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The podcast for women in menopause and beyond who want to change the way they age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it, girl!

The Flipping 50 Show Debra Atkinson

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The podcast for women in menopause and beyond who want to change the way they age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it, girl!

    The Hidden Reason for Belly Bloat

    The Hidden Reason for Belly Bloat

    If you’re struggling with weight loss resistance, a chronic pain or injury or gut issues, there may be a hidden reason for belly bloat and so much more. 
    The answer isn’t more exercise and less food. The answer is something you may not have addressed yet in your life. 
    Warning: this episode talks more about energy (yours) and vibrational energetics and you may or may not be ready for it. I recently have shared several products from whole body vibration, to a skin care system supporting skin quality and collagen, to scalar energy products and found not all of our community is comfortable with them.
    The first time we hear something new we often reject it. We ridicule it. It’s hocus pocus. Throughout history this has been true. Inventors, creators, innovators of things we now use daily and take for granted were looked at as insane, and ridiculed. Until, they weren’t.
    It’s then human nature to finally adopt it as our own. 
    If this is the first time you’re hearing about vibrational energy or these concepts, your reaction may be that of skepticism or ridicule. 
    This is a reality for many who’ve had childhood trauma. ACEs is a term given to Adverse Childhood Experiences. The storage of emotions in tissue of the body is not new and is science. Adults with ACEs have life expectancies 20 years shorter due to diseases. 

    My Guest:   Jodi Geline is a Health Expert known for helping people age healthier, banish bloat, IBS and other chronic health conditions for good and reclaim their health permanently. Jodi suffered for years with chronic health issues that no doctor could ever fix and with a belly so bloated she always looked 9 months pregnant. Through discovering her own methodology, she went from looking very pregnant to a flat stomach and tapped into the secrets of getting healthier as you age. Jodi figured out how to master her own health and she now teaches others to do the same.

    Questions We Answer in This Episode:

    Tell us why you help people with their health and your health journey Why don’t the diet restrictions work Explain how the body holds onto emotions Why doesn’t just food or conventional means work for long term health

    Connect with Jodi: Website:
    Heal From Within Series: http://healfromwithinseries.com/dea
    On Social:
    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GreatHealthMastery
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jodigeline
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/JodiBarnhart


    Discover The Real Root Cause of Your Belly Bloat

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    Workout Changes I’ve Made at 59 | Women Over 40

    Workout Changes I’ve Made at 59 | Women Over 40

    I’m right there with you. Continuing to do the same thing and expect different results would be crazy. Continuing to do the same thing with a body that isn’t the same as a decade or two ago is insane! 
    So here’s what I’m doing, to help you identify where you may want to shift too! 
    The Basic Workout Changes I’ve Made at 59
    Prioritizing strength time vs cardio
    The difference between the WAY I prioritize strength. I’ve known since I began training for marathons even and more so since I began doing triathlon at 40, that strength was key to success in the event and successfully avoiding injury. 
    What’s different now is that it is the first place I put my energy. It’s not an extra for complimenting the activity or for supplementing it. My activity is built around optimizing:
    The readiness for the workouts 
    The recovery for the workouts 
    I’m not going to go for a 3 or more hour hike the day before a key weight workout. 
    I definitely didn’t do a strength workout for 3 days following the Grand Canyon Rim-to-River-to-Rim hike. 
    There is always fuel (protein) in my system and sometimes there’s also a little caffeine right before a workout to optimize fat during the workout. 
    I am consciously taking more rest between hard workouts. Hard being there are multiple sets of low rep ranges and the purpose is true muscle fatigue. It causes more microtearing, more stress to joints. So there’s no guilt over waiting at least 72 hours, and if I miss a workout then, if I’m otherwise active, I accept that this delay is warranted and positive, not negative. 
    More Age-Related Post Menopause Workout Changes I’ve Made at 59
    Workout I and II are not exactly the same 
    Weight load 
    Sequence of exercise 
    Type of workout in tune with recovery status 
    Taking Creatine Monohydrate Near My Workout 
    I will take it either before or after a workout, depending on the day. My workload might dictate a workout has to happen a little later, meaning I’ve got to have had a good solid meal before so it will happen in a robust smoothie bowl 2 hours before. If I’m able to pull away from some tasks and workout with just a bit of fuel prior to exercise.
    Then I will have a post workout smoothie bowl after a workout about an hour. That bowl is loaded with a little fruit, healthy fat, high in protein (40+ grams) and the creatine goes in that. 
    Creatine questions? 
    Avoid Halting the Body’s Inflammatory Response 
    I don’t overdo inflammatory foods or activity directly after workouts. 
    During the pandemic so much of the discussion of health experts was about the immune-boosting effects of .. well, everything. Interestingly, it seems that a huge consumption of antioxidant-rich berries or omega 3 fats too soon post exercise blunts your body’s own immune system from response to the inflammation caused by exercise. 
    You don’t want to prevent some of these good changes from occurring. They will increase your resilience and immunity and ability to self-regulate. So if you’re doing sauna or ice baths, or ingesting omega 3 supplements, you might wait on some of those until later in the day. 
    Ability-Related Workout Changes I’ve Made at 59
    Eliminated the high rep low weight workouts
    There are fewer workouts with 15-20 or 25 repetitions. While they show up (say in this YouTube video for plateaus with arm definition progress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMowolNJb1w)
    And for work that might support sport performance or gait improvement, those high reps are often reserved for a single set (drop set or monster set) or for recovery week to reduce stress over all yet provide neural patterning. 
    I often do 5-8 repetitions during the first 3 weeks of a cycle and recovery happens on week 4. Most Strength & Conditioning Coaches observe periodization carefully for programming. It’s how they, and the athletes or clients they serve stay injury-free while at peak perf

