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Are you an ambitious Feminine leader or coach who's no longer willing to burn yourself out for success? If so, The Feminine CEO podcast is THE show designed specifically for women like us. Join host, Jessica Riverson, as she shares how to embody a NEW feminine model of success balancing soul and strategy. Welcome to the place where Inner Priestess Meets CEO.

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Are you an ambitious Feminine leader or coach who's no longer willing to burn yourself out for success? If so, The Feminine CEO podcast is THE show designed specifically for women like us. Join host, Jessica Riverson, as she shares how to embody a NEW feminine model of success balancing soul and strategy. Welcome to the place where Inner Priestess Meets CEO.

    The Feminine CEO has ARRIVED

    The Feminine CEO has ARRIVED

    Welcome to the Feminine CEO podcast hosted by the very joyful and knowledgeable Jessica Riverson. A woman armed with experience and a tarot deck. When you tune into this podcast each week you will see how brilliantly Jessica marries business and spirituality. (What she calls the inner goddess.) This podcast is for successful women who need to stop burning the candle at both ends! Hosted by and recorded for powerful feminine leaders like you! Our hostess will teach you to connect to the soul of your business and she’s bringing in some very successful women to help her do that. No, she’s not going to talk at you. Jessica is going to bring you along into a much-needed conversation as a sister.
    In this episode, Jessica very excitedly introduces herself while sipping tea and watching the soft snow begin to fall. She explains this podcast has been calling to her for years and finally she couldn’t wait any longer. She refuses to hold back any more and encourages you to do the same. Jessica talks about not being willing to forfeit true self-expression.  Do you want to own your gifts and shed the layers of your old “you” by rebranding your business? Are you ready for growing on your own terms? Do you want to stop drowning in toxic masculinity and femininity? You’re in the perfect company.
    Jessica pulls the Ten Sisters of Light card from her deck. This lifetime is a culminating lifetime pulling all your previous lives together. This is the first time she has ever pulled this card. Jessica advies that she will speak more on the Oracle!
    Who is Jessica?
    Founder of Permission To Charge™, Author, Coach and Trainer
    Jessica shares an intimate story about being diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease while working tirelessly and sacrificing nearly all of herself to her business. While her health has continued to improve Jessica makes it very clear that it is important to choose health and self-love. Don’t burn yourself out!
    Jessica touches on:
    Which energies are you depleting yourselves in
    How can you find balance
    How to handle criticism for wanting to make money in your spiritual/service business
    How to open your channel to receive more in your business and your life
    How to become the best version of you - the woman of your dreams
    Tapping into the divine masculine and divine feminine energy
    Jessica wants to know: are you ready to become more of who you are?
    Show Quotes:
    “I was a single mom college drop-out. I used to say I had no business being in business.”
    “What happened when I hit six figures as a coach?”
    “I was doing all of the things.”
    “I don’t accept this.”
    “I would pep talk myself out of bed.”
    “There was this other higher version of me and she was locked away.”
    “I had been doing what I had to do for too long. I was locked into the toxic masculine.”
    “I only knew one way to success and that was sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.”
    “I was dead inside.”
    “All my value was coming from outward success.”
    “I didn’t feel valuable.”
    “I felt alive again. I felt like I was tapped into my true calling.”
    “I learned to expand this state of ease.”
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    Do you have an Inner Priestess Guiding your Business?

    Do you have an Inner Priestess Guiding your Business?

