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Where Interested is Interesting and interesting people share their stories and build their biographies along the way!

My goal is to find the untold biographies that are waiting to be shared!

The Doug Sandquist Podcast Douglas Sandquist

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Where Interested is Interesting and interesting people share their stories and build their biographies along the way!

My goal is to find the untold biographies that are waiting to be shared!

    Quantum Biology in Dentistry and more with Dr. Jack Kruse

    Quantum Biology in Dentistry and more with Dr. Jack Kruse

    In this video we discuss the Quantum Biology of Sleep Apnea and sleep disorders in general, the current status of centralized and decentralized dentistry and medicine as well as how Dr. Kruse went to Dental School and then became a Neurosurgeon. Dr. Kruse is also a Quantum Biologist and is able to dive deep into the science of chronic disease and his decentralized approach to treating his patients.
    Skip the intro and Dr. Jack starts at 6:30 in the timeline
    Be sure to check out Dr. Jack's Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/DrJackKruse/posts
    For a primer on Dr. Kruse's work listen to: Dr. Jack on Dr. Max Gulhane's Regenerative Health Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln3WszTq0uA
    Dr. Jack on Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin and Dr. Andrew Huberman: https://youtu.be/oK9_j6fa2P4?si=PkI4mx7msuijpZoJ
    And a special thanks to Dr. Alexis Cowan for encouraging me to do this! Dr. Alexis Cowan's Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@UndoctrinateYourself
    Be sure to listen to both of her Podcasts with Dr. Kruse! They are must-views/listens!

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    Tim Wambach: Podcast Episode 19

    Tim Wambach: Podcast Episode 19

    Fun podcast with Tim Wambach. Tim is a public speaker, coach, organizer and dreamer! Definitely a fun chat to discover Tim's Biography! 
    Quotes from this episode! 
    “I was the kid that organized the football game on the day for the first snow! Football and snow are the best! “
    “Tony Robbins made me believe that the life I wanted to live was possible “
    “I took a long road to become a public speaker.”
    “Maintaining a positive mental attitude takes work”
    “I went from a couch potato to an elite endurance athlete in 6 weeks.”
    “Its easy to connect the dots going backwards, but its not always a straight path going forward”
    “Since I was younger I was always to know more about  health and fitness”
    “The two threads that have been constants in my life have been: Personal development and health and fitness “
    “I want to help overweight dads reclaim their health and energy. I wanna help other crack the code to their own health.. “
    “Just because you’re not young anymore doesn’t mean your old”
    “You can’t out train a bad diet”
    “Eliminating processed food is a great start to reclaiming health “
    “I’m a life long student…”
    “I want to give my family as many peak experiences as I can..”
    “I ran from Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL, twice! Once over 700 miles the second was over 1000 miles in 40 days”. 
    Connect with Tim! 
    Instagram @Flexingfatherhood, Twitter: @Timwambach
    And Flexingfatherhood.com is on coming soon! 
    Doug's Discovered Biography:
    Tim Is a life long learner and organizer of people! From the baseball fields as a youngster to leading seminars to now changing the lives of Dads… Tim’s approach is to “keep on keepin’ on! “
    And it is the Barna Group, Barna.com that is doing the research on Church growth and the correlation of Christianity grown vs church growth. 

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    Dr. Philip Ovadia MD: Podcast Episode 18

    Dr. Philip Ovadia MD: Podcast Episode 18

    Dr. Philip Ovadia (https://OvadiaHeartHealth.com) is a Cardiac Heart Surgeon and champion of Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore diets to improve Metabolic Health and prevent heart disease. The Discovery of Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore helped Dr. Ovadia regained his own health and conquer life long challenges with obesity
    Quotes from this Episode: 
    "My parents remind me that from a very young age that I always wanted to be a “sturgeon”, not just a doctor."
    "I no longer fall in the paradigm that high LDL cholesterol is the cause of heart disease". 
    "I’m most passionate about spreading the message of metabolic health to as many people that will hear it". 
    “While on the Obesity surgery rotation, I discovered that my personal obesity numbers qualified me for weight loss surgery” 
    "Heart Surgery is just the band aid, moving forward patients have to change something or they’ll be back on my table". 
    "Half of the patients I operate on have normal to low cholesterol levels". 
    "Get back to eating how your parents and grand parents you used eat… Eat Whole Real Foods"
    "We thought that low fat was going to be the way to health.. and we now have evidence that isn’t the case".
    "People don’t expect to be healthy anymore…. Medication and poor health is part of the aging process".
    "Why can’t we be healthy for the vast majority of our life"? 
    "You have to train your body to work off of fat instead of sugar".
    "Eggs are a good nutrition source, eggs have everything in them to to grow a new chicken".
    "Pay attention to how you feel eating certain foods and Eat the food the foods that make you feel good".
    "The difficult part of my job isn’t doing the surgery, the difficult part of my job on who to do surgery on".
    Doug's Discovered Biography:
    Dr. Ovadia has always wanted to be a surgeon from day one! Born to be a surgeon! Raised in a home where nutrition was often discussed and strictly followed as his brother was a Type 1 Diabetic. Although following the "best diet recommendations" he and his entire family struggled with Obesity. Which led Philip on the weight loss roller coaster. At age 40, Philip discovered Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore, which is outside the professional norms. That changed his life! Now, Philip is a renegade wants to share his message with anyone that ready to hear it! 

