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The Digital Measure Show is a bi-weekly show for marketing leaders and practitioners where I interview industry experts and some of the most talented professionals in marketing. Join me and my guests as we discuss the latest on marketing trends, technology, and measurement.

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The Digital Measure Show is a bi-weekly show for marketing leaders and practitioners where I interview industry experts and some of the most talented professionals in marketing. Join me and my guests as we discuss the latest on marketing trends, technology, and measurement.

    #019 - Intro To Customer Experience Research

    #019 - Intro To Customer Experience Research

    Jim Tincher, Journey Mapper-In-Chief at Heat of the Customer joins me to chat about customer experience research (CXR). In this episode we discuss some of the basics, why it’s important, ways to get started in CXR and more. Lot’s of great intro content and resources for those who are interested in applying CXR to their organization.


    • A brief history on customer experience research (CXR)
    • The difference between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX)
    • Most common adoption challenges that professionals have while advocating for the customer and customer research methods
    • Three types of problems to focus on when trying to drive adoption and develop an effective customer experience practice within an organization
    • Three best practices for developing a CX within your organization
    • Which CXR metrics matter
    • Which challenges CX leaders are solving
    • Thoughts on the future of CX

    To view the rest of the show notes please visit https://brianlpoe.com/blog/intro-to-customer-experience-research

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    #018 - GDPR, Data Privacy and Regulations in 2019

    #018 - GDPR, Data Privacy and Regulations in 2019

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented on 25 May 2018 and we’re already seeing states propose their own data protection and privacy laws here in the United States. Wondering what impact GDPR has had on marketing since inception ,or what regulations are coming to the states and how to prepare?

    Wanda Kauffman and Natalie Simmer join me in an in depth discussion on all of that and more. We chat about GDPR, proposed regulations here in the states, federal law, consumer awareness, and impacts on businesses who are eager to leverage consumer data. There’s a lot in this 45 minute clip so don’t miss it if you’re marketing leader in your organization. Also, see below for resources discussed on this episode. We’ve included several for your convenience.

    Note that this is episode number two of a six-part series that I’m recording with The Lacek Group on customer engagement. Links to previous episodes in this series will be listed below as they become available.


    • How GDPR became a regulation in the EU law
    • Why GDPR is the gold-standard and which US states are proposing similar regulations
    • Proposed regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
    • Types of GDPR violations that are being reported and by whom
    • Data privacy, consumer awareness and under what conditions they’re willing to provide personal data in exchange for your service
    • Reducing business risk and vulnerability by creating a center of excellence and becoming SOC 2 certified
    • How agencies, vendors, and brands are reacting to these regulations, including moving data in-house
    • Providing better customer and user experiences while adapting to consumer expectations
    • Resources on how to stay up-to-date on violations, new and existing regulations, and certifications

    To view the rest of the show notes please visit https://brianlpoe.com/blog/018-gdpr-data-privacy-and-regulations-in-2019

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    #017 - Separating Signals From The Noise

    #017 - Separating Signals From The Noise

    Michelle Wildenauer and Tyler Love join us to discuss data signals, an incredibly important (and challenging) part of modern marketing. See highlights below for details. This episode is the first of a six part series that I am recording with The Lacek Group (my employer) on customer engagement. Future episodes in this series will include topics ranging from data insights, how to create emotional content, customer privacy, and more. Come back soon for new episodes or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes to get notified when a new episode on this series becomes available.

    • A primer on data signals
    • How The Lacek Group, a leading loyalty service provider, leverages data signals for customer engagement
    • Inbound questions on data signals from industry leading brands and Lacek clients
    • Common challenges that are keeping brands from sending out data driven communication across their marketing channels
    • Three takeaways that will help you and your organization leverage data signals for cross-channel marketing communication

    To view the rest of the show notes please visit https://brianlpoe.com/blog/017-separating-signals-from-the-noise

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    #016 - Augmenting Customer Research with Behavioral Data

    #016 - Augmenting Customer Research with Behavioral Data

    I was introduced to customer research several years ago but didn’t really make the connection to digital marketing until almost four years ago when leading a testing and optimization team at Best Buy. I was all in on customer research, not as a researcher, but in terms of how digital analytics and a well-oiled A/B testing program could augment research and deliver a better overall customer experience.

