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Join Annie Miller, not your average fitspo, as she brings you a no B.S. approach on how to navigate + thrive in the world that is online health and fitness. Between herself and fellow experts, you’ll learn through the lens of the trainee, the strength coach and the entrepreneur. Every week The fitsPRO Podcast brings you all things fitness, training methods, social media influencing, that instagram life, nutrition, blogging, mindset, entrepreneurship and straight up inspiration.

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Join Annie Miller, not your average fitspo, as she brings you a no B.S. approach on how to navigate + thrive in the world that is online health and fitness. Between herself and fellow experts, you’ll learn through the lens of the trainee, the strength coach and the entrepreneur. Every week The fitsPRO Podcast brings you all things fitness, training methods, social media influencing, that instagram life, nutrition, blogging, mindset, entrepreneurship and straight up inspiration.

    073 | My Favorite Resources For Entrepreneurs [full guide]

    073 | My Favorite Resources For Entrepreneurs [full guide]


    I can’t tell you how often I get asked about books, courses, and resources in general for humans starting or running a business.

    This episode is about to blow your freaking mind if that’s you.

    Imma list off and break down all my favorite courses for building an online business. As well as resources for possible specific pieces of that business like podcasting, email, blogging & brand deals, launches, creating PDF’s and content, websites, Instagram, handling legal stuff and money.

    Over the past five years I’ve learned a lot via trial and error and self research, as well asfrom taking courses from people who know how to do what I want to do.

    Today I’m sharing literally everything I can think of with you. I seriously have so many things and resources that I wish I knew about earlier in business. So grab a pen and paper because I’m unloading on you in 3...2...1.

    Let’s start off with courses you can purchase. These will cover several different areas of business. I have invested in all of these and most are worth the money. I say that because I didn’t need all of them necessarily.

    Here we go.


    * Sam Vander Wielen’s Legally Legit Ultimate Bundle

    This is an online course on how to set up your online business in a legally sound manner. Sam is a guest speaker inside the knowledge vault of FitsPRO Foundations as well. She covers everything from deciding to be LLC to group program terms to client contracts. You’ll get templates and learn what needs to be in your contracts + how to deliver those and stick to them so that you’re functioning as a legal business as well. I am currently using Sam’s course to redo all of my legal docs, terms, website disclaimers and contracts. I can’t say enough about this resource. Find the link to Sam's course and her free on demand workshop in the show notes.

    * Instagram with intention Hilary Rushford

    This is an oldy but a goody. This course took me from feeling defeated and lost on Instagram to feeling in control and like I could make things happen. I don’t know if the course has been updated or not, but I took it years ago. Like we’re talking 5 years ago. Obviously a lot has changed on Instagram but I still stand by this course. That’s because it teaches you about the basics. My Instagram course is significantly more in depth than this and is geared at building a brand and making money through the platform. But Hilary’s course is a cheaper option and like I said, really dives deep into the basics of what sets your account apart, makes you followable, and gives you interaction tactics.

    If you’re looking for a deeper dive, definitely checkout my Instagram 101 course that covers everything from your bio to selling in your stories and tracking engagement. Find links for both in the show notes. I’ve taken other Instagram courses and quite frankly they just aren’t great.

    I will also note here that I’ve tried a lot of planning apps for IG and don’t like any of them so I create my grid in canva and then keep my captions in my notes app.

    And I use Lightroom to edit my photos.

    * Starting a podcast - Pat Flynn (sent to me by Taylor Gage of She Thrives)

    I used and recommend his free three part series on how to start a podcast.

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    071 | Listener Q&A

    071 | Listener Q&A

    It's time for a Listener Q&A. These are some of my favorite episodes. I asked you guys to give me questions on IG on literally any topic - life, travel, fitness. I'll be answering them rapid fire, but since I'm long winded it won't be THAT quick.

    I have no prepared answers and have not looked through them, so I have no idea how long this will take. I hope to answer as swiftly and clearly as possible, and the questions will be anonymous. Below are an abbreviated version of my answers, for the full response, tune in to the podcast.So, without further ado, let's dive in.

    If you could be a strength and conditioning coach for any team who would it be?

    I would be a coach for MMA or wrestling because I've always been drawn to those sports - even since high school. My husband was a training partner for Rick Story and I have never taken part in martial arts but have been a huge fan of martial arts for a very long time. Not necessarily a team but type of athlete would be men or women in mixed martial arts.

    Where to start with setting time, emotional boundaries and energy management? I can schedule and time block block but keeping energy and focus is tough.