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    What REALLY Causes Cancer? | Reduce Risk & Recurrence

    What REALLY Causes Cancer? | Reduce Risk & Recurrence

    If you know what really causes cancer you can make better daily choices to prevent it or prevent recurrence. 
    My guest today overcame her own cancer 100% naturally. She’s not the only one. Knowing we each have cancerous cells in our bodies that do or don’t express based on our epigenetics or lifestyle choices, can empower us to learn and then choose more wisely.
    In the first few minutes of this episode you will learn something that will blow your mind. Think of it as what you wish you’d always known about lab testing. Especially if you’re someone who has always been “normal” but gotten sick or didn’t feel well when that’s been true. 
    If you’re still curious about what “functional labs” means and how it makes a difference, we answer that too. 
    This is one to not miss and one to share. We all know someone with cancer. 
    One of my favorite tools to help naturally detox - heavy metals, mold, and toxins in our everyday environment is my Sunlighten Sauna. I bought it as a tool to boost recovery and for pampering and optimal aging. The next year it was a godsend when I was exposed to mold for nearly 6 months. I have a Solo Sauna that’s easy to put anywhere, it’s moved with me twice. Sunlighten also has built-in models my family members use and love. Learn more at flippingfifty.com/sauna 
    My Guest:
    Katrina Foe overcame her own cancer 100% naturally, and driven by her core belief that the body can heal itself, Katrina went on to become board certified in holistic nutrition trained to read functional labs. As a faculty member at Restorative Wellness Solutions, Katrina teaches other practitioners to interpret functional labs and design individualized protocols.
    Katrina is also a certified Metabolic Approach to Cancer practitioner, trained and
    mentored by Dr. Nasha Winters. Katrina addresses the root cause of cancer empowering clients to keep it in remission without fear of recurrence.
    In her international bestseller, Nutritional Pilates, Katrina offers a framework for whole body health that highlights potential obstacles to wellbeing and  provides proven strategies to sidestep chronic disease.
    Questions We Answer in This Episode: 
    • What are “functional labs?” 
    What do people need to know/do in order to prevent cancer? • How can people find out WHY they had cancer?
    • Is there one kind of diet ideal for people who have cancer?
    • What are the most common drivers of cancer?
    • What are the 10 terrains that are the root cause drivers of cancer?
    • How do you know if you have a blood sugar problem?
    • What health issues might be blocking your body from healing?
    • How to help the body detox and reduce inflammation?
    Connect with Katrina:
    Website: hhttp://www.CancerFreedom.com/roadmap-opt-in
    Katrina On Social:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nutritional.pilates
    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/katrinafoe/
    5 Day Flip: https://www.flippingfifty.com/5dayflip
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    Sex Dysfunction in the City Just Like That

