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Want to learn how to build your business overseas… how to travel the world freely and make more money at the same time?

Join your host Mikkel Thorup every week for conversations with successful Entrepreneurs and learn actionable skills you can use to double your own income and get some adventure into your life today.

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Want to learn how to build your business overseas… how to travel the world freely and make more money at the same time?

Join your host Mikkel Thorup every week for conversations with successful Entrepreneurs and learn actionable skills you can use to double your own income and get some adventure into your life today.

Visit us at https://ExpatMoneyShow.com to get exclusive content not found anywhere else!

    Special Offer - Personal Asset Protection Plan

    Special Offer - Personal Asset Protection Plan

    Take advantage of this offer and call Nagel & Associates, LLC at +1-412-749-0500 right now.

    A Personal Asset Protection Plan (PAPP) is a fantastic starting point for most people who believe they need to take action and protect what’s theirs, but are not sure what to do or how to get started. If you have even a reasonable amount of assets you should probably read this offer and have a PAPP done immediately. 

    There are financial threats all around us and the chances of being sued, entering into litigation, government seizure, divorce, alimony etc. are all real, and the consequences of these can be devastating.  

    The United States is the most litigious country in human history, and it is getting worse...

    A PAPP is an analysis of a person’s:

    Risk Profile

    Estate Planning

    Lifestyle Goals/Objectives

    Tax Efficiency

    Investment Goals/Objectives

    Liquid & Total Net Worth

    At Escape Artist I try to put out educational material and motivate people to take action, to diversify internationally and to take personal responsibility for their lives.

    If you have been reading this newsletter for any length of time I would hope you’ve learned a lot. The problem is that education is not enough. At some point, you must make a decision and come up with a solid plan for how to proceed.

    That is essentially what a PAPP is. It is a well-crafted plan with a lawyer who has dedicated their life to this field. 

    You work through options to determine the mix of structures and strategies to best achieve your goals and objectives.


    These range from simple international business companies (IBC’s), to complex asset protection trusts. It includes such diverse concepts as debt techniques, private interest foundations, second residency/citizenship programs, precious metals, foreign currency diversification, foreign annuities and insurance solutions. Plus, moving retirement funds offshore while maintaining your tax-deferred status, accessing foreign investments such as hedge funds closed to US investors and working with a “shared” or individual Family Office.


    Once structures and strategies have been decided, we then choose the jurisdiction best for implementation. These structures may be placed in one jurisdiction or spread out over many jurisdictions depending on your objectives.

    Yes, these things are intense, it’s why you need someone to work with and fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle.


    You can’t be expected to know or do all these things yourself… that is why you need a PAPP…


    Once the PAPP is finished, you move out of the analyses and planning stage and into the implementation stage, which is whatever work/product has been decided upon by you and the lawyer you have been working with.


    Listen, I care so much about my subscribers I negotiated a special offer, whereby 100% of the PAPP fee will be credited to “ANY” work/ product my reader decides to do.


    So, you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do in order to sign up for the PAPP. 

    If you decide to set up a corporation, you receive the credit. If you decide to set up a family trust, you get the credit. Need a residency or second citizenship....you get the credit. Does that make sense?


    But more on this in a minute...


    The PAPP allows you to create the attorney-client relationship and attorney/client “privilege” before you know exactly what you want to do. You just have to want to do SOMETHING!


    Well, I have twisted the arm of my friend, mentor and top international lawyers, Joel Nagel. He’s regularly sought after by wealthy individuals, global corporations, charities and even foreign governments! Joel is THE go-to lawyer in this area of expertise and his services are both high-quality and not cheap. 


    I know that a recent analysis he did for an international executive exceeded $35,000 and that many PAPP anal

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    085: Warren Black – International Tax Expert Champions For Sovereignty

    085: Warren Black – International Tax Expert Champions For Sovereignty

    It's great to be back! It's been a few months since I've have had the opportunity to sit down at my desk, put my headphones on and interview some of the most brilliant minds in the expat space. I'm happy to announce that today, I had an amazing conversation with Mr. Warren Black, from (https://www.wealthsafe.com.au/) .

    Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxation. His expertise is in offshore tax planning and higher-level tax structuring for investors and business owners. His credentials include over 30 years of experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, he has qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts - 100% legally.

    Warren Black started out of university as an accountant. Law & finance interested him so he decided to obtain a law degree. He worked for the government and absolutely hated it, so quit and opened his own tax business. A few years later he got certified as an investment Councillor and now runs a completely sovereign business helping individuals and businesses legally reduce their tax bill. In Warren’s own words, his mission is to "help his clients slash their tax 100% legally.

