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    #7 Jeffrey Wolf on Systems, Stretching & Being 'The Flexibull'

    #7 Jeffrey Wolf on Systems, Stretching & Being 'The Flexibull'

    Here are the fundamentals you NEED to know about stretching, flexibility, and mobility if you’re a coach or athlete. We’re busting flexibility myths and uncovering the truth behind why people lack strength and move poorly (including yoga teachers!). In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Jeffrey Wolf aka “The Flexibull”, who is the Creator of Strength Culture, where he provides simple and effective online weight loss programs and strength, mobility, and athletic training programs.

    Tune in as we dive deep into the theories behind stretching and flexibility as well as the practical applications of stretching and flexibility in the coaching and training world. We also talk about why all coaches need to study Dynamic Systems Theory and Jeff shares his favorite flexibility teachers, books, and programs.

    “When you say flexibility, people just think extremes and I’m not talking necessarily in extremes, I’m just talking about whatever’s needed to accomplish the task that’s being asked of your body… If you don’t have flexibility in certain areas, your body will figure out a different way to go about it.” - Jeffrey Wolf

    “The more options that you have to complete a certain task, the more chance of success you have… and that is essentially what we call coordination.” - Jeffrey Wolf

    Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

    00:13 – Introducing Jeffrey Wolf & The topics of today’s episode

    02:19 – Challenges in Jeff’s career path & How he got the nickname The Flexibull.

    17:10 – Jeff’s current work: Opening a new gym & Training clients and high school football teams.

    18:39 – What’s different about Jeff’s training methods for young athletes & The importance of stretching and flexibility.

    24:52 – What happens when you lose flexibility and range of motion or get injured as a teenager? & The role of hormones in young athletes.

    29:43 – Flexibility vs. Mobility: How they’re different & The #1 problem with marketing “mobility” products/services.

    41:25 – Why many people lack strength and move poorly & Effectively utilizing internal and external rotations.

    52:15 – The benefits of studying and using Dynamic Systems Theory.

    1:00:16 – Navigating your body’s constraints and variability.

    1:06:35 – Jeff’s flexibility journey: Top flexibility teachers and resources.

    1:11:50 – How and when to properly stretch your muscles.

    1:16:28 – Our best advice for coaches and practitioners.

    1:27:29 – Recommended books and resources on flexibility and stretching.

    1:34:02 – Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why?

    “I have to support the athlete for the sport he’s playing, I’m not trying to make him a lifter. So, I use things that are the best bang for the buck for whatever purpose that is. And historically, that’s going to be a squat or a hinge and some pushes and pulls to just keep it super simple and then you sprinkle in whatever other remedial work or accessory work for whatever that individual needs for specific positions.” - Jeffrey Wolf

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    Jeffrey Wolf is a fitness trainer with over seven years of professional experience, helping clients in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida, and around the country. To reach clients across the country, he has developed an effective online training program that offers the best in convenience while also working with clients in person. Whether providing in person or online instructions, Jeffrey’s a fitness trainer helping clients transform their bodies and reach their goals.

    While many coaches/fitness trainers specialize in specific training modalities, he works with several. From bodybuilding and strength training to yoga and mobility/flexibility training, and more, his programs mix it up to help you reach your go...

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    #6 Keir Wenham Flatt on Branding, Building a Business & Making Money