    Sex Dysfunction in the City Just Like That

    Low libido, sex dysfunction, stress, insomnia, body confidence… we unpack a lot in this episode. Two guests today both specializing in women’s health with specific attention to libido and pelvic floor health show up for this podcast and bring it. 
    Sex dysfunction is no laughing matter for couples who used to enjoy each other and now are finding it’s not the same. Intimacy is a powerful part of health and also anti-aging as you’ll hear my experts talk about. 
    Stay til the end if you want a very juicy Q and A. 
    My Guests:
    Dr. Diane Mueller is the founder of My Libido Doc, an online community dedicated to helping women reclaim their desire. My Libido Doc provides education, community and health care services for women.
    Dr. Betsy A.B. Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Distinguished), FACOG, FPMRS, FAAOPM, MBA. Premier women’s health expert bringing pelvic peace, hormone harmony, sexy sizzle and crazy confidence to busy women. Dr. Betsy is a best-selling author, award winning speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and business leader specializing in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years.
    Questions We Answer in This Episode: 
    What are the root causes of low libido?
    How is libido related to confidence?
    Why can menopause can be the best sex of your life?
    How is libido tied to aging? Is there any direct correlation? 
    Anal sex….safe? Oral sex… safe? Condoms still the best protection? We’re going to still need them in the nursing home? 

    Connect with Dr. Diane Mueller and Dr.Betsy Greenleaf : 
    On Social:
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/mylibidodoc
    Youtube: youtube.com/@mylibidodoc
    Podcast: mylibidodoc.com/podcasts

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    Free Ebook: 5 steps to revive your love life: https://mylibidodoc.com/revive-your-love-life/

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    7-Minute Natural Facelift: Not Too Good to Be Tru

    7-Minute Natural Facelift: Not Too Good to Be Tru

    If you’ve looked in the mirror lately and you see something that makes you wonder about surgery or botox and that is just not you, but you’d love a natural facelift with no negative side effects, this is for you.
    First though, I’m a low maintenance girl. I am also a skeptic. Look, I get access to some truly amazing products and I’ve shared my favorites with you. Today, though I share something that this 59- almost 60yr old face is loving. 
    I started using this 5-6 weeks ago and have seen (and felt amazing results). I know that we are ALL looking for better products and healthier aging and there is no substitute for the real thing. 
    My wish is just a clean makeup-free face that I feel good about. I do wear makeup at times but I don’t want to have to wear makeup to cover up my face. 
    I think you’ll like this! 
    My Guest:
    Cathy Goldstein, an Acupuncture Physician, founded Multiple Integrative Health Clinics. She has been a columnist for New Vision Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine. Guest lecturer at Jefferson University Medical School. She is a frequent speaker for symposiums and health summits.
    Cathy is considered a subject matter expert in BioMedicine through Eastern Medicine. She has been an educational instructor nationally and internationally.
    Cathy has been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for more than 34 years (since 1988). She specializes in Quantum Energy Medicine technology and Body-Mind-Neuro-Psychology. She has trained with world-renowned practitioners and healers and holds advanced anatomy, physiology, and skin science studies.
    Cathy’s pursuit of functional health stems from her health challenges and frustrations with Western Medicine. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in her 20’s. After multiple hospitalizations and complications, she was still suffering from illness. Cathy began her life path for healing.
    “I am truly grateful for my experience. I refused to have an illness define me. Through determination, relentless studies, and trial and error, I have been fortunate to enjoy a healthy life with no signs of Crohn’s disease for over 30 years. My commitment is to help and educate patients and colleagues on alternative healthcare and root functional health.”
    This natural facelift is going to sound too good to be true, but it is everything you want it to be! 
    Questions We Answer in This Episode: 
    What is so different about this product? 
    Tell us about energy medicine and the liquid nervous system
    I’m enamored with Power Plate, fell in love with Whole Tones years ago, so explain to listeners how these are related and How can vibrational energy restore the fountain of youth
    How is Tru Energy different?
    I know my own feelings about this… and they’ve surprised even the skeptic in me (and it isn’t that I don’t want it to work but honestly… that it was this simple.. I love) tell me about other results of raving fans. 
    How soon do people see results with this 7-minute natural facelift? Do they continue to improve over more time?
    Connect with Cathy:
    Try It Yourself! I love this 5-part System! https://www.flippingfifty.com/truenergy
    Don't just take my word for it, though. Check out this video demo and see for yourself how amazing this product is:
    On Social:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truenergyskincare/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truenergyskincare/
    7 Minute Natural Facelift: https://www.flippingfifty.com/truenergy
    Power Plate: https://www.flippingfifty.com/powerplate
    Whole Tones: https://www.flippingfifty.com/wholetones
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    How to Lose Weight for Active Women Over 40: Women’s Exercise Nutrition