    Mikkel Thorup and Warren Black have a candid conversation about governments and what they each despise most about government control. The corruption, the bureaucracy, and if countries are not on the ball, we'll be seeing more go the way of Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia. For instance:

    ABU DHABI, UAECountries like the UAE, where Mikkel Thorup and his family lived for over 8 years, originally had zero income tax. In fact, there was no tax of any sort. Then 2 years ago, they decided to implement a 5% VAT for the entire population. Nothing was exemt, if you could buy it, it was taxed.

    Well, the government racked in several million dollars in revenue, and as predicted, has gotten greedy and wants more. We could see that one coming. Once a government tastes this extra 'free' revenue, they always want more. Here it comes: as announced in KhaleejTimes (https://www.khaleejtimes.com/) , within the next 18 months, these taxes will be implemented.

    December 2019 100% tax on tobacco

    50% on soft drinks

    Corporate Tax

    Property Tax

    Income Tax

    The government just doesn't realize that people have moved to the UAE due to the fact that they can make more money than at home and they don't have to pay any taxes. Do you think they've actually thought this one through? or are they just greedy parasites wanting what their citizens have and more? Predictions are that the population of the UAE will decrease quickly over the next several years.

    Companies that don't pay their employees a great salary today will have to double their wages so that they will stay in the country and work; and because of that, costs of goods will double, and all of a sudden the UAE isn't a great place to live and work any longer.

    Here are a few of my most favourite episodes so far (I have so many, it was really hard to choose)

    My friend and mentor, Joel Nagel: EP 081 - 2019 Best Countries For Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment (https://expatmoneyshow.com/episodes/joel-nagel-best-countries-for-citizenship-by-investment-residency-by-investment/)

    FINAL THOUGHTSI had a ton of fun with this interview with Warren Black from Escape Artist (https://escapeartist.com) and visit me there. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter, I know you'll get a ton of value from it.

    If you would like to stay up to date with all new content that comes out at  The Expat Money Show (https://expatmoneyshow.com/subscribe/)  make sure you sign up below for our newsletter; EMS Pulse. – My behind the scene daily correspondence where I give you all the int

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    084: Mark Nestmann – Why Americans Shouldn’t Have Negative Views Towards Offshore Investing

    084: Mark Nestmann – Why Americans Shouldn’t Have Negative Views Towards Offshore Investing

    Why Americans Shouldn’t Have Negative Views Towards Offshore Investing
    Mark Nestmann has a Masters of Law in international tax law. His work has been featured in well-known media outlets including The Washington Post, ABC News, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Business Week and Forbes. Fans of his work include former US Congressman Ron Paul and Bob Bauman, as well as famed analysts Gary North and Dr Mark Skousen. He has been able to help more than 15,000 customers and clients protect their assets, protect themselves and live more free lives. In this interview with Mark Nestmann, they really dive deep on why the Americans have negative views towards offshore investing.
    Negative View Towards Offshore Investing
    Mikkel Thorup starts off this interview with Mark Nestmann talking about why US citizens have such a negative attitude about Americans living and doing business overseas.  Is this a justified concerned?
    The US has the world’s largest economy.  With 300 Million people, only 60% have travelled outside of the country.  That leaves 40% that have not.  Many have only travelled to the bordering countries, Canada and Mexico.  So it’s hard for most Americans to understand why someone would want to move or live overseas.  Mark Nestmann explains why Americans have this belief system and sets the record straight.
    Here are a few of the topics discussed about these negative views regarding offshore investing:

    * The mainstream media equates investments outside the US with Tax evasion
    * There are 9 million Americans that live overseas that require a bank account, why is this any different than Americans living inside the USA
    * All nationalities must have a bank account if they live overseas

    Tax Havens, yes or no
    The next question Mikkel Thorup & Mark Nestmann discuss is that the USA is the largest tax haven in the world.  Due to FACTA, they have no information exchange.  This information is invaluable and is quite interesting to learn from Mark.
    Mikkel asks Mark Nestmann:  What have you seen, do most Americans who live outside the US live in tax havens?
    Is it hard for Americans to get bank accounts when they live overseas?
    The majority of US citizens living overseas actually have to pay higher taxes than if they lived in the USA.  Canada is the #1 destination for US citizens to live overseas because it is right next door, they speak English and they have a similar culture.  However, taxes are higher.  1 Million Americans live in Canada.  1 Million Americans also live in Mexico.  The other 8 Million are spread throughout the rest of the world.
    Mikkel’s next question to Mark Nestmann was, why would an American wish to consider living outside the US?
    I’m sure many of you may be wondering about that.  The US currency is really strong, there are lots of opportunities available for Americans, and if they have to pay higher taxes, what is the draw?  Listen in to hear Mark discuss this in detail.
    Overseas Bank Accounts
    The discussion then turns to what unique entrepreneurial opportunities exist outside the US that isn’t available domestically.
    Apart from the need to readjust to a new culture when moving outside the US, what unique challenges do Americans face when they relocate to another country?
    Most will find this extremely interesting. There are more than nine million Americans living overseas, but only about 500,000 file tax returns with the IRS. Does that mean the other 8.5 million are evading tax?
    What options does an American living abroad have if he/she hasn’t been filing tax returns, FBARs, etc.?
    This is fully explained in this interview with Mark Nestmann. Make sure you have a pen and paper to take notes.