    Hard to answer because I don't know what you've tried specifically. If you have written a schedule and time blocked and you're having trouble keeping energy and focusing doing those things, then I would look at a few things. How long are you giving yourself and what is the expectation during that time block?

    For example, it can be really overwhelming if I say "finish BBA home plus." That involves me creating 12 different phases of programming. Instead of writing a task that involves 12 other tasks, break it down into smaller, more digestible pieces because that makes you feel like you have to focus on smaller bits at a time. That has worked for me. I learned that I really only like to focus for 1-2 hours at a time, then I have to take a break (walk, eat, scroll IG).

    I enjoy doing those things and am more productive if I do those things every 1-2 hours. And then get back to work of course - don't go on a downward spiral of not being productive, but I do think it is a learning process with you and yourself. If you find yourself not continuing to focus, ask yourself, is the time block that you have too large? Or the task in the time block too overwhelming?

    I'd love to hear more about your competitive cheer experience...how did you get started?

    I was the little sister that wanted to do everything my big sister did. She played soccer, I played soccer (even though she only played 3 years, I played through high school). She did competitive cheerleading and my mom would have to work so she would drop me off at my sister's practices - so I sat and watched. This is where I met Paige Major - who I cheered under, then cheered for and worked with. And who is now my branding photographer and strategist. Basically I did it because my sister did it. I loved the work ethic, loved the team aspect of it. Everyone on the competitive cheer squad has a purpose. It is not like soccer; you are not as replaceable.

    There is a dependability in competitive cheerleading, it's another level of camaraderie and teamwork that I found really appealing. Started middle school, did it through high school. I decided not to do it in college but then started coaching right off the bat. I wasn't really keen on leaving my hometown, I didn't want to go away to college. Probably could've cheered most places, and some coaches were disappointed....but you know me and you know I do what I want haha. Coached for 10 years before we started traveling the world.

    072 | Working Out Around The World – The Truth

    072 | Working Out Around The World – The Truth


    I wanted to talk about this topic because it’s been a huge portion of the last two years of my life. And that is working out while traveling. Like, what does that reality look like. What I’ve experienced and some of the ways I go about moving while traveling the world.

    First off - nothing will be as good as having consistent structure with a purposeful program.

    This is why I lose strength and muscle mass while traveling EVERY TIME.

    So let’s dive into what working out while traveling the world looks like.

    Cardio becomes more prominent for sure. Why? Because it’s easy and it can be done literally anywhere.

    The point for moving oftentimes is simply to get our heart rates up. So we run stairs in our building - 4 times from bottom to top, recover on the way down.

    We go on runs - this was huge for us in Rio De Janeiro because they had an awesome beach front on Copacabana. The weather was great and the scenery wasn’t bad either. In colder places we will do jumping jacks or burpees. Simple intervals - 1 minute on, rest on heart rate. Or we can do tempo like 15 seconds on, 45 seconds rest. That works really well for more intense work like jump squats.

    That’s all way more cardio than I would choose to do at home. But man it just feels good to sweat and move with intention outside of sitting and walking.

    Cardio is also mindless and time efficient. And while travel seems like a luxury, and it is I suppose, it’s also draining. Which you know if you’ve traveled before.

    We also keep in mind our daily movement. For instance in some locations we walk A LOT, on a daily basis. But in Patagonia, we were driving 8-9 hours per day sometimes, burning the LEAST amount of calories and compressing our spines. After those days the body just craves movements. I would argue that our bodies felt the worst during that road trip. It was so much sitting. Which led to quite a few body weight workouts on days off from driving. Our joints were definitely in need of some love.

    In that location there was obviously hiking that was taking place - which killed our feet more than anything. But we were both rather pleased with how our cardio and muscles felt.

    As far as exercise outside of cardio, Nate and I are very different. I can’t speak to his logic. But here’s mine.

    I have my go-to exercises

    These are normally the most bang for buck for retaining strength, having a high metabolic demand, and getting joints moving at different angles.

    Most of the time is done with body weight. Especially now that we travel faster. In our 2018/2019 travels we had 4-5 one month gym memberships. So we had more opportunity to work with extra load.

    But when we move faster, body weight is what we use most often.

    My logic is this: I want to keep movement pattens fresh. So I do a lot of squats, step ups, single leg RDLs, cossack squats, handstand holds and Bulgarian split squats. For core I do a lot of plank shoulder taps, V ups and hollow holds.

    Upper body is by far the hardest to get after with body weight alone.

    Sets and reps vary as I’m not following a program. Although sometimes I do just pull straight from my Body Weight for Weight Lifters program. Especially if I’m needing some mobility focus.

