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It's not what you think. . .Momming is HARD. Join us (Brittany and Tiffany) as we shine light on the dirty side of motherhood!

The Dirty Moms Talk Podcast Brittany and Tiffany

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It's not what you think. . .Momming is HARD. Join us (Brittany and Tiffany) as we shine light on the dirty side of motherhood!

    Pick Your Six

    Pick Your Six

    If you haven't listened to podcasts #5 and #6 on Goals and Habits, you should revisit those in order to get the most out of episode #7.

    Next, go to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com and claim your FREE Deliberate Start resource!  

    Pick your six!  Only six each day.  You may be tempted to choose more, but limit it to six.

    What should we include in our six?

    At least one item that links back to your big dreams and goals.  This is SO important!  Don't let it go!  The world needs what you have!

    Non-negotiables, appointments, classes, and sports.

    Hope-to-do's. . .reading a book, visiting a friend.

    When should you pick your six?  Preferably the night before or in the morning when you wake up, before the chaos starts. 

    What happens if you don't complete your six?  You GET to carry it over tomorrow!  Give yourself grace.

    Our favorite place to write our six is in our Deliberate Day Journals!  Head over to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com if you would like to purchase your own digital copy!  

    Finally, for the next three days, use your phone, your notebook, or your Deliberate Day Journal and pick your six!  Do it before bed, or in the morning before the crazy starts and let us know how it goes!  Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook!

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    "You are making something, you are making yourself." 
    -Donald Miller

    How are we making ourselves?  We are making ourselves with HABITS!

    According to the Google, a habit is a "routine behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously."  

    Whether you realize it or not, you have habits.  Good or bad, there are routine behaviors that fill your days.  The key is to begin to CHOOSE more of those behaviors.

    When we CHOOSE our habits, we can align them with our mini-goals, and ultimately our big goals and our why.  

    When we CHOOSE our habits, we can select to perform actions that are kind to tomorrow's us!  

    So, HOW do we CHOOSE our ONE (only ONE) new habit?

    1. First, head over to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com and get your Deliberate Start Guide (FREE)!  This will help you REFLECT on key areas, ASSESS what you want in the future, and CREATE new goals aligned with your why!

    2. Think of activities that align with your goals AND lend to a kindness to your future self.  

    3. Choose ONE (yes, only ONE) habit to start.  Bonus points if you choose something that makes progress in more than one area (such as waking up early in the morning, or exercising with your people).

    HOW do we START a new habit?

    1. Consider things you are already doing.  (Waking up, eating meals, picking kids up from school, nap time, etc).

    2. Get creative, and consider your season of life.  Maybe "reading" more for you right now looks a lot less like you sitting in your favorite chair for hours at a time, and a lot more like you enjoying an audible book on your way to the carpool line.

    3. Start SMALL.  Start with ONE (max two-if you are an overachiever).  Do not overwhelm yourself.  Lasting change happens in 1% increments.  Be the turtle.

    So!  Go to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com and get your FREE Deliberate START guide!  If you need a good Habit Tracker, there is a fantastic page in the Deliberate Day Journal (which can also be found at the link above).  

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    Don't Choose a Word, Choose Your Why

    Don't Choose a Word, Choose Your Why

    First and foremost, head over to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com and gain access to your Deliberate Start resource so you can get the most out of this episode!  

    Don't choose a word, choose your "why"!  

    Begin working on your goals by imagining your big picture.  Start with your grand vision (based on your values and priorities) and work backwards.

    When you have your "why," consider what big goals will get you there.  Then, break those big goals into smaller-more manageable chunks (and even into habits-which we will cover more next week).  

    Important notes. . .
    1.  Mothers can-and should-have goals!  If you have time to scroll social media, you have time to think about what you want your life to look like!
    2.  Focus on goals that fall within your circle of influence.
    3.  While you may not know what this year has in store, writing down your intentions and working towards them will set you on a path to achieve a surprising amount.

    Finally, head on over to https://www.deliberatedayjournal.com and get your FREE Deliberate Start resource.  Better yet, send this link to a friend (or your husband) and set a date (do this NOW) to work on your 2022 together.  

    Thank you for listening-we would love to hear YOUR thoughts about goals and goal setting!  Head over to Instagram or Facebook and tag us @dirty_moms_talk, or leave a review on Apple or Spotify and let us know what you think!

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    The Gift of Little Moments

    The Gift of Little Moments

    Momming can be HARD.  If we aren't careful, our days can quickly get hijacked by an endless list of to-do's and fires to put out.

    Before too long, we have an endless string of days that run together and we have no recollection of any of the good that happened.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    If we train ourselves to look for little moments of beauty in each day, it will positively influence our relationships with our people.

    But how can a busy mom do this?  Of course, we have some ideas. . .

    1. Take out your phone, notebook, or journal.
    2. Pick one moment from your day that you remember fondly.
    3. Record it!  (Voice memos count!)

    Finally, as a bonus--take out your phone again--and text your husband and tell him one beautiful moment (our men need to hear the positive too!)


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    Grace Over Guilt

    Grace Over Guilt

    Why is mom-guilt a thing?  Jon Acuff has some hilarious ideas about dad guilt, and how it really doesn't exist.

    The good news is that we don't have to "do it all"!  All we are called to is faithfulness.  

    That's it.

    Consider then, that it may not be your "best" that has to change, but your mindset. 

    Maybe your best mommy self shined through and your struggle lies in things undone. . .if that is your challenge, print Jon Acuff's New Anthem out here: 


    And write any leftover items from today on your list of six for tomorrow!

    Finally, for the next three days, do these three things:

    1. Pick one moment when your best self didn't really shine. 
    2. Write that moment down in your phone, notebook, or Deliberate Day Journal.
    3. Say a prayer for grace and let. it. go.

    Choose grace over guilt.

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    Gratitude in All Things

    Gratitude in All Things

    Gratitude is good on so many levels!  

    First, it is good for your physical body!  Unbelievable?  Read this article:

    For more reading on the effects of gratitude, check out this article: https://positivepsychology.com/benefits-of-gratitude/

    Second, it can change your outlook and your days.  If we approach life with an attitude of gratitude, it will spill into everything.  

    Finally, modeling gratitude can change the lives of your spouse and children!

    Don't forget!  Make sure to text a friend and tell her why you are grateful for her (we all need to hear these things from time to time)!

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6 Ratings

bmwhite85 ,

Excellent, funny, and informative!

Excellent podcast! You can really tell the hosts have an amazing friendship, as well as a lot of experience with parenting. Their content shines light on some of the harder, messier, dirtier struggles of parenting, as well as celebrating its joys and providing inspiration and encouragement for parents who are “in the trenches” of the various phases of parenting. Highly recommend this to anyone who has children in their lives!

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