    #6 Keir Wenham Flatt on Branding, Building a Business & Making Money

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpr5x4PePdE&t=877sWhat does it truly take to start a successful coaching business? In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Keir Wenham-Flatt, an elite sports strength and conditioning professional, speaker, writer, and Founder of Strength Coach Network. Tune in as we explore topics like starting a business, advertising, branding, hiring employees, creating products, and more! Keir offers powerful insight into the reality of entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of delegation, time management, networking and building business relationships, and curating high-quality content. “Never again will I be the guy with the technical ability but not the connections… It’s not either or, it’s both and.” - Keir Wenham-Flatt“The more self-aware you can be about what your shortcomings are and what you’re not good at and what you don’t like to do; you actually need to go out and hire in the opposite direction for that.”  - Keir Wenham-Flatt Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:00:13 – Introducing Keir Wenham-Flatt & The topics of today’s episode01:56 – Networking & Proving Your Skills: Why hyper-competence and the capacity for genuine reciprocity makes you unstoppable.08:45 – Why are people so against paid advertising?11:24 – Your time is extremely valuable.12:14 – A day in the life of Keir: What it means to work like a lion.14:16 – Best advice for entrepreneurs on building, managing, and growing a business & A big mistake Keir made as a business owner.18:19 – Challenges and mistakes entrepreneurs make in hiring and managing employees.19:56 – Branding, building and selling a coaching business.24:07 – Content curation vs. Content creation.26:03 – Tips for creating a successful business model and online membership platform.36:00 – What keeps you up at night? What are you trying to avoid or protect in your business?40:26 – If you restarted your career, what would you choose to do?50:28 - Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why? & Keir’s biggest inspirations and recommended books. “Your email list is the most valuable business asset you possess. Never forget that.” - Keir Wenham-FlattWatch this episode on YouTube Keir Wenham-Flatt is a strength and conditioning professional with over 10 years of experience of working at the elite level of sport in 5 different countries. He is also a frequent writer and speaker, and is the founder of Strength Coach Network. Boasting over 200 hours of video lectures presented by elite level coaches, a busy forum with members from over 35 countries, and strategic career and business advice for coaches of all levels, Strength Coach Network is where strength coaches come to learn. Connect with Keir Wenham-Flatt:Visit his website, Strength Coach Network Resources Mentioned:Never Eat Alone by Keith FerrazziDeep Work by Cal NewportJohn Danaher on the Lex Fridman PodcastThe Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson Connect with DGR:Visit our websiteFollow David Grey Rehab on InstagramListen to more podcast episodesSubscribe to our YouTube channel If you enjoyed this podcast, SHARE it with a loved one and RATE/REVIEW it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! 

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    #5 My Social Media Strategy for 2022

    #5 My Social Media Strategy for 2022

    In this short solo episode of the David Grey Rehab podcast, I discuss my social media strategy for 2022.

    I discuss:

    - Viewing our company as a media company

    - My Instagram posting strategy and frequency

    - Where YouTube and Podcasting comes in.


    Join the 8,000 others who are working on our Programs:

    Lower Body Basics

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    #4 Graeme Morriss on Career Decisions, Back Surgery & Sprinting with Athletes

    #4 Graeme Morriss on Career Decisions, Back Surgery & Sprinting with Athletes

    How do coaches integrate running into an athlete’s training process? What do athletes need do in order to change and improve their running skills? In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Graeme Morris, one of Australia’s best S&C coaches. Tune in as we explore topics including running cues, oscillatory isometrics, Graeme’s techniques for training his athletes to improve at running, how shoulder and rib cage motion could affect lower body injuries, and more!

    “I just really work on the basics, to begin with. I like to separate things into basic acceleration and max velocity. I try to work through a technical model.”   - Graeme Morris

    We also talk about the power of simplifying training tactics. Why is it helpful to use basic cues with athletes? What happens when coaches use too many cues? Graeme then speaks on his major back injury and how it has changed his life as an athlete and coach.

    “Make really, really simple cues and just understand that a lot of time, they’re not gonna look perfect straight away, but athletes will actually quite often learn to self-organize and make themselves better. But if you give them too many cues, they really struggle with that.” - Graeme Morris

    Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

    00:13 – Introducing Graeme Morris & The topics of today’s episode

    07:30 – Graeme’s greatest strength as a coach/trainer: Stress management

    08:34 – The problem with Irish club players & Why less is more in strength training

    11:02 – About Graeme’s big upcoming virtual presentation

    12:16 – How to integrate running into an athlete’s training and rehab regimens & Why it’s important to simplify running drills and cues

    18:44 -  Why it’s important to use correct hand positions in running & Why athletes struggle with running techniques

    22:21 – The impact of upper body motion and shoulder reconstructions on running skills and lower body injuries

    32:29 – The relationship between S&C training and the nervous system

    36:15 – How martial arts changes your view on performance training

    39:59 – Optimizing training for athletes & How Graeme uses oscillatory isometrics in training fighters

    48:48 – Graeme’s back injury & How it’s still impacting him today

    1:04:31 – Our candid thoughts on the pros and cons of Frans Bosch Systems

    1:10:14 – What’s your plan for the future?

    1:12:55 - Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why?