    Obviously time is money and resources are limited. Unfortunately, this is a reality for most of us. However, that shouldn’t stop us from delivering a better customer experience should it?

    That’s why I’ve invited Jennifer Havice to join me today. Jennifer, founder of Make Mention Media and Communications, a conversion copywriting and CRO consulting company, joined me to share her perspective on this very question. In this episode, she shares why she thinks that research is so important and often neglected. She also provides her take on the research market and how behavioral data can be a powerful tool for augmenting research.

    To view the rest of the show notes please visit https://brianlpoe.com/blog/016-augmenting-customer-research-with-behavioral-data

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    #015 - Loyalty and Personalization in Healthcare

    #015 - Loyalty and Personalization in Healthcare

    Have you ever wondered how consumer expectations are changing the way healthcare payers and providers think about the overall consumer healthcare experience? Wondering how healthcare companies are harnessing data or from wearable devices? Or, maybe you’re wondering how healthcare companies are going to drive innovation in a heavily regulated industry. Wonder no more!

    On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rahul Goyal, Director of Digital Analytics and Personalization at UnitedHealth Group and Tess MacGibbon, Account Director at The Lacek Group about all of this. Well, briefly since we only had fifty minutes. Both guests are incredibly knowledgeable about healthcare which made this a fun and enlightening episode. Listen in as Rahul and Tess provide an insiders perspective on data, personalization and loyalty in the healthcare industry.

    • The rise of consumer expectations in the healthcare sector
    • Challenges with personalizing healthcare experiences for consumers
    • How the healthcare industry thinks about personalization and what they’re doing to address today’s challenges
    • How personalization drives loyalty in healthcare; the current state of loyalty and where there are opportunities for innovation
    • Data and analytics talent in the healthcare industry; what UHG is doing to bridge gaps between talent types and the business
    • The future of loyalty and personalization in healthcare

    • Apple and Aetna partnership
    • The Future of Healthcare Looks a Lot Like Retail
    • UnitedHealth Groups Individual Health Record (IHR)
    • Blockchain in healthcare
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
    • Apple Watch notified teen of abnormal heart-rate while suffering from kidney failure
    • Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)
    • AncestryDNA
    • 23andMe
    • MinneAnalytics
    • Halicon 2019

    • 53 min
    #014 - Into The NEW YEAR!

    #014 - Into The NEW YEAR!

    Since starting the Digital Measure Show in April of last year I’ve released 13 episodes which is a little better than one per month. Not as many as I would have liked but then again it’s not about quantity as much as it is about quality and consistency. If I’m being completely honest, 2018 was truly about learning and getting comfortable behind a microphone. For that, I’m incredibly thankful for my guests (and strong network!) for providing me with wonderful content, their time, and network exposure to help promote this podcast.

    Looking ahead into 2019 I really feel like there’s momentum behind the podcast—I’ve got some incredible guests lined up already and I’m partnering with The Lacek Group to produce a handful of high-quality loyalty and digital marketing episodes.

    • Analytics & Personalization at UnitedHealth Group
    • Customer Research with Jennifer Havice
    • The Twin Cities Big Data, Data Science and Analytics Community, MinneAnalytics
    • Conversion Rate Optimization with Peep Laja from Conversion XL
    • A 7-Part Series on Customer Engagement with The Lacek Group
    • And more being planned…

    To view the rest of the show notes please visit https://brianlpoe.com/blog/014-into-the-new-year

    • 8 min

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7 Ratings

krts ,

Fantastic Show!

Brian does a great job with his interviews and deeply understands his subject matter. I’m always looking forward to the next episode!

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Fantastic podcast

It is fantastic to finally have a podcast that focuses specifically on digital analytics measurement. There are a lot of podcasts out there about analytics and data science in general but this one gets to the details of the issues digital analytics practitioners face every day.

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Great content

Fantastic podcast!

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