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#TheDependas are two military spouses, Michelle and Lauren, who look to find the funny in military life. We talk about everything from deployments to PCSing to keeping the intimacy alive in the bedroom all while being surrounded by the military lifestyle!

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#TheDependas are two military spouses, Michelle and Lauren, who look to find the funny in military life. We talk about everything from deployments to PCSing to keeping the intimacy alive in the bedroom all while being surrounded by the military lifestyle!

    Military Spouse Careers and Some Additional Skills We Can Add to Our Resumes

    Military Spouse Careers and Some Additional Skills We Can Add to Our Resumes

    Military Spouse Careers
    One of the things that plagues military spouses is trying to find a new career every time we move. 
    Did you see that article on Military Spouse that talked about what it would be like if our spouses had to do a job search like we did every time they moved? Sending out 40-something resumes and getting a job way below their pay grade or experience following their spouses around? Its nuts, right?
    But we do it. There are amazing military spouses out there that are busting their butts trying to show the government how important it is in investing in military spouse careers. There are entrepreneurs, spouses working remotely, and those with licenses that have to reapply, take classes, and redesign themselves every time they PCS. 
    And with every move comes a new resume. A new set of skills a-la Liam Nesson. And today we are going to help you beef up your resume with a list of skills and knowledge that only military spouses have so you can show your next possible employer how…well-rounded you are.
    LINKS classes
    Leadership Education Seminar
    Key Spouse/FRG/FRO classes
    Nursing- taking care of broken bones, open wounds, loose teeth, sick kids and adults and dogs and babies
    Psychology- carefully treading the emotional needs of children at varying ages when they are missing the other parent
    Teaching- Homeschooling various grade levels both short term when you PCS right before the school year ends and long term because all the schools around you suck
    Weather Expert- carefully planning for weather emergencies of different climates
    Packer and Mover- procuring last minute DITY moves 
    Interior Designer- redesigning different spaces with the same furniture every 1 to 3 years
    Catering Chef- creating full meals for 20+ people at the last minute when your spouse calls to tell you you are hosting a BBQ for his company at your home. Tomorrow. At 11am. Also finding different ways to make cereal and dinosaur chicken nuggets seem gourmet.
    Fluent in military acronyms and lingo
    Technology Support- especially well-versed in troubleshooting video and phone capabilities in high stress situations
    Extreme multitasking
    Handyman abilities like fixing a sink, washer, dryer, refrigerator
    Knowledge of basic car mechanics
    Landscaper- expertly mowing lawns big and very, very small
    Great with time management- especially when that time spans all over the world
    Hopefully these additional education, experiences, and skills can help you find the perfect job a your next duty station! 
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    Military Spouses and Their Phones- Sponsored by My Wallabox

    Military Spouses and Their Phones- Sponsored by My Wallabox

    When our service members are deployed our phones are like another appendage. They are constantly attached to us and if they aren't, we panic.
    With Wallabox you don't have to worry about that anymore.
    Simply attach it to your wall and your phone has a safe place to rest all the time.
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    Government Shutdown 2019: Resources for Coast Guard Families

    Government Shutdown 2019: Resources for Coast Guard Families

    The government shutdown affected 800,000 federal employees, including our Coast Guard families. Today #TheDependas chat about how the government just needs a Snickers and some resources available to military families during the shutdown.
    For more information on those resources, visit www.military.dailymom.com/resources

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    What Military Spouses Really Do