    Welcome to The Feminine CEO podcast hosted by the passionate and soulful Jessica Riverson. She wants to develop a special dialogue with you especially if you have been burning yourself down. Sister, you're among friends. Jessica's show is a mix of spirituality and business success. Declare what your intentions are for your business, life, and relationships and push your energy toward healthy accomplishment. This is a community for fierce, strong women to build each other up and encourage one another to stop trying to live, work, and play in the toxic masculine and feminine.
    In this episode, Jessica begins by revisiting the card she drew for this community during episode one, the ten sisters of light, from the Quan Yin Oracle. She wants you to remember that she pulled that cared for you as much as she did for herself. The ten sisters of light card tell us that we are an ever-evolving and reincarnating being.  The higher-self brings skills and memories along the way over each incarnation. The weaving of skills and talents you may not even be conscious of are going to begin and continue to flow forward. This is at a soul level.
    What is a priestess? A priestess is a woman who is a spiritual connection to the divine. She is in touch with her unique gifts and is using them to be in service to the world. This is not an all-encompassing definition. Each of us has to create our own definitions for ourselves.  Jessica says working in toxic masculinity had depleted her immensely, but it was the catalyst that brought her back to the divine. Jessica admits she suppressed these types of callings and feelings about herself to pursue financial success. Something very important to understand: If you feel the call or are curious you are a priestess.
    It's important to understand you don't need to be certified to step into your inner priestess. A certificate is just a piece of paper. Don't wait. Start now.
    ¨Inner priestess meets C.E.O.¨
    ¨You are an advanced soul.¨
    ¨You're supposed to serve and receive at your highest level.¨
    ¨If you've been told you're just too much . . . you probably have the qualities of the inner priestess.¨
    ¨We are ready to fully step into these gifts as entrepreneurs.¨
    ¨I look at it as initiation versus being certified.¨
    ¨Do not wait for certification.¨
    ¨I've had to let that go.¨ (Being intimidated by those who know more)
    ¨Connect with your inner priestess you don't need any of that stuff to do that.¨
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    How to Call in a Powerful February (using indigenous tools)

    How to Call in a Powerful February (using indigenous tools)

    Welcome sisters, to the Feminine CEO podcast, hosted by Jessica Riverson. You’re here, reading this for a reason. That woman inside of you that you long to be has put you right here at this exact moment because you need to hear what Jessica is going to say. She may bring some clarity to your life. She will definitely deliver inspiration to entrepreneurial women, healers, spiritual leaders, and you!  Lean into that inner voice of yours. She’s only trying lead to you to be the women you were called to be. You don’t need to keep on keeping on. Welcome to balance.
    In this episode, Jessica begins by describing her blessing ceremony.  Each month she does this. She shares a story about being on a retreat in Texas and finding a blessing bowl that was handmade by women in India. Using this bowl Jessica blesses each month as it arrives calling for powerful months.  What does “powerful month” mean? It can mean powerfully creating more high-end clientele, launch a retreat, or make changes in your health. This supreme blessing ritual will support you in your desires.
    What’s the process?
    Set up a small table cloth on the floor or an alter
    Light candles
    Place four sheets of paper centered in the directions of North, East, West, and South.
    On each paper write what you wish to call in for February
    Always call in the four directions
    Always set your intention
    Pull cards
    After going through the cards, ignite papers with the candlelight
    Jessica shares a bit of the Quan Yin Oracle. Tai Chi Rising: Your energy field is growing stronger with more spiritual energy pulsing through your being. Take time to nourish your nervous system as it adjusts and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to increasing levels of spiritual potency which gives more impact to your words, actions, and thoughts.
    Jessica speaks about the reading she received after performing her blessing ritual. She describes that February will be a time to plant seeds that will grow in this spring and summer of this year. Clear away loose ends and prepare for the growth that is nearing. Clear the money clutter from your life. Step into the energy now and take actions that align with it.  Listen to your inner priestess, gods, goddess, guides, or gut. Do not stuff things down. Trust your feelings and go with it. Transformation is happening!
    Hear more on:
    Energy has shifted and we are all rising together
    Shedding bad habits or unhappiness like dead skin
    Share truths
    Stop keeping up pretense
    “It’s is about embodying the energy you desire right now. Taking actions that are in line with the energy and emotions that you already know are available to you.”
    “Practice with little things.”
    “It’s our job to nurture.”
    “When a flower pops out in your garden, you don’t get to see all the work that was done deep down in the dark dirt. But magic was happening down there all along.”
    “Let go of commitments that you dread.”
    “Call in sisterhood in this time!”
    “You will have moments where you’ll need to stand naked in your skin.”
    “You reap what you sow. Whatever seeds you sow right now are very, very potent.”
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    Are You More Oriented to Toxic Masculine or Toxic Feminine Energies?

    Are You More Oriented to Toxic Masculine or Toxic Feminine Energies?

