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Real Women. Real Power.

    -61: Rewiring for Wealth, Well-Being and Really, Whatever Else You Want with Barbara Huson

    -61: Rewiring for Wealth, Well-Being and Really, Whatever Else You Want with Barbara Huson

    Do you ever worry that your biggest financial downfall is never thinking big enough? Are you worried that fear is actually what’s holding you back from financial freedom? Do you wonder — deep down — that you don’t actually want to get smart about money? 

    Join Chantal Pierrat in conversation with Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny), a best-selling author, financial consultant, TV presenter, published writer for national publications, former journalist, and revered expert in the field of money and wealth. 

    We’re all plagued by mental roadblocks that deter us from our financial, energetic, and spiritual goals. And for us to truly emerge as powerful, impactful women, we need to get clear and creative with our money.

    In order to bust through those roadblocks, we need to address them on cognitive, spiritual, and neurological levels. It’s not enough to know why we aren’t getting smart about money — we need to know it deep in our bones and rewire our brains to catch up with our deepest desires. 

    Barbara starts the podcast with her financial backstory (spoiler: while Barbara’s story is unique to her own life, its themes are ones most women are all-too familiar with). She talks about how she knew virtually nothing about money as a young single mother of three, and she opens up about her own fears about money, managing finances, and one of her biggest challenges so far: being instead of doing. 

    If you’re ready to take control of your finances, make more money, and uncover your deepest fears about what’s holding you back, tune in to this month’s Emerging Women Podcast, featuring financial consultant, Barbara Huson. 

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    Emerging Women Powerboost with Barbara Huson: REWIRE for Wealth, Well-Being, and Really, Whatever Else You Want (March 3)

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    -60: Lessons on Self Love, Soul Searching, and Wholeness with Natasha Scripture

    -60: Lessons on Self Love, Soul Searching, and Wholeness with Natasha Scripture

    We marvel at the mind-blowing experiences that our guests share with us and our newest guest, author, poet, activist, and former aid worker, Natasha Scripture, is no exception.

    In this compelling, heartfelt, and deeply moving discussion, Scripture guides us through highlights of her newest book, Man Fast: A Memoir, where she abandons the societal norm of “coupling up” and takes a hiatus from dating in order to not only find herself, but to truly identify her life purpose. Reeling from grief over the loss of her father, frustrated over failed relationships, and needing to go deeper within herself, Scripture embarks on daring and challenging adventures in her ultimate quest for meaning.

    Don’t miss this engaging podcast interview between Chantal and Natasha Scripture! This one will have you thinking, appreciating, and possibly planning; the world is out there and our soul is right here—for us to explore, discover, and love.

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    – 59: Forgiveness and Feminine Power with Dara McKinley

    – 59: Forgiveness and Feminine Power with Dara McKinley

    Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast, where we hear from brilliant women leaders creating big change in the world.

    I’m your host, Chantal Pierrat.

    Today’s guest is my longtime friend Dara McKinley.

    Dara is a thought leader in the divine feminine, an entrepreneur, and a modern spiritual guide in the art of forgiveness.

    She holds a graduate degree from Naropa University in Boulder and formerly ran a successful private counseling practice.

    Twelve years ago, Dara suffered a painful betrayal by a business partner that left her questioning herself. She asked the Divine Mother for answers and received an answer that simply said: Forgive.

    At first, she was reluctant. But she began to research the art of forgiveness, ultimately developing a finely-tuned practice of forgiveness that allowed her to reclaim her personal power.

    And, she says ... you can learn how to forgive, too.

    “I define forgiveness as a spiritual experience that heals betrayal,” Dara says in today's podcast. (7:00) What’s more, she says, mastering the art of forgiveness is key to unlocking your divine feminine power.

    “Some not-so-obvious indicators that you may be in need of forgiveness are being very judgmental of others, being very judgmental of yourself, insomnia that has you worried in the middle of the night, and chronic anxiety.” (7:21)

    Dara advises doing the “wince test.”

    “Think of something in your life that when people bring it up or you think about it – just makes you wince inside,” she says. This is the area where you need to explore forgiveness.

    Here are some fantastic quotes from my podcast interview with Dara:

    “Forgiveness is not a tool; it’s foundational. Because the path to the feminine rise is going to involve loss and failure.” (10:08)

    “The transformational process of forgiveness leaves you in such a stronger place than you ever could have imagined.” (10:45)

    “The definition of betrayal is when someone or something you trusted fails you.” (16:08)

    “Now, I use the word betrayal in my course to talk about anything that would benefit from forgiveness even if what failed you was yourself.” (16:41)

    “Forgiveness is a function of universal love, and universal love operates even when there is no understanding and no empathy, universal love can still be accessed and applied.” (22:26)

    “One of my big goals with this work is to evolve and create a working definition for forgiveness from pardoning offenses and ceasing anger to forgiveness is a spiritual experience that heals betrayal, that heals when what you trusted ... fails.” (24:24)

    “If forgiveness has your back then you’re invincible because no matter where you trip and fall and stumble, you’re going to be able to move forward in a really quick way.” (33:15)


    In today’s podcast, Dara and I talk about one of the most challenging opportunities: self-forgiveness.