    For lower body I typically stick to single leg exercises because they can be more metabolically demanding. And there’s a heavier load. Right?

    070 | The Power of Pivoting & Knowing When to Pivot

    070 | The Power of Pivoting & Knowing When to Pivot


    You’re not on a one way road for eternity with no turns, road blocks, or change of direction. You will at some point, in business, in life or in training, need to pivot.

    And while pivoting on a soccer pitch or basketball court is a quick and often explosive event, it doesn’t have to be in other areas of life. Not always anyway.

    I want to discuss when to pivot - what might indicate that you need to pivot? How you might pivot successfully and the power that lies within change of direction.

    You can pivot in ANY area of life. Deciding to make a baby is a definite pivot in your life. Starting at a new gym or a new job is a pivot. A pivot is, like I said, a change of direction. In business this could be a small decision like combining two Instagram accounts or huge decision, like changing your business name and offering a new type of service. This was my case in 2018 when I renamed my biz of 3.5 years and in 2019 when I starting coaching business in addition to fitness. These were big pivotal moves and they had immense power.

    They were also terrifying. Which is something that often happens along with change.

    So, let’s dive into what might happen before a pivot. What might lead you to thinking you need a change of direction. Ideally we don’t pivot via HAVING TO, but that can absolutely happen as well. Something happens in life or business that forces a pivotal event or choice upon you.

    But often, we just feel off, or unsatisfied. Perhaps out of alignment. We can also experience some sort of inspiration. You go to an event or have a conversation with someone and realize that you need to take a new course of action.

    So you either experience resistance in an area or a tugging or inspiration on the other end of the spectrum.

    Because I’ve experienced this mostly in business, that’s what I’ll discuss. But feel free to relate this to anything.

    If you’re unsatisfied and experiencing a level of resistance, you’ve got to look at why. Maybe you need to keep grinding but maybe it’s time to pivot. I say that about the grind because if we pivoted every time we felt resistance, we wouldn’t complete anything, ever.

    You could be feeling resistance and need a day of rest, or a little brain dump and then get back to work. I have another episode all about how to get out of a slump, so you can check that out as well. It will be linked in the show notes.

    We’re talking about pivoting, not getting past a lack of motivation. Right?

    But we still need to know where the resistance is coming from in order to determine where your new direction will be.

    That’s where I think EITHER the lack of satisfaction or alignment comes in.

    When I transitioned from seven years of in person training to online, that was a huge and terrifying pivot. I’d been building my online platform for years, but I still depended on the security of in person. The decision to cut that off and go all in online was both unknown and so incredibly needed.

    I loved my in person clients. They were great and they were certainly not the problem. But I knew I had more to offer and I had reached my ceiling in person. I remember being in the gym, just thinking of everything else I could be doing online. My clients didn’t need me in person if we’re being honest, and I knew it. That left me resenting my job. Again, not resenting my clients, but feeling like I was selling myself short - holding myself back. I found myself thinking,

    069 | Finances of Biz, Life & Travel

    069 | Finances of Biz, Life & Travel


    Not an accountant, not a financial advisor. Simply sharing my experience and takeaways with finances after almost two years of world travel, growing a biz and doing life in and out of the states.

    A huge thing for us when we want to do ANYTHING in life is the HOW. How do we travel the world? And how do we save for a house? Or how do we budget for x and y? How do you pay taxes when you live for more than six months outside of the states? Or how do you plan finances when you have inconsistent income? How do you start investing? And retire as an entrepreneur?

    Right!? It’s always the HOW? We just want answers, AND we want to know we’re not alone. That’s someone else has done it before. I say “we” as in everyone. Which might be a lot to assume of me. But I find in most areas of life, that people are generally searching for the “how.”

    That’s kind of what I hope to provide today. To pull back the curtain on questions you probably have around our finances, and biz life + travel.

    I know I wish people would talk about this stuff, so here I am, talking about it. These aren’t finite, my way or the highway suggestions. They aren’t even necessarily suggestions. Simply our experiences and how we do biz, life and travel from a financial standpoint.

    Finances and Biz

    You already know I am going to tell you to follow and listen to Chloe at deeper.than.money, and read Profit First if you’re an entrepreneur. Profit First completely changed the way I do biz from a financial standpoint. Before we left in for world travels in 2018 I was desperately searching for a way to track finances and keep my shit straight while spending a lot of money in foreign countries and running a business.

    We did a nauseating amount of research on which cards didn’t get flagged for overseas purchases and which ones reimbursed foreign ATM and transaction fees. For us the best option was Charles Schwab. We have absolutely loved them so for. It was easy to set up multiple accounts - which you’ll learn about in Profit First if you read it.

