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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

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The FIR Podcast Network is the premiere podcast network for PR, organizational communications, marketing, and internal communications content. Each of the FIR Podcast Network's shows can be accessed individually. This is the EVERYTHING Feed, which gets you the latest episodes of every show in the network.

    Inside PR: Is Facebook decaying from the inside?

    Inside PR: Is Facebook decaying from the inside?

    In the wake of Facebook’s bad news month, we discuss the communications challenges the company faces. A blip? Or a step on an irreversible path toward becoming the new MySpace? The necessary impetus to increased regulation? And would a company with an army of lobbyists ever see a regulatory regime that actually curbs its freedom of action in any meaningful way? Is it really becoming the new Tobacco? And, most importantly, is its community decaying from the inside?

    • 23 min
    Spin Sucks 168: Look Who Values Content Marketing!

    Spin Sucks 168: Look Who Values Content Marketing!

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs began their trends and insights report, but here we are. And what a year this 12th year has been!

    The report looks back on the past 12 months, of course, and includes expectations for 2022. It also asked the impervious question: what did the pandemic change most about your organization’s content marketing strategy or approach? 

    The key theme they found is that the pandemic awoke a sleeping giant in content marketing. Without in-person events and face-to-face selling, many who had previously paid little attention to content marketing suddenly became aware of its power. More content marketers got a seat at the table and helped keep many businesses on their audiences’ radars. Some discovered new audiences altogether.

    The research also confirmed what many of us already know: content marketers are some of the fiercest business pros around. In the words of CMI in the report, “In the most difficult of times, they get the job done—and many come through more creative and stronger than before.”

    Amen. And, because content is my first love, I love reading this report every year to see where my business is excelling and where we need to improve. It also gives us great fodder when discussing content marketing—or owned media as we call it in a PESO Model program—with clients.

    This is why this is the topic du jour for today’s episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.

    Resources Included

    * CMI Report

    * Spin Sucks Blog Post: Why Communicators Must (Finally) Embrace the PESO Model 

    * Spin Sucks Blog Post: New Survey Shows the Top Challenges Communicators Face

    * Spin Sucks Community


    • 8 min
    FIR #212: When Worlds Collide

    FIR #212: When Worlds Collide

    Gaming. Blockchain. NFTs. The Metaverse. They are all colliding, creating something bigger than any single one of these platforms. In the October episode of For Immediate Release, Neville and Shel talk about this phenomenon and some of the companies making it happen. Also in this month’s Hobson & Holtz Report, Neville and Shel discuss the rise of robo-voices, how some companies are taking a more authentic and organic approach to influence, the widening gap between employees and leaders when it comes to policies for returning to the office, ways to encourage employees to engage and share on an intranet, and whether now is the time to hire a chief metaverse officer. Dan York’s Tech Report looks at the recent Facebook outage, Facebook Reels, TikTok’s billion-user milestone, Slack Clips, Twitch’s code base, and Global Encryption Day.

    Our FIR recording sessions are now being streamed live, because why not? We already stream it in order to capture a backup recording on YouTube; we’ve just been making these restricted streams. We have decided to make them public so you can watch and comment. Our next recording is scheduled for Saturday, November 20, at noon ET. You’ll see our pre-recording conversation as well as seeing how the sausage gets made. Watch live here.

    (You can watch the video of the making of this episode, though it’s clearly too late to share comments we can read right into the show.)

    We are hosting an FIR Communicators Zoom Chat each Thursday during the stay-at-home period at 1 p.m. ET. For credentials needed to participate, contact Shel or Neville directly or request the credentials in our Facebook group or send an email to fircomments@gmail.com. Note, there will be no FIR Zoom Chat on Thursday, October 28, as neither Neville nor Shel will be available.

    Special thanks to Jay Moonah for the opening and closing music.

    You can find the stories from which Shel’s FIR content is selected at Shel’s Link Blog. Neville’s link blog, Outbox, is available, as well.

    Links from This Month’s Episode

    * PoliteMail blog post on using empirical data to demonstrate the value of internal communications

    * The rise of the robo-voices

    * How brands are using TikTok to find super-fan content creators

    * How influencers are helping cities attract remote workers

    * How to Create an Epic Clubhouse Room and Attract Celebrity Guests Organically

    * Remote-working jobs: Disaster looms as managers refuse to listen

    * Is it time to hire a chief metaverse officer?

    * NFT trading volume explodes 704% in 3rd quarter as blockchain games catch fire

    * 7 projects at forefront of gaming metaverse movement...