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    083: Olly Richards – Secrets to Learning a Foreign Language Quickly

    083: Olly Richards – Secrets to Learning a Foreign Language Quickly

    Secrets to Learning a Foreign Language Quickly
    In this brilliant interview with Olly Richards from I Will Teach You A Language we find out that he has travelled the world and taught himself eight foreign languages.  He says he can teach you the secrets to learning a foreign language quickly using an innovative story-based method that puts the fun back into learning. His philosophy involves making your language learning fit around your lifestyle, tolerating mistakes, and enjoying the journey as much as the destination.   You may be asking yourself these questions:  Can I learn a foreign language?  Is Spanish easy to learn? and how can I learn a second language?  Listen in to this amazing interview with Olly Richards, he is going to answer all of these questions and more!
    What Are The Eight Languages Olly Richards speaks?

    * English
    * French
    * Italian
    * Spanish
    * Portuguese
    * Japanese
    * Cantonese
    * Arabic
    * A Smattering of German and Thai  (so these two Olly does not count in his eight languages)

    Where Did The Love of Language Come From
    The reasons for learning a second language are different for everyone, for Olly Richards, he wanted to converse with people from different nationalities.
    Growing up monolingual, learning French was Olly’s first foreign language.  He worked extremely hard and lived in Paris.  His next two languages were Spanish & Portuguese.  He states that these three languages were fairly easy to learn as a native English speaker. Why?  Because they are very similar in nature, due to their Latin roots.
    Next came Japanese.  Well, this is certainly different!  Nothing prepared him for learning this 5th language.  Listen to this interview with Olly Richards to hear how he managed to learn Japanese and Cantonese that have characters and have nothing to do with the rules of English.  So fascinating!
    What is at the root of being able to learn a second language
    Or 8 languages as it is for Olly Richards.
    Mikkel Thorup and Olly Richards talk about their experiences as they have decided and followed through to learn a second language.  What was it for them?  What is it for you?  Are you thinking of learning a foreign language?  Are you relocating to another country and feel forced to learn a second language?
    During this interview with Olly Richards, he takes all the questions you may have and the doubts that you have instilled in yourself, your limiting belief pattern, and squashes every idea you’ve ever thought to be true.
    Limiting beliefs like:

    * It’s impossible to learn a second language at my age
    * No one can learn Mandarin if you are not Chinese
    * I don’t encourage my child to learn more than 1 language at a time because it will confuse them
    * I have a bad memory; therefore, I can never learn a second language

    Here’s the truth:

    * Anyone can learn a second language
    * Everyone with the right motivation and condition can learn Mandarin
    * Children can learn 5 or 6 languages at the same time and it will NEVER confuse them
    * A bad memory is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you believe you have a bad memory, then you do

    How To Learn A Second Language
    So the question is: How can I learn a foreign language? and Is Spanish easy to learn? or whatever language you want to learn.
    Olly Richards started his online teaching course called I ...

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    EP 082: Shlomo Freund – Financial Freedom for Expats

    EP 082: Shlomo Freund – Financial Freedom for Expats

    Financial Freedom for Expats
    Shlomo Freund is a serial entrepreneur.  His latest company is called Free Financial Self, where he helps expats eliminate money as a source of stress and gain confidence in their future finances. He has travelled to 32 countries so far and he lived in China for 3 years as an expat. There he built a company which is still operating called App In China, where he helps foreign companies distribute their app on the Chinese market.  In this episode of The Expat Money Show, we are going to discuss financial freedom for expats.
    As promised, from Free Financial Self:   Click Here For Free Net Worth Calculator
    Mikkel Thorup and Shlomo Freund discuss how and why expats need help becoming financially free.  I’m sure you won’t be surprised! Tips to avoid falling into several traps that steal your hard earned money; however, may be surprising.  Today’s episode is all about a system of preparation and follow through to achieve financial freedom for you, the expat.
    When we talk about financial freedom for expats, we’re not talking about making enough money to live off.  We’re discussing how to take the money you do make, and make it work for you.
    If you’ve wondered how entrepreneurs make and keep their money, this is how they do it.
    During this interview with Shlomo, he explains that you MUST start at the beginning.  Point A

    * What do you want to happen in 5 years, 10 years, 30 years
    * where do you want to go
    * have you calculated your net-worth?  if not, this needs to be done
    * This is Point A