    We’re thankful you’re here and welcome you to the Feminine CEO podcast hosted by the CEO priestess herself, Jessica Riverson. Jessica’s main objective is to help you stop burning yourself out in order to achieve success! Sisters, we have to remember to breathe! During each episode of the podcast Jessica will speak about being in business, healthy was to accomplish what you want and need, and she will also talk to you about connecting to your own inner priestess - you dream woman version of you that resides inside of you and needs to come out! Often Jessica will refer to the tarot card she has pulled for the month and expand on how fitting it is her own current circumstance what it can mean for the gathering of successful women listening to this podcast, like you. If you’re a businesswoman who finds herself completely depleted you’re in the right place. If you are successful but find that you’re lacking balance, this is the place for you too.  A podcast for successful women by a successful woman. This show has a little bit of everything you need to start breathing a little bit freer and embracing who are just a little bit more.
    In this episode, Jessica begins by asking you to take a deep, cleansing breath because she’s about to drop some truth. The phrase “work harder” doesn’t work. It makes you sick. It is an epidemic - masses of women pushing themselves too far attempting to achieve someone else's’ vision of success.  When we operate in this way we don’t employ the support of our family, VA, team, - other people. What energies are causing the epidemic that is causing the sickness? Where are you oriented in your business?
    It’s true that you can overdo the qualities which bring us to toxic masculine and feminine by going to extremes. What does that look like? In the toxic masculine it can be giving too much, leading by fear and rigidity, constantly being on the go, forcing yourself to do too many things because you think logically they’re necessary. Doing absolutely anything to make your business work even at the detriment of your physical or mental health. In the toxic feminine, it can mean you’re overly emotional, crying over everything. Is it intuition that you’re listening to or is it fear and scarcity. When we are in the toxic feminine we don’t allow ourselves to receive. You are concerned about and prioritizing other people before yourself. The qualities listed under each Masculine and Feminine are not bad in their own right. They only become poisonous to us when we let them get out of hand.

    “When the divine feminine asks a question she does not go hunting for the answer. She invites the answer to find her.”
    “I believe through this information you’re going to be empowered to make some changes immediately.”
    “We’ve been told that we could have it all. So, we’re doing it all.
    “Burn out will have to be a thing of the past.”
    “Working more hours doesn’t actually make you more money.”
    “I was wearing my strength as a badge of honor. I thought my strength made me stronger and made me valuable, but it made me shrivel up inside.”
    “Are you bending over backward and giving, giving, giving?”
    “We really want to be both a leader and a follower.”
    “Creating is powerful.”
    “Change the energy. Change the mindset. Change the business model.”
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    Ending the "Savior Syndrome" in your Coaching or Healing Business

    Ending the "Savior Syndrome" in your Coaching or Healing Business

    Welcome to the Feminine C.E.O. podcast built for women like you who are done with burning themselves out to attain success. We don’t have to compromise, in fact, that could be impeding our success. Hosted by the wonderful Jessica Riverson, this podcast is going to teach you how to connect with your inner goddess and shine that light all over your business.
    In this episode, Jessica talks about ending the Savior Syndrome/Savior Complex in your coaching/healing business. Jessica references the oracle card from the Quan Yin deck in episode one. Ten Sisters of Light represents the community for the month of February.  Jessica reads more from the card she’d pulled.
    In your life at present, there is a past life pattern or contract strongly operating
    Jessica gives her intention for the day: open to the idea that you can transmute one of these life patterns.
    The Savior Syndrome
    Permission to Charge™ was built on this struggle
    It’s confronting when you are the talent/product you’re offering (coaching)
    We can't get to permission to charge if we are stuck in the Savior Syndrome
    Jessica tells a story about one of her coaching clients who was contracted to serve the poorest of the poor. She tells that the client recognized this soul contract and cleared it. Afterward, things shifted for this client because she was no longer obligated to serve and save everyone. No longer adjusting packages for each person she reached out to. Don’t be a shape-shifting chameleon to please others. We have much more flow and ease when we are unwavering. You were designed specifically to heal in the way your soul calls. We can not achieve success by continuing to give for free.
    To end the Savior Syndrome we must clear away unconscious contracts that are limiting us and all past karma and contracts. You will not attain the correct clients because the client is looking for a twin flame, not a savior. It is important that your energy is clear.
    “I’ve built a whole brand around helping healers, women, Permission to Charge™ their worth.”
    “Your job is to be the lighthouse and shine your light so strongly that your soul group can find you and instantly recognize that your gift is the gift they have been searching for.”
    “When you do something for someone because you feel bad for them . . . what energy and belief system are you expanding?”
    “If you have Savior Syndrome, you’ll know it as soon as I mention it.”
    “We are evolving out of the space of Savior Syndrome.”
    More of Jessica:  
    The Little Soul and the Earth by Neale Donald Walsch
     Full Oracle:  “This oracle is guidance that in your life at present, there is a past life pattern or contract strongly operating. This is neither good nor bad. It’s helping you grow either in a supportive way or a way that is challenging you to grow stronger. This past life contract may arise in the form of a teacher, relationship, or teaching. It may resolve itself by you receiving the teaching or letting go of a relationship or accepting a relationship or letting go of a philosophy or teaching so you may expand your awareness with a different teaching that helps you access the wisdom you need for your growth for this particular phase in your journey.  This may be very different to what you needed some years or even months ago and that’s fine. It’s up to you to trust your heart and discern what is true for you. Remember you are one being with the eternal source and that being has many faces just like the ten sisters of light. You have various skills and talents and you can enjoy allowing the process of their return to you now and the integration and healing of a past life pattern into a new expression too.”

