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Reviews. Wackiness. News of all kinds. Confusion. Listener questions. A touch of absurdity. Who's on first?

The Film Buds Podcast Film Buds

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Reviews. Wackiness. News of all kinds. Confusion. Listener questions. A touch of absurdity. Who's on first?

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
84 Ratings

84 Ratings

TryThisHotSauceeeee ,

this is a winner you guys

What a deight! I started listening on Episode 91, and I have quickly become addicted! If there was a podcast to always have while on the road, this is the one I would choose! It's chill but still very engaging. I've learned so much more about movies than I thought! They might as well be film lecturers, they're that knowledgable -- REALLY! I haven't yet heard Music Buds yet (aka their other show), but that's just because I've been busy with work. But Film Buds is hard to top. I love movies, but even more so I love good people talking about movies! That's what Henry and Chloe are -- and they're many buddies they have on. Chloe is always on track with the most current trends and has a very modern sensibility about her (I appreicate it that, it's often lacking in the people I know first-hand), and Henry is a nice balance because he brings a charming masculine side to the conversation that might otherwise be forgotten, not to mention being just as sharp as Chloe, so they have a interesting back and forth. This is the kind of group who would be super fun to meet in person I think, down-to-earth, witty. Dang it's so good. Always do your thing!

LeftOnSunsetboulevard ,

100 Episodes! 100 Bangers!

Llisten to their Joker review on Ep 100. 2 sides, both hosts' opinions have their merit -- totally fanastic. Here's to 100 more episodes, and beyond!

vinylforever ,


Every time an episode starts, I feel like I'm home. You're back in a safe, friendly place and you get to spend a few hours with Henry and Chloe. It's so comforting and wonderful each and every time I listen. They talk all different kinds of movies and televsion, as well as many other parts of the entertainment world. It makes me laugh, makes me smile, and sooooo much more! It may sound sappy, but I really mean all of that. Jacob #1 and Henry #2 (some of their guests) are adorable as well, so it doesn't matter who they have on, it's pretty much always a great time. In terms of their reviews, I tend to find Henry the most relatable and his way of going about critiquing seems the most wide-ranging and open so it's always easy to get where he's coming from (even if I don't feel the exact same way). Chloe is very strict with her viewpoints, which I also think is very refreshing in this kind of podcast. So they both bring a new, interesting perspective into the world of movies. It's an awesome show, make sure to listen right now. And I mean now. p.s. love music buds too.

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