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Boo & Sean interview Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Authors, Thought Leaders and more to uncover what it takes to become one of the Few.

The Few are those who pursue their dreams tenaciously, through adversity and challenges to come out on top and fulfill their life's purpose.

We share stories to inspire people to live their best life.

The Few Podcast With Boo & Sean Christian Boucousis, Sean Soole

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Boo & Sean interview Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Authors, Thought Leaders and more to uncover what it takes to become one of the Few.

The Few are those who pursue their dreams tenaciously, through adversity and challenges to come out on top and fulfill their life's purpose.

We share stories to inspire people to live their best life.

    Making Educated Decisions When Buying Property with Lloyd Edge

    Making Educated Decisions When Buying Property with Lloyd Edge

    The gap between where you are now and your financial freedom is closed through education, mentorship and application.

    As an entrepreneur, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and overworked trying to make ends meet. We get stuck working in the business instead of on it, and are left wondering why the dream of financial freedom still seems so far away. If you’re chasing your tail trying to understand the steps involved in creating freedom through growing a strong investment portfolio, now is your chance to learn everything you need to know.

    When done right, property investment is an incredibly lucrative way to create freedom for yourself and your family, when done wrong (i.e. via a lack of research and understanding of the current market and the data around what makes a solid investment) investing in property can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    In this episode of The Few Podcast, Sean and Boo sit down with Lloyd Edge, one of Australia's best known buyer's agents and property investors. Lloyd is the author of the best-selling books Positively Geared (winner of the Australian Business Book Awards (ABBA) in 2020) and Buy Now. In this episode you’ll hear how Lloyd built his own multi-million dollar property investment portfolio and about the mistakes he made along the way, giving you insight into what to avoid when getting started and how to progress when feeling stuck.

    Lloyd talks about the power of education when it comes to the property market and the critical need to understand the data around any type of property you’re considering purchasing. Lloyd also talks about the importance of not stopping when you get it wrong, and proves that anyone with the right mindset can build their dream portfolio and create true financial freedom.

    If you’ve got questions around when is the right time to buy, how much is the right amount to borrow and what boxes you should tick before signing the dotted line, this podcast is for you.

    Listen to the full show here.

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    Stepping Into The Disruptor Mindset With Dominic Woolrych

    Stepping Into The Disruptor Mindset With Dominic Woolrych

    Disrupting industries is something the biggest companies on the planet do exceedingly well, but what does the path of being a trailblazer really look like, and are you ready to walk it?

    Reinventing an entire industry takes courage and some serious business skills, the magnitude of the backlash cannot be overstated and the tenacity and grit required to walk the path is not for the faint of heart. Every entrepreneur that succeeds in disrupting an industry, breaking the status quo and rising above what’s already been done, has a mental framework that’s pulled them through the tough times. With this mindset, anything is possible.

    If you're able to see the world through the eyes of responding to adversity with tenacity and work ethic you will inevitably pull through any situation and create the desired result. An imperishable desire to succeed and a spirit to conquer the challenge and reach the top is what drives entrepreneurs like Zuckerberg to keep innovating.

    Knowing your customer, understanding what they really desire and need, and providing it to them in a streamline, effortless manner will manifest success.

    In this episode, Boo and Sean sit down with Dominic Woolrych, Co-founder and CEO of Lawpath, Australia's leading legal software platform for businesses which is backed by LegalZoom and LexisNexis. Dominic shares his industry insights into what it’s like to be a business owner changing ingrained belief systems about how things should be done. As a Co-founder of LawPath, which creates legal documents, manages compliance and connects customers with lawyers on demand, the journey of shaping a new perspective on how legal services should be done was challenging to say the least.

    Learn how Dominic went from being ridiculed and laughed at for his ingenuity and innovation, to having hundreds of thousands of customers saying they wished they found LawPath sooner. Having founded a previous business providing much needed training for Uber drivers, Dominic’s business acumen and insights is invaluable to anyone seeking to be a disruptor.

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    Embracing Challenges With Deb Farnworth-Wood

    Embracing Challenges With Deb Farnworth-Wood

    Problem solving, self-leadership skills and persistence are key for any successful entrepreneurial endeavor, and yet these skills can be the hardest to learn.

    Even the best business education cannot teach the lessons of entrepreneurship you only learn when deep in the trenches of your business. Regardless of your age, experience or where you are now in your business journey, if you learn the lessons of your failed attempts this is major progress and you will move up the mountain and closer to your goal at the top. A keen ability to figure out the problem instead of giving up, a defined and powerful sense of purpose and a positive attitude are characteristics that will win for any entrepreneur regardless of their experience. The skills of great entrepreneurship can be learnt - but it does require a strong enough “why” and a willingness to embody the lessons.

    Sometimes, our “why” can be thrust upon us, for some, entrepreneurship was born as a matter of survival.

    In this episode, Boo and Sean sit down with Deb Farnworth-Wood, owner of Issada Mineral Makeup & Clinical Skincare and Valor Organics. Deb was thrust into entrepreneurship at the age of 13 when she knew she had no choice but to get out of her family home and provide for herself. Deb’s journey of personal and financial independence began as a matter of survival and has resulted in Deb becoming the founder of the Australian Skin Clinics Franchise and has founded and/or grown 12 successful businesses ranging from Shop Fitting, a Regional Training Organisation and a Vasectomy clinic.

    As an MBA graduate, a Certified Franchise Executive and a seasoned conference speaker. Deb’s passion for the aesthetics industry, sheer determination to succeed and refusal to quit has also gifted her the experience of over 30 years experience in the management of large, complex and multi-disciplinary healthcare organizations, including pharmacy, GP Services, surgical facilities, weight loss clinics, podiatry, nurse practitioners, counselling and secondary care services as well as shop-fitting, manufacturing and skincare.

