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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

    ALP 76: The role of your team in selling agency services

    ALP 76: The role of your team in selling agency services

    On this episode of the Agency Leadership Podcast, Chip and Gini talk about business development, sales responsibilities, and the importance of defining the roles your team members play in contributing to the growth of the agency.

    They discuss how giving important growth tasks to other employees, like taking the lead on a pitch for example, can boost morale and lead to happier and more driven employees, among many other benefits. Other topics on the table include finding the right balance between sales staff and content creation personnel.

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    #462-465: Polinchock, Reilly, Hotaling, Hayzlett w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #462-465: Polinchock, Reilly, Hotaling, Hayzlett w/ Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility

    #462: David Polinchock and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Increase your profit by utilizing emerging technology, shopper insights, and retail industry experts. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert David Polinchock (https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/), Co-Founder of a New Space for Future of Retail, VR/AR & OOH, Pioneer in Using VR for Advertising, and Co-Founder of Unified Brand Experience Lab.

    David is passionate about looking for innovative ways to create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences. He is an early pioneer of Experiential Advertising and the use of VR in advertising and marketing. His track record includes creating the first advertising programs that use VR, and helping generate $10 million + in revenue for AT&T AdWorks by designing and running an innovative and engaging media lab experience.

    If you’re in a number of different areas in the retail side merchandising stores, and you want to make sure that you don’t disappear tomorrow, you may want to reach out to David Polinchock

    Here are a couple of AHA messages from this episode:

    * Retailers who don’t want to lose their relevance should reach out to David Polinchock. https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/

    * We’re about helping companies sort through the tools, methodologies, and technologies to create relevant experiences for them. https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/

    * I cut my teeth right out of college being a theme park employee at Walt Disney World. The environment taught me experience because Disney is nothing but experience, learning that guests will pay a lot of money happily for something unique. https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/

    * Our broad focus is places that are not online. So we don’t do a lot within the the digital space but CPJ, food and beverage, fashion, consumer electronics, and places that are selling technologies in a physical environment. https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/

    * I spent most of the 90s travelling around the world with VR equipment that needed a van and three big guys. Watching how people interact with technology was compelling. It opened me up to a whole world that I was unaware of until I got it. https://www.linkedin.com/in/polinchock/

    To learn more about Thought Leadership and how it can help you be successful, visit: https://thoughtleaderlife.com/.


    #463: Patrick Reilly and Mitchell Levy on Thought Leader Life Credibility Episode

    Increase productivity, commitment and engagement in the workplace through change leadership consulting. His mission is to make the leaders he works with more potent and impactful. This episode features #ThoughtLeader and #Expert Patrick Reilly (https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickresourcesinaction/), President of Resources in Action, Inc.,

    Patrick is passionate about developing executive presence and influence skills in leaders wanting to excel. He provides executive coaching for leaders who are stuck either because they don’t tackle the tough issues or who present with an abrasive work style. As the president of Resources in Action, he has worked extensively with leaders in the technology, health care, and construction sectors for more than 25 years internationally and in the US. He gets leaders into action for both success and satisfaction.

    If you have somebody on your staff, or a workmate, who is an uncoachable leader and you know they need something...

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    ALP 74: How to raise your agency’s profile in the industries it serves

    ALP 74: How to raise your agency’s profile in the industries it serves

    To be hired, you have to be known. Chip and Gini discuss how you can make sure that your targeted prospects know about and respect you and your team before they even become clients.

    Getting noticed means figuring out where those prospects “live” and what media they consume. Then you must get creative about how you get your name and expertise in front of them.

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    FIR #200: Elon Musk Doesn't Need No Stinking PR

    FIR #200: Elon Musk Doesn't Need No Stinking PR

    The October 2020 episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report features Neville and Shel discussing…

    * A look at how employees are handling life in the pandemic and what companies can do to help

    * Techlash hasn’t gone anywhere, but it has fragmented

    * Journalists need training on advanced verification techniques to curb disinformation

    * Sonic logos and other company-used audio needs to change to reflect broad public sentiment

    * Tesla has done away with its corporate PR department; apparently, all they need is Elon

    * Voice connects us to others even more than video — and way more than text

    * Dan York’s Tech Report covers Snapchat getting sounds, WordPress’s new ability to turn blog posts into Twitter threads, Cloudflare’s automatic platform optimization for WordPress, Spotify podcast promo cards, and the crazy amount of live streaming going on.

    Our FIR recording sessions are now being streamed live, because why not? We already stream it in order to capture a backup recording on YouTube; we’ve just been making these restricted streams. We have decided to make them public so you can watch and comment. Our next recording is Saturday, November 21 at noon ET. You’ll see our pre-recording conversation as well as seeing how the sausage gets made. Watch here.

    We are hosting an FIR Communicators Coffee Break on Zoom each Thursday during the stay-at-home period at 1 p.m. ET. For credentials, contact Shel or Neville directly or request the credentials in our Facebook group or send an email to fircomments@gmail.com. Spread the word to your communications community.

    Shel is moderating a panel on digital storytelling on Wednesday, October 21. Steve Crescenzo is keynoting. The panel includes members of the FIR family Deirdre Breakenridge and Scott Monty, along with nonprofit communication consultant Damon Rawls. It’s free and online at 12:30 ET. Register here.

    Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

    You can find the stories from which Shel’s FIR content is selected at Shel’s Link Blog.