    So what is Point B?  There is so much to know about Point B and Shlomo tells us all how this is done.
    Here are some of the concepts Shlomo Freund from Free Financial Self talks about in this episode.
    Crowd Investing
    Crowd investing is the term given when a large group of people, the crowd, co-invest in people or business online. CI encompasses both equity and debt forms of investing as well as hybrid forms of the two. Those investing together don’t necessarily know each other before they decide to invest
    Equity crowdfunding
    This is perhaps the type of crowd investing that investors are most familiar with. Equity crowdfunding allows businesses to sell shares in their company to ‘the crowd’. 
    Peer-to-Peer Lending
    Peer-to-peer lending, also abbreviated as P2P lending, is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders with borrowers
    Mikkel asks, ‘how different is this from being a Digital Nomad?  Shlomo explains in full detail.
    During this interview, Mikkel asks some really great questions for Shlomo to walk you all through what it would be like for you if you can see what it is you desire for your life.

    * What is most important to you?
    * Do you want to get married in 5 years?
    * Start having a family in 8 years?
    * What about retirement?

    Let’s say you are 25 right now, what do you do?  Where do you start?  Before you know it, 20 years has flown by, you’re 45 years old and you haven’t saved a penny.  You did get married but didn’t have the wedding you really wanted or haven’t been able to give your children what they want or deserve.
    Because you didn’t have a plan to get where ...

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    081: Joel Nagel – 2019 Best Countries for Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment

    081: Joel Nagel – 2019 Best Countries for Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment

    2019 Best Countries for Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment
    Joel Nagel, from Nagel & Associates Law in Pittsburgh, PA is our guest today to talk about Citizenship by Investment and Residency by Investment programs and the options that are available to the globally-minded individual.  In EP 63 of the Expat Money Show, Joel talked in depth about Asset Protection.  Today we have him and really go deep on Citizenship by Investment and specifically about Cyprus Residency Program and obtaining a second passport.  What a huge topic, and I know you’re going to love it.  Go someplace quiet with a pen and notepad because you’re going to want to take notes! Joel Nagel is arguably one of the most famous and well-respected lawyers in this space on the planet and has helped hundreds of clients from all over the globe to get a second residency and second passport abroad.
    What is Citizenship by Investment or CBI?
    Let’s start with what is Citizenship by Investment? or CBI? We will shorten it to CBI if that’s okay with you
    There are multiple ways to get second citizenship in countries other than where you were born.  It’s an old concept, one that is quoted in the bible some 2000 years ago.  Things have obviously changed since then, but the concept remains the same.  You were born into one country. And that country, along with its political ties and socio-economic platforms, have a passport that has rules attached.  Some passports are exceptional like Singapore and others are crap, like Iraq.
    The modern concept of Citizenship by Investment is only about 25 years old.  Each year more and more countries get on board as they see their neighbouring countries being infused with new cash and a more stable economy.
    The idea of CBI is that you can either trade cash or buy real estate to obtain residency or citizenship into a new country.
    Each country has different rules because they all have different needs.  Countries like the US and Canada were built on immigrants coming from European countries. They were told that life would be better in Canada and the immigration laws were very easy to get residency.  Today, the laws are considerably stricter and to become a Canadian citizen can take 5 years or more.  Likewise for the US and obtaining their Green Card.
    What is Residency by Investment
    Residency by Investment can be obtained much quicker than CBI.  You apply for permanent residency in a country and from there it can still take 5 years.  Often you only have to be in the country 1 day every year or 1 week.  Not everyone needs a passport, they just want to live somewhere if something happens to their country.
    How Much Does it Cost
    Mikkel and Joel Nagel talk about the cost of obtaining both residency by investments and citizenship by investment in different countries.  When you are ready to sit down and discuss where you want to live, there are questions that the lawyers will ask you.  For instance:

    * What is your budget
    * How quickly do you want it
    * When do you want to go
    * Where do you want to live

    Mikkel asks, Is that investment in the Passport? OR is there an investment and you get the passport as a by-product.  Listen as Joel Nagel explains this concept in detail.

    Cyprus Citizenship by Investment
    Cyrpus has an amazing program for those that want to invest in property to become citizens of Cyprus.  2 Million Euros and in 6 months you have permanent residency.  The funds stay in escrow but you own the property when it is complete and when you want to move or sell the property and leave the country, you can and you reap the benefits of a good real estate market.
    Cyrpus only opens up 700 applications for this program every year. But if you do the math, 700 x 2 million euros, that’s 1,

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Great topic ...horrible presenter

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The Expat Money Show

Mikkel gives a thoughtful and inquisitive approach to picking the mind of experienced individuals. Would recommend to anyone looking overseas!

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Absolutely amazing show!!

Mikkel does an amazing job with his show, he really provides a ton of value to everyone. His knowledge of becoming an expat and investing overseas is really tremendous. Give his show a listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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