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The European Skeptics Podcast is a project in support of the skeptic movement across Europe, by providing a forum for all national and international organisations and initiatives, relevant to science and skepticism.

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The European Skeptics Podcast is a project in support of the skeptic movement across Europe, by providing a forum for all national and international organisations and initiatives, relevant to science and skepticism.

    TheESP – Ep. #309 – It’s a ‘League’ of Homeopaths

    TheESP – Ep. #309 – It’s a ‘League’ of Homeopaths

    No mercy for No-vaxx Djokovic
    Sweden had some unusual northern lights last weekend (which Pontus missed) and the Tonga volcanic eruption had an impact on Annika’s plans. Don’t miss Pontus on next week’s Skeptic Zone with Richard Saunders! In TWISH we hear about Baron d’Holbach who created an important encyclopedia and organised great Skeptics in the Pub meetings back in the 1700s. Pope Francis hates that people are getting pets instead of generating new baby Catholics, totally missing the irony of himself opting out of parenthood. Then we take a look at the news:

    EUROPE: Increase in attacks against journalists for reporting on COVID
    ITALY: Nurse in Palermo arrested for administering fake jabs
    WORLD: 2021 was the fifth warmest year on record
    INTERNATIONAL: YouTube called on by factcheckers to tackle misinformation
    INTERNATIONAL: Homeopaths urging WHO to begin training homeopaths
    SWEDEN: Tik Tok – Children get bombarded with news of imminent Russian invasion
    SWITZERLAND: Publisher Frontier in crisis?
    UK: Edzard Ernst did it again… new book coming!
    Novak Djokovic is this week’s Really Wrong Award winner for his covid pass shenanigans and anti-vaxx nonsense.


    Segments: Intro; Greetings; TWISH; Pontus Pokes The Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

    • 53 min
    TheESP – Ep. #308 – Elisabeth Bik

    TheESP – Ep. #308 – Elisabeth Bik

    Watch out researchers!
    This week we have a special treat for you – we’re joined by the one and only Elisabeth Bik! Our interview with her takes us into the wonders of how to expose fraudulent (or just sloppy) science.

    Elisabeth Bik is a Dutch-American microbiologist, whose specialty is spotting photo duplications in scientific publications. As a result of her efforts, hundreds of papers have been retracted due to evidence of misconduct. She’s a founder of the Microbiome Digest Blog and the Science Integrity Digest Blog. Her work is also frequently featured on Retraction Watch and she’s a regular contributor at PubPeer. She has received several prizes for her outstanding work in science popularisation and science integrity. In November 2020 she received the the Peter Wildy Prize by the Microbiology Society for communication of microbiology in education and to the public. In 2021 she was awarded two prizes, both very highly regarded by skeptics, the John Maddox Prize and the Ockham Award, both of which we reported on here on the ESP.


    Segments: Intro; Greetings; Interview; Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

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    TheESP – Ep. #307 – What do people believe?

    TheESP – Ep. #307 – What do people believe?

    Special report: Large Study Released by the Swedish Skeptics (VoF)
    We start out welcoming the new year and chatting about the James Webb telescope, Omicron and that the Swedish King and Queen just tested positive. Also, András got caught on tape singing on New Year’s Eve! In TWISH we hear about a famous (but not too convincing) UFO encounter in Trans-en-Provence in France. No pope today, so we go directly into the news:

    INTERNATIONAL: Retraction statistics show an increased rate of publishing questionable content
    INTERNATIONAL: Vaccine hesitancy and how to deal with it
    AUSTRIA: The level of education is a booster for the willingness to vaccinate
    EU: Some gas and nuclear to be listed as green energy
    Instead of a Really Wrong we get a Special Report about a Swedish study conducted by VoF. The VoF-study presents all about what the Swedish public actually believes in, from ghosts and homeopathy to 911 conspiracy theories and racism.


    Segments: Intro; Greetings; TWISH; News; Special Report; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

    • 55 min
    TheESP – Ep. #306 – Happy Hogmanay!

    TheESP – Ep. #306 – Happy Hogmanay!