    Links from This Month’s Episode

    * A pulse on employees’ wellbeing, six months into the pandemic

    * The Future of Techlash: ‘Sentiment is Becoming More Fragmented’

    * Year in a Word: Techlash

    * Journalists need more training on advanced verification techniques to curb global ‘tsunami’ of Covid-19 disinformation

    * Why Some Sonic Logos Actually Hurt Their Brands During Covid

    * Tesla dissolves its PR department — a new first in the industry

    * Tesla’s Decision to Scrap Its PR Department Could Create a PR Nightmare

    * What Tesla’s Move to Eliminate Its PR Department Means for the Industry

    * Type Less, Talk More

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    Circle of Fellows #62: Communicating Workplace Safety

    Circle of Fellows #62: Communicating Workplace Safety

    Communicators asked to communicate workplace safety often would rather sit down for dental work. Worst, in some organizations, the communication department never deals with safety because the safety department buys all its communication from a third party, which makes it all generic and less relevant than strategies implemented internally. Other organizations confine their safety communication to that which is required to be compliant with regulations.

    Yet safety communication can be vitally important. Besides the obvious vital outcome of avoiding injury or death, a focus on safety tells employees the company cares about them. When former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill took over the CEO job at the struggling Alcan, he decided to focus his attention almost entirely on safety. That helped employees focus more deeply on process, which ultimately made the company a better place to work. When he O’Neill left the company, its income was five times higher than when he started and its market value soared from $3 billion to more than $27 billion.

    There is another dimension of safety communication that is often overlooked altogether. Psychological safety may not be addressable by wearing PPE and eliminating hazards like exposed electrical wires, but it is equally important in achieving the goal of employees being able to bring their best selves to work every day and go home whole every night.

    Psychological safety extends beyond injury avoidance into areas like harassment and diversity/inclusion.

    All these dimensions of safety communication were on the table when four IABC Fellows joined moderator Shel Holtz for the October installment of “Circle of Fellows.”

    About the Panel

    Alice Brink is an internationally recognized communications consultant. Her firm, A Brink & Co., works with businesses and non-profits to clarify their messages and communicate them in ways that change people’s minds. Her clients have included Shell Oil Company, Sysco Foods, and Noble Energy. Prior to launching A Brink & Co. in Houston in 2004, Alice honed her craft both in corporate settings (including The Coca-Cola Company, Conoco, and First Interstate Bank) and in one of Texas’ largest public relations firms, where she led the agency’s energy and financial practices.  Alice has been active in IABC for more than 30 years, including serving as chapter president, district director, and Gold Quill chair. She is the vice chair of the IABC Academy.

    Neil Griffiths, ABC, Chart.PR, IABC Fellow, is Senior Manager, Global Communication & Global Inclusion Lead at ERM, the world’s largest sustainability consultancy. Neil has worked in communication management for 15+ years in public, private and non-profit organizations. Neil is a serial volunteer and has held a number of leadership positions on global committees within IABC, including the inaugural Global Communications Certification Council. Neil was Chair of the 2018 IABC World Conference to be held in Montreal in June 2018. He has been recognized with awards for his leadership within the profession, being made IABC Fellow in June 2019. Together with co-author Deborah Hinton, Neil has published two studies on the current and future state of the communication profession and has spoken on the topic at several conferences. Neil holds the Freedom of London and is a member of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners.

    Martha Muzychka — one of our newest Fellows, from the class of 2019 — speaks, writes, listens, and helps others do the same to make change happen. Martha is a strategic, creative problem solver seeking challenging communications environments where we can make a difference. She helps her clients navigate competing priorities and embrace communications challenges. Martha offers strategic planning, facilitation, and consultation services as well as writing and editing, qu

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    Episode #49 – From the inside: A pair of IC experts write the book on internal comms

    Episode #49 – From the inside: A pair of IC experts write the book on internal comms

    In 2018, when comms pros Mark Dollins and Jon Stemmle were first wading into the research for their forthcoming book on internal communications, they couldn’t have anticipated the seismic change we would all soon experience. Their timing will serve us well as we move forward in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Drawing from their ongoing research and their careers in the field and in the classroom, Mark and Jon joined us for the latest episode of EE Voice to discuss the foundational and emerging core competencies of internal comms, the personal stories behind the successes, and the thru-line of those who are charting a new course in an altered landscape.

    A paradox of the Covid crisis is that it presents the opportunity of a lifetime for those who understand this moment’s impact on internal communications. Hear these experts’ insights about this moment in time, the potential advantages it offers, and how to make the most of those opportunities.







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4.5 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

CSBirney ,

THE BEST… seriously.

OK, in all honesty this is my absolute favorite podcast. ESPecially on social media. They now have a network of shows, but the main FIR show is just awesome. The best. I have learned SO much from it. Listen and learn.

Charm3838383838 ,

Great informative podcast

I listen to this when I drive to class in Washington DC where we talk about hot topics in PR. This podcast keeps me up to date with what's happening and offers some great insight. Recommended for public relations and marketing folks for sure!!

ContactJeff ,

My not-so-secret tool for staying current with social media

I have been a listener since around Episode 100 (they’re now approaching show 800) and I can tell you it’s my must-listen-to podcast every week. I have used their insights in so many ways and can count on Shel and Neville to bring the absolute latest news and trends regarding PR and social media. I highly recommend FIR and the other shows in the FIR Network.

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