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Spin Sucks 168: Exploring the Dark Side of Social Media

    Spin Sucks 168: Exploring the Dark Side of Social Media

    Facebook knows, in acute detail, that its platforms are riddled with flaws that cause harm, often in ways only the company fully understands. That is the central finding of a Wall Street Journal series, based on a review of internal Facebook documents, including research reports, online employee discussions, and drafts of presentations to senior management.

    Time and again, the documents show, the researchers at Facebook have identified the platform’s ill effects. Time and again, despite congressional hearings, its own pledges, and numerous media exposés, the company didn’t fix them. The documents offer perhaps the clearest picture thus far of how broadly the Facebook problems are known inside the company, up to the chief executive himself.

    To boot, last week, a woman named Frances Haugen went on 60 Minutes to describe all of the documents she gathered during her two-year tenure. Haugen is protected as a whistleblower by the SEC and will continue to work with lawmakers to provide documentation and information as it relates to “the company’s lack of openness about its platforms’ potential for harm and unwillingness to address its flaws.”

    And that, my friends, is what we’re going to discuss on this week’s episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.

    Resources Included

    * Wag the Dog

    Frances Haugen

    Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to Employees

    * Spin Sucks: How to Use Shared Media In the PESO Model Process

    Brian Stelter CNN Transcript

    * The Wall Street Journal: Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show

    The Wall Street Journal: Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That’s Exempt.

    The Wall Street Journal: Facebook Tried to Make Its Platform a Healthier Place. It Got Angrier Instead.

    • 9 min
    Inside PR 554: Social Content Meets the Sound of Silence

    Inside PR 554: Social Content Meets the Sound of Silence

    Have your web analytics changed in recent years? That is, despite your best efforts, has your organic traffic gone down? What about SEO for blog posts? Or engagement on social media?

    Maybe digital media has become even more of a pay-to-play landscape than ever and platforms are expecting a higher price from organizations in order for them to achieve decent business results.

    That’s what Gini Dietrich, Joe Thornley and I talk about on Inside PR. Our conversation is based on a post by digital thought-leader Rand Fishkind called, ‘The Incentives to Publish No Longer Reward the Web’s Creators‘.

    TL;DR version: Your content marketing strategy needs a balanced and integrated approach.

    Have a read, then have a listen and let us know what you think.

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    Spin Sucks 167: PR vs Journalists – Who is Telling The Truth?

    Spin Sucks 167: PR vs Journalists – Who is Telling The Truth?

    About a decade ago, Robin Wauters, the co-founder of TechCrunch wrote a scathing article about a communicator who, in Robin’s mind, had violated every rule that is supposed to exist between PR pros and journalists. He said this communicator had abused Robin’s “extremely sweet and mild-mannered colleague.” Robin was so angry at this communicator that he called him out by name, called him a “PR disaster,” and printed only his emails (not the journalist’s responses). 

    I remember being outraged at the time because, as Lindsay Bell-Wheeler used to say all the time when she worked here, “There are all three sides to a story: yours, theirs, and the truth.” They only told their side of the story and didn’t let this communicator defend himself.

    I’ve always thought it to be pretty disgusting to call out people like that, and even more so when you are using a media platform to do so. Back in the day, when it was a thing to make fun of people by name on social media, I used to say, “Disrespect the idea, not the person.” I know that’s awfully Pollyanna of me, but I really believe it.

    And journalists are held to an even higher standard. They should not, under any circumstance, become petty in that way. And yet…it constantly happens. No wonder trust in the media continues to decline.

    And that, my friends, is the topic du jour on this week’s episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.

    Resources Inlcuded

    * Spin Sucks Blog Article: The Erroneous Reputation of the PR Industry

    * Wall Street Journal Article

    * Washington Post Article

    * Mother Jones Article

    • 8 min

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4.5 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

CSBirney ,

THE BEST… seriously.

OK, in all honesty this is my absolute favorite podcast. ESPecially on social media. They now have a network of shows, but the main FIR show is just awesome. The best. I have learned SO much from it. Listen and learn.

Charm3838383838 ,

Great informative podcast

I listen to this when I drive to class in Washington DC where we talk about hot topics in PR. This podcast keeps me up to date with what's happening and offers some great insight. Recommended for public relations and marketing folks for sure!!

ContactJeff ,

My not-so-secret tool for staying current with social media

I have been a listener since around Episode 100 (they’re now approaching show 800) and I can tell you it’s my must-listen-to podcast every week. I have used their insights in so many ways and can count on Shel and Neville to bring the absolute latest news and trends regarding PR and social media. I highly recommend FIR and the other shows in the FIR Network.

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