberg have been there, done that, and realized through their own experiences that many others in the same boat must need help. They created the community, structure, and tools to help you make whatever is next for you ... happen! 
    They can help with professional resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and even teach you transferable skills. 
    These gals are the real deal. They help make midlife career reinvention fun enjoyable and REWARDING. 
    They and others involved with EvolveMe provide a much-needed resource to women in midlife, who are underrepresented in leadership roles in the workforce and often face barriers due to ageism, gender discrimination, racism, pay inequity and as mothers and caregivers.
    Linda who re-invented her career after 3 kids and a 16 year break and knows how isolating reviving your professional career can feel. Before founding EvolveMe, she was the Director of Outreach at Inspiring Capital, supporting women transitioning back to the workforce. She's a founding member and Regional Facilitator Lead for Harvard Business School Alumni Circles and a leader of Impact 100 Jersey Coast, a women’s philanthropic investment nonprofit. Before that she had a successful finance career at the Prudential Investment Corporation and Nomura Securities. She's a Chartered Financial Analyst and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. 
    Judy Schoenberg has another big Harvard brain. She left her role as Chief Research Executive at Girl Scouts of the USA after a fifteen-year tenure to pivot and start her own next chapter. She honed her skills at national organizations like Girl Scouts of the USA and the Ms. Foundation for Women as well as at Pace University’s women’s leadership initiative and community-based and start-up ventures. Her work has been featured at the White House, MAKERS, npr.com, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. She holds leadership roles at several nonprofit educational institutions and a Master of Education in human development and psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
    Both Judy and Linda emphasize the importance of helping women regain confidence, reassess their skills, and understand their value in the marketplace. The impact of the pandemic on women was loud, with many leaving the workforce, and how their company coincided with this time, offering support for women returning to work. 
    EvolveMe also work with companies invested in attracting and retaining top female talent. At the heart of EvolveMe is a belief that when companies understand women’s needs, they’re better able to attract and retain them. 

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    Shopping with AI: IBM Survey Says Consumers Love It But Don't Love How Companies Use Their Data

    Shopping with AI: IBM Survey Says Consumers Love It But Don't Love How Companies Use Their Data

    Consumers Crave AI with Shopping But Want More Control Over How Companies Use Their Data!  
    The IBM Institute for Business Value, decided to survey 20,000 consumers across 26 countries on their digital habits, their use of AI and generative AI, and their expectations for brands. So what were the results of the survey?
    I invited the big IBM retail guy, Joe Dittmar, to join me to share what they found out.
     Let's just say, most consumers want to receive information, advertisements, and offerings from stores that are relevant to their specific interests, but a whole bunch say they really really want more control over how companies use their data.
     Joe Dittmar leads IBM’s Retail Industry across the company’s portfolio which includes Grocery, Department, Warehouse, Specialty, Discount, Convenience, Restaurants, and Online Retailers. 
     He shared that consumers are unsatisfied with both in-store (9% satisfaction) and online (14% satisfaction) experiences.
    As a consumer I’m obviously not alone being uncomfortable with a 100 follow up marketing emails from a company I’ve bought just one pair of pants from and had to return because they didn’t fit right.
     Joe said, AI’s making an effort to tailor communication more effectively to individual preferences. He also explained that retailers are currently managing inventory conservatively, leading to less variety in stores—a strategy resulting from the need to reduce inventory post-COVID.
     The opportunity for retailers he said, is to improve customer experience by integrating online options when in-store selections are limited.
     IBM has been a longstanding participant in the retail industry, inventing the cash register and credit card in case you didn’t know that. Now they are helping iconic brands leverage AI to improve operational efficiencies.
     The survey showed that consumers are more open to adopting AI than expected, including interacting with virtual agents that can fast-track customers to human agents based on their tone and urgency. ( Wow, now I don’t feel so bad about occasionally losing it and yelling… ‘Give Me a Human!’ LOL)
    Good insight by Joe and IBM! Aspiring retail talent can learn from their expertise.
    About Joe Dittmar:  Joe is known for helping retail and consumer product clients worldwide to transform their business models and consumer-facing activities. He is a leader in implementing complex business and technology solutions that drive improved performance.In 2022, Joe was honored with IBM’s highest industry designation, Distinguished Industry Leader, for his contributions to innovation in the industry and impact on IBM’s clients throughout his career. Joe serves on various industry advisory boards including the National Retail Federation Board of Directors. He actively mentors aspiring retail talent around the world.

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