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Hi I’m Nichole and I’m here to help you Find Your Strength, in the kitchen, in the gym, and in your life! Join me and other fitness professionals as we talk about everything from diet and exercise to mindset!

The Finding Your Strength Podcast The Finding Your Strength Podcast

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Hi I’m Nichole and I’m here to help you Find Your Strength, in the kitchen, in the gym, and in your life! Join me and other fitness professionals as we talk about everything from diet and exercise to mindset!

    Episode #50 Trying to lose those last 5lbs?

    Episode #50 Trying to lose those last 5lbs?

    I’m going to tell you how to lose those last 5lbs without dieting!

    • 12 min
    Episode #49 Food morality and why you can’t lose weight!

    Episode #49 Food morality and why you can’t lose weight!

    How many times have felt guilty about eating “bad” food and felt really proud of yourself for eating “good” food? 🙋‍♀️ I’m definitely raising my hand here. This was my life for a long time. Food hangovers and walks of shame the next morning to the scale.

    It’s a shi$$y way live, and if your nodding your head then you know how shi$$y it is.

    Losing weight is a valid goal and 100% your choice, working on your relationship with food is a valid goal as well and all of my clients do that along with their weight loss goals.

    It’s not just about weight loss, it’s mindset too, that’s the key to sustainable weight loss (plus an awesome coach 😉) Client spot light: "It seems like every year I try another program and never gets me to where I want to be. Now I've finally exceeded all expectations by following the plan that Nichole specialized for me. I've finally reached goals that became unobtainable until I started this program. I got here because of the expertise and encouragement of my coach. I am much stronger everywhere and I have more endurance than ever. "

    If your looking for support for your goals or just have questions, email me at nichole@nergfitness.com http://www.nergfitness.com/eatingfornerg.html

    • 19 min
    Episode #48 Eating for Fat Loss

    Episode #48 Eating for Fat Loss

    On this episode I talk about how the quality of food effects fat loss. And I give you my 3 step process for sustainable fat loss.

    • 11 min
    Episode #47 Fat Loss Do's and Don'ts

    Episode #47 Fat Loss Do's and Don'ts

    Are you trying to lose fat?

    Do you spend hours on the internet searching for the best diets?

    Do you get sucked into spammy FB posts about bullet proof whatever and alternatives to carbs?

    If you answered yes to some or even all of these then please listen! 

    ✅First things first, stop blaming one type of food, it's not fat, it's not carbs, it's not processed food, it's too much fat, too many carbs, too much processed food. 

    ✅Focus on moderation, saying you will never eat ice cream again and will only eat clean foods is going to set you up for failure! 

    ✅Eat in a calorie deficit, make sure to get plenty of protein then figure out carbs and fats, figure out what fits your life style, not what worked for someone else. 

    ✅Lift weights, you want curves, you want a booty, strength training will get you there and has been shown to help burn fat faster then traditional cardio. 

    ✅Protein shakes are awesome, shakes and teas that promise to curb cravings or detox you, are a scam. 

    ✅Get plenty of sleep, not only does it effect muscle recovery but it can also slow down your fat loss progress.

    One last thing, if you ask any person who has lost fat and kept it off for a significant amount of time, chances are they didn’t do it alone, they had support.

    If you have never had support and have tried everything, it’s time to get a coach.

    Email me at Nichole@nergfitness.com if your ready to learn about coaching.

    • 26 min
    Episode #46 Tracking Macros

    Episode #46 Tracking Macros

    On this episode I get into tracking macros. What are they? How much should you be eating to lose weight? How to read nutrition labels. Restaurant food, free veggies and so much more!

    • 34 min
    Episode #45 A look at sobriety with Christina Nuttall, Fitness and Habit Changing Coach.

    Episode #45 A look at sobriety with Christina Nuttall, Fitness and Habit Changing Coach.

    On this episode of the Finding your Strength Podcast, I’m joined by a returning guest, Christina Nuttall, who is a fitness and habit changing coach. During our previous interview we spoke a bit about the mommy wine club, but today we’re getting deeper into sobriety and everything that comes along with this life-changing decision.  There’s this double standard of shame for drinking, but also shame for not drinking, and we talk about navigating life in your early days of sobriety. Christina also discusses her dreadful Saturday morning hangovers, when she started seeing the red flags of her wine habit, when she got really serious about quitting for good and the things she did to make this sometimes difficult transition easier. She also shares the truth about relapsing and getting ‘back on the wagon’ and why you need to go easy on yourself and accept that failure is sometimes part of the journey. If you are thinking of kicking the habit or looking for inspiration and helpful tips on your road to sobriety, this episode is not to be missed! 
    Key Points from This Episode:
    • The double standard of judgment that exists around drinking and being sober. 
    • Socially acceptable drinking and why changing your lifestyle is uncomfortable for others. 
    • Saturday morning hangovers, crying spells and depression. 
    • The sober movement and quitting alcohol without hitting a “rock bottom” or getting a DUI. 
    • Deciding to get fit at 39 and realizing that her wine habit was a problem on the weekends. 
    • The difficulty of giving up booze and accepting that backsliding might be part of the process. 
    • When the temptation for relapse is most pronounced and never quitting trying to quit. 
    • Looking at the different types of trauma that can give way to alcohol abuse. 
    • What about your spouse? Sobriety is a personal journey that only you can pursue. 
    • How sobriety enhances your true self and gives you greater confidence in who you are. 
    • Sober Saturdays and the incredible productivity that goes along with not drinking alcohol. 
    • Why sobriety does not impede on your life and how you learn to redefine what fun is. 
    • Dealing with barbecues, boozy afternoons and bars, and why leaving earlier is OK! 
    • Critically thinking about why you drink and whether alcohol has become a coping mechanism. 
    • And much more!

    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Christina Nuttall —https://christinanuttall.com/
    Christina Nuttall on Twitter — https://twitter.com/christina_n_fit?lang=en
    Download Christina’s The Ultimate Guide: What to do Instead of Drinking Tonight — https://christinanuttall.lpages.co/50-things-to-do-tonight-instead-of-drinking/
    Nichole Guerrette — http://nicholeguerrette.com
    Nichole Guerrette Email — nichole@nicholeguerrette.com
    Nichole Guerrette on Twitter — https://twitter.com/nergfitness

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4.5 out of 5
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10 Ratings

Musclehamster_Kim ,

Love this Lady!

Nicole is legit and her podcast is the real deal! I had the honor to be on recently and I loved the detailed questions she asked me so she could provide great content for her audience.
Great work girl! Xxo

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