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Our journey into the world of being a truly climate conscious business. Join us as we talk to fellow entrepreneurs, founders, marketing folks, and campaigners to help us build our new product, EcoSend: the climate conscious email marketing tool.

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Our journey into the world of being a truly climate conscious business. Join us as we talk to fellow entrepreneurs, founders, marketing folks, and campaigners to help us build our new product, EcoSend: the climate conscious email marketing tool.

    S4E5 'From Music Teacher to building an Education Centre for Climate Hope', with Caroline Stephenson 🎓

    S4E5 'From Music Teacher to building an Education Centre for Climate Hope', with Caroline Stephenson 🎓

    Cornwall may be best-known on the Sustainability map for its expansive Eden Project site, but nestled just down the road from Eden Project sits another trailblazing site for a better future.
    Caroline Stephenson's journey to building 'The Meadow Barns - An Education Centre for Climate Hope', started back in the 90s and her mother's mission to install two wind turbines. 
    Caroline witnessed firsthand the fierce opposition her mother faced because of her activism. Drawing on this, since leaving her career in Music teaching, Caroline has dedicated herself to building 'The Meadow Barns' and using it as a site and resource to teach young people about Sustainable living. 
    Her home is also her headquarters for her ‘Climate Hope’ movement, which Caroline defines as:
    underpinned by deep researchbrought to life by creative peoplegrounded in local community andculminates in events and/or publications of colour, vibrancy and an infectious sense of fun!In her chat with James, we learned about:
    🌎 The importance of Community in launching a Sustainability movement, rather than going alone.🙅‍♂️ The discrimination her mother faced because of her activism. 👣 How she has navigated facing her opposition to her own activism.🏡 The challenges and benefits of using green building practises for her own 'EcoHome'.🧒 Cultivating the next generation of change-makers through narrative and story-telling. ... and much more! ✨
    Caroline is a living-breathing embodiment of her values and mission. From her home to her education courses, everything is dedicated to enabling future generations and to building a better future.
    With her infectious enthusiasm for change, we're sure you'll enjoy this episode as much as we did 💚
    About Caroline Stephenson:Caroline Stephenson is Director of the Meadow Barns Education Centre, where people learn about local history and we share a wide range of stories that offer climate hope for the future

    Further Resources from the episode:The Meadow Barns website: https://themeadowbarns.co.uk/category/green-friday-blog-2023/The Meadow Barns on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vxS01UuvQfpZljw7QTzMw
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    S4E4 'Creating Circular Economy in the Events Industry', with Carina Jandt 🚲

    S4E4 'Creating Circular Economy in the Events Industry', with Carina Jandt 🚲

    We're very privileged on The EcoSend Podcast to be inspired by so many change-makers leading innovation and solving problems.
    And Carina Jandt is high up on that list!
    Carina is a fantastic example of a change-maker who saw a problem in her industry, a problem which her industry chose to ignore, and took it upon herself to do something about it! 
    A veteran of the Events Industry, Carina saw first-hand the depressing amount of wastage left over at the end of each Event. Furniture, hardware, the list goes on...
    At the same time, while volunteering in the third sector, she saw the intense need for products, particularly digital.
    Putting two and two together, Carina stepped up to solve the problem by co-founding Event Cycle!
    Event Cycle is dedicated to helping event professionals implement practical solutions to sustainability challenges, and redistributing leftover items across the Third Sector.
    In her chat with James, we learned all about:
    💡How a leftover set of IKEA furniture sparked the idea for Event Cycle.🤝The importance for business to learn to work within communities, not seeing themselves as islands.📄How ESG needs to change in the immediate future.🔮Her predictions for upcoming trends and changes in the Events industry.🏁Why we need to focus on incremental change and starting NOW!... and much more! ✨
    Carina is a great example of a 'get sh*t done' mentality, and how to align your work with your purpose through a bit of creative thinking!
    We loved meeting Carina, and we hope you enjoy the episode too.
    About Carina Jandt:Carina is a seasoned technical production manager with a decade of experience at high-profile event agencies recognized a growing sustainability trend among clients and desire to reduce waste.
    While volunteering, she quickly noticed the increasing demand for donations with charities and felt that there was a need to combine the two. Her venture Event Cycle does just that - helping event businesses implement practical and sustainable solutions with a lasting social legacy. Carina aspires to guide the industry towards a circular economy while aiding the vulnerable, fostering a lasting legacy.

    Further Resources from the episode:Event Cycle on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eventcycleEvent Cycle on X: https://twitter.com/eventcycleukEvent Cycle's website: https://www.eventcycle.org/ 
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    S4E3 'Purpose-driven film-making, and rejecting Louis Vuitton', with Magali Seyvet 🎥

    S4E3 'Purpose-driven film-making, and rejecting Louis Vuitton', with Magali Seyvet 🎥

    It's all very well to hold values 'on paper', but when those values are tested by business decisions, many change-makers find themselves sadly making compromises. 
    That can involve agreeing to work for clients who you know don't match with your mission. But the financial incentives can be hard to say no to, especially for freelancers in the Sustainability and Regenerative Business sector.
    Magali Seyvet however, is not one for compromises!
    Magali is on a mission to harness the power of film-making and narrative to create positive-change. But not only does she prioritise working with clients who share her values, she categorically refuses to work with those who don't!
    In this episode we loved getting to know Magali and her take on:
    🚜 Her journey to today, from studying Engineering & Agronomy, to independent film-making.😍 Turning a hobby into a full-time job.🎞️ The power of film-making to communicate stories. 💪 Overcoming the challenges of being a one-person film producer.😱 Why she rejected work for LVMH.... and much more! ✨
    Magali is an incredible example of a no bullsh*t approach to aligning purpose with business; unafraid to have tough conversations and to say 'non' to misaligned work, so that can focus on well-aligned work.
    We took a ton of inspiration from our chat with Magali, and we hope you will too!
    About Magali Seyvet:Magali Seyvet is deeply convinced that the power of filmmaking, if used better, can make this world a better place. In that way, she makes branded documentaries for purpose companies and organizations.
    Further Resources from the episode:Magali on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allheroes/All Heroes website: https://allheroes.fr
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    S4E2 'Building a Sustainable World Web', with Michael Andersen 🌐