    What Military Spouses Really Do

    You’ve seen that meme right? That’s like “Military Spouse: This is what my husband thinks I do, this is what society thinks I do, this is what my mom thinks I do, this is what I actually do?” Its so true. There is such a stereotype of military spouses which is actually what Michelle and I are trying to dispel. Military spouses are so much more than the negative “dependa” title they give to us. Not to brag but we are some of the toughest people I know. We say goodbye to our spouses, and our friends every few years. Our kids have to say goodbye to their friends and find their way around new schools. It’s a hard life but honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
    To help dispel some of those stereotypes we have come up with some stories from military spouses just like you of things they do on a regular basis.
    • We mow the lawn.• We take out the trash.
    • We handle the finances.• We birth babies• We argue with banks about being able to move money on the account our name is on and that Power of Attorney DOES IN FACT give us the ability to do so• We take all three of our kids to the ER at 2am because one is sick but we have no one else to watch them• We take OURSELVES to the ER• We order and install new water heaters• We change the oil• We buy cars• We sign for houses• We procure and oversee entire moves across the country (or even on the other side of the world)• We make meals for people we don’t know• We watch people’s kids that we don’t know• We host spouse coffee dates• We volunteer• We work outside the home• We attend parent-teacher conferences• We chauffeur our kids to every after school activity• We help with homework• We cuddle little crying bodies who just want mommy or daddy home• We make paper chains and kisses jars for deployment countdowns• We do all the Christmas shopping and wrapping alone• We go to funerals and weddings alone• We deal with pre-teen and teenagers...ALL ALONE• We hold sobbing friends after the receive the news that their service member has been killed.• We teach our kids to stand stop when they hear Colors and to never let the flag touch the ground.• We love our service member but sometimes hate the job that takes them away
    Military spouses spend our days taking care of well, everything. When our spouses are away we become the ultimate care givers of all the things. And sometimes even when they are home they aren’t *actually* home and you end up doing a bulk of the work. But what do spouses do to take care of themselves?
The Military Spouse Wellness Summit is a completely virtual wellness conference full of discussions with experts in the health and wellness field. Attendees will learn from some of the best in the industries about physical health, mental health, and even healthy eating. If you would like more information, go to https://in-dependent.org/wellness-summit/ and use the code DEPENDAS19 for a special discount on your tickets.

    Military spouses, take care of yourselves and attend the MSWS this March 4-9!
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    Valentine's Day as a Military Spouse

    Valentine's Day as a Military Spouse

    Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. It’s one of those holidays that people either love or hate.

    Valentines Day can look a little different as a military spouse. It’s not always flowers and romance and surprises. Sometimes its Facetime calls and missed dinner dates. Let’s look at the 5 different ways you can spend Valentine’s Day as a military spouse:

    With your service member- Sometimes the stars and the moons and the military gods all align and you’re actually able to spend Valentine’s Day with your spouse. You get to have a romantic dinner together (or at least as a family) and spend the night doing exactly what you’re supposed to do on Valentine’s Day (wink wink). It’s rare, but we hear it happens to a few lucky spouses who have sacrificed a lamb or something.

    Over Facetime- Much more common is you spending your Valentine’s Day with a death grip on your phone, waiting for him to call over Facetime. He’s not home- maybe he’s at an FOB or just away on TAD or TDY. But your Valentine’s Day is spent you talking over each other because of the delay and saying, “Huh?” over and over.

    Alone- Again, super common in our circles, but you could be spending Valentine’s Day just completely alone (or with a few kids hopped up on Hershey kisses). He can’t call, he can’t Facetime, and you have no idea where he even is located at the present moment. Its just another day in #militarywifelife

    Late- He might be working late (again). Or away for a few days in the field. Or flying. Or on a ship or a submarine. So instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day ON Valentine’s Day, you’re spending it a few days later. Or a week later. Or you just forget about it and pray to St. Mattis that maybe next year you can actually spend the day (or at least the night) together.

    With your friends- It’s the second best thing to having your spouse home- spending V-Day with your military spouse sister wives. Grab some wine, some Tipsy Scoop ice cream, grab a good funny movie (maybe with Kristen Bell? She’s my girl crush), and hang out with your sister wives that totally get it because they are in the same position as you.

    No matter where your service member is Valentine’s Day just know that there is a whole community of people who totally get it- military spouses just like you. So grab that wine or maybe some vodka because nothing keeps you as warm as vodka- except maybe your spouse but since he’s gone Vodka is Your Valentine today.

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