    “Sometimes you need to forgive the aspect of yourself that gives you a hard time.” (8:37)

    It never occurred to me when we started talking about this that the thing that I would pick to test this course would be myself. When I realized I was going to forgive myself, I feel like I struck gold.

    Self-forgiveness goes way beyond having compassion for oneself.

    It is:

    A clearing out of what is holding us back. And an act of surrender and a letting go of that which does not serve us.

    Self-forgiveness is an all-powerful gateway to personal power.

    It takes openness, empathy, vulnerability, and receptivity – all inherently feminine strengths.

    The truth is: We all have someone or something to forgive – perhaps even ourselves.

    It’s not just about forgiveness.

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    – 58: Women Need A Daily Experience of Inner Peace with Snatam Kaur

    – 58: Women Need A Daily Experience of Inner Peace with Snatam Kaur

    Do you have a daily experience of inner peace? What about a daily practice of self-care?

    My guest today argues a daily spiritual practice is essential for women in these stressful contemporary times. 

    Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast. Today my guest is Snatam Kaur.

    Snatam is a musician with a voice of an angel. She transforms traditional Sikh chants of India into nectar for the soul in our troubled times.

    She is also a yogi, author, and teacher.

    Her 2016 book titled >Original Light; the Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga encourages women to create a personal daily spiritual practice.

    Snatam was raised in the Sikh and Kundalini Yoga tradition with revered spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan. She has taught and shared Naad Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and meditation through her concerts, recorded music and workshops for the past 20 years.

    Snatam says that through a daily practice or "soul work" women can experience joy, energy, health, and connection with others and the Divine.

    Snatam advises all women to weave into their lives a regular experience of inner peace – and gives us a roadmap for how to wake up and how to integrate our energy into society on a daily basis.

    In today’s episode, Snatam and I spoke about:

    The one question every woman must ask themselves today.

    The importance of a daily spiritual practice of self-love, self-care, purification, and acceptance.

    The connection between our body, mind, and soul.

    The power of sacred recitation, yoga, and chanting to heal worry, stress and anxiety.


    We dive into those topics and more! Here is my conversation “Original Light” with Snatam Kaur.


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    – 57: Bring Your Whole Self To Work with Mike Robbins

    – 57: Bring Your Whole Self To Work with Mike Robbins

    Today we are talking to the first-ever male interviewed on our podcast: Mike Robbins.  And to quote Salt-N-Pepa: What a man!

    Mike is a well-respected author, thought leader and speaker in our community. His fourth book, Bring Your Whole Self to Work, advocates a corporate cultural paradigm shift toward vulnerability -- to both improve employee engagement and boost the bottom line.

    Our mission at Emerging Women is not only to increase women’s leadership, but also to create a new workplace cultural paradigm that ushers in a more humane, feminine ethos of collaboration, empathy, and compassion. And Mike Robbins is a leading voice on that front.

    During our podcast interview, Mike and Chantal explore an essential question: What if the workplace was not just a place to develop your career, but a destination for personal transformation?

    In his latest book, Mike says that vulnerability -- allowing ourselves to be genuinely seen -- is the secret sauce to creating human trust and connections. Stemming from those connections is a feeling of “psychological safety” that leads to better performance, outcomes and success.

    Mike is a sought-after speaker with corporate clients including Google, Microsoft, and Gap, Inc. to name a few.

    Mike is a former professional baseball player who studied race and ethnicity at Stanford University. Growing up in Oakland, California, he was the only white player in his high school baseball league. Now Mike says he is no longer shy about speaking up on topics of race and gender.

    In this episode, Mike and Chantal explore ... what if the workplace was not just a place to develop your career, but a destination for personal transformation?

    We discuss how a more feminine approach to business with collaboration, creativity, and connection – can translate into bottom-line success.

    And we delve into the link between a team’s success and their feeling of psychological safety at work.

    We also talk about what to say when tears come at work. 

    Here is our compelling conversation, “Bring Your Whole Self to Work” with an absolute gem of a guy: Mike Robbins.

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    – 56: Redvelations with Sera Beak

    – 56: Redvelations with Sera Beak

    Welcome to the Emerging Women podcast, where we hear from brilliant women leaders creating big change in the world. I’m your host, Chantal Pierrat.

    Today’s guest is Sera Beak, who finished graduate school at Harvard studying comparative world religion and rapidly gained traction as what The New York Times called “a new role-model” for her generation. She was much in-demand as a speaker, author, and teacher for young modern women who she felt had been left out of the world’s wisdom traditions, when, as she puts it, “the universe slapped her to the ground.”

    She realized the importance of finding and embodying her Soul, which we talk about in this podcast, and one of the things I most admire about Sera is that she walked away from all the lucrative offers and life in the spotlight in order to pursue her truth, so that she could more deeply contribute to this world.

    Now her long-awaited third book, Redvelations, has just come out, and she joined me to discuss the difference between your divine soul and your human soul, and how one can guide you to complete the other. We also talk about the epidemic of soul loss, and how the body is truly the way home. So get ready to get open - we delve into some pretty uncharted territory as far as space and time are concerned.

    It’s all a part of the Emerging Women ethos, so let’s jump right into this unique and fascinating conversation. Welcome to “Redvelations” with Sera Beak.

    • 1 hr 9 min

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