    “Exercise is there to train certain tissues. If you’re doing shit technique, it’s highly likely you’re not training what you think you’re training.” - Graeme Morris

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    Resources Mentioned:

    Frans Bosch Systems

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    #3 Jill Zimmerman & Katie St Clair on Marketing, Pelvic Floor & Yielding In Plyometrics

    #3 Jill Zimmerman & Katie St Clair on Marketing, Pelvic Floor & Yielding In Plyometrics

    In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome personal trainer and strength coach, Katie St.Clair, along with physical therapist, Jill Zimmerman. Tune in to learn about the fundamentals of training and physical therapy with the pelvic floor in mind, the functions of the pelvic floor, and the impact of the pelvic floor on pregnancy and postpartum life. Plus, Katie and Jill share great advice for fitness professionals as well as their powerful thoughts on the relationship between trauma, the pelvic floor, and chronic tension in the body.

    We also uncover the marketing tactics behind Jill and Katie’s unique business models, the importance of high-quality, safe learning environments (especially for online courses), and my approach to using reactive movements and/or yielding in plyometrics.

    “I think the hardest thing about mother[hood] is the expectations that they’re going to have time to do any of these things. Finding strategies - like hey you’re in your car or hey you’re breastfeeding - there are actually things you can do while you’re sitting there… So, let me give you a seated exercise you can do in your car.”

    - Katie St.Clair

    “There’s a lot of guarding of the pelvic floor that’s due to safety or a need to find safety. So there’s a lot of emotional issues that people might guard with their pelvic floor, whether it be past traumas, even just emotional trauma, physical trauma… feelings of shame, feelings of fear… and that happens in other parts of the bodies too but especially with the pelvic floor.” - Jill Zimmerman

    Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

    00:13 – Introducing Katie and Jill & The topics of today’s episode

    08:07 – My South Carolina story

    10:33 – About Katie, Jill, and their work

    16:30 – Understanding your scope of practice & The power of collaboration and learning in training and physical therapy

    21:31 – Thinking outside the algorithm & Accelerating your learning through case studies and repetitively doing hands-on work

    27:21 – Marketing strategies and insights for fitness professionals

    29:44 – Overcoming personal insecurities and setting boundaries in your business and courses

    35:28 – How Jill and Katie are inspiring women to be strong, confident, and knowledgeable about their bodies

    37:39 – About Jill’s business model & Why she offers a monthly case study program

    40:01 – Their contrasting lifestyles & services: Formal mentorships, mini courses, 1:1 in-person and online training programs, and more!

    47:16 – How they help people who experience stress incontinence.

    50:03 – The functions of the pelvic floor & How the functions can become overworked

    55:22 – What happens to the pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum? & What happens to the pelvic floor when you inhale and exhale?

    1:06:49 – Squat vs. Deadlifts: What should be happening to the pelvic floor?

    1:11:59 – Trauma, Safety, Emotions, and the Body: How are they connected?

    1:21:09 – What happens to the pelvic floor during bouncing exercises? & The importance of focusing on tendon health and laxity

    1:24:08 – Plyometrics & The pelvic floor

    1:31:06 – Advice for women in the fitness industry & Advice for men in fitness who want to work with more women.

    1:35:30 – Who would you bring to a deserted island if you were trapped there for a week?

    “Hip impingement can be a tricky one to treat and I think some people get really hung up, and it’s like, well is anyone looking at the pelvic floor? Maybe we should because that’s a huge part if you actually think about where those muscles lie and what they do. So, I think [physical therapy] can be a really good tool to sort of unlock some of these really tough to crack cases.” - Jill Zimmerman

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    #2 The Guiding Light For Our Business

    #2 The Guiding Light For Our Business

    In my first bite sized solo episode, I answered the question "What are the top 3 things that helped to grow your business - David Grey Rehab?". I spoke about strategy vs goals vs tactics when it comes to business, and I give you an insight into what the 'guiding light' is for our business.

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

kaylaellenxo ,

Ideal for Coaches, Trainers, and Fitness Lovers Alike!

The DGR Podcast is not only entertaining, but it’s so insightful! David and his guests share knowledge and expertise that’s hard to find anywhere else. I always walk away having learned something new about myself and my body. Highly recommend for any coaches, trainers, physical therapists, or fitness lovers!!

Dr. Tim Richardt, DPT ,

Top Notch Professional Development

As a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, I can’t recommend David and his guests enough for all those in the field looking to think differently, learn, and ultimately be the best practitioner they can be.

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