    This is one of the most powerful stories of entrepreneurship that does not disappoint. Prepare to be inspired and rewired to think more strategically, learn to embrace your challenges and overcome whatever life throws at you.

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    Rising From Rock Bottom with Kevin Humphreys

    Rising From Rock Bottom with Kevin Humphreys

    Mental health is a topic rarely discussed openly and so when we are going through our darkest times, it can feel insurmountable to ask for help. Poor mental health can become debilitating if left unaddressed, which unfortunately is the case for so many people, especially men.

    As a result, depression, anxiety and suicide are on the rise but there is always help available.

    Although it can feel hard to reach out sometimes, when we do speak out we discover that our issues are not uncommon and that others before us have been through the very same thing. There are a variety of sources available to help support us through our darkest times - there is always a solution.

    In this episode, Boo and Sean sit down with Ex-Army Officer, rescue helicopter pilot and mental health ambassador, Kevin Humphreys to discuss mental health and the reasons why we need to speak up.

    This is an extremely powerful episode aimed to support anyone, but in particular men, who are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

    Kevin Humphreys has hit rock bottom and developed transformational ways to climb his way out of it. Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety caused Kevin to turn his pain inwards and close off, and today he is here to encourage you to never do the same. His message is awe-inspiring, empowering and life-changing for anyone who needs a helping hand.

    Kevin shares how anyone is susceptible to mental illness and explains how it is an issue that affects men and women across all industries. He details the specifics of his mental health journey including overcoming his guilt and shame towards his mental health struggles.

    In this episode you will learn powerful tools to change the way you talk to yourself and perspective shifts that can guide you out of your darkest times.

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    How Habits Impact Our Life with Luke Mathers

    How Habits Impact Our Life with Luke Mathers

    Navigating business and life is inevitably stressful at times, and as humans, we develop unique and sometimes rather curious little habits to help combat what we’re feeling inside.

    From stress to anxiety to depression, we try to find solutions in habits that are often more a hindrance than a help. Uncomfortable and difficult emotions are part of entrepreneurship and life, so it’s essential we find healthier ways to deal with what’s going on inside.

    Learning how to harness these difficult emotions will lead to improved communication, leadership skills and confidence.

    It is possible to embrace stress and anxiety and to use these feelings as indicators to prompt positive habits which pull you forward in the direction you actually want to go.

    However, before you can create new habit loops, you need to understand the root cause as to why you have created the current habits.

    What feeling are you trying to numb, avoid or remove?

    In this episode, award-winning author Luke Mathers is back to tackle the power of habits and the importance of remaining curious when it comes to learning more about why you do what you do.

    In his book, Curious Habits, Luke extensively examines the human psyche, and the role habits play in our behaviour.

    It is through understanding your own behaviour, which often goes unnoticed unless deliberately examined, that you can then empower yourself to make lasting changes.

    Listen to the full show here.

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    Unlocking Your Highest Potential with Lachie Smart

    Unlocking Your Highest Potential with Lachie Smart

    Making fast decisions is critical in business, but making the right decisions under pressure is even more crucial. In this episode Lachie Smart details his experiences making life or death decisions under extreme pressure - and on his own.

    Lachie Smart is not your average 24 year old.

    At just 16 years old, Lachie decided to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world and just two and a half years later at 18 years old he achieved this. But Lachie’s journey was far, far from easy. From tireless months of getting told nothing but “no '' when trying to secure sponsorship to only just escaping death due to a bad decision, Lachie knows resilience and perseverance on levels many adults haven’t experienced.

    If you’re looking for ways to inspire people to jump onboard your vision like Lachie did, or want to learn how to execute faster and more effectively in your business by making clear, collaborative critical decisions, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

    Overcoming objection and seeing setbacks as the foundation to success is a mindset that can be developed, in this episode, Boo, Sean and Lachie explore ways to do just that. The team explore how to stop getting stuck in the weeds of your business and how to switch busy for productive. Lachie also shares some key insights into the power of measuring your success on a day-to-day basis - “If you're not measuring how well you are improving since yesterday, are you actually improving?”

    Discover the formula that goes into identifying your purpose and how to structure your life around that which you love.

    During this interview, Lachie shares words of wisdom from his father that acted as a guiding light for him during his darkest times and how he was able to set the record as the youngest pilot to ever fly solo around the world. He delves into his dream to support and mentor millennials as they make their own difficult life choices as well as sharing insights into the business world and the lessons he has learnt through working directly with high level executives and business leaders.

    In this episode Lachie also shares key insights into lessons he learnt during the planning stage of his solo flight and lessons he learnt in the air.

    Find out how to identify and develop your purpose, how to make faster decisions backed by strategy and how to overcome the hardest of challenges life throws at you.

    Listen to the full podcast here.

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5.0 out of 5
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3 Ratings

Amyrh3314578 ,

Great diverse content

Wow! The content delivered from these hosts and talented guests is so valuable. Don’t miss a Podcast to fill your knowledge tool chest consistently from Boo & Sean.

Nate Dukes ,

I’ll be back for more!

This is my new favorite podcast to binge, its been a safe space for much needed conversations to happen.

Dan..S. ,

I want this guys life LOL

HILARIOUS! This was totally worth listening to!
I’m stealing so many good ideas - 1. Make my kids by a house at 19/20 before they mess up their credit so they can borrow on it later to start a business!
& Patrick is way cool! -never apologize for your laugh, you are hilarious and that energy is infectious!

Good job Boo&Sean!

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