    S4E2 'Building a Sustainable World Web', with Michael Andersen 🌐

    With his passion for technology, and fond memories of a childhood growing up in rural Denmark, Michael Andersen seemed destined for a career in Digital Sustainability. 
    Since building his first website at the age of 12(!), Michael has been fascinated with problem-solving and using technology for a better world. 
    This led Michael to found 'Sustainable WWW' - a non-profit focused on spreading knowledge about sustainable web design and development, as well as authoring the book 'Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons', published in March 2023. All alongside his day-job as a senior Frontend developer!
    We were delighted to welcome Michael for the second episode of Season Four, to talk us through:
    🧐 Michael's top-tips for optimising the Sustainability credentials of your website.🇸🇪 Why Sweden is leading the way in 'Green Hosting'.❤️ His main sources of inspiration in the Digital Sustainability space.🏁 The importance of just getting started, rather than waiting for certainty.... and much more! ✨
    Michael is a fantastic example of living a life combining talent with purpose. We hope you can take lessons and inspiration from his 'Tech for Nature' approach 🙌
    About Michael Andersen:Michael is the founder of Sustainable WWW and author of the book 'Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons'. He also works full time as a senior Frontend developer in a small company based in Gothenburg; creating custom internet solutions based on their customers requirements. 
    Further Resources from the episode:Michael on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-orregaard-andersen/Sustainable WWW: https://sustainablewww.org
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    S4E1 'Seaweed T-shirts, Sustainability in China, and Overlanding South America', with Dirk Eschenbacher 👕

    S4E1 'Seaweed T-shirts, Sustainability in China, and Overlanding South America', with Dirk Eschenbacher 👕

    What kind of materials come to mind when you think of climate-conscious clothing? 🤔
    We'll bet Seaweed wasn't the first on your list, but as our friend Dirk Eschenbacher explains, Seaweed kelp is the ultimate "Climate Tech Material" and the perfect antidote to today's culture of 'Fast Fashion' and clothing waste.
    Dirk is a fascinating character, with a long journey into Sustainability and multiple ventures spanning across Advertising at Ogilvy, running the number one luxury and boutique travel agency for Chinese clients, all the way to his latest venture - creating Seaweed T-shirts with Karma Beach Club!
    James sat down with Dirk to inaugurate Episode One of our fourth series of The EcoSend Podcast, as we learned all about:
    👕The wonderful qualities that make seaweed the number one Sustainability choice for clothing. 🇨🇳 How China is leading the way across many aspects of Sustainable manufacturing.💪 How Dirk navigates the various challenges of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.✈️ The differences working in China vs. Europe🗺️ ... and perhaps best of all, some travel inspo from Dirk's adventures 'Overlanding' across South America with his family!
    This was a fascinating episode to kick-start our new season and open your mind to the possibilities of creative entrepreneurship. Dirk's episode really brought to light the great impact we can have when we put Nature first in our work.
    About Dirk Eschenbacher:Dirk is a creative director, designer and entrepreneur living in Asia, creating and making things around the world. Dirk started out with a career in advertising, then created a luxury travel startup in China and now is making yarns, fabrics and clothes with seaweed.

    Further Resources from the episode:Dirk on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkeschenbacher/Dirk's website: iamdirk.com
    Karma Beach Club website: www.karmabeachclub.com
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    Wrapping up Season Three, with James & Chris

    Wrapping up Season Three, with James & Chris

    We can't believe we've reached the end of Season Three of The EcoSend Podcast already, but we're delighted you've joined us for this past season, and we're incredibly grateful for all the wonderful guests we've recently invited on the show.
    As a recap, this past season we welcomed to the podcast:
    François Burra from Product for NetZero Rebecca Heaps from Tentshare Russ Avery from Avery & BrownTim Frick from MightyBytesRichard Dickson from PlayItGreenTom Hardy from Manifesto StudiosAnje & Robert from DazzleTom & Marketa from Wholegrain DigitalRaoul Böstrum from TyveIn this episode, James recaps the key lessons learned from our latest group of guests, as well as lessons from another six months leading the helm at EcoSend.
    We also discussed: 🏆 What needs to be done to make purpose-driven work the norm, not the outlier? 🤔The importance of actively taking time to think on your purpose.🏦 How business-for-good leads to competitive advantage?👣 What needs to be done to drive awareness of the carbon footprint of digital emissions?... and much more! ✨
    Find out more from our final episode of season three, and we look forward to catching you for season four... coming soon! 🌳
    About James Gill:James is CEO and co-founder at GoSquared, an award-winning software to understand and engage with your customers. GoSquared recently launched their latest product, EcoSend; a climate-conscious email marketing platform. EcoSend powers beautiful, effective email campaigns, without a cost to the planet.
    About ChrisChris is the Customer Success Lead at EcoSend; passionate about helping climate-conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and send best-in-class email campaigns. 
    Further Resources:James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesjgill/Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-w-9001b19b/James on Threads: https://www.threads.net/@jamesgillEcoSend: https://ecosend.io/

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