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The Diagnosis is a Mental Health Podcast, hosted by Simba Rawr, Giving a Voice to the Community. Spotlighting people who are making an impact in our society. Laugh,Love, Learn

The Diagnosis Simba Rawr

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The Diagnosis is a Mental Health Podcast, hosted by Simba Rawr, Giving a Voice to the Community. Spotlighting people who are making an impact in our society. Laugh,Love, Learn

    Hate It Here🙄-What You Don't Do? Part Deux ( @itscorpy )

    Hate It Here🙄-What You Don't Do? Part Deux ( @itscorpy )

    Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Hate It Here Records! We're back for part 2 with @itscorpy . More Non sequiturs, More hyperbole, More Gross Sisters, More Ghost Brothers, More New York. Enjoy. Cause we Hate It Here 🙄

    • 34 min
    Hate It Here 🙄-What You Dont Do? (W/ @itscorpy )

    Hate It Here 🙄-What You Dont Do? (W/ @itscorpy )

    We start out reminiscing on our pod journey thus far.
    First things first, we need to initiate our special guest into the darkness that is the hate it here podcast. We play all day and our friend Corpy is not yet familiar with our nonsense.
    We relish the darkness and wear it like our favourite pair of Ugg boots.
    Empy makes it clear that if anyone gets froggy, she has The Embassy and speed dial, so dont even think about it.
    We learn that Simba is a vampire. Well…we kinda had an idea something was weird about him anyways.
    Corpy had no idea what he was in for when he agreed to pod with us….we do our best to try to draw him into the dark side and he continually insists he’s better than us.
    Somehow we end up talking about Gods love. Which of course leads to talks of hell. We know y’all love the range!
    We compile the Hip-Hop government and we think we could be on to something.
    Geography doesn’t seem to be Corpy’s strong suit (please be sure to email him those maps y’all)
    There’s a deep dive on Jone’s BBQ and Foot Massage,we basically outline an entire marketing plan for them, tell them to send us a check!!
    We talk about going to space on the Magic School Bus rocket and paint a really vivid picture of how the trip would go.

    We hope you hated it here as much as Corpy did!

    • 2 hr 20 min
    Hate It Here🙄-Let The Record Reflect

    Hate It Here🙄-Let The Record Reflect

    We start off with the inaugural award for “Most Annoyed N*^*! In the World” and if course the recipient is the one and only Simba Rawr 🙄
    We celebrate the Unicorns new wheels *skrrrt skkrrt* (well two of us celebrate…one is a hater….guess who?)
    Empy talks about her experience at the Dave Chappelle documentary screening and how much unexpected fun she had all alone.
    (Also, after she tells her story, we come to the conclusion that she probably should not be allowed to attend events alone 😅)
    If you’re ever anxious/nervous about doing something, push yourself to do it anyways! You’ll usually be so grateful that you did.
    Losing friends and finding peace is a flex.
    We delve into death….and it’s a weird conversation cuz we are obviously very unconventional.
    Which tree and/or plant would you want to be planted as upon your demise?
    We also would like the record to reflect….Simba also wins the award for Most ANNOYING person in the world. (Maybe this is why he’s always so annoyed?)

    Let’s just take a moment to shoutout will smith for being that dude. That’s it.

    Let the record reflect, apparently, Empy HATES black men. According to Simba, her inability to enjoy a show he Thoroughly enjoyed makes her a nitpicking villain. 🤷🏾‍♀️ *insert her eyeroll here*
    The rest of the pod is Simba and his random stories and adventures….y’all know how he LOVES to tell a random wild tale!

    Hope you Hated it Here as much as we did!🙄

    • 1 hr 50 min
    Women's History Month Special Starring @forced2fly

    Women's History Month Special Starring @forced2fly

    Women's History Month Special Starring @forced2fly by BestMedPod

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Wild Wild WestWorld

    Wild Wild WestWorld

    First of all we are the worlds best thrupple of all time. There’s literally no competition.
    Also, we have no idea what we are doing….We want y’all to know this is not an act.

    Now let’s start with an important discussion.
    We, the black delegation, need a spokesperson. We would like to nominate Samuel L Jackson to be the CEO of black ppl. Whites ppl are scared of him and black ppl love him….he’s perfect!!
    If you are his cuzin, homie or auntie, leave your contact info in the comments so we can set up a meeting with Mister Samuel to get the ball rolling!

    SImba details his experience at the Dave Chappelle documentary screening in San Francisco that somehow turned into a legends of Oakland concert….
    Additionally this is where we learn that Lil Jon is apparently a Bay Area legend 🤷🏾‍♀️
    We learn all about N****a energy and who possess it and how they use these special spiritual powers.
    Simba also has a hilarious encounter with fellow Bay Area natives

    There’s a deep dive on music and movies we been listening to and watching……we can sum this up by saying, Women lack accountability in RnB music (and in real life?) and we are loving black folks in westerns!

    Despite our seemingly pleasant exchanges throughout this pod, we still, very much, HATE IT HERE.🙄

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Hate It Here🙄- LL Queen J

    Hate It Here🙄- LL Queen J

    We start off not making sense….regular degular shit.
    Empy is talking to herself for 15mins while Ebby yells at her kids and Simba is mesmerized by Queen Latifah a in a camisole.

    Then it’s the esoteric deep dive portion of the pod.
    Who are we? What are we? Why are we here? When can we leave this hellhole? And such like musings

    Followed by a lot of nonsense that we don’t even know how to break down for you….

    Did y’all know that the saying “Ten toes down” was originally about Al Bundy from Married with Kids?
    It’s facts. Trust us.
    Also Lisa Landry from sister sister taught Mama Tina Knowles everything she knows.
    Black history moments brought to you by….well brought to you by us cuz we ain’t got no sponsors.

    There’s more pointless talking about a lot of nothing. You already know to expect the least from us. And we happily oblige!

    We are hopeless….and We Hate It Here🙄

    • 1 hr 22 min

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15 Ratings

riddikuluspatronus1 ,


Great chemistry on this show! Very real and fantastic contests! Great passion. Looking forward to more episodes!

Big Mizzeh99 ,

F*ck this job

I definitely felt the vibe of the episode. I can hear how grounded you were in your thoughts and opinions. This episode was super chill!

-Mo from the Vision Lab Podcast

loosecuts ,

Love love

I LOVE the conversations

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