    How to Lose Weight for Active Women Over 40: Women’s Exercise Nutrition

    Many women want to lose weight. To lose weight for active women over 40, they also don’t want performance to deteriorate. There are a few things to consider. First, it’s not the eat less, exercise more dogma that will get you what you really want. 
    Most women want energy, tone and definition, and strength for now and later. Better blood sugar control that supports reductions in belly fat and overall insulin sensitivity. 
    Am I right?
    But eating less and exercising more - if successful at all during menopause and post - will generally cause the opposite. Less energy, worse mood, poor sleep, less muscle tone, and spirals down from there with long term ramifications to health. 
    Being active, whether sports performance level or just athletic active, requires energy. There is still a way to juggle goals of maintaining or improving performance while still dropping a few pounds of extra cushioning. 
    Eating to Lose Weight Active Over 40
    Close to the beginning and/or after completion of exercise, peri- and postmenopausal athletes should aim for a bolus of high EAA-containing (~10 g) intact protein sources or supplements to overcome anabolic resistance.
    Anabolic resistance is the status of muscle loss being more likely than muscle gain and it requires more intense exercise stimulus (strength training), quality protein stimulus, and recovery to overcome it. 
    An ACSM review of literature stated 20 g protein pre-exercise (and 40 after) for older adults to boost Muscle Protein Synthesis similar to that of a 20 yr old when workout conditions were comparable. 
    Time pre-exercise fuel for optimal digestion. Within 30 minutes of a workout the easier to digest fuel must be. It’s not only a comfort factor, but also the diverted energy for digestion competing with the need for blood flow to deliver oxygen to working muscles. Both digestion and performance will suffer. A “simple shake” with protein powder and unsweetened almond milk or water may be the easy way to go. 
    If you want carbs, add a half a banana to the shake or have half cup oatmeal with protein powder.
    Pre-workout, avoid fiber and fat. A mixed meal eaten pre-workout should allow at least 2 ½ - 3 hours to be fully digested. Some will feel most comfortable if this is longer than that (4 hours) if it’s following recommendations for high fiber, high protein and high fat. 
    Given recommendations range from at least 10 to 20 grams of protein pre-workout, below are some examples of protein sources. The more challenged you are with gaining lean muscle (and or are attempting to lose weight while retaining muscle) the higher end of the range you want to be.
    Lose Weight for Active Women: Women’s Guide to Exercise Nutrition
    High EAA examples of 10 g protein: 
    Small half a simple shake including protein powder and unsweetened almond milk 
    Dairy (which does by the way include whey protein) generally pre-exercise wouldn’t be recommended due to its influence in mucus production, even if you tolerate which a lot of women don’t later in life (but Greek yogurt or cottage cheese are sources of protein- again I don’t recommend pre-exercise).
    ·      2 eggs equal 12 grams of protein (if you tolerate eggs) 
    ·      ½ cup steel cut oats with protein stirred in
    ·      Quinoa 
    Choices vary as to whether you want carbohydrate prior or not to avoid early fatigue during exercise sessions.
    Overcoming Anabolic Resistance: 
    A study in the European Journal of Sports Science found higher protein intakes (2-3 times the protein Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 0.8 g/kg/d) during periods of energy restriction can enhance fat-free mass (FFM) preservation, particularly when combined with exercise.
    Athletes [and let’s include, the very active] aiming to reduce fat mass and preserve FFM should consume protein intakes in the range of ∼1.8-2.7 g kg(-1) d(-1) (or ∼2.3-3.1 g kg(-1) FFM) in combination with a moderate energy deficit (-500 kcal) and the

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
354 Ratings

354 Ratings

Taikorhythm ,

Nov 3 show

I love the show but I get so confused about conflicting POV from experts. Dr. Nasha Winters is not so encouraging of HRT and thinks it contributes to cancer risks. I wish there is a public platform to bring all these experts together to hash this out.

Laura Tolosi ,

A must listen to for inspiration for the next best years of our life!

Thank you so much for your podcast and sharing inspiration for women who are approaching and going through what has unfortunately been such a stigmatized time of life. Women have the opportunity to embrace their body and give it what it needs to thrive at any stage for amazing vitality, and you hit this message home through your brilliant line up of guests, insightful conversations, and value-packed information. Grateful for your refreshing and empowering approach to health and wellness for women!!

Debbie Waidl ,

"Must-Listen for Menopause Wellness!"

Loved your episode: "Changes That Improve Menopause Transition Fitness!" It's a fantastic podcast on exercise, nutrition, and wellness during menopause. As a functional health coach supporting women with migraines during menopause, I found it invaluable. A must-listen for anyone seeking answers to menopausal symptoms! Keep up the great work!

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