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    Alchemical Client Creation: How We Use The Chemistry of Desire to Create Clients

    Alchemical Client Creation: How We Use The Chemistry of Desire to Create Clients

    The Feminine C.E.O Podcast is the place where successful women congregate to encourage each other to stop burning themselves out and stop compromising their worth. Hosted by the influential priestess Jessica Riverson this podcast marries together business and your inner goddess. The woman you always wanted to be . . . she’s inside you. You just need to let her out and let her shine. Jessica is a successful entrepreneur and the author of Permission to Charge. She explores and implores charging the value of your healing services in a climate where it can sometimes be difficult to do so. Soul, strategy, and success will flow through you. Welcome to your much-needed sisterhood of female leaders and feminine energy. A love letter to the woman entrepreneur soul and spirit.
    In this episode, Jess talks about using the chemistry of desire to create clients. This topic was asked for in the Feminine C.E.O. Facebook Group.   What if it could be easier to create clients? It is. You create a desire within them for what you offer.  You have to create the desire within the prospective clients and that’s a chemical reaction. What happens when you don’t create desire? You don’t get the client or the call.  If you give too much information, it leaves no room for desire. We have to create the “I need to talk to you” feeling. This can happen over time by ensuring you’re offering consistent quality content. This is how you can attain great successes.
    We create desire by showing up. We create desire by bringing clients into a story. Jessica gives an example of an Instagram business posting photos all day long, but nothing to go along with it. The food might be great, but if you don’t give someone a reason to be invested (a ‘why’) chances are they will not reach out to you. Our prospective clients want to be drawn into what we’re offering them. We need to make a connection. From that connection, relatability, and desire blooms a client relationship. Jessica goes on to touch upon several personal stories about her endeavors in business and how she creates a desire for her and her services. She goes as far as saying we must find pleasure in our marketing as well. All of this combined allows us to achieve our goals.
    How does someone go about creating desire? We create desire by:
    Showing up on lives
    Showing up on Facebook/Instagram
    Showing people what’s possible
    “Every time you show up, you’re building desire.”
    “Giving the kitchen sink will overwhelm.”
    “When you really, really, want something you take action.”
    “It’s pleasurable to create desire in others.”
    “Fun to share exuberance.”
    “You create the clients by building desire, not the tools.”
    More of Jessica:  

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

jena louise ,

Fantastic !

I’m at work and all I want to do is listen to Jessica’s podcast. LOL... There’s something about her that helps me feel rejuvenated, and onfire for my own business after I listen to her. I gain so much clarity from her. I highly recommend her show.

Laura Richer ,

A must listen!

This is a must listen for all female entrepreneurs who are trying to do it all! I have learned so much from Jessica on how to uplevel my business without becoming completely overwhelmed and exhausted. I look forward to each episode.

Amy Fig. ,

Powerful & Profound!!!

Jessica calls you out of the bondage you've been allowing yourself to be held in, she takes your hand and leads you into the light! Listening to these episodes, I've experienced so many "Wow" and "ah ha!" moments which provided me with the inspiration I needed to seek and take control of my own transformation. Definitely a must listen. Amazing!

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