    With Eggman at the helm, we close the year.
    We hear about Brian’s adventures at “Scotland’s most haunted hotel“, hear about the passing of biologist E O Wilson and rejoice at the (so far) successful journey of the James Webb telescope. In TWISH we learn why New Year’s Eve is known as “Sylvester” in many countries and then we look into truth behind Pope Francis’ families values. Then it is time for the year’s last news round:

    GERMANY: Covid demonstration strolls
    INTERNATIONAL: WHO weighs in on plant-based nutrition issues
    INTERNATIONAL: Aliens and what we learned about them in 2021?
    GERMANY: Natalie Grams latest fellow of CSI
    SCOTLAND: Scottish Independence / SNP conspiracy theories. Most notably, the ongoing conspiracy theories about the death of Willie Macrae
    A young dealer called Jack Finney illustrates just why you should never buy diet pills on the dark web and gets a Really Wrong Award.


    Segments: Intro; Greetings; TWISH; Pontus Pokes The Pope; News; Really Wrong; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

    • 1 hr 4 min
    TheESP – Ep. #305 – Merry Christmas!

    TheESP – Ep. #305 – Merry Christmas!

    Who was that Jesus-guy anyway?
    We get into the holiday season even as Sweden, Italy and other countries implement new covid measures. In TWISH we try to sort out if and when Jesus was born and Pope Francis comes back for a poking, one week after turning 85. Then we dig into the news:

    GERMANY: How did fortune-tellers do in 2021?
    GERMANY: Hundreds of ineffective corona vaccinations administered by homeopath
    NETHERLANDS: 5G protection necklaces could be potentially harmful
    La Conferencia Episcopal Española (CEE), the Spanish Bishops Conference, is Really Wrong for taking no action against child abuse scandal. The Italian President Sergio Mattarella on the other hand, takes a stance against false balance and for that he is Really Right.


    Segments: Intro; Greetings; TWISH; Pontus Pokes The Pope; News; Really Wrong / Really Right; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

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    TheESP – Ep. #304 – There’s an octopus in my vaccine

    TheESP – Ep. #304 – There’s an octopus in my vaccine

    Also, Santa is not real and Annika pokes Christmas trees
    The Ockham Awards have been announced, ESA helps a Chinese rover and the Belgian Skeptics, SKEPP, finally wins against a SLAPP*) suit filed by a multimillionaire. In TWISH we hear of the gruesome death of a Scottish witch and then we dig into the news:

    INTERNATIONAL: Time magazine names vaccine scientists Heroes of the Year 2021
    FRANCE: Swedish artist Anna von Hausswolff harassed by Catholic fundamentals
    INTERNATIONAL: Tackling COVID disinformation with empathy and conversation
    SIBERIA: WMO confirms highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic: 38C
    ITALY: Noto’s bishop tells children Santa doesn’t exist
    INTERNATIONAL: Buying guide for christmas trees?
    The German “Corona Ausschuss” spreads dangerous nonsense about the vaccine and pandemic and gets today’s award for being Really Wrong.

    *)SLAPP = Strategic lawsuit against public participation

    Segments: Intro; Greetings; TWISH; News; Really Wrong; Quote And Farewell; Outro; Out-Takes;

    • 55 min

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

@CharoneF ,

Love this show!!!!!! 😻😸😻😸😻😸

Love this show!!!!!! 😻😸😻😸😻😸

Troythulu ,

Terrific show!

I've been listening to the ESP since the show's debut, and find the hosts' approach highly entertaining as well as delivering a great heads-up on skeptical matters across the pond. The segments and interviews are well done and informative, and I often find myself taking notes while listening. Were I a bonobo, I'd give the show four thumbs up, but sadly I'm limited to only two! Good work, O fine hominins!

sgerbic ,

About time!

Normally I don't review a podcast until I've listened to a bunch of eposides. But I'm so impressed after only 3 that I feel like I can give my opinion. Also I'm not a big fan of another English speaking skeptic podcast (we need a lot more non-English podcasts IMO) But when I heard this was going to be coming out I "skeptically" held my breath to see what they were planning on doing.

And now I think they are doing a great job. They are still trying to find their feet and decide the format, which I like as you now that this is going to be around for many years, but maybe not in the current format. (Which I actually like, but who knows) These three's voices sound great together and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the accents. Its obvious that they enjoy working together, they are having fun, so it makes the listener feel like they are a part of the fun as well.

I think that this is an important podcast as they are unitifying all of the European skeptic groups and becoming a hub (or a bridge) so that people can become aware of what is happening in this massive area. I don't speak a bunch of languages (I barely speak English) so it would be impossible for me to keep up with what other groups are doing. The ESP is my best option as it allows me to follow one podcast every two weeks to get a good grasp of what is happening. And there is a lot.

So I recommend this podcast to everyone, even if you are not in Europe.

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