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    Dr. Christopher Kanas DDS: Episode 17

    Dr. Christopher Kanas DDS: Episode 17

    Dr. Christopher Kanas is a Pediatric Dentist in Greenville, South Carolina. Have recently moved there from Auburn, California with his wife and two teenaged kids! 
    Quotes from this episode: 
    "There’s art as a creative and art as a job"
    "If I couldn’t travel that would be a depressing thing to me."
    "When I see that scared kid come into the office and you take your time and work their trust up and by the time they leave they are leaving happy and you have helped them overcome their fear! "
    "Regrets have a way of making you grow, if you learn from them"
    "Screen time never goes away, even when the screen is turned off, the thought processes still revolve around the screen"
    "Whats the difference between a glass of wine and an Ativan? "
    "Marijuana caused me to lose some valuable relationships "
    "If drugs weren’t fun a lot of people wouldn’t be doing them…. But when you start making choices over your drugs vs. your relationships, there are consequences. "
    "The west coast is the best coast, but there are quite a few places on the east coast to explore!"
    Doug's Discovered Biography: 
    Chris, against the odds, of discovered a career after 7 years in college, to finally land in a profession he was made for! He’s made mistakes along the way but has been able to course correct and become an incredible professional, husband and father! 

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    Dr. Jeff Lineberry DDS: Podcast Episode 16

    Dr. Jeff Lineberry DDS: Podcast Episode 16

    Jeffrey Lineberry, DDS has been a practicing dentistry since 2000 and in recent years bought the Carolina Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Mooresville, NC. He practices general dentistry, focusing on complex COSMETIC DENTISTRY, RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY and TMJ/TMD care.
    Quotes from this episode:
    Do you want to spend the next 30 years of your life doing what you hated or spend 20 years doing something you love. 
    Life is short, if that’s what you want to do, do it. 
    I would much rather be where I want to be than sit around and complain about 
    If you go out of business, you can’t provide care for anybody
    If you impact one dentist life and he has 1000 patients you have impacted their lives too
    If looking for a career mentor, find someone passionate about their career. 
    Good enough is when the outcome meets the effort 
    It’s powerful when you surround yourself with people that believe in you
    Nothing is ever in balance, just recognize when something is out of balance and shift things over and be ok with that. 
    Doug's Discovered Biography:
    Through hard work and perseverance Jeff has been able to be ready when an opportunity has presented itself.. Effectively being able to walk through the open door and accept the opportunity. Or as Jeff says it, "till the ground, plant the seeds and be ready when the water finds the seeds and allows them to grow." 

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    Ron Clifford: Podcast Episode 15

    Ron Clifford: Podcast Episode 15

    Bio from Ron's Website:
    Ron always says: "do what you can't help but do."
     For me, that means exploring the natural world, photographing the people and places in it, and helping others to do the same.  I'm Ron Clifford, a photographer, an educator and speaker
    Quote from this Episode: 
    I was born an artist, knew it from the age of 10
    Artist asks what can I add to create a masterpiece, a Photographer asks what can I take away to create a masterpiece
    “Your job is finished, a retoucher’s job will be replaced by photoshop! 6 months later I was out of a job!”
    “Went to a full time photographer in 3 years” 
    “I’m an educator, that’s what I love to do!” 
    “I want to write that blog post, How I lost 3 Million followers” 
    “My greatest success is the relationship I have with my children” 
    “I get excited about seeing a student hit the next level!” 
    “I want to be able to tell success story after success story…I want to see students reach their goals “ 
    “To a young Ron: Don’t take yourself so seriously and lower your expectations” 
    “I need to be making a different in leveling up others along side of me.”
    “The greatest accomplishment in life is being part of humanity, contributing to others” 
    Doug’s Discovered Biography
    Ron is an educator at heart and a mentor’s mentor! Ron has a unique ability to help others find their path and reach their goals.
    More info about Ron's Mentorship Plus network, head to https://ronclifford.com/mentoring
    Follow Ron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ron_clifford_portrait/ and https://www.instagram.com/ron_clifford and https://www.instagram.com/ron_clifford_branding 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RonCliffordPhoto/ 
    and his Thriving Photographers Facebook Group: 
    Thriving Photographers Facebook Group
    Watch Ron tell his story at Tedx Newmarket here: https://www.ted.com/talks/ron_clifford_how_traveling_to_the_ends_of_the_earth_helps_me_cope_with_my_diagnosis
    Theme Music by: Marklyn Retzer

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