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If you are a business owner and you love Jesus, you've come to the right place! Are you needing business strategies to grow your business? Are you wanting to lean on your faith in the process? Are you wanting to build confidence in taking next steps? You will get all of that and more in this podcast!

The Faith Filled Entrepreneur Jenn Kleiber

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If you are a business owner and you love Jesus, you've come to the right place! Are you needing business strategies to grow your business? Are you wanting to lean on your faith in the process? Are you wanting to build confidence in taking next steps? You will get all of that and more in this podcast!

    The Full Armor of God

    The Full Armor of God

    On the last episode, we dove into what spiritual warfare is, how Satan uses it, and what it looks like in our everyday lives. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Episode 111, I’d recommend hopping back to that one, because today we are going to talk about our tangible weapons to use against Satan and his strategies. We are going to continue our reading in Ephesians 6...

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    111: Are You in a Spiritual Battle?

    111: Are You in a Spiritual Battle?

    In this episode, we dive into the very real battle with the enemy. 
    I can’t help but think that so many problems in our society today - even problems that we’ve normalized are actually strategies of the devil - and just like in my language example, if we fought those problems with spiritual weapons, we’d have a lot better shot than we do when we try to fight them with earthly weapons.

    So let’s talk about these strategies. We know that Satan is the Father of Lies - so his number 1 strategy is to lie to you. What does he lie to you about.

    Who God is.Who you are to God.Who you are as a person.Show links:www.thefaithfilledentrepreneur.comPrepared for Breakthrough 

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    Part II: Faithful with a Little

    Part II: Faithful with a Little

    In this episode, we are using the story of Jesus and Peter in the boat in Luke 5. Jesus tells Peter to go back out, and Peter catches so many fish he has to call his friends to come help. But that wasn't the end of the story- the goal wasn't a successful fishing trip, it was to test Peter's obedience, show Jesus' power, and call Peter to be his disciple.
    We may be praying for more fish, but we can't become so focused on the fish that we miss the bigger the purpose!
    Why would you want more responsibility? Let me give you a few reasons - 

    You were created for a purpose. Therefore, if you are not operating fully in that purpose, although you may be comfortable, you will not have a peacefulness in your soul. Because God will continue to pursue.You were given spiritual gifts to have an impact on the Kingdom. You have the ability to help, guide, and even show the love of Jesus to someone. You can bring the hope of Christ through your giving, your love, your availability - you have no idea the impact you can have on this world when you are open to Christ using you in a powerful way.We have the amazing privilege of receiving our inheritance through Christ, through nothing we can do on our own except believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. That is amazing. And God gives good gifts to his children because of his unconditional love. However, we know that obedience pleases God. We also know that jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commands” John 14:15In Hebrews 11:6 - “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.”

    It’s your choice, friend. I will say this - I feel very strongly that revival is coming, and that the revival fire will be heavily flamed by business. Where we put our money and our influence matters. Who we help, how we serve, what we say - it all matters to the Kingdom and it matters as to how God will use us for bigger things.
    Show Links:(Free) 31 Days of Powerful PrayersPrepared for Breakthrough

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    109: Want Abundance? Faithful with a Little (Part I)

    109: Want Abundance? Faithful with a Little (Part I)

    "To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance." Matthew 25:29
    In our Prepared for Breakthrough mini-course, we are looking at 4 ways we need to prepare for God to work out a breakthrough in our lives, and this is step 2! We have to be faithful in a little! Jesus talks about this principle really clearly in Matthew 25.
    What "little" thing is God asking you to do? Are you so focused on the "big" that you are missing ways to be faithful today?
    Show Links"FREE - 31 Days of Powerful Prayers
    Equipped Digital Library (Prepared for Breakthrough is found here!)

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    8: The Un-Biblical Mindsets (that may be holding you back in your business)

    8: The Un-Biblical Mindsets (that may be holding you back in your business)

    How do you feel when you are being pulled into something brand new? Maybe you need to create a digital course. Maybe you need to start a podcast. Maybe you need to write a book - and the overall tasks seem daunting. How do you respond?How do you respond when you try something and you don’t get the outcome you want? You work hard and no one buys your course.  You start a podcast and get very few listeners. You put yourself out there on social media and don’t get responses? How do you handle these situations?How do you handle unexpected problems? You’re doing a webinar and you have technical difficulties. You create a funnel and your links don’t work. You trying to do a podcast and your audio won’t upload. Having the right Biblical mindset, founded on your faith and belief of who God is (and not on your own skills) is CRUCIAL to surviving (and thriving) as a Faith Filled Entrepreneur.Show links:EQUIPPED! Digital Course LibraryFree Monday DevosFollow us on IG @thefaithfilledentrepreneur

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    107: Fasting for Breakthrough

    107: Fasting for Breakthrough

    Fasting is all about a closeness with God. Unpopular opinion - I don’t think fasting is optional - now I’m not talking about salvation. But when you look at how Jesus talks about fasting, he puts “prayer and fasting” together many times. And when he’s preaching about it, he starts by saying, “when you fast” not - if you decide to fast. In the same phrasing as “when you pray” he says “When you fast, fast like this - come ya hair” and even better - when you fast and you fast with pure motives and not for the sake of people looking at you and patting you on the back, the Father rewards that - so although it’s a sacrifice, why would we not want to fast?So while there are several reasons that people fasted in the Bible, I want to hone in on 4 of them. 1. To prepare their hearts for ministry or mission - 2. To ask God for wisdom. 3. To ask God for protection or victory- 4. To worship God Show Links:Prepared for BreakthroughEquipped Digital Course Library (includes Prepared for Breakthrough)Monday Devotions (Free)

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Momof3Blessed ,

Such a blessing!!

This ENTIRE podcast is such a blessing in soooo many ways. Especially with other like minded faith filled entrepreneurs as myself! Thank you for allowing GOD to use you!!!🙌🏾🫶🏽🙏🏽

mindsetcoachmd ,

I love your podcast!

I am so glad that I came across your podcast! I started listening to ‘Have Goals Come Distractions?’ and ‘Principles of the Same-Practicing Consistency to Get Breakthrough’ and I truly enjoyed your content. That is so true we can get distracted by good things. I love the question you brought up that are we focused on the goal or obedience to God? I also enjoyed hearing that training doesn’t mean perfectionism. Your breakdown on topics and bringing God and scripture into this was beautifully done. I am looking forward to hearing more of your podcast! :) -Celia V

Hay cart ,

This is so great!

Jenn provides so much wisdom and encouragement for entrepreneurs trying to do what God has called them to do!

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