    And then we have accounts at an entirely separate bank for taxes. That way, we transfer the money every two weeks to the tax account and it’s out of sight, out of mind. Again, you’ll learn about this tactic in Profit First.

    Also - Nate is not an owner or partner in my business. I just keep saying “we” because we both view the money I make as our money. Which is a whole other conversation and I think Chloe from Deeper.Than.Money has done a podcast episode on finances as a couple. But the mindset you and your partner have around finances is more important than I can express. Being on the same page can literally keep relationships from falling apart.

    What is it, like sex, finances, religion and kids are the four highest reasons marriages fail? I could be pulling that out of my ass, but I swear that’s a thing.

    So, check out Chloe, and know that I think it’s super duper important for partners to be on the same page - whatever that looks like with finances.

    For us, the money I generate is just as much Nate’s as it is mine. Know that this is where we’re functioning from in biz, life and travel with finances.

    You can come up with an equation - which is basically what Profit First has you do. Equation meaning a % that goes to taxes, biz expenses, and whatever else you need it to go. This can be very individual in your biz.

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    068 | Programs I No Longer Offer & Why

    068 | Programs I No Longer Offer & Why


    I hope that if you’re an entrepreneur or you want to be, you learn A LOT from this episode. Today I am aggressively pulling back the curtain on the past years of my business and the transition to what it is in present time.

    This episode came from this idea that people see my biz now, where it is, and may not know where it came from.

    And that sometimes we need a reminder to not compare our first year of biz (or anything for that matter) with someone who is further ahead.

    Even more, to not copy what someone else is doing because they will likely change or even get rid of whatever you just copied. I have done this in the past and throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

    Thought “oh, so and so does this, and they’re successful, so I should do that.” Now, I am not talking about copying verbatim, rather concepts and formatting. But still, I’d roll something out, thinking I’d be done, and then that person who I got the idea from, rolls out something new and better. It’s just not a good plan fam. You’re always behind, and you’re not focused on you and yours - what your audience really needs from you.

    So, I’d like to share some of the programs and segments of programs that I’ve had through the last five years and why I no longer offer them.

    Even if you’re not an entrepreneur there is likely a takeaway here for you on some level.

    I had the first four programs all the way into 2018. So the transition to the Annie Miller Concepts you see now didn’t happen that long ago.

    And the transition I am talking about came out of really honing in who I was meant to serve and what that person truly needed from me. That would be my Ideal Client Avatar and I literally used my FREE PDF Ideal Client Avatar Creator to clearly define my dream audience. Then promptly got rid of all programs that didn’t serve that person.

    Which brings me to my first four programs that I no longer offer at Annie Miller Concepts:

    20 day challenge

    6 week transformation

    Pull up guide

    Macro + nutrition breakdown

    Starting with the 20 day challenge - 

    This was my first ever offer and I straight up made it while I was still in college and I saw Emily Schromm doing her 21 day challenges. It was appealing. $21, 21 days and you basically give people the basics. It’s a kick start. Mine was nowhere near hers. But it was valuable AF. I made videos for 20 days and posted a new one everyday in the Facebook group. They received recipes, workouts and handouts. It really was a shit load of value and mine was $20 for 20 days.

    It worked too - people lost weight and inches. I got testimonials, and people always joined.

    But there was so much wrong with this.

    * I was attracting people who were not actually my ideal clients. The offer didn’t make any sense for where I wanted to go and who I wanted to work with. I loved writing weight lifting programs. People who are looking for a 20 day kickstart ARE NOT looking for a legit weight lifting program…Not a great start to my offer pyramid or offer suite.* It was $20 and I had like 300 followers on Instagram and 47 people on my mailing list…I also paid for Facebook ads that did absolutely nothing for me because I had no idea what I was doing. I am on team organic growth and sales until you’re established. Then enter into paid advertising when you can hire an expert to do it for you. That’s my personal take,

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5.0 out of 5
143 Ratings

143 Ratings

Likingit1233 ,

The value is top notch

Annie is a real MVP! As a fellow strength coach I’m constantly impressed and inspired by her perspective on all things business, coaching and mindset.

She does an incredible job across all her content spurring you to take action.

hannnnah40 ,


I have gained so much knowledge from this podcast and love learning more from Annie! I would highly recommend this podcast to everyone!

j_schlut ,

So much free, amazing information.

This podcast is amazing if you’re a trainer or the trainee, just like Annie says. There’s something (a lot) for everyone to learn. I love that the episodes are straight & to-the-point and full of helpful information. This podcast is going to change my business I can already feel it.

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